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  1. The School of Music
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Welcome new students and returning students alike! We are excited to announce that this year's Orchestra is accepting new members, so if you're interested, please sign up by contacting the Orchestra Student Representative Lark Hyperion. Also; p[/BCOLOR]lease be sure to check in with Registration for your class schedule before reporting to your first class of the year.

    [BCOLOR=transparent]We look forward to having you![/BCOLOR]
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  2. [BCOLOR=#000000]Myuka took a deep breath of the fresh air that surrounded the beautiful landscape of the campus. She saw many people; returners that she recognized from last year as well as a few new faces that looked a little lost. She remembered her freshman year, when she didn't know what to do first and where to go, it brought back some fun memories. She smiled, knowing where she needed to go first to start off her third year at the School of Music.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000] [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]With her instrument in a soft case that laid across her back, she had one hand on the strap that went across her chest and the other hand in her pocket. Her long black hair flew slightly behind her, lifted by the slight but pleasant breeze that seemed to surround the campus. Her mysterious eyes scanned all the people around campus; her eyes were always a question to people she met. The beautiful look of her eyes could either be describe as a dark charcoal gray or a light mystic smokey color depending on how the light caught her eyes during that time. [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000] [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]She made it to her destination, the office buildings that held her third year schedule. She was really hoping she would be enrolled in all the classes she applied for last year. Slightly nervous, she gave the staff member her name, watching the lady skim through some papers before pulling one out and handing it to Myuka. Myuka quickly scanned the schedule to see as follows:[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000] [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Period 1: Want to be bilingual?[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Period 2: Language Courses (Japanese)[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Period 3: Gymnastics[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Period 4: Musical Arts and History[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Period 5: Talent Tutoring[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000] [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Myuka couldn't have been more excited! Her schedule was perfect! She was very excited to see Talent Tutoring this year, that was probably the class she was most excited for! As she left the building she noticed a flyer on the side, recruitment. [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000] [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Though this time it wasn't about any of the sororities or fraternities on campus, this time it was for orchestra. A beautiful but competitive smile grew on Myuka's face after reading the flyer. She knew that orchestras generally only had two or three trumpet players depending on the requirements of the music; a very competitive field for trumpet players around the school. "Well, better get practicing." Myuka muttered to herself, feeling the adrenaline of competition flow through her blood stream.[/BCOLOR]
  3. Gracie smiled big showing her pearly whites to any passerby looking her way. She was back, she had a reason to dress nice, and put on make up, and curl her fairly short hair, in that shaggy, Betty Boop style she's had since she was 17. Sure she did it during the summer but now she had a reason to. Grace loves school not for the classes or the work but it was the best place to socialize and find friends. She walked with a rather large bounce in her step, towards the office buildings. They were filled with complaining freshman and she was glad she grew out of that phase. Although the line for returning students wasn't much of an improvement. With a big sigh Grace waited in line... and waited... and waited, After half an hour she was finally at the front of the line where she collected her schedule for the year.
    Music arts and history
    Talent tutoring
    Art and design

    She walked out of the offices to a near by bulletin board. In the next week it would be full of 'tutors wanted' posters or 'Join the dance commity' flyers. Grace practically got chills, not making those mistakes again. But she did rip tags off of the Snack club and Sports Fan club flyers, She placed them in her pocket and walked off to the fraternity fair. (Sorry I don't know if we're having one, is she just suposed to go to the fraternaty house or...)
  4. "Would you find that one you're dreamin' of? Swear up and down to God above. That you finally fall in love. If today was your last day," Nickelback's 'If Today Was Your Last Day' could be heard by anyone who had walked past the blonde girl as she hummed along to the music. The girl stopped suddenly, frowning as the song drew to the close. She knew it was the end of the playlist too and drew out her MP4. "No. Nononononononono! This isn't fair you piece of crap you can't dye on me now I only just changed the batteries!" Atalyah cried out, only just able to refrain from throwing the machine, headphones and all, to the ground in annoyance. "Ah, you're so mean! What did I ever do to you, hunh? Well, there was that one time I did throw you in the pool... But you were asking for it!" The blonde paused for a moment, then quickly pushed the MP4 back into her pocket. "I really need to stop talking to inanimate objects."

    Giggling, she pulled her bag off of her back and knelt down, starting to dig through it. "I should have some more in here.... Haha! I knew it! God I hope these aren't dead," Atalyah muttered, changing the batteries and standing again, only to topple her bag and send her pens flying out. "Oh for Pete's sake!" she huffed, kneeling down and gathering her thing, then shoving them back into her bag. "Kay? That it? No more being miss Clumsy Ass?" Ata asked herself before standing and swinging her bag over her shoulder. "What next? Machine Head? Cool. Ah, no Metallica! Metallica! Is the best!" she sang, pulling the headphones back over her ears and heading towards the main office.

    Finally reaching the front entrance of the building, she turned, noticing a feathered friend out of the corner of her eyes. "Birdie!" she cried out. "Hello there! Aren't you so pretty, with so many colours. Hold still, Imma take a picture!" Atalyah chirped, taking her MP4 and snapping a picture. :Okay, I gotta go. Bye-bye, new friend," and with that, the blonde walked into the front office and skipped to the front desk and waiting in the extremely long line. Well to her, it didn't seem long, mainly thanks to the fact that she was paying so much attention to the music that she didn't realise when it was her turn to go up.

    "Ah, sorry!" she murmured, walking to the front and taking her schedule. "Lets see."
    - Musical arts
    - Tech science
    - Chemistry science
    - Astronomy science
    - Mathematics.
    "Awesome!" Atalyah grinned, turning and walking out. "This is going to be super awesome!"
  5. Alex grinned to himself as he wondered around campus. It felt great to be back and even though home was great with his family and all, he always felt better coming here and seeing his old friends. He shifted his bag into a more comfortable position, not being too rough with it as it held his sheet music. He wondered over to the line that was now forming outside the admission office and so he got to the back. He wasn't that pressed for time so he just enjoyed being outside on a day that was beautiful. He could hear the freshman complaining about stupid things so he let out a small chuckle, remembering that he was once just like that. Soon, he arrived at the front of the line and got his schedule:
    -Musical Arts and History
    -Talent Tutoring
    He grinned and mentally cheered. He had gotten all the classes that he had wanted. He placed the schedule in his pocket and decided to wonder around for a bit.
  6. "Gambatte Akira!""Hai hai,arigatou okaa-san.Jaa"* Melody put her phone in her shorts pocket and slung on the strap of the case that contained her bass.She just got back from her vacation in Japan and her parents told her to call right when she gets to the school.She looked around campus,scanning through the crowd.She gave a small wave to some familiar faces,then some small glances at the new faces.Some greeted her as she passed by,but most just stared.She got a bit used to the stares from last year,the people who felt too intimidated to approach her.

    Melody walked straight over to the building and waited in line to get her schedule.The line was long,but somehow she managed to get to the front.She walked over to a nearby bench and took a seat before looking down at her paper:

    -Musical Arts and History
    -Art and Design
    -Talent Tutoring

    "Hm...well this schedule is better from last year" she mumbled.She looked up at the main clock of the school."...I guess I came a bit early.." She pulled out her sketch pad from her bag and started to sketch...something.

    *Translation: "Good luck Akira!""Yes yes,thank you mom.Bye"
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  7. Jax parked his car into the parking lot of the college, He takes the keys out of the ignition and locks the car after closing the door behind him. He had his two bags on his bag and another rolling on the side walk. He stopped in place and stared at the school in front of him. Jax smiled seeing people walking through the grass. "This is amazing." He walked to the doors waving to the other students. Once he finds the doors, He stares at the ground and takes a deep breath. He touches the handle and pulls the door open. He walks through the doorway and the door closes behind him.

    Jax stands in the office, He sees a girl at a desk and stands on the other side. "Um, Uh Hi i'm uh Jax Roberts" The woman hands him a paper and he takes the paper out of her hand "Uh thank you" Jax was a really shy so stuttered guy."Nice classes"
    Period 1:Talent Tutoring
    Period 2:Mathematics
    Period 3:Grammar, Diction and Literature
    Period 4:Music Arts and History
    Period 5:Theater
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  8. Jeremy felt awkward. He was was standing in line with the rest of the freshman, but it was pretty obvious that he was older than them. He felt some stares from behind and could hear some of the students whispering about 'the old guy' in line. He shook his head trying to ignore their comments. Placing his hand on the long case by his side reassured him. What did he have to be worried about? College was not a new thing for him, and he would settle in quickly once classes started. And those other freshman, they would soon realize he would be a great friend and sort of older brother to have around.


    Jeremy looked up at the woman at the table. He had been lost in thought and reached the front of the line. "Park JungWon. Oh I mean JungWon Park, sorry." He had accidentally given his name in traditional Korean format, but the lady quickly found his schedule and handed it to him. He offered her a quick bow and thank you before heading off to explore campus a bit. The posters for the Computer Enthusiasts and the Video Game BrotherSisterhood caught his eye, so he pulled a slip off with information about meeting times. He figured he would make some flyers of his own once classes started to tutor other students in math and science. As he walked he heard sounds coming the quad by the Sorority and Fraternity houses. "Looks like they are having a fair for new members, I should check it out."
  9. Being one of the "oldies" to enter freshman year did not bother the brunette at all. As someone who loves to study, she has always believed that it is never too late to learn new things. This was not her first time to enter college at all but her second, with the first one being a course she finished on Environmental Science. Laida always had this thing for Science and Arts as she found both to be equally beautiful and this today would be the time to fulfill her musical dreams. Wearing an ordinary black sweater, a scarf, jeans, and black sneakers, this girl looked liked she just stepped out from the winter season. Who could blame her anyway? With her sun-kissed skin and chocolate brown eyes, she definitely looked like someone who resided near the equator. Despite the fact the she wore more fabric than most of the students here, the young woman definitely enjoyed the climate. It was nice stepping out from the everyday 38ºC for once which was roughly about a 100ºF.. But then again, she knew she would come to miss the blazing warmth of her home soon.

    As Laida patiently waited for her turn in line for the schedule, she took this as an opportunity to glance around. Young people from all over the world came to study here and she was never surprised on why. This school was for the gifted - either in the arts or in magic or both. Laida knew she was recommended by her parents to study here to sharpen her magical abilities, but she chose a different route. Talent Tutoring was not on her list as she never planned on working on that part.. She was only in for the music.

    After all, who would want to see a girl summon rain whenever she sings? That is a downright literal insult to her part. Laida could only scoff at the thought, blowing her bangs away from her eyes along the line. With a black soft case housing her Kudyapi strapped across her back, she quietly made her way to the front of the line. From afar, it was quite difficult to determine what kind of instrument she was carrying.. The soft case that molded the body of the instrument was too narrow for it to be a guitar, too thick to be a Chapman Stick, too long to be a Violin, and had a neck that was too curved to be a Banjo. It was if she was carrying a bow of some sort.

    "Your name please?" A voice caught her attention to which she responded politely. Of course, she did not forget to put on her signature gentle smile.
    "Good morning. It's Laida Kantadya, miss."

    Walking away and looking down to read her schedule, she was pleased to see that everything was in order:
    - Drama and Theater
    - Musical Arts and History
    - Want to be Bilingual?
    - Tech
    - Archery

    Deep down, she sort of regretted not taking Talent Tutoring..
    But hey, no turning back, right? All she needs right now is work on getting into a band and that alone would make her happy.
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  10. With an inaudible sigh, Sazael closed her phone. Just before she did, the yells of her parents could be heard by anyone near her. Their constant lecturing and nagging about her will to pursue music had become tiresome to her over the years, yet she still managed to enroll in a music school. Hopefully, it would help to further her career. Of course, this was her first year here, so she was a bit nervous. If not for her parents, she'd have come here right after graduating high school.

    The silver hard case on her back was strapped to her like a backpack. The neck of the case was well above her head and when set beside her, it was as tall as she was. Inside of it was her white cello. Her life revolved around this cello. From others perspective, it appeared as if the instrument was too large or heavy for her, but even if it was, she didn't mind as long as she got to play.

    She stood beside a few other Freshmen, which made her feel a bit out of place since most of them were noticeably younger than her. But due to her height, she seemed to fit well with the younger people. The gaze of her red eyes stayed lowered, examining each individuals hands. Some had very slender and long fingers, which appealed to her, while others had shorter fingers. Every so often, there'd be a pair of hands she had the urge to reach out and study closer, but she held back. While being completely absorbed in observing hands, a womans voice interrupted her.

    "Name, please?"

    "Sazael Sekretzky," she answered in a monotone voice. Her expression remained unchanging as she looked over the paper handed to her, which was her schedule.

    -Art and Design
    -Musical Arts and History
  11. Milly took in a deep breath as she stepped out of her father's car, her nervousness being the only reason she was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed that morning. The ride to the university had been long and filled with many questions from her parents. What was she going to study? Would it be more helpful than her last college run? She would get a part-time job this time, right? Every single question had been met with a casual 'I don't know.' For it was true, Milly had no idea what she wanted to do with her life, and the near future was no exception. Unloading the bags from the trunk, her father gave her a quick hug, as did her mother. "Learn something this time, got it?" Milly lightly laughed at her father's joke, but it didn't make the pit in her stomach go away. With her duffle bag slung on her left shoulder, a large rolling suitcase in her left hand, and her French Horn in the right, Milly slowly made her way to the building that looked to have the registration area. A girl in a black sweater passed by, and Milly smiled to herself. Finally! It's good to see that other people think this kind of weather can feel nippy. Milly followed behind the brunette, but stopped for a moment when she noticed an odd girl talking with a bird and taking its picture. And I thought I was weird... Milly continued forward, almost bumping into a blonde-haired boy with luggage of his own who was standing in front of the doors. He seemed to be relishing the moment of opening the doors, and Milly couldn't help but cock an eyebrow. Wow...this guy must really like it here...should I take this as a good sign? Or should I be worried...

    Finally entering the building and getting into the freshman line, Milly shuffled her feet as she stood amongst all the strangers. Her eyes wandered a little, and they eventually rested on a blonde-haired girl nearby with what looked to be a cello on her back. The girl's red eyes seemed to be scanning Milly's hands, and Milly instinctively shoved them into her pants pockets. Strangers were bad enough, but having one analyzing her hands was definitely unsettling to the young woman. Ahead of her, a tall young man reached the counter and Milly let loose a sigh of relief. Oh thank goodness. I won't be the only geezer freshman at this college it seems. Though being so shrimpy should help fool people into thinking I'm young...I'll just make sure not to let my real age slip. Feeling a bit more relieved than she had a few moments ago, Milly reached the counter and gave her name. "Milly Orvelle." The lady flipped through the papers before producing the one for Milly. "Thank you very much." Milly gave a nod of her head in thanks before leaving the line and finding a secluded corner. Once out of the way, Milly looked at the sheet:

    -Drama and Theater​
    -Grammar, Diction, and Literature​
    -Musical arts and History​

    An audible groan left Milly's throat as she read her first class. Tennis?! So early in the morning?! Nooooooot coooooooooool. Mornings are evil...and cold...and early. Shrugging in resignation, Milly opened a pouch on her duffle bag and folded the schedule before slipping it in. Noticing a girl on a nearby bench with a sketchbook, Milly perked at the sight. Milly loved drawing, though she had no talent for it herself. She dearly wanted to say something, to ask to see the girl's doodles, but the fear of coming off creepy caused Milly to give up that thought. Instead, she noticed a girl with shaggy hair looking at a bulletin board. After the girl had pulled tags off two sheets and left, Milly slowly approached the board herself. She quietly scanned the papers, wondering which club the girl had chosen. What ended up catching Milly's eye was the Video Game BrotherSisterhood. Pulling one of the few remaining tags from the sheet, Milly smiled to herself. Awesome! And it's about time that they acknowledge that girls can like video games too.

    More movement caught Milly's attention as she turned to see a girl with a trumpet in tow leaving the building. Without thinking through her actions, Milly found herself following the trumpeter. Maybe it was a female brass bond she felt, or maybe it was just because Milly was completely lost and found it easier to follow. Either way, the black-haired girl ended up leading Milly to a flyer that mentioned an orchestra group. Milly's eyes brightened as she lightly placed her French Horn down to find a pencil. Finally finding one, she pulled out her school schedule and jotted down the name listed on the sheet.

    Suddenly, Milly's whole body jumped. "Oh crap!" She had forget that she needed to seek out her living arrangements for the year. Due to a mishap during the trip, Milly had missed orientation yesterday, which left her with little time to drop off her possessions and get to class. She was told it would be Novem Septum, and though Milly wasn't thrilled that the school forced the students to either live off campus or be tagged into a social group, she was at least glad that Novem Septum was the one she'd been placed in. Milly half walked, half jogged down the sidewalk, and accidentally bump into a guy with honey hair who looked to be randomly wandering the campus. Milly, not having enough time to properly stop to apologize, turned her head slightly back as she continued to walk. "S...sorry." She made a mental note to be more apologetic if she should ever meet that boy again, which seemed unlikely.

    Reaching the building, she found someone to assist her, and she was lead to her dorm room for the year. After thanking the lady and receiving her key, Milly rushed into the room. Not even noticing if she had a roommate or not, Milly lightly tossed her belongings on the ground and quickly dug through them in search of her racket and tennis apparel. She changed into a white skirt with shorts underneath and a black tank top. Grabbing a zip-up hoodie, Milly placed her room key within one of its pockets and rushed out of the housing towards her first class.
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  12. "Thanks, Ricks."
    "Ei, what are buds for, right?"

    Arriving in front of the university gates was a silver SUV, owned by a tan, muscular man with blue-dyed hair, tatted-up arms and huge sunglasses. He leaned and poked his head out the window, cigarette on his mouth, and threw a small box at the younger, black-haired lad who was swiftly making his way toward the university. The younger one - clad in smart casual clothing, caught the box and gave his friend a grossed out look.

    "How many times do I have to remind you, I don't smoke!" Tossing the box to the owner, the young lad was caught in a surprise when it was being tossed back at him. "It's bad luck to give them back to me. They're not cigarettes." The one who was referred to as Ricks, winked at the black-haired lad. Looking at the box and reading the label, Johnny's cheeks flushed in a deep shade of red. He was about to say something, but it was too late. His friend had already driven off, giving him a few more reminders along the way.

    "Keep it in your wallet! Let me know when you get some action! Have fuuuun!"

    Johnny stared, wide eyed and mouth slightly open. Sod you, Ricks. He thought to himself. He did not go to college to bone along that's for sure, but he still kept the box and hid it in the deepest part of his backpack.. For uh.. Good luck..

    Remembering now what he was here for, Johnny rushed inside the campus and queued up on the freshman line to get his schedule. First up was Drama and Theater, followed up by Musical Arts and History, Art and Design, Biology, and Soccer. He really didn't mind the time slot as he was used to adjusting for anything, but he made an effort to look around so he could ask about the clubs. He didn't find a desk for it at the moment, but his eyes caught sight of a bulletin board that had brochures pinned to it. Making his way towards the area, he caught sight of a girl checking out two clubs and keeping a few tags for herself and it got him curious somehow. Looking at where she used to have her hands at, his reddish-brown eyes gleamed in interest.

    "Snack Club?" He mused to himself as he rubbed his tummy that was now craving for something to eat. Oh, he's definitely in with that. Taking a brochure was the next thing he did, as well as taking a free map of the campus. Now rolling up his white sleeves as he walked around the campus, he read his watch to see if he still had some time to relax. He still had forty-five minutes, which is a good enough time for him to sit down and study the map.

    It was then as if Lady Luck heard his thoughts and his eyes rested on a nearby bench with one female occupant, scribbling away on her sketchbook. It made him think if she took Arts and Design as well.. Johnny mustered up the confidence to walk up to her.

    "Excuse me.. Good morning. Is this space occupied?" He politely asked the Japanese girl (or so he assumed due to her looks), as he tried to suppress the accent that leaked through his words.

  13. Melody's pencil glided over the surface of her sketchbook's paper as she lightly sketched out the current sight everywhere on campus:students in line walking everywhere,chattering with one another.Some expressions were of glee,and some were just lost and confused.She would make quick glances over her sketchbook,then back at her paper,capturing every detail she can.It was hard to sketch out the exact details when everyone was moving around everywhere.

    Whenever Melody drew something,or rather when Melody becomes very focused in general,it seemed like she gets brought to a completely different world.Everything around her wouldn't matter as much,and she would maintain her focus until she becomes satisfied,which usually takes a while.

    The noise that surrounded her had already faded into the background the moment her pencil touched her paper,but a very nearby voice brought her back to reality.

    "Excuse me.. Good morning. Is this space occupied?"

    Huh? Melody paused and looked up to the source of the voice.She stared at the black-haired boy that stood in front of her for a moment.Usually she would end up being a bit cold in situations like this,not even making eye contact with whoever was asking her about things,but seeing the unfamiliar face made her do otherwise.

    She shook her head and gave him a light smile."Mh,nobody's sitting here except for me" Looking back down at her sketchbook she added,"Feel free to take a seat if you wish" Melody watched the boy at the corner of her eye and became silent.After a little while she spoke up."..I don't recall seeing you around campus last year.Is there by any chance that you're a Freshman,maybe?" She wasn't the type to usually start conversations,but stepping up at times would really benefit her..

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  14. Johnny smiled and nodded his silent thanks as he sat beside her before resting his bag on his lap. Rummaging through his items - and making sure that the tiny box his knobhead of a friend gave him couldn't be seen, he took out a red pen and scribbled exes and notes on the map he obtained from earlier. If he were to study in this university for a while, he should know about the shortcuts or at least familiarize himself with the campus. He does have the tendency to easily get lost after all.

    Hearing the girl speak once more, he turned his head to look at her, now only noticing what she was sketching. It was a rather nice picture.. How impressive. Not to mention the fact that she noticed he was a freshman impressed him a bit more.

    "How sensitively insightful of you to notice.." He said softly, lips forming a small, amused smirk. "Indeed I am," Offering a hand, the black-haired lad decided to finally introduce himself. "Johnny Caelan. 'Tis a pleasure to meet you." With his eyes turning to the girl's sketchpad, he nodded at it.
    "That is a very beautiful illustration you have there by the way! You're pretty good!"

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  15. "Johnny" Melody repeated,quickly glancing down at his open hand and then back to the boy.She put her pencil down on the sketch pad and reached out for Johnny's hand,giving it a light squeeze and shook it."It's nice to meet you too.Melody Tachibana.Welcome to the school!" She gave him another smile as she said so.It felt somewhat weird for her to smile twice in a row since she didn't recall doing that often,but her parents did tell her to be more 'welcoming' this year..whatever they meant by that.Noticing him nod,she followed his gaze and saw what he was looking at.

    The boy's compliment about her sketch made Melody lightly blush.She was never good at handling any type of compliments and it usually just ends up embarrassing her."A-ah,um,thank you" she stammered,pulling away from the handshake and looking down at her sketch in an attempt to hide behind her hair."Drawing has been a little side hobby of mine for a long time now so,um,yeah.Ehee.."

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  16. Florence glided into the parking lot in her Valliant the old tires screeched as she parked and put the car in park she composed her flustered face and put her lyrics into her handbag before exiting the car and getting out her two suitcases and Cello. She made her way to a large administration building and sighed as she waited in line her long hazel hair flowed behind her she had tried to keep it in line by tying it with a bow but already it was starting to fall out like usual. She looked ahead and sighed and rolled her eyes a by at the counter was taking sooooo long and everyone was beginning to get impatient Florence just stuck her hand into her hand bag and drew out her lyrics and a pencil and started working on them again her hand flowingly easily from one side of the paper to the next she had just broken up with her boyfriend the weekend before and was still very emotional but she expressed it through her music not her tears.

    Finally she got to the front of the line and walked up to the surly looking woman at the desk "Name," the woman asked "Florence May Cemola," the woman slipped her a piece of paper and waved her away florence rolled her eyes and walked away before slouching onto a wall and reading her schedule

    Musical Arts and History
    Talent Tutoring
    Art and Design
    Grammar, Diction and Literature
    Florence Eyes widened she had asked for all these classes and was escatic that she was able to attend all of them she had also gotten into all the extracurricular classes that she had asked for. Florence stumbled towards a sorority house with the letters NV on its roof she smiled snd knocked on the door waiting for a sister to open it.
  17. Grace opened the door for Flo, she was a student from last year, a year younger than Grace. "Hey how you doin'." Gracie said with her brooklyn accent and a bubbly smile. Flo was a Novem Septem sister. "Do you have ya room yet?"
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  18. Atalyah hummed softly, pulling her headphones back over her head and onto her ears. She started towards, well, somewhere. Quite frankly, she had no clue where she was in the school and had only wish ed she had time before she came to have printed off a campus map. Sighing to herself, she changed the song to one with a different mood. She began singing along to an Irish song called Teir Abhaile Riu. "Look how the light of the town the lights of the town are shining now, tonight I'll be dancing around, I'm off on the road to Galway now, look how she's off on the town she's off on a search for sailors though, There's fine fellas here to be found she's never been one to stay at home~"

  19. Flo smiled thankfully at Grace thankfully and rolled her bag inside "I'm good I went to play in New York over the summer," she said checking the room rooster "Oh my names not on here," she said curiously turning to face grace.
  20. "I think this year we choose rooms, but top floor is exclusive for the house council or whateva." Gracie said with her slightly nasal voice. Grace moved back leaving space for Flo. "I got a room second floor, it's got a nice view of the field. I bet I can see the soccer team practice." Grace added going up the stairs and pausing waiting for Flo to follow.
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