School Spirits

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(Setting: Memphis, Tennessee, 2006)

Rosalyn was proud when the bell for lunch to ring. She was the new kid, just moving from Danvers to Memphis. She was also the youngest at 14. Her sister, Cristina, was back at MIT, hoping to be a famous game designer. Last time they chatted via Skype, she was already working on a game called "Glitz and Greed". She explained that it was supposed to be like Clue, only more modern. As she stopped at her locker, she noticed a slip of paper peeking out. "I wonder what that could be?" Rosalyn asked herself after she unfolded the note. The note was written with what appeared to be a slightly darker version of the official school stationery. The note read: "Congratulations, you have been selected for initiation into the Twilight Society. Please report to Room 140 after school for more information."

Rosalyn was a bit unsure, but shook it off as a joke being played on her being new. She grabbed her bagged lunch and headed to the cafeteria. She found a table to sit at with about 75% girls. She tapped a girl on the shoulder and asked, "Do you know anything about the Twilight Society?"
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