School stress

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  1. I've been so stressed out lately, everything in school has been so hectic. I barely have time to re-cooperate in school. The only study hall I have is sixth hour and I have a shit ton of work to do. I have Ceramics II where all my projects are being dumped on me all at once. I've also have Painting II which I feel like I'm being rushed in. To make things even more stressful I've got two sketch themes that I have to do every week for both classes. That's not all, I've also got a Senior project I'm stressing over which I know I shouldn't but I am. Another thing I have is a state art competition in which I have to make a drawing which I have no clue if I will be able to finish. The last thing is my US government class, where I pretty much get homework every day. I even took some time to sit down and schedule things out in my head. I seriously broke down during lunch today, I had to seclude myself in a corner and just cry.
  2. *pets Ike*

    it's alright, school gets the best of all of us. I remember pulling plenty of all nighters (or close to it) and then having a nice crying session for a few hours before getting back on track with things. Take it one day and one thing at a time dear and dont feel like you need to plow straight through! Take a couple breaks :) You can do it! I have a faith! *nodnod*