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  1. I want to succumb to my urge to do a school roleplay, and before all of you leave, I also want it to be out of the ordinary, run-of-the-mill school rp where random romances and one liners abound.

    First of all, I love when things are not clear cut as far as the 'good choices' are concerned, and I think I would like to GM a rp where there would be rpg-like stats and quests that would range from the mundane to the plot altering depending on said hard choices. Secondly, I love Virtual Reality games and plots, and I think a Virtual Reality as homework would be the greatest thing ever, where the characters would be put in small group in increasingly difficult situations to prepare them to their future lives as adult in a harsh world. The resulting game would span through the equivalent of their last years of schooling, with the institute they are part of starting on their fourteenth year and ending on their twentieth.

    I see some interests, and would be happy to twist the setting to any plot you have in mind!
  2. Ooh, interesting. Count me in!
  3. Great! If you think anyone would be interested as well, feel free to ask them :)! Welcome aboard!
  4. Ooh!! This sounds awesome, count me in! :)
  5. Great! That makes two :)!
    Do either of you have any idea to add to the basic outline I gave?
  6. No I don't have any ideas at the moment, but I'll think of some.
    One question- is there a Specific order in which you want thinhs to take place or...
  7. Well, each round of post would have the following; as many conversation or small actions as you want and one sole decisive or plot changing action. Did that answer you question or did I completely misunderstood what you said x3?
  8. No, that answered it!! Thank you.
  9. Okie dokie!
    I shall be looking into making an OOC soonish, hopefully that'll attract more people.
  10. And just to say, I'm brand new to RP and the site so I'm easily confused.
  11. It's okay, I'll be there to answer any questions you have, okay? :)
  12. You are so kind!! *hugs*
  13. I really need to check more often. Anyway, my preferred setting is Winter, or at least some kind of wintery landscape. Can that be managed?
  14. Yup, the retreat (or school or institute) will be in a frozen mountainside.
  15. Lots of icy fun, then. Awesome.
  16. Hey I'm still a bit confused with this whole sign up thing- do I just post my character's info?
  17. Yes, I provided a small form in the first post and you just copy, paste, and fill it in there :).
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