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  1. Okay, I used to like the movie when I was a little kid. I remember it used to be my dad's movie.
    In my guitar class we've been watching the movie and now I can say I really do love it and it even inspires me to continue playing guitar.

    Who has watched the movie and what did/do you think of it?

    Fave song of the day!! xD
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  2. One of my favorite movies of all time! And it's got jack black!
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  3. You're not hardcore! Unless you live hardcore! But the legend of the rent is way hardcore!!
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  4. Best quote ever. XD
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  5. It's one the few favorites that my boyfriend and I share. Usually I'll love something and he'll either hate it or think it's average (or visa versa). This movie places itself in both of our top 10 films. We'll just start watching it randomly sometimes. At least once or twice a year, lol.
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  6. Rock got no reason! Rock got no rhyme! You better get me to school on time!
  7. I love that movie. O____O It's just an all around good happy fun movie!
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  8. I will never ever get tired of this movie. Especially because of this little shit:

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  9. I've always loved that movie. Funny, heartwarming, and the only way I ever got my sisters to listen to ACDC. XD

    And, @Fluffy, I completely agree! That kid - Billy, I believe - has some of the sassiest quotes, like some of his fashion advice:

    "You're gonna talk to me about style? You can't even dress yourself. Look at that bow tie!"

    Yep... he's definitely got endless sass.
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  10. Unpopular opinion time!

    I never really cared for the movie, although I'm curious why such an old movie is suddenly thrust back into consciousness.
  11. Read the first post. I said my my guitar teacher had us watch it recently so I decided to bring it up.
  12. I wondered why a guitar teacher would pick that movie of all things, then I remembered my music teacher forced my class to watch Yellow Submarine. That was an unpleasant experience lol.
  13. Stop being such a downer, Puddin' Pop
  14. Please tell me that's sarcasm ._.
  15. Well, I suppose it does have a lot to do with learning music, so it probably seemed fitting. And it looked like the students - or at least one of them - enjoyed it.

    Hey, now, we're all entiltled to an opinion.
  16. Hey, now, we're pals. He knows I'm playing with him. <3
  17. Ya never know... WHAT IF HE DOESN'T? O.O (Kidding!)
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  18. I love that movie. I can't even count how many times I've seen it throughout the years.

    Random fact: a musical version of it is being release on Broadway soon. I saw a preview of it on the news a few nights ago. (And was mildly horrified. ALW wrote the score for it. The whole thing just seems like a bad idea.)
  19. It's Jack Black at his best, which is in itself equivalent to saying it's fucking awesome. He's yet another in the long list of people whose stuff is either brilliant (SoR, Tenacious D) or an absolute abomination (Year One, King Kong.)

    I think I'm gonna go watch it again this week, actually. :3
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