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(Setting: Memphis, Tennessee, 2006)
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Rosalyn was proud when the bell for lunch to ring. She was the new kid, just moving from Danvers to Memphis. She was also the youngest at 14. Her sister, Cristina, was back at MIT, hoping to be a famous game designer. Last time they chatted via Skype, she was already working on a game called "Glitz and Greed". She explained that it was supposed to be like Clue, only more modern. As she stopped at her locker, she noticed a slip of paper peeking out. "I wonder what that could be?" Rosalyn asked herself after she unfolded the note. The note was written with what appeared to be a slightly darker version of the official school stationery. The note read: "Congratulations, you have been selected for initiation into the Twilight Society. Please report to Room 140 after school for more information."

Rosalyn was a bit unsure, but shook it off as a joke being played on her being new. She grabbed her bagged lunch and headed to the cafeteria. She found a table to sit at with about 75% girls. She tapped a girl on the shoulder and asked, "Do you know anything about the Twilight Society?"
Emma turned when her shoulder was tapped and whispered, "yeah. It's the society the school takes you too when they want to get rid of you..." taking her finger across her neck in a slicing motion she crossed her eyes and stuck out her tongue making a choking sound. For being 16 she acted like a 12 year old. A girl called Tammy at the other end of the table told Emma to stop scaring the new girl. Laughing Emma turned back to Rosalyn.

"I'm only kidding. I don't know what this is but I opened my locker and there was a note about it so I came here. Haha I'm just as lost as you are." Twirling her blonde braid she stuck out her hand to Rosalyn, "I'm Emma Thatcher by the way, nice to meet you."

"Rosalyn Warner." Rosalyn replied. She stared at the clock waiting for 12:30 to arrive. The lunchroom seemed rowdy compared to Danvers. It was warm for September, also unlike Danvers. She began to review notes when she finally asked "I wonder why everybody is getting these notes?"
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Emma twitched her nose a little and looked at all the people in the cafeteria strangely they were mostly between 14 and 16 and the majority were girls. Now and then there was a boy but mostly girls.

"Curious. Did you notice how many girls here are here? Do you think that was on purpose from the people that sent the notes or on accident?" Cocking her head sideways a little she twirled her blonde hair. "Very very curious..."
Allister took his seat at the lunch table. He was not as immature for a 15 year old as you may think. He actually did pretty well, even earning a scholarship for a university close by. He always wanted to go to school to be a filmmaker, but he just never had the money to go to film school. The cafeteria was about as rowdy as usual. He had heard of the Twilight Society when he moved here 2 years ago with his mom and little brother, Barry in hopes of starting over after his father was arrested for a DUI related crash. He moved over to the girls and said, "I don't think it's an accident who the Twilight Society selects for initiation."
Nikki arrived at the lunch room quietly, he had received a letter in his locker and he was quite scared. The twelve year old boy just finished moving here with his family, they came from Anchorage, Alaska, he was unlike most boys because he wore girl's clothes and acted more feminine than they did. When he heard a girl mention the Twilight Society he walked up to the table and wrote on a piece of paper, "What do you know about them?"
Alister glanced at the paper and replied with "I don't know a lot, but here's what a can tell you from some of their official records I saw." Alister continued to ramble on. "They main objective is to establish contact with the deceased through any means possible." Alister had a chill racing down the back of his neck as the words flew out of his mouth. "From a little research I did, I found out that 100 years ago, an art institution burned down right where the school was, and one of the spirits the were able to contact was Mary, who was looking for her father when she perished." He remembered a portrait of Mary in the room where they met, and how creepy it was to stare at a dead girl's face. Rosalyn also started having goosebumps, knowing that Mary could be anywhere in the school, even in the chaotic place that was the lunchroom.
Nikki nodded and tucked his note away unsure if he was allowed to show the paper to these people, when they mentioned ghosts the boy looked at the older male confused. He began to see something across the room and he unknowingly started to sketch out a figure with long blonde hair and a dark almost scarlet colored dress. He tried pointing out the figure to the others but decided it was better that he kept it to himself.
Rosayln stood in shock as the young lad continued doodling without a care in the world. No matter how many times she tried to wake the kid up, he continued drawing. The image was of a young woman from 100 years ago. "Oh God, what's happening?!" She didn't know if the kid was playing some joke on her or if he was possessed. The bell rang and before she knew it, the kid was snapped awake. "Dude, what happened back there?" She finally asked the kid.
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Nikki looked at her and tilted his head but than he realized what she meant and he tried to point out the figure he drew only to notice she was gone his eyes widened and he wrote down a quick note and handed it to the girl before he ran off trying to figure out what he'd just drawn, by the look of the red stain he drew on the dress meant this figure had been killed and he started to guess what or who killed her. He stopped in the hall and started to think about what he saw in the cafeteria earlier.
Bridgette Carson opened her locker. Today was her first day in this new school. She's fifteen. She's been going to different schools moving around alot, fitting in hasn't been exactly easy, she doesn't really fit in genderistic stereotypes. Cues she's into boxing, and basket ball, she plays mine craft, and she wears what people call boy clothes. She's heard it all.. queer, freak, Boygirl. She looked across the hall, she was her older sister Miranda flirting with a guy, she rolled her eyes, why was she so perfect. As she opened her locker she found a note in it that said 'congratulations you have been selected for initiation into the twilight society. Please report to room 140 for information' she looked up, then she went to cafeteria, she got her lunch they heard a boy about her age talk about the twilight society. "Twilight society? I just got a weird note about that, what is it?"
Nikki smiled as he realized it was Mary that he saw in the cafeteria, he realized that the injury was caused before she was burned. Her death was actually murder but the fire covered it up due to her disease that made her bones more brittle so people just assumed she fell and died and not murdered.
Alister looked around to see a tomboy looking girl at the edge of the table. "I got the same note as you did." He replied. Alister said the same thing about Mary and contacting the dead. "They have all sorts of methods for contacting the dead, everything from spirit boards to something people call Full Spectrum Cameras." Alister explained. He even puled up a photo of the drawing the other kid made. "Name's Alister Lawson." Alsiter replied. He knew this was his one shot at getting a girlfriend.
Nick returned and heard the other male introduce himself as he looked at Alister he said, "Mary was murdered before the fire occurred, it was more likely that the fire was meant to burn her body so nobody knew what occurred that night. She was either shot or stabbed in the back while looking for her father."
Rosayln turned around and sighed. "We don't know if that is true though." She knew that official records of Mary were hidden the Faculty Area, which she would be caught dead in anyway. "The only way that we would know was if one of us sneak in and out of the Faculty area with the official documents on Mary." She felt that it was unlikely that any of the records would survive the fire, but she was hopeful. She knew she had that chance at the meeting tonight.
Bridgette looked at the Alister, he's kind of cute, "Bridgette Carson" she said, than she sat down. This is actually interesting, "so they chose us so that we can talk to ghosts, but wait this is just confusing. Are ghosts even real? How did they even know about me?". Bridgette was confused as af.
Nikki looked to the girl who was confused and nodded, "Ghosts exist, I know this because I zone out of reality and draw things that I have no clue why I drew them or why they're in the building, I start to figure things out and it scares me when the ghost is staring right at me." He said to her.

(Note: Nikki is mute and when I type said I mean he writes stuff down and shows it to people.)
Alister didn't know the kid well, but he seemed to have a point. "I understand, but we don't know if she really was murdered." Alister wasn't trying to sound like a jerk, but hey had his doubts too. The Dismissal Bell rang moments later. Alister and Rosayln packed up and headed for Room 140.
Nikki nodded and wrote, "I'll search through the files and see what I can find." He said and when he heard the bell he stood and went to the classroom labeled 140.
Rosayln cautiously peeked through the empty doorway. She brought a mini flashlight and shined it in the room. She waved the object around the room until she reached a filing cabinet. As she pulled out a drawer, she felt a hand grasping her shoulder. Rosalyn turned around only to see a figure in a hooded robe. "This way please, madam." The figure said. She was guided to a table with a bunch of weird trinkets on it. "The records are flawed, only Mary can give us the answer." Another figure said, Rosalyn knew what they where talking about. She was going to participate in a séance.
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