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    This is roleplay is currently paused. It will be rebooted entirely soon.
    Sorry for the inconvenience, do please leave a note if you want to participate in the new roleplay,
    or keep an eye out for when it's back online.

    A desolate road trails up a lonely mountainside. The lush green trees turn to darker pine trees on the twisting and turning route, away from human society; yet, it was by far truly desolate.
    Up there, high, high above the town, on the top of the great hill landscape the trees are cut away. Right there, at the top, stood a building, hidden in plain sight. An old, almost palace like white building complete with black steel-set-in-granite stone pillared gates. Large pine and oak wooden doors, willow wooden window frames and marble for its windowsills inside set the tone for what was to come after.
    Behind the large, thick granite three stories high walls the interior had a delicate yet regal feeling. 10 ft high ceilings decorated in every sense of the word. Marble, mosaic floors, stone pillars, golden finery, just to name a few.
    On each side of the main hall a painting hung. One of the founders of the school, one of the current Headmistress.
    Out the back, below the stairs leading to the second and third floor of the building, lead to the central plaza with the evergreen Oak Tree stood in its center. To the left, and the right, buildings stood, albeit less impressive than the first, but befitting in style. Behind those more, smaller buildings stood and a vast space lush with trees, lakes and open fields for all possible needs.

    Welcome, to the Ogden Academy, the School of the Mythic.

    The Ogden Academy is one of the last schools in the world that is a safe haven for those who are beyond ordinary.
    Students that come here belong to all races, species, and subcategories, though the most common category you will find on the grounds are humans with gifts.

    In this roleplay you can play any of the students of any of the entry years. The ages can range quite diverse due to the differences in races, species and subcategories.
    There are classes to follow, rules to uphold, friends to be made, and learn how to fit in with society.

    There are classes to skip, rules to break, enemies to be made, and learn how to make a mess of the mortal world.

    It’s all up to you.

    While participating in this roleplay I, Olissa, ask of you to:
    1-Follow the rules set forth by this forum.
    2-Post more than one line. Even with the occasional writers’ block, try and give your fellow roleplayers more to work with than one or two lines.
    3-If you’ve hit a severe writers’ block, or will be away for some time, mention it to us so we know why you might not be posting.
    4-Be aware of your grammar, spelling and overall if your post makes sense. I do not expect perfection, but do expect you to catch most of the errors.
    5-Do not barge into something, unless it actually makes sense to do so
    6-Do not decide what will happen to another person’s character(s).
    7-Do not make it impossible for your character(s) to get a beating or to make mistakes. Mistakes and mishaps are part of the fun of being alive. Plus, they are students in training after all.
    8-Try to avoid vanishing for a long period of time without mentioning it here, in OOC, or via PM to me, Olissa.
    9-Mention somewhere in your character sheet which of the rule numbers is your favorite/most important. Just mention the number, like this (9) so I won't confuse it with any other numbers in your post.
    10-Not use unnecessary abbreviations, or txt-style writing. (eg: W8! Thnx.)
    11-Please write in third person, and in past tense only, no exceptions.
    12-Be aware that I hold the right to adjust any of the rules set forth for this role-play.
    13-You may not have two characters, and let them develop a relationship together (meaning you own both sides of the relationship). It kills contact with others. If you want your character to date someone, either find another person's character to pair up with, or have the character date an NPC that is not part of this school.
    14-Have fun. Yes, that's a rule now :P Dun like it? Well… then we might have an issue >.>' ;)
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  2. SotMCharacters.png
    Character Name: (First and Last names. Nicknames not required)
    Age: (Only students, so be logical to the race you choose. In this universe vampires are usually born.)
    Gender: (Self explanatory)
    Race: (This could be anything from human with powers, to dhampire, dragonoid, mermaid, etc.)
    Power: (List what powers your character has. Do not make it too powerful and keep it balanced out with possible downsides. If it's something that requires a bit of explanation, please use the 'Other' category for that.)
    Appearance: (Written descriptions please, image may be given as supplement. Include height and posture/weight. The school offers uniforms but they are not mandatory. The school cleans and repairs uniforms only. Female uniform, top skirt, optional vest and blazer. (Colors can be mixed and matched). (Male uniform is standard white shirt, pantaloons in one of the five colors, optional blazer and vest. Home brought clothes are your own responsibility.)
    Personality: (Make sure they have flaws that make sense.)
    History: (Please write out a bit of what they did before they came to the school, family situations, how many years they have been at the school now, etc.)
    Theme Music: (Is there a song or melody that fits your character well.)
    Voice Actor: (What does the character’s voice sound like? Look up a video or a name of a person.)
    Other: (List anything here that doesn’t fit the above sections. Such as weapons they own, talents they have, specific downsides or maintenance issues.)

    Accepted Students.

    Yala Nikuso* - Olissa
    Olissa Barran* - Olissa
    Mayula Chelu* - Olissa
    Eris Croft* - Pluviophile
    Jillian Wynters* - Pluviophile
    Sebastian Pravus* - Pluviophile
    Jacqueline Rigg* - Vinyl
    Felix Astor* - Vinyl
    Ephraim Luzvimindo* - Kimu11
    Alon Amihan* - Kimu11
    Killian Strauss* - ChaosMage
    Iris Sionnach* - WitchesRayvyn
    Narivar Oakheart* - Windsong
    Kade Pilgrim* - Mr.Riderman
    Amicus Haldemar* - Samil Vritra Abaddon
    Aoifa Maerwynn* - HalcyonSkies

    * = leads to character's biography
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  3. SotMInfo.png
    School Schedules
    1st Year

    2nd Year

    3rd Year

    4th Year

    Choice Classes
    Elemental I A (Fire+Earth)
    I B (Ice+Water)
    I C (Air+Light)
    I D (Dark+Energy)

    II A
    Elemental II B
    Elemental II C
    Elemental II D

    Alchemy I
    Alchemy II
    Archery I
    Archery II
    Weaponry I
    Weaponry II
    Martial arts I
    Martial arts II
    Mathematics II
    Economy II
    Science II
    Physics II
    Drawing Art Extra
    Performing Art Extra
    School Images
    Staircase Front
    Image too large, will edit it when I can.
    Staircase Back
    Image too large, will edit it when I can.
    Map Main
    Image too large, will edit it when I can.
    Map Dorm
    Image too large, will edit it when I can.
    Map Grounds
    Image too large, will edit it when I can.
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  4. Interested but not sure if I'll join. Keeping my eye on this.
  5. Well let me know if you'd be willing or not, or what I might be able to do to make this a tad more interesting to you and/or others :)
    I've got plenty more information I can share with you guys.
  6. You know I'm joining c:
  7. *snuggles you regardless of any possible protest*
  8. NEVER PROTEST!! <33 *snuggles back*
  9. Yay hugs! Let me luv you!
  10. Give me all the love D; <3
  11. Very interested :) Though I would only be able to create a character next week since I will be out of town the whole weekend.. I hope that's okay :o

    Also, I am not sure if I missed out an instruction or link somewhere, but where would you like for us to send our character sheets? Should we post it in here directly or send them through PMs? :) My apologies, I am new to the format here..
  12. Moar cat gifs XD

    And I didn't have it specifically listed @Kimu11, if you'd rather PM me because you feel uncertain about something, go ahead, but you are more than welcome to post here, as I'll answer questions and approve of characters here just as quickly.
    And sure, you are welcome to come and post a character when you can as there isn't a limit.

    I'll get mine officially posted as well.
  13. Thanks! I think I'd like to wait for someone to post a profile first so that I'll get an idea of how it should be done or how literate it should be X3 But I am halfway done with it :)
  14. I had mine posted, then I reworked everything and I temporarily removed them XD

    I'll post them online soon.
  15. Oh.. Alright then! Take your time :) I'm still writing up my character's history and personality..
  16. Is this still open? I think I might join...
  17. Yes, yes, yes. We are most definitely still enrolling students here. :D
  18. Character Name: Yala Nikuso
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Race: Vampire/Ice Elemental
    Power: Ice creation and manipulation. Regenerative ability.
    Appearance: Long, silky, black hair cascades down Yala’s back till it reaches the lower arch. Her crystal blue eyes seem cold, and harsh, even though the shape of it is a sweet almond shape. She’s rarely seen smiling or laughing from her heart, even though she does come across as sort of friendly. If you don’t cross her path the wrong way that is. She has light, icy skin that can not handle sunlight very well. When outside she’ll use a parasol to cover herself from direct sunlight. As she’s only part vampire she can handle a little bit of direct light in case of emergency, but no more than a quick run from building to building. Even under her parasol she cannot stay out infinitely long.
    Standing at 172cm she is quite tall, and has a strong, thin build.
    Her basic description of her outfit would be the school uniform in a different color than standard even though it’s not mandatory to wear the uniform. On her shirt she has a pin attached that shows she’s the President of the Student Council. To cover her legs from the sun she wears high, white stockings.
    (Please ignore how torn the uniform is…)
    YalaTornUniform.png Yala.png
    Personality: Yala is cold, harsh, and very strict with others. She doesn’t tolerate anything that is not permitted by the rules and will not hesitate to enforce them. Yala has rarely ever had a friend in her life, most of them staying away due to her being so cold, so she feels lonely even when surrounded by people.
    Though she seems cool under any circumstance, she’s actually quite easily embarrassed and has no idea what to do with compliments and the like, so she just faintly smiles and quickly walks away so no one can see her face.
    History: Both of Yala’s grandfathers were Ice Elementals, her grandmothers, and generations before that were vampires. Because of her grandfathers, she and the rest of her family weren’t full-blooded vampires, but they did gain the ability to use ice magic. To be able to live without human blood, they’ve substituted it for blood pills, even though they are less effective than the real deal.
    In all of Yala’s life she had nothing to complain. She had a family to take care of her, one maid in the household, who was a vampire as well, and that was about it. Her grandfather on her father's side is head of one of the major Ice Clans, meaning Yala in theory is an heir to that title as her father has no interest in being in charge of that Ice Elemental Clan.
    She entered the school at age 14 and has studied hard ever since. She’s a fast learner, but is starting her fifth year already. To be exact, she has studied every course available, even those she can’t do due to not having the magic to be able to participate.
    In school her popularity level started rising fairly swiftly, seeming a cold and hard to approach person. As a joke someone submitted her name for running for Student Council President in her first year (presidency runs from the moment of election till the president graduates. In that final year a new student is elected and trained for the position). Due to her serious outlook and hard to approach aura (and a fluke of nature) she ended up with the position.
    On the random occasion that Yala has slipped up in the past and her vampiric nature came forward she becomes more taunting and forward. Some of her classmates, or co-workers in the student council have become victim to that urge. Though, if you punch her lights out before she bites, you’ll be able to make a get away without loss of blood.
    Theme Music: Liberty Shield – Immediate Music
    Voice Actor: Famke Janssen
    Other: Yala has 2 weapons that she brought from home as they are heirlooms. An Ice Voulge, and silver colored gun (SIG P210), both weapons have been given to her from her grandfathers.
    Yala’s vampiric side is subdued due to the mixed blood, but it still has a few effects
    -Needs blood to feed or a blood substitute.
    -Cannot stay out in the direct sun long. Can stay out in the sun longer than pureblooded vampires.
    -Can eat other foods but it does nothing for her.
    -Heals faster than humans. Heals slower than pureblooded vampires.
    -When too low on blood the 'Hunter's nature' will take control.
    -Eyes glow icy bright blue when in touch with her 'Hunter's nature' as well as when she uses her ice magic.

    Character Name: Olissa Barran
    Age: 15 (appears as 10)
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Power: Nullification (eliminates the effects of all powers in her direct vicinity)
    Appearance: Olissa has an absolute baby face, round, soft and still very much like the face of a 10 year old if not younger. Her short, childlike height (145cm, petite posture) doesn't really help the matter either. She sports shoulder length platinum blonde hair which is always tied up into a ponytail. Her eyes are brown and has an overall western European appearance. Olissa wears the shirt of the uniform, but covers herself with a size too large hoodie and sloppy jeans.
    Olissa.png PB174822.JPG
    Personality: Olissa is incredibly shy. This is due to how her whole childhood has constantly forced her to accept that she's supposed to be quiet, let things happen to her and not fight back or it'll just get worse. In any situation Olissa will want to flee the other way after apologizing a time or two (even if there's nothing worth apologizing about). Underneath that layer of fear is a tiny little broken girl desperate to find hope and get a chance to be happy and bubbly like she wishes she was.
    History: Olissa is the youngest of five and is the one with the greatest identity crisis. She's the only one in the family who has a completely passive power, and they've made her life miserable for it.
    Since her powers nullify all other powers she's been the one that was picked on by her siblings. And because her siblings picked on her, the kids at school, who had no idea why her siblings were so mean, went along and bullied her as well. She wasn't allowed to play along, on sometimes got completely ignored, if not shoved around or would have pranks be played on her. She figures she probably would have been better off just going to a normal school without anyone magical, but her parents still sent her here.
    Now here in this school she's almost always picked on by classmates, and especially by the two older siblings here in the school, Mila and Milo the twins.
    Theme Music: Underneath - Adam Lambert
    Voice Actor: Isabel Lucas
    Other: The only friend she has is her teddy bear named 'Mr. Rupert.'
    This is her second year in school, her twin siblings are in their 4th year.
    She does not own any weapons nor does she train with any due to her nullifying powers already doing enough damage as is.
  19. [​IMG]


    Name: Jacqueline Rigg
    Age: 18
    Gender: Boobs
    Race: Human - probabaly.
    Power: Mechanokinesis - Electrical Mapping - Weak/Sensitive/Strong spot detection
    Theme: Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)
    Voice: Shane McCutcheon (the girl)

    Year: 4


    Jack Rigg's as wicked as they come, and she wants everyone - everyone - to know it. If her skin's tough as the metal she works with, then her heart is the flame, the spark, the circuit. Nothing gets in her way when it comes to protecting who she loves or having a good time - and should anybody try, then they better beware. But waiting just behind the amused glares and shows of intimidation lies a warm laugh, loyal friend, and tons of hugs.
    +Devoted +Passionate +Comic +Savvy
    -Loud -Wanton -Unruly -Rascal -Intimidating

    Hedgehogs and Mint Chocolate. Machines and transparency. Metal, loud music, old trinkets and gadgets - old poetry and quotes, discarded art, discarded people. Boobs. Boys. Dust, sentimentality, privacy, cities - forests count as cities. Joking around, wrestling around, fooling around in bed. Activity. Anything involving hands. Oh, and Hedgehogs.

    Recent History

    Jack had no intention whatsoever of attending school past elementary. As a Mechanokinetic, money came easily. Tinker, create, sell, profit - repeat. When she graduated middle school she figured she'd just bump home, set up a practice and live out her days as a freelance mechanic. Unfortunatley things didn't go quite as planned. A rapid fire string of events forced her out of her garage, away from her matierals and back into her childhood home. Then she met "Ink". Though his travelling and healing weren't quite her cup of tea the two friends grew inseperable - she said she'd follow him anywhere, and she did. Right to the School. Some days Jack still isn't sure she likes being there but, as far as she's concerned, the institute serves as both free food, shelter, and time to rebuild a practice.


    Athletic - Lean Muscled - Pale - Short hair - Full lips - Broad Shoulders
    Voltaic Teal Eyes
    5' 11''
    148 lbs

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