SCHOOL SUCKS: The Least/Worst Subject

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What was your least favorite/worst subject in school?

  1. English

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  2. Reading

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  3. Mathematics

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  4. Science

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  5. Social Studies (History)

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  6. P.E.

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  7. Lunch

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  8. Languages

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  9. Other... and I'll just say it here

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    1 vote(s)
  11. Meh, I don't know...

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  12. I haven't heard of a school!

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  1. When you get to be old and wrinkly, you'll probably have went to a place called "school", or some kind of learning place. I know this sounds like a stupid subject, but why not?!

    While I used to LOVE English, History and Science (and I still do!), Mathematics was an obstacle for me. Even when I did my homework, consult my classmates, and all that junk... math was like a flurry of numbers shot at my head. When it got to Geometry, it was HELL.

    So, do any of you have or had a subject that you never got... or you'd rather skip?
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  2. Algebra 1 & 2. Along with Trigonometry.

    Hated them so much.
  3. French and German.

    I can write essays, I can solve equations, I hate hate hate French and German lmao.
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  4. Math and Science. Was absolutely pants at them.

    So much for the Asian stereotype. xP
  5. Well, how can I have a least favourite/worst subject? I mean it's been ages since I graduated from uni.


    lol jk jk, before someone jumps down my throat.
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  6. P.E.

    Heavens, don't get me back there on that trackfield. Fortunately you would get at least a 'C' if you attended 25% of all the classes, even sitting at the bench counted as an attendance. Guess who was abusing that to their own favour?

    But yes, P.E. dreaded it. Though I did surprisingly well with hockey. Too bad this is a soccer country. //grumbles
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  7. Back in high school, I disliked English for teaching my absolutely nothing new and math for actually having to do assignments to manage a passing grade. Social studies were a separate thing from history and would have made it on the list if it didn't score massive points for the one time they got a guy from prison to speak to our class about his experience. That was awesome.

    Though honestly, outside of PE I kind of hated everything as a teenager. Which is funny because later in life I did develop an interest for science, history and geography. Though I still dislike it, math has proven insanely useful to me and I've felt insanely stupid for a while as I had to relearn how my own country's political system works after I entered fucking college.
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  8. I always enjoyed my science and math classes. But I also had a Spanish class, and the teacher was terrible. Dreaded that class every other day. I still don't know Spanish very well.

    Not to mention her perfume could make your head implode.
  9. Math. I'm absolutely useless at math. Didn't matter which teacher or which math class, I sucked at all of it.

    German was awful, but that might have been partially because the teacher yelled at us and called us stupid if we didn't understand something. That wasn't very encouraging.

    And PE. I'm not a very sporty person and I got hit dead in the face by more volleyballs than I'd like to remember. ene
  10. I used to hate my Learning Strategies class (per IEP). I mean, it was kind of like a nursing home for teenagers. The only thing I got out of it was a sob story out of something painless. A broken game doesn't hurt. Good grades need a blemish; nobody's perfect. When you hear autistic children, not only do you feel sorry for the teacher they were subject to, but even the jerks look like heroes.

    Other than that, Math was just naturally confusing. I mean, I'm in the NHS and I'm taking the lowest Algebra class! How fun is that?!

    I used to HATE my Industrial Art teacher. Not only did you hear a bunch of asthmatic people get sick, but it was DULL. Doesn't help that the teacher was happy to retire. Ugh!
  11. Since when is lunch a school subject? "Hey Timmy, what did you learn in lunch class today?" "I learned how to eat tacos and nachos without ruining my shirt!" :rotfl:

    Seriously though, PE. I was always okay with all the math and science and reading and so on. Running around and playing sports? Nah man, I'll just hang out on the bleachers and read a book, thanks anyway.
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  12. LOL. I actually hated lunch because they made you sit in assigned seats! Assigned seats are not fun!
  13. Back then: I hated mathematics.

    Now: I hate the social studies courses. I also don't see any point to the languages courses--lots of kids in my country have to take French, forget most of it, and end up never having to use it in their entire lives.
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  14. I appreciate how invaluable math is, and I use it a lot in my line of work, but fuck me if it wasn't the most tedious subject in school. I liked some stuff like Algebra and Geometry, but overall I just found it very bland and memorizing formulas and plugging numbers got fucking old fast. While math is something literally everyone uses every day to some degree, I still don't think anybody except for train conductors and air traffic controllers ever had to make use of those infernal "Train A leaves station A going South at 1000h going 60mph. Train B leaves station B going North at 100mph. Both trains are 1,800 miles apart. At what point will they intersect?" questions. Or shit like "Warlord Muwambe has 100,000 AK-47 bullets that he needs to give to each of his troops. He gives Robert 500 bullets, Shaka 2,200 bullets, Sam 760 bullets... bunch of shit here... how many bullets did he give to Nelson and Lindsay?"

    I never cared for French, mostly because instead of learning conversational parts of it, they wasted entire semesters learning verbs and adjectives. I have the fucking lame as jingles they used to each me shit burned in my mind (Je vais, tu vas, il vas, el vas, vous avons, vous aves, il sont, el sont. This is seriously all I remember from that entire grade 9 semester) stuck in my brain, but that's not going to help me figure out how the hell to find where I'm going if I ever find myself in Quebec.

    Other than that, I generally liked all my high school subjects. The only one from college that was unique to college I didn't like was Environmental Law. Memorizing a bunch of shit in legal mumbojumbo is boring as fuck.

    I loved music and shop classes, but they were easily my worst subjects. I took them because I wanted a challenge and to do shit with my hands. I think I learned more from both of those classes, despite my general incompetence in them, than I did in any other 4 other classes combined.
  15. Maths. Science. Physics. Chemistry. Anything with numbers and formulas and stuff you have to memorize. I'm absolute shit when it comes to science-y stuff like that. P.E was awful as well, thanks to social anxiety and a serious case of locker room issues.

    Biology, environmental science, language, history, stuff like that was my jam. Owned that shit.

    Not really a subject, but all those group projects they forced us into, hated them. It did literally nothing but establish who was the lazy ass and who could Death Ground the entire project the night before.
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  16. I hated the languages that were offered at my high school. Of the three (Spanish, French, and Latin), only Latin was the most interesting.

    Now, if my high school had offered German instead, I would have been the happiest hormone-fueled kid in the building. Alas...

    I also failed Lunch. Because reasons.
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  17. French was my least favourite class of all time.

    They spent 7 years (Grades 1-8, minus Grade 6) trying to shove it down my throat, with no special aid other than

    1) An EA who didn't even know French, so they were as lost as I was.
    2) An IEP which didn't help me learn shit, it only rigged the tests to be easier (aka. school approved cheating)

    Didn't help that the Teachers would constantly treat me like a troublesome student because I had trouble understanding it.

    Others included:

    • Music: This was more due to the Teachers. Grade 3-5 we had a teacher whose method of teaching as yelling at students, and then pulling in struggling students during their lunch to catch up on work (she didn't help, she just put us in a room and told us to figure it out). Only to "forget" they were in there, so even when they finished they couldn't hand in the work and then go play outside. Then Grade 7-8 our teacher was essentially an elitist. If you were good at Music she treated you really well, but if you weren't good at it she'd treat you as a Lazy/Troublesome student who couldn't be bothered to do anything. Even if all she really did was say "Here's a music sheet, play it" with minimal explanation as to how to understand it.
    • Gym Class: This class in all honesty is useless in my opinion. Sure it's a fun past time for students prone to being athletic, but for those who aren't all it does is exhaust them, and take time away from actually learning stuff. Now I know the main defence here is "But it's healthy!". Ok, but a school's job is to teach and educate, not try to control a students lifestyle. If you want students to be more healthy maybe try spreading messages in an assembly, or make incentives like fun clubs or events. But don't take hours upon hours of class time away over it. Also, it doesn't help that Gym Class is where they decided to squeeze in Sex Ed for Grade 9, and they did so via an insanely rushed curriculum over a 2 week period so we barely learned anything. That and they divided the Grade 9 Gym Class by Sex (All of it, not just the sex ed unit or the changing rooms), which is completely unnecessary, and at the same time meant there were parts of the Sex Ed class the school was consciously not bothering to teach half of their students. Oh, and they let parents pull their kids out of the Sex Ed unit too if they wanted... >.<
    • Woodshop: This might have been nice, if we were actually building anything of value, and not just minor trinkets. But on top of that, Grade 7-8 was plagued by a teacher who yelled at students for the smallest mistakes. Yes I get it, woodshop is dangerous. But you don't get that across by treating your students like shit over it. If anything you only panic the students and make an accident even more likely.
    • Computer Programming: This one in all honesty was strictly the teacher. He only did half-assed explanations, to the point where only those with prior experience who grasp anything that he was saying. For anyone who took the class looking to start off they were completely lost. To the point he constantly when asked for help just ended up writing their assignments for them, and then for the final exam gave the option to print out the answer but your max mark would be 80%. Those were the only things keeping the class from majority failing. Also to note, others who had him noted he had a tendency to sexually harrass the female students to the point most of them dropped out (My class by chance was all males, so I didn't see this first hand mind you).
    And then there's Geography, Science, and Grade 10-11 Math.
    They were all classes I struggled in, but in these cases the Teachers were actually friendly, helpful and genuinely caring about my education so the worst I ever got was maybe an hour or two of hair pulling at exam time.
    Though I do wish Science had focused more on learning about Evolution and Space, and wasn't as focused on Chemistry as it had been.
  18. The class I disliked most over the years was Sciences Humaines—or Social Studies. We rarely learned about the periods or aspects of history I was interested in, most of the homework was tedious and mostly about reading comprehension, and I was generally really bad at it. The most invested I got into it was at the very end of the tenth grade, a couple days before the exam, where I condensed and handwrote all the material from notes, homework, and handouts into a couple pages with tons of drawings and a tiny font. While usually my grade floated between C+ and B, I ended up with something like 98% on that final exam due to the extreme cramming session.

    After the tenth grade, the class was replaced with History, which I enjoyed far more.

    Other than that, French was always tedious, but unlike my other fellow Canadians, it was taught fairly well and proved somewhat useful—by nature of being an all-French school. I've yet to get much practical use outside of school and family, however. While I'm still a little conflicted about whether or not I want French to be mandatory at some point in Canadian education, I deplore of the way it is currently handled and taught across the country.

    Overall, I loved school and most of the subjects in it. Though I've now moved on to university, I still feel a powerful nostalgia for my highschool days. I love being forced into a social environment and being forced to learn, because I'm too lazy to do either myself, most of the time.
  19. I was decent at math classes until I got into high school. I believe it's because of the way it was taught. They thought it would be a good idea to have a learning plan where students essentially teach themselves math while the teacher is just in the background answering questions. Did not work out at all. I was in danger of not graduating because of this. :/ I had to take a Freshman math class my Senior year so I could earn some easy credit, and also take a summer school course. As well, I have math anxiety, so the lack of emotional support in that area didn't do me much good either. (Hell, I even barely passed my college math classes because I really didn't know what I was doing.)

    Also, I detested Japanese class. Not sure why I bothered taking it for 3 years in a row. Should have just went for Spanish. I'd of tried French if the teacher at my school wasn't known to stir drugs in her coffee.
  20. I correctly predicted that math would be the most common vote, since we're on a creative writing site, and people who like English aren't likely to also enjoy maths, and have no cookie to reward myself with. Now I'm kinda pissy.

    I hated math; I dislike numbers. I was talking with a coworker who said they liked maths and I was like "ew, why?" and she said it was because math is inflexible; there's no room for creativity or imagination, either an answer is right, or it isn't.

    Which is exactly why I DISLIKE math and LIKE English.

    Takes all kinds, I guess.
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