School of the Different

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  1. The Different Schools

    "Elementary, Middle, and High school. Children who are different cannot fit within regular schools. So here, in the Old Saint Nile building, we have the three schools of the Different. Here, your children of different races or with special powers can fit in while learning normally as well as hone their abilities. We have specialized staff to keep your children safe. Here at different schools, it's good to be different

    That was the letter your parents received. Deciding it was a good idea, they enrolled you into Different schools. You may have not known, but these were going to be the best childhood ever.

    The building is split up into 3 sections- the Elementary, the Middle school , and the High school. All have their own staff, but all are under one Principle, Rez, and Vice principle Connie.

    So this is my first time leading a RP on this site, and every roleplay site I've been to has had different (no pun intended) standards, so go easy on me :)

    Student Character Sheet:

    Race: (If it's a original race, tell me about it.)
    Powers/abilities: (no god modding!)
    Bio: (optional)

    There are also staff positions.

    Principal: Faronel as Rez Mastë
    Vice Principe: Trackerofthenorth as Constantana "Connie" Amanar
    Hall Monitor: Faronel as Death
    Nurse: Chroma as Solomon (Sol) Harding
    Kindergarten Teacher:
    1st grade Teacher:
    Elementary Security Guard:

    Middle school Math:
    Physical Education:
    Language Arts:
    Social Studies:
    Middle School Security

    High School Math: Mooglegirl as Mali Makakati
    Social Studies:
    Security Guard: TheElf as Chad Wayne Sugg
    Counselor: DancesWithDeath as Mrs. Strydder

    Lotsa' spots here...
    Staff Character sheet:


    (I might have to PM some staff a few things, mostly the Vice.)

    Well once your accepted then just begin! I hope you enjoy this.


    No god modding.
    Stay under R rating.
    No OCC fighting.
    Listen to me.
    Do not play till accepted.
    Have fun!
  2. Name: Rez Mastë
    Gender: Male
    Race: Demon
    Age: 156
    Position: Principle
    Powers/Abilities: Magic- Dark, light, elemental, etc.
    Bio: Aftekr going through school and finding how bad it was to be different, he decided to start 3 schools. Thus, the different schools were started. Although he is a demon, he was taught to be kind by his mother.


    "Another year in this crazy building." Rez chuckled, sitting back in his chair. "Oh I can' wait- I can tell this is going to be the best year yet."
    Two hours until school starts.
  3. Name: Chad Wayne Sugg
    Gender: Male
    Race:Fallen Angel/ Elf- The Elf half is immortal and grants Chad the power of healing and languages, but not of any other known elfin power. The fallen angel half is also immortal, but is a race I have created myself. They were never human, and their eyes glow with a certain color that is connected to their status. Since Chad is only half fallen angel, his eyes are a soft silver, luminescent instead of glowing- silver is the color for guardian angels. He has the ability of flight and his blood is a narcotic smoke, due to the stress on his body to keep him on the earth plane; his heart beats only one hundred times faster instead of one thousand times faster. All pureblood fallen angels have the ability to 'copy' anything they see, but not halfbloods. But all fallen angels are gifted in the use of weaponry.
    Appearance: Chad Some Nights.JPG
    Age: 26 (Actually, Chad's 126, but that's how he looks)
    Position: Security Guard for high school
    Powers/Abilities: Power of healing, language, flight, and weaponry.
    Bio:None- Memory loss from when he was 115.
  4. I've never done a group RP before but this is my ideal setting, so I'll give it a shot!

    Name: Edmond Brooksfield
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Age: 17
    Grade: Junior
    Powers/abilities: Shadow manipulation
    Bio: Edmond isn't too sure he likes this different school. His twin brother still goes to "normal kids" school and he really hates to be separated from him. Edmond is snarky, sarcastic, and really, really talkative. He's a relatively friendly guy, but he's more of a loner and his temper sometimes gets the better of him.
  5. Calliope, you're accpeted, and Elf, specify if you're secuity for Elementary, Middle, or Highschool on your first post.
  6. Sounds cool, I'd like to be a student. :3

    Name: Kelkov Aerio
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human, with some dark dragon blood from deep in his lineage.
    Appearance: Tall, dark, and handsome. Has dark brown hair, often a bit ruffled, that just reaches his chin and covers his pointed ears, the only visible sign of his mixed blood. Almost always wears a smirk that's just the slightest bit cocky. Dresses pretty snazzily, too; most of his outfits consist of suit jackets and dress pants.
    Age: 17
    Grade: 12th

    Powers/abilities: The dragonian side of him manifests in three ways when it comes to his abilities: he wields pretty strong dark magic, able to conjure and manipulate dark energy at a whim, and he has heightened senses of hearing and smell. (Not quite as strong as, say, a dog's, but still superhuman.) In addition, when he falls into particularly strong stress, anger, despair, etc., his form is forcibly shifted to that of a large dark dragon, and his power shoots off the charts. In this state, his mind turns feral, and he will attack whoever caused the shift in the first place without mercy. Though he's getting better at controlling it, he won't turn back to normal until he calms down.

    Bio: Kelkov has been enrolled at the School of the Different since elementary. His parents are the type to always keep an eye out for the latest news in the magical community, and as soon as they caught but a whiff of the school's existence, they moved closer to it and enrolled their son immediately. Since then, he's learned to be proud of his heritage, and any mishaps that stem from his powers are quickly controlled by the school's capable staff. It's made him quite comfortable with his life, and cooled his personality dramatically. However, the small sense of superiority he's developed has also made him into something of a very suave troll; getting under people's skin is something he very much enjoys.
  7. Name: Acacia Faladiir

    Gender: Female

    Race: Shadow Elf

    Appearance: Princess_Nuala_2_by_Kioko_Misaki.jpg

    Age: 17

    Grade: Junior

    Powers/Abilities: Acacia can manipulate shadows and use them as camouflage if she touches them.

    Bio: Acacia was sent to the school because her parents wanted to give her a chance at a seemingly normal life and career.


    Name: Constantana "Connie" Amanar

    Gender: Female

    Race: Kitsune- A humanoid race that has the features of a fox as well as mystical abilities. They are also known to be used as reproductive creatures as well.

    Appearance: Kitsune-anime-animal-girls-6629627-398-520.jpg

    Age: Connie is ninety years old, but she looks about twenty.

    Position: Vice Principal

    Powers/Abilities: Connie can teleport anywhere as long as she knows where she's going. She can also make things out of metal, and she can hypnotize others if she bites them. Lastly, Connie can conjure "fox fire" which is a blue fire that comes from the palm of her hand.

    Bio: Because of Connie's appearance, she was locked in the basement of her home. She escaped when she was nine and taught herself everything she could about anything. When she heard about Rez making a school for special students, Connie found Rez and helped him build up the school. She also works as Rez's secretary when he needs it.
  8. Moggle, You're accepted, and Tracker, Connie is accepted, but Acacia's image seems to be broken. If you can fix that, it'd be great, otherwise, both accepted. Welcome you two- or, three?

    Should probably add this:

    For staff, first come, first served.
  9. Much better :)
  10. Is the IC thread up or are you waiting for more people to join?
  11. Better. Accepted.
  12. Name: Hunter Night-fire
    Race: Vampire Meister. (basically a vampire that is capable of wielding demonic weapons filled with a demon soul
    Appearance: Dark colored hair. Some people believe it is black but actually it is a dark purple. His eyes are the same. He mostly wears dark leather clothing but sometimes can be seen wearing jeans and a white shirt with a black chinese dragon rising up from the right side of his waist to his left shoulder.
    Grade: He is a junior
    Powers/abilities: sword summoning. He summons a black sword in the shape of a katana, When he unsheathes it onside is a well crafted blade that is smooth and good for clean cuts but the other side is ripped away like a saw blade. Sword abilities include floating sword summoning which is called reapers summoning, A beam that is red. This ones called the punishment. He has a morphing ability to take shape of he demon that is in the sword. Its a flaming demon that is Being controlled by him. He is able to control the forms. He has two stages to it. The light weight and the heavy weight both of them could be described in the rp if he gets into a bad fight.
    Bio: A once human vampire. He was adopted into a family of pure bloods, He learned how to be a vampire and use his traits. He was also being taught how to use weapons. They were going to give him a life long friend they told him this. He was curious. He continued to practice and eventually they handed him a sword. He saw everything about it through his eyes. It turned into a black mist and seeped into his skin. He was confused. His parents just smiled at him explaining everything. At first he isn't know what to think. Later he was fine with it. But he could get irritable easy now. He got into some fights at a human school. He felt bad. Horrible for hurting humans like he did. A dark aura started to surround him. It was as if a live creature was following him, in his shadow. He named the sword Mochizuki. The flaming moon. He was sent to this new school this year. He didn't know what to expect.
  13. Please consider this guy ^^ He has many weaknesses besides the normal vampire weaknesses. :P He is a good guy very nice. He doesn't like to fight and wants to go to school and meet people and learn. He is very shy around girls swell. :P
  14. Name: Tensa Zangetsu

    Nicknames: Adding soon.

    Age: 17

    Grade: 12th

    Species: Demon

    Gender: Male

    Height: 6'0"

    Weight: 142 lbs.

    Hair: White

    Eye Color: Yellow, with Black sclera.


    Common Attire:

    Formal Attire: N/A

    Personality: Tensa is usually Arrogant, though he does have somewhat a gentle side. He is also rude, but strangely, he can be calm and composed.

    Element: Non-Elemental for now, since it's Pure Ki. (If it's a necessity, ask.) Though his Energy takes a black color with a crimson outline.

    Powers: Tensa can fire a potent energy wave from either his fingertips or his hand entirely. The blast is pure crimson in color. A standard energy blast, it consists of firing a powerful beam of concentrated spiritual energy at the target. He is able to also fire a version weaker than the predecessor, and, the attack is a bit swift, aiming to burn the target. It can be fired from any fingertip, Taking the form of a thin laser beam, or it takes form of a small blast. While the Blast version, explodes, to Spread the burn, the beam, is rather concentrated. Tensa wields what looks like an oversized Butcher's knife rather than a Katana. He has no tsuba and no hilt; what he holds is the cloth-wrapped tang. The sword is roughly the same length of the user. The tang can extend an retract at will. And the sword's name is Zangetsu. Also the Weapon itself is a power, as it's a specific weapon summoning. Tensa has a signature sword move known as Kuroi Getsuga Tenshou. At the instant of the slash, The user's blade absorbs his spiritual energy and releases highly condensed spiritual energy from the blade, magnifying the slash attack and then flies forward. This slash takes the form of a crescent moon or in the shape of a wave. The Kuroi Getsuga Tenshou is a powerful technique with great force, capable of causing large-scale damage and destruction, as it explodes on contact. Upon Impact it will explode, as it cause profusive bleeding. Can Manipulate his energy in the way of buffing, and can release a destructive aura. Is now trying to create a technique that involves fire, though it's not usable, as of date.

    Speed: Tensa Leg Speed is about an below average Speed. You know, Cloud Strife Slow. So, Despite having good reflexes, his leg speed is a big let down for him.

    Strength: Tensa is quite good in brute strength, The guy is wielding a freaking two handed sword with one hand! If I were you, Don't go near that guy and his sword. Mentally, he's still decent, but he's more remarkable physically.

    Bio: Basically, nothing is known as of yet, Besides Making a pact with a Sword spirit, in which he took his current name from, a few years ago.

    (Please Mail me for any tweaking needed.)
  15. Huntsman: Accepted.

    Tensa: Such.... Such a well-done application! Accepted!

    Now, either run to the gym, or pretend you were already there.
  16. Psst, Trackerofthenorth, I think you posted in the wrong thread with that last one. XD
  17. Mrs. Strydder. Female.

    Abilities: While outside of her own world, and the outside one as well, the only retainment of power is to project images and sense emotions, as well as a basic mastery over light energy, though she will never end up using it, due to her funny "issues" about light versus darkness imagry. With a sufficient amount of will and energy, it is possible to create some small objects, though due to their nature of densely packed energy, making two or more at a time or something larger than the palm of her hand would be greatly draining on her energy.

    Age: Aprox. 19. Looks older than she is sometimes.

    Credentials for applying for high school and general Councilor : Has spent the past two years working with relationships and people, atempting and usually succeeding on at least changing something within them.

    Has the horrible tendency to play matchmaker if left to her own devices.

    Basic Apperance: Appears to be a fairly average college student, though tends to wear jackets most days, and keeps two large wings pressed firmly to her back, which tend to be slightly sore from disuse and yells at anyone who touches them before feeling naucious. Long thin pointed ears extended and curving around the back of her skull slightly. Average height about, though thinks herself tall. Wears green cargo pants and a brown belt, as well as a white shirt mostly covered in green splotches, a blue rough diamond shape in the middle and a leaf with a thin curved vine underneath it in the relative center.

    Race: Elf, not a f*king angel.