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  1. What are some of the coolest traditions of your high school/college/university? Share them here!

    My university has this ancient structure called the Arch of the Centuries right in front of the main school gate. Every year, there's this highly symbolic event called the Freshman Walk. Froshies take a long trek around campus and then walk through the arch. They're supposed to enter it from the front--that is, towards the school, not from it. There's a similar event at the end of the year, except this one is for graduates. They do the same campus-wide trek then exit the arch to symbolize their "going out into the real world", so to speak. A lot of tales go around about the arch. They say that if you miss the tradition or go through the arch when you're not supposed to (i.e. not during the freshman walk), you'll fail and won't graduate on time. Even though I was lazy af, I was paranoid enough to participate in the tradition. When I finished university, however, I found solid proof that all those tales were absolute bullshit (two of my friends never attended the freshman walk, and they graduated on time!). I nearly skipped the second one, and honestly, I should have, because it was raining like hell and there was lightning and everything. Funny how the rain stopped when we sprinted walked through the arch. I s'pose the weather decided to be metaphorical that day. XD
  2. My high school had this thing called the "senior run". I don't think it has any symbolic significance or anything, it's just a thing where seniors... run through the halls. Like a stampede. It happens several times a year, usually becoming more frequent towards the end of the year. I don't know who starts these things, but, when I was a senior, I remember hearing whispers in the halls of when a senior run was going to be, so that I could prepare for it.

    If you're not a senior, then senior runs are a time to seek shelter. Because you can hear them coming down the halls, and hoo boy do the halls clear out pretty fast after that. You'll want to find a classroom to hide in or, failing that, just lay flat against the walls and hope you're out-of-the-way enough that you don't get trampled.

    But once you are a senior? Hohohoho senior runs are your moment. I know it sounds weird but those were fucking fun -- just dropping everything and running with the herd. What a wild time.

    ...This is a really weird tradition, now that I think about it.
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  3. *Looks back at High School*
    *Winces in minor disgust*

    I guess I'd have to say the tradition of skipping Graduation? And Prom? And any other dance?
    I never really cared about the High School community. I had some friends, still hang out with them today. But the rest were just on completely different radars.

    There was a thing with Grade 12's spending Graduating week tormenting Grade 9's with piss water balloons and piss water guns...
    I was never hit by it thankfully but I'm glad to be out of a community that thought such a thing was fun in the first place.
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  4. get laid around/during/after prom? does that count?
  5. My school had a senior Halloween Costume contest. All the seniors had to dress up in a costume and appear in a school assembly to win prizes for the best costume, as judged by the teachers. Group costumes always won, so me and a few friends dressed up as the Knights of Camelot (and their baggage train) from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. We even used real coconuts, which I have to this day.

    Also, seniors had this all-night party some time around graduation. The stated reason is so that everyone can have fun and the parents don't have to deal with worrying about drugs or alcohol, though that didn't stop people from drinking anyway. The party ends at like 4 am with what I call a 'police sanctioned riot' (but is really more akin to a parade at ass in the morning) where we go to someone's house, get breakfast and get sent on our way.
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  6. My highschool's senior pranks have been god awful. This year they tried to have a 'rally' in the courtyard where basically they screamed and chanted for 10 minutes about getting our old principal back (who we think is in rehab for alcoholism), and then at 12:55 tried to have all their phones go off in their lockers. Unfortunately, it was too quiet for anyone to hear. The year before the seniors had a pool party outside the school after senior ditch day/day after prom weekend.

    And then there was a few years back where they put a goat on the roof. We need to do something fun during our prank. (I'm going into junior year)
  7. The greatest senior prank I've ever heard of was at my high school. Two mice were released, labeled 1 and 3. The janitors turned the school inside out searching madly for the nonexistent #2.
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  8. That's actually really clever. XD
  9. All of game development bought ninja costumes and went to McDonald's every 1st of april
  10. Used to be tradition that the freshmen would be thrown into the lake around here... Don't think any tradition ever took that one's place after it died out...
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