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  1. Many should have already realized that many of us were nothing, Meaning no one wanted us or no on cared for us nor our opinion upon the world. Obviously people could see us as outcast or nobodies but the students here see past everything like our flaws or out past mistakes we share for we are all the same here. Nana was an average being who enjoyed writing, reading, drawing, and playing her bass guitar and sing, Or course she was careless and heartless but she tried her best to get to know people. Her black long hair covered half of her pale face as she walked towards her first period class within the west wing. Her steps were silent while her head hanged down from her shoulders since she didn't like to make contact with anyone's eyes for she always had a problem staring and wondering. Her mind was filled with thoughts and memories as she continued to walk down the crowded halls silently her black long sleeved shirt hid most of her scars along her arms but it was a bit difficult to hide the ones on her wrist Her black skin tight jeans held a few rips but they were still in great condition. She let out a sigh while having to be weighed down because of her overweight black Jamesport backpack that hanged from her shoulders. Her black combat boot clicked against the hard, cold floor as she walked by many students. Being a girl who weighed about nothing and being a giant was not easy for you get fun off by many others. Her parents didn't want her and neither did other school so she was sent here to learn and be taught what she needed to learn for the future to come. She finally arrived in French class after a few minutes of walking and entered silently before making her way back to the room to take her reserved seat in the right back corner.
  2. A quiet figure stepped into the classroom, with a gray hoody covering most of his face, and matching gray jeans covering his legs, his shoes were a pair of running shoes, which was in different shades of black. He seemed a little gloomy, for reasons beyond most others knowledge, an outcast, even among the outcasts, he didn't seem to be noticed by the other students around him. His medium sized backpack seemed to clash with his dark colors a little, being a light shade of blue, but dark enough where it doesn't stand out too much, lined with a black fabric. From the little his face revealed, he seemed to be deep in thought, approaching the back of the room, he looked for a seat, seeming a little surprised when someone else already took up one of the corners. He sat down in a chair nearby, knowing the other corner would be filled pretty fast; as if on cue, other students began to fill in the once empty left corner in the back, a sigh was barely heard above the noise in the classroom as he put his head down, hoping to catch a little nap before the class began.
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  3. Her eyes were almost attracted towards the one figure that seemed to be a more colorful type of person instead of her, Because he was brave enough to wear a little splash of color unlike herself. Of course she was not all that impressed for many students wore color well many didn't it seemed as if the school was being separated into to groups the Rainbow colored and the dark colored. She gave a snicker at the thought before her gaze returned back on the window for she was being entertained by the gloomy clouds as rain crashed against the glass of the window. She enjoyed watching the rain for the water droplets inspired her writing and the darkness of the clouds gave her a better topic to write about. She let out a sigh while hearing more and more footsteps fill her ears causing her to be distracted she gave a roll of her eyes since she was now annoyed towards the sound. Usually people would have been more quiet when seeing her in the room due to past experiences of her blowing off on most of them and getting herself in trouble.
  4. The rooms noise interrupted his nap, lifting his head to look around, he realized the class was about to start. With an slightly irritated expression he signed and lifted his head to look around, spotting a girl who seemed a quite irritated by it too, he looked at her momentarily with a curious expression, making a mental note to talk to her at some point. Then looked at the front of the class, wondering what was taking the teacher so long, he seemed to be bored, not exactly fond of sitting in this class in the first place. Figuring it might be a while before the French teacher arrived, he turned towards the girl, about to talk, but was interrupted ironically enough by the door opening, and the French teacher walking in he clenched his fists a little in annoyance, but he knew this wasn't the time to loose his cool. He let himself relax, again, unclenching his fists and looking at the front of the class once more, hoping what's being taught would be at least mildy entertaining, if not, he might as well try to talk to that girl again somehow...
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  5. Her eyes were ripped away from the window when having a feeling as if someone was examining her, Without any sign of feeling nor reaction towards this she quickly began to glance around the room to see who had their eyes on her. As the noise grew a bit more louder she sighed silently while her eyes then fell upon that one boy who entered the class after her, Their eyes connected with one another and with that being experienced she forcefully ripped her eyes off him and looked at the front of the room while awaiting for the Mr. Vlad to arrive to teach us French. And once he id she immediately pulled her backpack off her shoulders and unzipped the biggest pocket before grabbing out her materials needed for this specific class a black folder and black mechanical pencil and a simple black notebook with scribbling all over the black cover. Once she was done she dropped her book bag near her desk and began to flip through the pages of her notebook in order to find a nice clean page and waited for Mr.Vlad to begin our lesson.
  6. Meanwhile, a young teen walked down the hall looking for his classroom that happens to teach French. A few students were walking about doing whatever in their spare times and not having a slightest care in the world. He didn't say a word to anyone that walked past him and kept to himself while having on his unique clothing. His clothing was samurai theme like but without of the armor. Instead, he just wears a black coat with two swords equipped on his back along having powers that no one else knows about. He stared at his paper once more to make sure he was going in the right direction. The paper said "Room 701 Mr. Vlad , French 1". He looked up at the numbers above the other classroom doors and it had numbers that were leading up close to the 700s. He let a short "hm" and continued walking until he came upon a new hallway that had classrooms that begin the 700s. The odds were on left side and the even on the right. Looking upward again, he saw the classroom 701 with Mr.Vlad's name written across the glass. He crumbled up the paper and threw in in a near by recycle bin between room 703 and 705 then finally, walked in the classroom.
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  7. Jace walked the silent, empty halls. He knew he was late for class, but he didn't really care. He didn't care about much of anything anymore. Ever since the day Elizabeth had ended her life. He'd worn all black, as if to relive her funeral every day. He hated her. For leaving him and trapping him in this hell known as life. And yet, at the same time he loved her more than he thought anyone could love anyone. He pulled off his hood, brushed his long, straight, black hair out of his eyes, and entered into his first classroom. He never took the time to know what the class taught, only the room number, 701. When he entered a few people stared at him. He thought about flipping them off, but decided against it. He took the nearest seat, dropped his black Jansport backpack on the floor next to his seat, and sat down. Pulled out his notebook, pencil, and eraser, and worked on one of his several gruesome drawings.
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  8. She noticed a few students enter the classroom late as always for this wasn't the first time they were late. She gave a roll of her eyes and a light shake of her head since Mr.Vlad always has given a speech about tardiness and it annoyed the living hell out of her. She sighed as he began his first fifteen minutes of class delivering this speech towards his students while she took her pencil in her hand and began to write a brief story. The tip of the lead began to dance along the white lined paper as her mind was switched on she was now entertained and a but involved but not as much as usual. She remained silent and still while writing her introduction while her ears were capturing the sounds of Mr.Vlad speaking in a tone she has never heard him use but she ignored it and continued to write in silence. Only if she knew how it felt like to have a family her introduction would have been a little less depressing. She wondered if she was really that horrible and unwanted since she never had a clue on how it felt to be loved by a family or be loved by another.

    A smirk came across her face while she was already writing her second paragraph which introduces the main character and his or her problem they will have to face later on. But then her eyes were ripped off the paper and the pencil stopped moving when her ears captured laughter coming from behind her with a swift movement of her head she turned it over her right shoulder and took a look towards a woman with blond hair and blue eyes. Her figure was fit for a model and her face was just a flawless, Her skin tone was sun kissed and her smile was white and beautiful. She heard the woman speak towards her.

    "Hey Freak, Turn back around and mind your own business."

    The woman said with a roar of laughter traveling behind her words. All she could do was quickly stand up from her seat and turn fully around to face the woman as her hands balled into fist and then she spoke with a bit of a bite me sort of attitude.

    "Hey Bitch, Its time for you to take a nap. ." And with that being said her hands reached forward before grabbing the head of the woman and slammed it against the woman's own desk with a forceful blow. She then released the woman's head and turned back around and gathered all her things before placing them all back in her backpack and quickly flung the right strap over her right shoulder and walked away from her desk nearing towards the door. And within a matter of minutes she was out of the classroom and walking down the silent halls. She heard Mr.Vlad's voice boom through her ears ordering her to return to class but she ignored it and continued on walking and finally vanished the right corner of a wall. She was heading up towards the roof where she could have a smoke and continue on with her story.
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  9. Jace laughed when the preppy bitch got her head slammed into the desk. Classic humor. Damn that girl had attitude. He kinda liked it. He decided to follow that girl. He got up, put his things in his back pack and started to walk out of class when the teacher who's name he didn't care to notice said "I didn't give you permission to leave! Young man get back here" Jace looked back at him. "Au Reviour, Teach" he said. Jace gave him the finger and left the class. He wondered if she left the school. Nah she seemed too focused on her notebook to leave the school. It would take away time for her to walk to another destination. Jace deduced that she might have went to the roof, since the stairs were right next to Mr. Dickhead's classroom. He walked up the stairs and out the door to the roof where he saw her. "well well, look who it is" said Jace with a grin.
  10. The hooded teen, still yet to be named, found his attention grabbed yet again by the two others that came in quite late, then he heard Mr. Vlad introduce his topic today; "How to greet others in French". Concluding this class would be one of the more boring ones, he turned to that girl, about to talk to her again without much else to do, however, he stopped when he noticed she was writing something, perhaps a story? At any rate, it probably wouldn't make her too happy if he made her lose her train of thought. He just barely turned to the front of the class before hearing a quite mocking volley of laughter coming from near the girl, his head whipped around, his eyes settling on a more stuck up looking girl, her true features barely recognizeable under all those cosmetics she's clearly spent a good sum of money on. As the girl turned around, quite clearly distracted by the loud, mocking laugher too, when the girl that was laughing decided to call her a freak, and tell her to mind her own business. He clenched his fists, about to intervene, but quite clearly, the girls response to the rude one was faster than his, it was slightly amusing to really, he wondered how that girl ended up here anyways, perhaps her obsession with looks, and quite blatant narcissism had something to do with it. Then the girl who had knocked her out stormed out quite quickly, ignoring the teacher yelling at her to get back in class, thinking it would matter, he silently shook his head wondering how many times this sort of thing will happen before this particular teacher figured it out... He looked back at the unconscious girl, with a pitiful look, after all, cosmetics and narcissism are sometimes side effects of low self esteem, perhaps that might also be why she ended up here in the first place? His thoughts were interruped by the teacher, whom was yelling at another student that left the classroom after flipping him the bird, seeing his chance to get out of this boring class, he silently snuck out the door while the teacher was distracted, his gray clothes blending in with the similarly shaded walls. His backpack was still at his seat, and to anyone who hadn't seem him slip out, it would seem as if he had just dissappeared. He needed somethign to occupy himself, he needed to get out of this school, though the front and back entrances were probably not the best option, security guards always hung around there, walking silently along the halls, he came to a staircase. This staircase lead to the roof, which actually wouldn't be such a bad place, it's the closest he'd get to being outside, ascending the stairs, he was a little surprised to find the two people that had left his class hanging out there too...
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  11. "So much for trying to stay out of trouble. ." She mumbled under her chilling breath before a sigh traveled right behind her words. She was very disappointed with herself for putting on such a show or the others within her class knowing herself she knew she could have dealt with the situation without using violent tactics but she somehow snapped within and channeled all her anger to that one girl. Her eyes closed while the wind whispered in her ears sending sweet messages to her as if her guardian angel was speaking directly to her at that point. A pocky stick dangled from her pink lips while her back laid against the cold rooftop. Not only did she feel guilty for what she has done but she felt a bit of sadness since she would not be classified as a Beautiful Beast. In her book that was a step up from being a Freak but in society's book that would be a step lower.

    Her eyes opened to only stare at the gray puffy clouds flying in sky as the rain crashed against her body sending droplets soaking through her black long sleeved shirt her hair was becoming wet. She adored the rain so much that she would dance in it at anytime but that was if she was alone. Her backpack was stashed near the door that the staircase would lead to and her materials would remain safe within the pack. She felt her nose twitch and sniff knowing she might get sick from doing this but she could care less if she did. Then she nearly jolted back up to her feet when hearing a voice speak towards her head turned towards the direction of the voice before her eyes gazed upon a male who seemed to have known she would be up her and plus he was one of her classmates from French Class so it kind of made since, Obviously he has followed her here.

    She remained silent and still while examining the man from head to toe while finishing off her little treat but right after she did she parted her lips and spoke.

    "Get lost. ."

    She was in no mood having company nor try and make friends. She was too depressed to even speak politely she kept her eyes upon him for a few moments wondering if he would do what she asked him to but then another decided to join the conversation and that just made her day better. She let out a deep sigh as a signal that she was being annoyed and irritated since this was her time to think and be in peace but apparently that was just too much to ask for. As the thunder rolled in and sounded off it's presence she smirked a little and folded her arms across her chest while tilted her head up to look at the gloomy sky. She just wanted to be left alone but if these two wanted the same thing she did then she might accept their company but if they are here to just bother her then she might as well leave herself.
  12. "Believe me, I've been lost my entire life, still am." Jace said under his breath, hoping the rain would muffle his reply. He walked over to the edge of the building and sat, dangling his feet over the edge, he brushed his hair out of his face. "hey kid, come over here!" he shouted at his classmate who had left the class also. He looked at the girl and spoke "she deserved it." he said nothing more and opened his backpack pulling out a bottle of vodka and taking a sip. he then laid back and let the water cover his face. He sometimes wondered if the rain was there for people who couldn't cry when they wanted to. He laughed to himself of the irony of the situation. the only time he'd ever gone on the roof of a building was to jump off of it. Time and time he'd tried to end his life, so that he could join Elizabeth in whatever bullshit afterlife existed after death. It was awkard being on a roof and not preparing to die, but trying to live with other outcasts like himself.
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  13. He looked at the other two, momentarily, letting the roof door slam shut, wondering what their reasons are for coming here, then he sat down to the side of the door, letting out a sigh that was just barely audiuble over the storm that seemed to be settling in. The rain didn't seem to bother him despite the fact that it was slowly soaking his clothes, he noted that the girl seemed to be slightly irritated at the presense of that other boy, and himself as well. He let his eyes wander to the town below him, the town he had yet to find a reason to reside in, regarding its residents with envy. Then he heard the boy from his class call his name, turning around, he hesitates before joining him and the girl, still keeping a small distance between them and him, he wasn't too used to company on this roof, but, it's better than sitting in that boring class all day.
  14. She sighed and then gave a weak shrug of her shoulders for they didn't seem to be the type to listen to anyone anyway so she figured they were just like her, People who had somewhat of a short temper and lost within this world. Without another second to waste she returned to her back laying against the wet roof enjoying the coldness of the droplets splashing on her. No the only difference is that she would normally dance but since she had others around she decided not to. Her eyes closed once more as her lips curled into a small smile while her hands laid near her head, She was finally at peace. The thunder roared making her let out a small giggle. But she wanted to learn more from these two since they seem like the type to understand what she is going through judging by their clothing styles and decisions.

    "So what are your names?. ."

    She asked almost shyly but loud enough for them to capture her voice which held curiosity within her tone. Her eyes slowly opened exposing the bright blue color as she looked in their direction one seemed to be a distance away while the other seemed to be a little close but not to close. She awaited their replies in silence. While she waited her hands reached up towards the sky and tried to grasp as many raindrops as she could this is a way on how she entertained herself. She was now soaked in water but she didn't mind, Now if she was like that preppy girl she took out she would have been a nit different about rain and her thoughts towards it.
  15. It amused him the way she giggled at what appeared to be nothing. Her hands reached up and grasped at the rain. She didn't act like it was an odd thing to do, when, to the average person, it would've been. Luckily Jace wasn't the average person. So he admired her for the unusual motion involving the rain. "My name's Jace, you gotta name?" he said with a soft voice.
  16. He noticed the girl didn't have a problem with the rain either, in fact, she seemed to enjoy it quite alot, even though it wasn't "normal" for someone to try and catch raindrom in their hands, it really just made him glad he wasn't the only one who enjoyed it. When he heard her quietly, but audibly asked his name, along with the other boy's name, he was a little surprised as not too many students did so. He gave it a little thought before he answered her; "I'm Kaiden." he said, his voice was quiet, as he hadn't had too many chances to use it so far this school year. It felt a little strange to speak when he was on the roof, as he hadn't had that chance to socialize with anyone out here usually.
  17. She thought to herself as her hands dropped back down on her stomach while she continued to stare into the dark sky. Her thoughts were recreating her past memories and within moments she felt tears well in her eyes but quickly threw up her hands to her face and wiped her eyes with her wet sleeves while her ears captured their voice as they spoke. She was as surprised as they were since people wouldn't open up so easily around here since they were all shy or too quiet. Her eyes then shifted between the two as she silently said her own name with a polite tone. While she spoke her hands moved back towards her stomach before they finally rested there while her eyes would then be planted back on the sky above.

    "I am Nana, Pleasure to meet you both. ."

    She didn't want the two to feel uncomfortable since they could possibly be her only friends. She sighed at the thought while she continued to remember her past such as her childhood. But after a few minutes she was pulled back into reality when hearing a loud boom of thunder which just made her snicker and smile for that was always the best part of a storm anyway.
  18. "So Kaiden, Nana, what makes the two of you be labeled as fuckups?" he says. "I'm suicidal, psychotic, an alchoholic, and a self harmer." Jace thought about adding the line "but wait there's more!" like they did in the shitty infomercials, but decided that he still wanted to have some secrets. He wondered if they'd answer. He wondered if they'd walk away like everyone else did when he stated his symptoms like a fucking grocery list. He was pretty sure they would. Depression was the whore who brought that last thought on. He needed to die. He needed to leave this world and not come back. No one will ever relate to Jace because plain and simple, he was a dick. Not even his own parents liked him. Not that he cared anyways. His life was like a slide into oblivion and he knew he'd almost reached the end of the slide.
  19. "I would not say we are fuckups but I rather consider us as the Lost. .Because not only do we need a guide to point us to the right path but we also need to find ourselves. ."

    She commented before continuing on. Her eyes slowly dropped as she tried to remember many things that could have caused her to be this way, That could have caused her to be so quiet and distant from other beings that have the same problem as her well most of them do. She sighed and lifted her body from up off the ground before dragging her knees close to her chest and hugged them close while speaking. Holding herself within a tight ball while she tilted her head down and fixed her eyes on her knees trying to avoid eye contact with the others around her.

    "I am suicidal, Insane, and just Lonely. .No one to love or care for. ."

    She then gave a weak shrug of her shoulders as if it was nothing because to her it was normal life that plays forever leaving her in a endless nightmare. She was always told that life has it's ups and downs and was always told that it would get better eventually but that day has never came yet so she sits and waits for that day. She still has a little hope but not much to survive on.
  20. Kaiden was a little thrown off by the sudden question, however he knew the answer well, he wondered whether or not to share these things. Hearing his two classmates mention their problems made him feel it would only be right to mention his own, with a brief pause to gather his courage he spoke. "Depression, social anxiety, suicidal, realist, and problem with suppressing anger." He'd rather not say that he was lonely, as ironic as it was, he longed for the company of others, though he preferred a small group of people since larger groups made him nervous. Having friends never worked out for him before, the reasons for it lay deep in his past, a past which he'd rather not remember, one full of regret. He searched for something else, anything else to say, but no words would come, no words that he'd be willing to say at the moment anyways.
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