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    • The School of Life is a very special school. It takes in all sorts of kids from orphans sent there because they are too difficult to place, kids who've been kicked out of other schools for various reasons, last chance kids who chose this over reform school or juvie, and even some kids sent there by parents who think they need a kick in the pants.
      The schools philosophy is different than most schools. There are high expectations, but the adults don't get involved a lot. Adults simply supervise and teach. If there is a need for adult intervention like a fight breaks out or there is an emergency than adults will step in and help, but other than that they prefer for the kids to hand themselves.
      The students are expected to keep their grades up, keep their personal spaces orderly, help and support other students, and lastly the students are expected to work at various places on the school grounds. At the end of each month students are paid based on their performance. If you slacked you will get less than those who worked hard. To teach responsibility older students are assigned to newer and younger students to help them.
      The goal of the school is to raise adults who can go out into the real world and know how to work and be responsible citizens without feeding off the system. When children are released at 18 they are given all their savings from living in the school and recomendation letters from the adults they worked with.

      The school located near the Mississippi near the Pearl River. The nearest town, Florence, is about 20 miles away. The school has a small crop and animal farm.
      When you drive down the long private road you will pass a field with animals on your right and crops on your left. You will first come to a small parking lot and a large stone building that is the school house and in-processing center.
      Behind the school is a network of dirt paths that go to various locations on the campus.
      Go to the left and you'll be led to a barn with a chicken coop on the wall facing the field where the animals are during the day.
      Go to the right and you'll find another barn with farming equipment and even further on, near the river, you'll find a greenhouse. The field stretch out the way you entered though they aren't very big.
      If you keep going straight you'll come to another fork in the road. This time if you go the right you'll get to a stone path and a small grouping of building. These are the workshops where kids learn mechanics, carpentry, and other skills.
      If you go the left at the second fork you'll come to town sqaure type place of dirt. On the left are two large stone houses and on the right are two stone houses. Straight in front is a small stone house that almost backs up the river. These are the dorms.

      HOUSING INFO: Each large stone house is a dorm building and is able to house up to 24 children. It has a kitchen, a rec room, a laundry room, and 6 rooms that hold 4 children each. All 6 bedrooms are on the second floor along with 2 bathrooms.
      The smaller stone house is for the over-night adult staff.

      Every Sunday night if you to the edge of the school property down on the river banks you'll see a small group of young adults and students. Here is where kids can get cigarettes, alcohol, and whatever they aren't allowed to buy. The ring is run by some young adults in town who don't feel they earn enough at their own jobs or have no jobs. Staff does not currently know about, a downside to low supervision, and not even all the students know about it.

    • RULES:
      ~Posts & Language & Literacy~
      Please Try To Limit The Cussing.
      Keep all OOC to this thread. No RPing takes place here, only OOC and forms are here.
      I prefer at least a small paragraph per character, but 2+ lines at the very least please...
      Try To Have Proper Spelling...I know spelling is hard for some people(Like me), but use google and the built in spellcheck. (I accept both British and American spellings don't worry I'm not a jerk. :-P)
      Do not make this into a 1x1 and go pages with one other RPer and ignore everyone else. If you've gone three times back and forth with out anyone else posting pause and wait for for another person to get on.

      You Can Have As Many Characters As You Want, But Please Keep Genders Even {No Twenty Girls And One Guy}
      Please Keep All Of Your Characters Active... I Understand It Can Be Hard Sometimes, But Post For All Of Them At Least Once Every Three Pages.
      You May NOT Use Anime Or Cartoons For This RP, All Images Should Be Of Real People {Or Animals}
      Romance is fine however both players must be willing and any hokey pokey must fade to black. Nothing more than light kissing and like hand holding.
      No Mary-Sues, Gary-Sues, Or God-Modding. Powerplaying should not be an issue since there are, simply put, no powers, but there is none of that either.

      I expect you to read the rules and basically understand everything. If you have a question please ask
      :3. If you have read this write your characters favorite color somewhere in the form.

      Wait To Be Accepted By Me or a Co-GM(@Icystorm) Before RPing.
      No Power-Playing, Mary-Sues, Gary-Sues, Or God-Modding.
      You May NOT Be Your Own Crush, Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Fiancé/Fiancée, Or Spouse {Mates For Animals may have both sides played by the same user}.
      No transgender because it's too confusing for me to display and makes things way complicated for housing placement and stuff.
      Don't Ignore Someone, And If A Recap Or Repost Is Asked For Be Friendly And Kind And Try To Give It To The Person. Nobody likes a jerk! Be nice people.

      ~Have Fun!~
      The Most Important Rule Of All... If You Don't Have Fun, Then There's No Point To The RP. Keep The Drama And Romance And Action Coming. But Beware, I Will Add More Rules If I Need To
      Rules Credit: @~Happily.Ever.After~

      ~Interested? Questions?~
      If you are interested or have questions please head over to the Sign Up thread. (Link is in the Other Threads tab.)
      This thread if for the story only please do not make OOC posts here.

      Students are split into houses by gender. The school believes that mixing ages promotes responsibility, however rooms are splits by age. Ages 12-14 are in the same rooms and ages 15-18 are in the same rooms.
      When students first arrive they are provided with clothes if needed, hygiene supplies, bedding, and school supplies. However after the initial supplying they are supposed to provide and pay for their own with the money provided.
      Students have schools 5 days a week and there is work 6 days a week. Sunday is considered a free day and students can go to religious services or just relax. Every night, if s student manages his time right, there is free time to relax and write to family.
      Homework handed out is minimal because the school believes is more detrimental than helpful. Mostly homework given out is reading or papers.
      Students' schedules are not forced upon them. If you choose to not show up for school or work you lose pay.
      The only required show up is every morning at 6:00 Am and every evening at 9:30 PM an adult staff members takes roll call at each house. Other than that the adults stay out of the kids schedules.
      Twice a month there is a trip to town for kids to pick up hygiene supplies and whatever they needs. It is scheduled by house and not everyone can go every time. One month the girl houses will go and the next the boys will go.
      Students are released either when they turn 18 or when they graduate high school.
      Students earn anywhere from 0$-80$ a month.

      Students are allowed to contact their family and friends however they are not allowed personal electronics(Like laptops and phones) because the school believes it is distracting from the purpose and teaching kids how to handle life.
      Students are encouraged to write home whenever they want and every night they are allowed to call home.
      Calling home is considered a privilege not a right. After work everyday students are given a token that is worth 10, 15, or 20 minutes of phone time. Students who have no one to call either choose to get earn a chip or they give, trade/barter, and sell their chips to other students. (While this behavior is frowned up on by the staff they will not stop it unless it becomes a problem. EX: if students ask for sexual favors in trade of phone tokens or the trade involves something illegal)
      Each house has a phone room on the first floor that has a desktop pay phone and an egg timer in it. Students time starts as soon as they dial the number they are calling which can only be done after the token is inserted. The egg timer is in case a student wants to keep track of his time during the conversation.
      Chips do not bank time. If you use a 15 minute toke, but only talk for 10 minutes you do not get time back.
      Most houses have a rule that no one may hang out near the phone room while someone is in it even if that person is waiting in line. How that rule is enforced depends on the Head Kid.
      Every night the head kid goes in and uses a key to unlock the phone. Then s/he takes all the tokens in the phone to the adult house and turns them in so they can be re-used.

      Family and friends are allowed to visit during Open House.

      If a student takes prescription medication they are in charge of taking them and are not reminded by staff. Whenever they need a refill they are taken to get one.
      Any and all check ups needed are done by a doctor that takes the insurance the school uses.
      The school covers most medical bills however if a student gets injured doing some stupid like attempting par-cour when they shouldn't, fighting, etc they are expected to pay a certain percentage of the bill decided upon by the head of school.
      Adult staff(General Supervisors) perform random 'pill checks' to ensure students are not abusing and selling prescription medications. While they want kids to have freedom to choose they also do not want to risk being shut down or a lawsuit because students abused prescription medications.

      School day goes from 8 AM- Midday and then after that students do work/vocational training until 6:00 PM.

      Schooling is Mon-Fri

      Work is everyday(But on weekends it can get done faster because there is no school)

      Work Supervisors pay students on the last work day of every month. (Students may choose to take the money in cash or put it in a savings account under their name that the school 'oversees' where they can earn interest. )


      House Chores:
      Cooking- Providing Breakfast and Dinner for the house.
      Cleaning- Bathrooms
      Cleaning- Rec room
      *Keeping personal spaces clean(Room, locker. The four people in the room are in charge of making sure lockers are neat, beds are relatively neat, and the room isn't a cluttered mess.)
      *Laundry(Done by room. i.e. Room 2 does their own laundry and Room 1 does their own laundry.)
      Head Of House- The house holds a mini election as to who they want to be Head Kid(And then the head Kid's term would last 3 months so the elections would be quarterly). This job is only up for 17-18 year olds.

      *These chores are done by room and cannot be considered full house chores

      School Chores(in Building):
      Cafeteria- Provide lunch for school, makes food items to sell at the schools open house
      Janitorial- Keeps school building clean, can do basic plumbing and electrician work
      Library- Run library including stocking shelves, making sure books get put back, and checking out and in books.
      Teacher's Assistant- Helps teachers in lower classrooms

      School Chores(out of Building):
      Farming(Animals)- Keeps animals, grooms animals, collects eggs and milks, cleans animals stall.
      Farming(Crops)- Works in green house and fields, does basic repairs to farming equipment
      Workshop- Works in carpentry, mechanics, and sewing to make toys and other items to sell at the open house

      How Chores Are Assigned:
      School- School chores change every month. At the end of the month a chores sheet is posted in the school and with a certain amount of spots per job. The earlier you are there the more choices you get.

      House- The Head Kid assigns chores in the house(So the rotation is varied depending on whose in charge)
      Room- Roommates decide together who does the laundry and who tidies what in the room.

      School starts at 8:00AM and ends at 12:00 PM. After lunch works goes on until 6:00 PM, sometimes later if needed.
      The building is two stories. The second floor grades 7th-9th. The first floor is grades 10th-12th.
      There is no PE class because the work is considered enough physical education. However there are Health Classes.

      - Book club
      - Art club
      (The art clubs sells items they make at the Open House to get money for purchasing supplies)
      - Study club
      - Choir Club
      -Theater Club
      - Language club
      (different foreign languages)
      - Future Planning Club (Goes above and beyond the normal classes to assist kids in applying for college, enlisting, and other things that would help kids plan for the future that aren't covered in normal classes)

      - *Sports club (intramurals mostly between houses, but there are some co-ed teams)
      Soccer(Split by house)
      Rugby(Split by age and house)
      Basketball(Split by age and house)
      Swim(In the river split just by age, Co-Ed)
      Capture the Flag(Co-Ed)

      (Clubs credit to @~Happily.Ever.After~)

      Teachers must be at least 21 years old. Over night teachers are expected to bring their own clothes, hygiene supplies, etc.
      There is staff there 7 days a weeks. Teachers are only on campus 5 days a weeks while work supervisors are there 6 days a week and on Sunday there are only a few adults that stick around to make sure no one dies or gets seriously hurt.

      Teachers: Math, Science, History, English for grades 7-12 plus a few special education teachers for those who are behind in their studies or need special help.

      Work Supervisors:
      Includes quilting, knitting, crocheting, etc.
      Animals Farming-
      Crop Farming/Gardening-
      Cook Supervisors-
      (For in house and in school)

      General Supervisors: Adults who stay over night, work after hours, and weekends. They are paid the least and are mostly there to settle violent disputes, do role call, and sometimes counsel students.

      Nurse: there is one nurse during the school hours

      EMT: There are always two EMTs on duty outside of school hours.

      Some adults work more than one job at the school.

      The school is funded in many ways.
      Government: Because they take in orphans they get some small compensation from the government. They also get surprise check ups by social services because of this.
      Open House: The school has open houses every 3 months selling things made in workshop and food.
      Farmers Market: Once a week some farming students go and sell crops, milk, and eggs at the farmers market.
      Donations: The school is always open to donations of both supplies and money.

    • FORM-

      {Realistic Picture}
      Name: (First, Middle, Last)
      (Replace with Job for Staff):
      House/Room Number:
      (Houses 1 and 3 are for girls, Houses 2 and 4 are boys. Rooms 1-3 are for ages 12-14 and room 4-6 are for ages 15-18. House #5 is the adults house and there are 6 rooms in it(2 per room))
      Age/Birthday: (12-18 for students 21+ for teachers/staff)

      Ethnic Background:
      Health Ailments:
      Eye Color:
      Hair Description:
      Skin Tone:
      Body Build:
      Natural Markings:

      (at least 4 traits with mini paragraph attached to each trait)
      Favorite Food:
      Favorite Color:
      Favorite Animal:

      (General Credit for form @~Happily.Ever.After~)



      HOUSE #1:


      HOUSE #3:


      HOUSE #2:

      HOUSE #4:


      HOUSE #5:


      Student: The room are have one window directly in front of you when you walk in. On either side is a set of wooden bunk beds. The room is small, with about 3 feet between the two sets of bed. Under the beds are two large tupperware containers for the students belongings.
      At the end of the bed closest to the door is an old tall locker with no lock. This is where you can hang up clothes if needed. You share it with your bunk mate.
      Kids are allowed to decorate their room however they want. Sheets and blankets are donated to the school so they vary. Students can also buy their own stuff in town.

      Staff: Staff have the same sized room except it's only two per room. There are still two lockers against the wall near the door for staff to hang stuff up in and large storage bins under the bed. Staff are allowed to decorate their rooms however they see fit.


      GIRLS-|House #1|
      Room #1:
      Room #2:
      Room #3:
      Room #4:
      Room #5:
      Room #6:

      GIRLS- |House #3|
      Room #1:
      Room #2: Pete, Mona
      Room #3:
      Room #4:
      Room #5: Rina
      Room #6: Merina, Tora,

      BOYS- |House #2|
      Room #1:
      Room #2:
      Room #3:
      Room #4:
      Room #5: Seth, Ro
      Room #6: Nate,

      BOYS- |House #4|
      Room #1: Jeremy,
      Room #2:
      Room #3:
      Room #4: Ruben, Levi
      Room #5:
      Room #6:

      ADULTS- |House #5|
      Room #1:
      Room #2:
      Room #3:
      Room #4: Dai,
      Room #5:
      Room #6:

    • @-'ToxicGhostie'-

      Casper Ronan Bello/17/11th Grade/Cleaning- Bathroom/Teacher's Assistant/Theater, Choir, Art, Sports Club- Capture the Flag/House #2 Room #5

      Marina Ruby Williams-Volkov/17/11th Grade/Cleaning- Rec Room/Farming- Animals/Theater, Choir, and Sports Club- Rugby/House #3 Room #5

      Ren Tora/16/10th Grade/Laundry/Workshop- Sewing/Art and Language Club/House #3 Room #6

      Kimona Tanice Floros/13/7th Grade/Cooking/Library/Future Planning, Language, Sports Club- Rugby/House #3 Room #2

      @Charlie Vasilyev

      Malachi Odai Moses/24/Supervisor- Carpentry & General Supervisor/CLUBS(Wants to start Survival+ Club)/ House #5 Room #4

      Ruban Kaine Pasternak/15/10th Grade/Cooking/Farming- Animals/Sports Club- Swimming/House #4 Room #4

      Petya Grigorovna Mateev/12/4th Grade/Laundry and Cleaning- Bathroom/Janitorial/CLUBS/House #3 Room #2


      Nathaniel Laurent Durand/18/12th Grade/Cleaning- Rec Room/Library/Theater and Book Club/House #2 Room #6


      Seth Pyrel/17/11th Grade/Cleaning- Rec Room/Workshop- Carpentry/CLUBS/ House #2 Room #5

      Jeremy Young/14/9th Grade/Cooking/Farming- Crops/Book & Study Club/House #4 Room #1


      Seraphina Valora Bainbridge/17/12th Grade/Cleaning- Rec Room/Library/Sports Club- Swim/House #3 Room #6

      @Ko T'suno

      Leviticus Emilian Tepes Draculesti/15/10th Grade/Cooking/Library/Art, Book, Music, Theater, and Sports Club- Swim/House #4 Room #4

      @Petricus Euryale

      Erica Lanly/15/10th Grade/Cooking/Teacher Assistant/CLUBS/House #3 Room #4

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      OC/Sign Up Thread- OPEN SIGNUPS - School Of Life Sign Up

      IC Thread- This One

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  1. Date/Time: 20 September/Friday/5:30 AM

    It was a week before the September open house for the school. Most open houses were the last weekend of every three months. Except for December when it was on the first weekend to encourage Christmas shoppers.
    The students who sell things at the open house have a very busy week doing last minute additions to the sellable items.
    The morning is crisp and cool, but the school is already awake as kids head out to do early morning chores and the rest of the student body slowly woke up. The day promised to be a warm one, but at the moment it was still a comfortable temperature outside.

    Interactions: None

    Pete sat criss cross on top of the washer. She had a bowl of oatmeal sitting in front of her and a cup of coffee. The young Bulgarian had not slept well last night and had gotten up early to get some laundry done for the room
    Janitorial workers didn't have work before school unlike the farm works and sometimes even those in workshop. It was more likely that she'd work late than start early because they had to clean after school and on some days had to clean the workshops too.
    Pete took a bit of her oatmeal as she listened to the house start to wake up. Cooks had to be up early to make food and normally farm workers would have to eat early too.
    The washer rang and Pete put he food down and leaped to the ground. She moved everything to the dryer and shoved a whites load into the washer adding a little bit of bleach before starting it and climbing back up to finish her breakfast.

    Interactions: @Icystorm (Jeremy)

    Because Ruben cooked and worked on the farm he generally had very early mornings. He'd gotten up before dawn and went out to help collect eggs, milk cows, and let the animals put. Then he'd headed back and started to make breakfast for the house. Today was flapjacks, sausage, and milk or juice. The Head Kid had not budgeted for coffee or coco so they didn't have that.
    Ruben was feeling a little shaky and he stepped back from the stove.
    "Hey Jeremy!" He called to the younger boy,
    "Take over the flapjacks for me for a sec OK?" He requested as he washed his hands and grabbed his bag from where he set it at the small table in the kitchen. Most kids ate in the rec room, outside, or in their rooms. There was only a small table in the kitchen mostly for the cooks to be able to sit down and eat in between cooking and clean up.
    Ruben pulled out his finger pricker and proceed to check his blood sugars. He was low like he thought. Ruben took some of hard candies he used when he needed them and popped them in his mouth before putting everything away and heading back to the kitchen. He'd have to check again in 15 minutes

    Interactions: None

    Dai rolled out of bed and grabbed his prosthetics from next to his bed. He put those on and then grabbed a set of blue jeans from the floor pulling those over his prosthetics carefully. Reaching under the bed Dai pulled his bin out and searched through it for a shirt. Deciding upon a gray tank top and a green plaid flannel he dressed and left the room. He took a short trip to the bathroom to do his morning hygiene and then went to the kitchen.
    Due to his lack of cooking skills Dai was on clean up duty because no one wanted to eat whatever he cooked. The adults house worked as almost a forever potluck situation. If you were staying at the house you would bring some type of food whether it's a fully cooked fish or just milk and bread.
    Dai grabbed a bowl or Cheerios and went outside to eat his breakfast.
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  2. [BCOLOR=transparent]Tora[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Mentions: {x}[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Interactions: {x}[/BCOLOR]

    Tora didn't really have to be up early, but she was anyways. Of course she would like to add a few details to the things she had sewn, but she felt it was unnecessary to be awake at 5:30 AM for that. Still, here she was. Open houses always stressed her out, to the point where she wished she wasn't part of a workshop, even though she really did love being able to sell the things she made.
    Getting up, Tora stretched and yawned quietly. It still surprised her that a thirteen-year-old was the cook. She heard the washer going and decided that she would do the laundry later, if someone was already doing theirs. Instead of going to the kitchen for breakfast, she picked up her sewing kit and a bag full of abandoned projects and sat on her bed, randomly picking one out and fixing it up.

    Mentions: Ruben (@Charlie Vasilyev )
    Interactions: {x}

    Since Marina worked on the farm with the animals, she was awake earlier than everyone else for the most part. She usually tried to get up even earlier than she needed to because she liked hanging around the animals, but she realized she had to do her chores. That's what she did this morning; the girl had woken up at 3:45 AM so she would have a while to spend time with the animals. She really liked the cows, especially the calves. But, getting up before 4:00 AM meant going to bed quite early, usually on the early side around 7:30 PM or 8:00 PM.
    Usually Marina knew when she should start chores when she saw Ruben come around, and then she would get what she needed from the animals and leave. Now, with her farm-related chores done, the teenager sat in the rec. room that she would be cleaning later on in the day, eating a small bowl of cereal since she was too hungry to wait for the cooked meal to be done. But she'd probably eat that, too.

    Mentions: {x}
    Interactions: {x}

    Humming, Kimona stood at the stove, making various breakfast foods. She had gotten up somewhat early, going directly to the kitchen to start cooking. It was usually her favorite part of the day. Cinnamon rolls had been baking in the oven, now cooling on the counter next to Kimona. The girl was currently making scrambled eggs and bacon, going back and forth between the pans. She took a break from both, picking up a container of melty icing and drizzling it over the cinnamon rolls.
    Finally, she finished cooking and put the food onto plates. If the other kids didn't like what she had made, there was the option of cereal or oatmeal in the cabinets. Kimona took a strip of bacon and a cinnamon roll that was on the smaller side for herself, not all that hungry.

    Mentions: Seth (@Icystorm )
    Interactions: {x}

    Just laying in his bed, Casper let out a quiet sigh. He was incredibly irritated from waking up at 5:30 in the morning, but he didn't feel like he'd be able to fall back asleep. He sat up, feet dangling from the top bunk as he rubbed his head. The boy slouched a bit so his head wouldn't hit the ceiling, although it was slightly unnecessary. Thinking his roommate was still asleep, Casper slowly hopped out of bed as silently as possible. He almost lost his balance upon hitting the ground, but managed to save himself by leaping forward. He cursed under his breath when his leap caused a loud thud, but made his way to the kitchen to make himself some toast.
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  3. Seth
    Interaction: None
    Seth had woken up as soon as Casper jumped off of the bed, not because of the sound, but because of the movement. Waking up to anything that could be considered threatening -whether it be a sudden movement or a strange noise- was something learned from living on the streets. It was better to wake up to nothing rather than open your eyes to see a knife pressed against your throat. He had not exactly been liked on the streets, so waking up to any sudden change was something that he learned quickly, and even though he was in a place that was safe, he could not shake off what had become so ingrained.

    He lay in bed with eye half open, and once Casper left he glanced at the clock. 5:32. That was too early for him, but anything before 8, 9, sometimes noon was too early for him. Since he didn't eat breakfast, he decided to go back to sleep. He would miss roll call and chores which he only did if he needed money for something. There was also school. If he was honest, he hadn't gone to school since he was ten, so he did not see the point of going now. Dai and the other teachers could think what they wanted, but he was the only one in charge of his life, so he would do what he wanted. And what he wanted was to sleep. Closing his eyes, he instantly fell back into a slumber.

    Interaction: @Charlie Vasilyev
    Having woken up at 4:45, Jeremy had spent the first half an hour checking on the greenhouse and watering any plants that needed it. The area with all the flowers was his favorite. His home life had been so dull, with very little color to light up the darkness. Here everything felt alive. It was beautiful, and he wished all of life could be like this. It couldn't, though, and he knew that personally. Inside part of him was caged, trapped in a dark corner, unhappy and in constant fear. At this school he was safe, but his sister was now alone with their father, and it terrified him.

    After getting done with the greenhouse, he made his way to the kitchen and began to help with cooking breakfast. When Ruben asked him to take over the flapjacks, he did so without a fuss. He didn't know too much about cooking, but he was learning by watching the others and doing as they requested. It was something that was easy for him to learn, and it took his mind off of other things and helped him almost relax.

    Hearing Ruben come back, he gave a quick glance at the older boy. "Everything ok?" He knew Ruben had diabetes, he just didn't know much about it or how threatening it might be, and he always worried about others if something seemed wrong. It was part of his nature and something his father despised about him.
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  4. [​IMG]

    × N A T H A N I E L / L A U R E N T / D U R A N D /
    ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ . ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ . ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ . ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ . ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀
    earlier than he traditionally did (around one in the morning or so) 1, he felt an indiscernible set of weights burden his shoulders the moment streams of bright light pummeled his face with rather brutal force. Nathaniel rubbed his sleep deprived eyes and laid his head upon the headboard of his bed. The mundane task of waking himself up included drifting off into a mini slumber at multiple intervals; on his bed, against his locker, and lastly adjacent to the door. Though these minute pleasures only remained for a short period of time, Nathaniel experienced the full impact.

    He exchanged his sleep wear with anything he could unearth out of his seemingly flawless locker 2. No strewn articles of clothing, no shoe without its comrade; he certainly felt at peace. As he was expected to do arduously tiring tasks of cleaning the recreation room, showering would be postponed to around seven. He prayed especially that another living soul was not in the Recreation Room when he was doing the cleaning. Nathaniel disliked the ways of which the other Rec. Room cleaners handled their tidying. It was rather ... painful to see specks of dust in neglected areas, or perhaps a lone piece of rubbish underneath the coffee table.

    Either way, it irritated him.

    . . .

    he proceeded to ready the appropriate cleaning supplies. Cleaning the Recreation Room was somewhat of a meticulous ritual that had to be done in a certain order. Nathaniel perceives it as improper not to do it in a certain order; a light sweep, dust, and then mop. He began the first step of a procedure that would approximately take quite some time.

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  5. Levi

    Location House Kitchen interaction : Himself, Ruban @Charlie Vasilyev and Jeremy @Icystorm

    "Blunt za knives and bend za forks..smash za bottles and burn their corks." Rang Levi as he bounded about the kitchen in-between grabbing silverware and bringing them to the counter.."Chip the glass and crack the plates!" The energetic Romanian continued as he dropped the plates onto the counter with a loud clanking of the ceramic and a self affirming "Yaa". Before springing back to a small box he had set by the stove and looking inside. "Zat's what Bilbo Baggins hates...." He muttered before closing the box and setting off to the small table on kitchen to leave it there. "Mint for tea later.." He told himself before turning around and looking at the kitchen absently before hearing Ruben call for Jeremy to tend to the flapjacks. "Orange!" He chirped as he walked past Ruben to the refrigerator before stopping half way and turning back towards the table and the box. "Orange?" He questioned out loud as he looked at Ruben. "Suger?" He asked aloud as he grabbed the box from the table and looked inside..."Orange the mint and suger the roast, Twice Ruben.... and twice the rice.." He muttered before setting the box back down and smiling at no-one in particular before turning on heal and walking off towards the stove. "(J)Geremy, a pot have you?" He inquired as he stopped mid strip awaiting an answer to find out weather or not he should turn to grab one...
  6. PETE
    Interactions: @-'ToxicGhostie'- (Kimona)
    Mentions: None

    Pete swallowed her last bite of oatmeal as she jumped down from the dryer and left the laundry room. The dryer was still going and Pete smelled food cooking so she figured she may as well get some more to eat. She'd gotten her coffee and oatmeal today before Kimona started cooking so she hadn't taken any cooked food.

    Peter entered the kitchen and washed her dishes before grabbing a large cinnamon roll. Contrary to what you might think when looking at her tiny form Pete loved to eat. She liked fried foods the best, but would eat just about anything.

    "I started di laundry. Your t'ings are in di...ahhh...dryer." Pete told Kimona as she took a bite out of her cinnamon roll. Pete's accent made her sound like she had peanut butter stuck to the roof of her mouth most of the time. She swallowed her bite and cleared her throat, "I uh I'll put your t'ings on your bed w'en it is done." she added as she refilled her coffee cup and went back to the laundry room.
    Pete sat down on the drying machine as she ate. She wasn't planning on going to school today. Maybe she'd go to the river or get some cleaning done in the workshops while school was in session.
    Peter hated school. It was very frustrating for her and she didn't do well in the classroom.

    Interactions: @Icystorm (Jeremy),
    Mentions: @Ko T'suno (Levi)

    Ruben took over at the flapjack station again and glanced at Jeremy.
    "Yeah, I'm fine. " he responded. Ruben didn't try to hide the fact he was diabetic and he wasn't ashamed of it, but he also didn't go into details about it or talk about it a lot.

    Ruben glanced at his roommate Levi. The foreigner was an odd fellow. Ruben saw him as harmless, but different. Levi was currently dancing around clanging dishes and singing a song about Bilbo Baggins.

    Ruben listened to Levi chant and talk to himself as he flipped the pancakes. He was thinking about all the stuff they had to do after school.

    The barns and animal pens needed to be cleaned which meant long hours of lugging wheel barrels of manure to the truck trailer. One of the farming supervisors would then drive the truck to the compost pile that was pretty far off. The crop farmers would use the compost pile to throw out bad food and sometimes they'd use it when they needed fertilizer, but it was still kept far from the rest of the school.
    Ruben put the last of the flapjacks on the plate,

    "That's the last of the flapjacks boys, get 'em now or else!" Ruben yelled. If their were boys still sleeping in House #4 they weren't anymore.

    Interactions: None
    Mentions: None

    Dai cleaned his dishes and headed over to the workshops. While the students wouldn't be working until after 12 Dai liked to create some projects of his own and check the equipment in the morning. While janitorial kids did clean the workshops regularly it was up to the students and Dai to make sure the equipment and tools were cleaned and kept up. If needed the mechanics kids would help fix things, but each department was expected to keep their own tools running and not waste the mechanics time.

    Dai got entered the workshop and started to inspect the tools. Some kids had appearently been here early or stayed late because some tools were lying around and not put back. The veteran made a mental note to remind the students to clean and put tools away when they were done. The school couldn't afford to replace things left and right because of carelessness.

    Dai left the mess on the table to show the students when they came in later and looked over the projects. As he inspected them he tried to pick out what kid was doing what. Dai liked to get to know his kids personally even if they only did carpentry for a month and by the end of the month was usually pretty good at guessing who made what.
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  7. Outfit: Galaxy Kitty | Location: Dorm #3, Bathroom | Interaction: Mona, Tora(ToxicGhosie) | Mentions: n/a

    Merina had been out for an early morning run. It was how she usually started her day, around an hour before breakfast should have been prepared. She frequently jogged around the farm and campus, though the only people she ever saw were the security guards, a teacher every now and then, and the students assigned to work the farms. It was a lonely workout, as usual. Merina did not mind it though, she liked her alone time to clear her head of any night terrors. Fortunately she had not experienced any for about a month. After a light hour of jogging Merina returned to Dorm #3, where the smells of sugary goodness was sure enough filling the household. *grumble mumbo jumbo* Merina's stomach was crying out for food. "Shower first, then food" She joked around with herself. Heading toward shower. "Smell great!" Merina called out to Mona, the house cook. After Merina found out Mona knew how to cook her butt off, she made it an effort to friendly with the girl. Quickly getting cleaned and dried, Merina rushed towards her room. "In coming" Merina announced herself, knowing that her roommate was prone to have a needle in her hand and did not want to be stabbed with it. Rushing in the room, Merina got out her favorite galaxy sweater, and paired it with jean shorts, black thigh high kitty socks, and her well loved black combat boots. "Good morning, Breakfast is ready I believe" She informed her roomie while getting dressed. Pulling out her mirror and make up, She proceeded to cover up her many scars on her neck and under her chin. Then gave herself a nicely defined wing like the pro she was and topped her lips off with her favorite pink nude shade. Merina was starving, but this was an everyday occurrence with her. Her constant training, working at the library, and getting her secret projects ready were always leaving the petite girl with a huge appetite.

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  8. [BCOLOR=transparent]Tora[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Mentions: {x}[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Interactions: Merina (@koolkat4595 )[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Outfit: Pajamas,OOTD[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Location: Dorm #3, bedroom-- kitchen[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent] [/BCOLOR]Tora looked up from the skirt she was making. It was something she would definitely never wear, and she wondered where she even got the fabric from, but she was sure someone would buy it at the open house. She watched her roommate silently before saying, "Okay. Thank you." after Merina had mentioned breakfast. The girl set down the needle and soon-to-be skirt, looking at her fingers in the early light. It was obvious that she pricked herself while sewing, and then there was more damage to speak of. With a sigh, Tora put on a random outfit and pulled out a circular mirror and sat it on her bed. Carefully, she put on her fake septum ring. She put Vaseline on her lips and put on her fake snake bites, too, then only applying a minimal amount of eye makeup. Slipping on a choker and her shoes, Tora left the bedroom and went to get breakfast.

    Mentions: Merina (@koolkat4595 )
    Interactions: {x}
    Outfit: Pajamas, OOTD
    Location: Dorm #3, rec. room-- bedroom-- kitchen

    After finishing her bowl of cereal, Marina let out a quiet groan and just sat sprawled out in the chair. She was still in her pajamas, which she never wanted to change out of. Even when she would go outside to the animals, she would just put on tall rain boots and go out in what looked like more of a costume than sleepwear. She had seen the girl who had a similar name to her, Merina, out on her run that morning. Marina had had her hood pulled over her head and was accidentally dozing off in the rec. room when she heard the other girl come in, which woke her up.
    Now, the teenager decided to put her bowl in the dish washer and head to her room to get dressed. She stole a strip of bacon and went to her room. She spent about half an hour there, trying to find a decent outfit and doing her makeup. She always liked to look nice, and even in the school environment she would wear heels and dresses. Marina would only stop dressing so nice when it became colder. Who would want to trudge through snow in a dress and heels?

    Mentions: {x}
    Interactions: Pete (@Charlie Vasilyev ), Merina (@koolkat4595 )
    Outfit: Pajamas, OOTD
    Location: Dorm #3, kitchen-- bedroom

    Kimona smiled at Pete when she came in the kitchen and announced that her clothes were in the dryer. "Alrighty. Thanks, hun." She nodded, looking over the cinnamon rolls to make sure that the icing was neat and perfectly drizzled. It always upset her when her meals didn't look neat or symmetrical. When Merina came in the girl smiled. "Thanks!" Kimona called out to the older girl. She decided to go get changed; she was sure she had a clean outfit left. Sure enough, there was. It was the only one left, but at least the laundry was being done. It was easy for the girl to be ready quickly, since she didn't really like wearing makeup or doing anything with her hair.


    Mentions: Nathaniel (@Envie )
    Interactions: {x}
    Outfit: Pajamas, OOTD
    Location: Dorm #2, kitchen-- bedroom-- outside

    Casper looked around for bread in the kitchen, only to realize it was on the counter right by his hand. He shook his head, taking out two pieces and putting them in the toaster. He had seen Nathaniel in the rec. room and waved, grunting a groggy "good morning" to him. Now he leaned against the counter with his arms folded over his chest and his head down. The boy had almost fallen asleep, but the toaster stirred him. Without thinking, Casper quickly grabbed the toast and threw it on a paper plate, nearly burning himself. He grabbed butter from the fridge and a butter knife, smearing it on his breakfast. Casper continued to lean against the counter as he ate, finishing up and cleaning up after himself before going back to his room.
    This time, he made sure to be cautious and quiet, changing quickly before leaving the room again. The boy went outside and sat, just to get fresh air. He contemplated going to school, but in the end decided to attend anyways.

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  9. [​IMG]

    × N A T H A N I E L / L A U R E N T / D U R A N D /
    ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ . ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ . ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ . ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ . ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀
    as the Recreation Room was rarely in a disarray. It was either the constant care he was known to give during his cleaning, or that the occupants of the Recreation Room were obedient and minded the amount of mess they were producing; he presumed it was the former. Upon dusting the furnishings of the room for the fourth precedent time, he concluded that the rooms standards were up to par before stowing the cleaning supplies. A triumphant smile on his face, he intended proceeded to the Kitchen to obtain his well-deserved breakfast.

    Before exiting the Recreation Room, Casper had greeted him with a flourish of his hand. He had muttered a phrase that was indistinct; though he supposed it was an amiable salutation — Nathaniel supposed so. Nathaniel requited for Casper's gesture with a vague simper, stretching his arms in the midst of doing so. With a final glance at the Recreation Room, he nodded to himself in satisfaction for the very last time (he questioned his sanity occasionally), and strode off to the doorway, leaving his cleaning woes (most of these woes) in the Recreation Room.

    Nathaniel would be due to serve in the Library after his drop at the Kitchen, which he was not quite looking forward to. He drawled an extended sigh, collected a plate of baked beans and rice, and seated himself in the corner of the Recreation Room. He toyed with his baked beans, separating the beans and rice idly. By the time he had achieved a pleasing arrangement of beans and rice organised by size and quality, it was quite plain that he was the least of being peckish. Nathaniel was seldom hungry; he has admitted to it being odd. He did not pay any mind to this, in all frankness — he was able to sort his priorities fairly well, for a youth who puts segregating his meal into categories first, thank you very much.

    He tidied. Nathaniel, going over his mental schedule once more, it had suddenly dawned on him that his Librarian duties were due in a few minutes. He figuratively experienced death in the scarce nanoseconds he permitted his horror to wash over him, then proceeding to make a beeline towards the Library, dodging a handful of the residents of House 2. Nathaniel muttered a combination of inaudible obscenities and self-deprecating complaints on the scheme his schedule was devised. He was almost positive that Merina had already reached the Library long since he had arrived at the Cafeteria; it was rather frustrating.

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  10. Jeremy
    Interaction: @Ko T'suno (Levi)

    Jeremy moved away to let Ruben take over again. He was having trouble with trying to understand was Levi was saying, or singing, or anything. Most of the time when Levi opened his mouth, Jeremy was thrown into an alien world, and right now that world was confusing as ever. It sounded as if the song was about breaking dishes, but why would someone want to do that? Even though it was just a song, he could not understand why someone would even want to sing about breaking anything. He liked things to stay whole, just as he worked on keeping himself whole. The thought of ever shattering or breaking, giving up, it was an unwelcome one.

    Not knowing what else to do, he stood out of the way, but close enough to the stove to watch Ruben. It was relaxing watching, and he was glad the guy was ok. He liked Ruben. Levi, on the other hand made, made him anxious. Why this was, he had no clue as he had a friend back home who was just as upbeat, but maybe it was because of the not being able to understand what the other was saying half of the time.

    He tried to swallow some of the anxious feeling that came about when Levi addressed him, giving the other male a kind smile. "A pot?" He didn't have one, but he would gladly get one. "I-I can get one for you." Having learned where everything was, he quickly scurried over and grabbed one, turning and holding it out to Levi.
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  11. Levi
    Location Kitchen
    Interactions Jeremy @Icystorm
    mentions Ruben @Charlie Vasilyev

    "Aye pot, but nah he has not....but a pot he brings kind a friend be he..." Levi went on muttering to himself before stopping and taking the pot from Jeremy with a warm smile. "Thank you Germany..." He added before walking away to fill the pot with water. "Or is it Danke Jeremy??" He thought aloud as reached the sink and turned on the faucet. He had always liked Jeremy and Ruben, they had never given him a reason not so as far as he knew. Though he often questioned what they thought of him. "Wonder a ponderous inquiry...most perplexed is he..." Levi continued on, setting the pot on one of the open burners, flicking it to high before looking over and realizing he had forgotten to bring the box. "Piss.." He muttered as he spun on heel and went back to retrieve the box for the second time.

    "Thank you Ruben." Chirped Levi as he returned to the stove and opened the box. "Orange the mint and sugar the roast, Twice it goes Germany..." Chanted Levi as he dropped the ingredients into the pot. "Levi makes tea if anyone wants some. No coffee.." Levi added walking up the the counter to grab some flapjacks before they were all gone.
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  12. PETEInteractions: None
    Mentions: None

    Pete went back down the hall to the laundry room. Since the load she was doing was not super large it had only taken about a half an hour to dry. He entered the room just as the dryer beeped. Peter swallowed the last few bites of her food and wiping her hands on her gray tank top she opened the dryer. Sifting through the clothes the young girl pulled out a set of denim cargo shorts and put them on over her gray pinstripe boxers she'd been wearing to bed. She searched some more and found her dark blue short sleeved Hawaiian shirt that had faded pink, orange, and bright blue flowers all over it in a tradiational Hawaiian flower print. Pete's clothes were all bought at a secon hand store and since she had very little fashion sense she didn't care what she wore.

    Pulling off her tank top Pete was changing her shirt quickly when the door swung open starting her,

    "Sorry didn't know you were changing...that's what rooms are for ya know. Just trying to take role." the head girl muttered sarcasticly letting the door swing shut as the left. Peter finished changing and throwing her old tank top over her shoulder she gathered up the rest of the clean clothes and left heading up stairs.

    Pete tossed all the stuff on her bed and started to sort through it quickly. She dumped her roomates's things on their bed like she promised and pulling her tubbies out shoved her clothes haphazardly into it. Before leaving the room she threw her tank top on her bed to wear again tonight. She figured all she'd done was slept in it how it it be dirty?

    Pete headed back downstairs to see if there was any food left.

    RUBENInteractions: @Icystorm (Jeremy), @Ko T'suno (Levi)
    Mentions: None

    Ruben started to clean up after breakfast. He'd set aside a plate of sauage and flapjacks for when he was ready to eat. Ruben typically didn't like to take a break from working until the job was done. If his blood sugars were acting up it couldn't always be helped, but he tried to finish at least the task he was on before stopping most of the time,

    "I'll take a cup of tea." Ruben told Levi. Ruben had never liked coffee that much. He'd always thought it tasted like he was drinking aa mug of dirt. He normally put this down to the fact his family could never afford nice coffee and normally had super cheap straight coffee if they had it. On very rare occaisions he'd have tea when he'd help out one of his more elderly neighbors and she'd give him some.

    "Jerm, can you dry dishes? We'll put away left overs and clean up the counters and such later when people are done eating." Ruben asked. There would be more dishes later but kids were expected to wash their own dishes or put them in the dishwasher. Some didn't which meant right before school the kictehn staff would have to come down and rush to clean up after those people before going off to school.

    DAIInteractions: None
    Mentions: @Icystorm (Seth)

    Dai finished looking over his projects and checked the time. He muttered under his breath when he realized it was almost 6:00. He had to get back to the dorm complex to take attendance at the boys house. He had House #2 today. Dai started back towards the houses quickly and hurried to get his clipboard from his room. On the clipboard were all the names of the boys in House #2.

    Dai stepped into the boys house and looked around,

    "Mornin' boys." he greeted the boys lounging in the rec room and eating. He looked around and frowned when he didn't see who he expected.

    "CARL?!" he called still looking around for the head boy. He glanced around the rec room and was about to head for the kitchen when a lanky boy with a shock of extremely curly red hair came pounding down the stairs. The boy also had a clipboard with all the names of the boys in the house on it and he scurried over to Dai,

    "Mornin', Carl." Dai said lifting his clipboard,

    "Mornin', Mom." Carl muttered sleepily. The kid was not morning person. Dai smiled and shook his head at the nickname is a good natured kind of way,

    "You fully accounted for?" he asked. Carl nodded and looked over his roster,

    "Yep." he replied.

    "OK where is...Paul Weston?" Dai asked. He didn't go through the full list of names normally and would just pick out random names to test and see if the head kid really knew where his people were.

    "He's in the kitchen cooking." Carl answered proudly,

    "Luis Rivas?"

    "He's heading to school. The library kids had to be there early."

    "Adrian Samuels?"

    "Um...." Carl paused here thinking and Dai raised an eyebrow, "Oh he's doing laundry." the boy finally answered. Dai nodded and glanced down,

    "Seth Pyrel?" he asked,

    "Still sleeping."

    Dai nodded and went through a couple other names before nodded in a satisfactory manner.

    "Alright Carl see ya around." Dai turned and left. He headed back to the adults house to put his clipboard away and grabbed some clothes to get into the laundry. Since he didn't get any students until after lunch he planned on working out and getting some laundry done before he went back to the workshops

  13. Outfit: Galaxy Kitty | Location:Dorm#3-Library | Interaction: Nathaniel (Envie)| Mentions: Tora (-'ToxicGhostie'-)

    Merina followed Tora after she grabbed her Backpack and notebook. Looking at the wall clock she had finally fixed up, Merina mentally kicked herself " Oh crap the Library. What is with me today?" Merina hardly ever finds herself in such a forgetful state. Her stomach growled once more. "Right, right. Nathaniel is probably already there. It is not like the place is in shambles. I did a bit of cleaning last night." Merina made her way to the cafeteria, where many of House 3's residences were coming. "ugh, no cinnamon rolls for me" Merina quickly grabbed an apple. "Is it almost time for roll call?" She checked her wrist to look her none existent watch.

    "Oh yeah i need to fix that too" It always seemed that no matter how many things she fixed, something else would break. Merina did not mind it however. It kept her busy, since there was barely homework from school, and the library does not get much use. Merina walked towards the library, not in too much of a rush now. She knew that Nathaniel would already be there, since she was a bit late. "Relax, its only 20 minutes. You have never been late before anyways." Merina got to the library in no time, her toned legs always carried her faster than the average teen. Opening the door, Merina walked inside. "Nate? Sorry im late, did you get much done?"


  14. [​IMG]

    × N A T H A N I E L / L A U R E N T / D U R A N D /
    ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ . ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ . ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ . ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ . ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀
    — owing to the fact that athletic was the last word any soul on earth would describe Nathaniel Laurent Durand, that he had not collapsed after two minutes of moderate exercise. As he darted through the corridors of the structure which held the Library, he contemplated whether or not to keel over in the final strides that led to the entrance of his workplace. He wheezed, a hand on the walls of the corridor as he hauled his body gradually into the open arms of the Library. Nathaniel appeared seemingly deceased once he slumped into the receptionist's chair of the front desk, the neighbouring chair unoccupied.

    Typically, the Library was a barren wasteland; with the occasional pedant withdrawn into a nook, producing no distinct audio except for the riffling of pages. Everything was generally in its initial place, rarely tampered with and undeniably neglected by passers-by. Tidying the Library was slightly engaging as well (if there was even the requirement to do so). It was a serene line of work. Rather than treading the soil of the outdoor school compound to carry out farm work, he was perfectly satisfied with his indoor position of a humble librarian with his associate, Merina.

    "Nate? Sorry I'm late, did you get much done?"

    Merina, in her feline knee-garments and all, had executed her arrival. It dawned on him that he was attired rather too casually; to what Merina had materialised in, he was somewhat inferior. "No — no, I've just came." Nathaniel rose from his seat, feather-duster in his clutch. "I'll be at the back." He paused, blinking. "You could ..." He evaluated the remaining Librarian duties that were in necessity to conclude by the end of their shift mentally. "We haven't got much to do, but it would be brilliant if you could reorganise the Literature Section; if you're up to it." He added the last phrase hurriedly before he managed to anger someone once more.

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  15. Jeremy
    Interactions: @Ko T'suno (Levi), @Charlie Vasilyev (Ruben)
    "No problem." The warm smile helped, but suddenly Jeremy realized why Levi made him anxious. Just as it was hard to understand Levi, it had been hard to understand his father when the guy was drunk, and when his father was drunk that meant the belt came out, and with it, incoherent words. But Levi was not his father. Levi was friendly and kind, like most everyone in this place. He would be happy being here, away from the house of horrors and surrounded by caring people, if only his sister were here too.

    Taking a deep breath, he pulled himself out of the unwanted thoughts. "I would like some tea, please." It would help relax him when he ate, but it seemed like that would be the same time Ruben ate. He didn't mind, though. "Yeah, I can dry them." He quickly put some food on a plate and set it aside for later then grabbed a towel, moving over to the sink to dry the dishes.
    Interactions: @-'ToxicGhostie'- (Casper)
    A groan escaped Seth as his eyes opened and looked around. He wasn't happy to be awake again, but for some reason he could not sleep longer. Days like this did not happen often, but they were a pain. It meant he would have to take a nap later, not that he had any other plans. He always napped. There wasn't much else to do to waste time in this place. Everyone was always so busy with work and school.

    Deciding it was pointless trying to sleep longer, he stretched out, his legs spread out below him and his arms above his head with an arch of his back. Hearing a satisfying crack, he sat up and got out of the bed. His eyes wandered around the room before he gave a shrug and left, wearing the clothes he had wore yesterday. He didn't see the point in changing. He didn't own much, but he also didn't care to do laundry. Once his clothes got too dirty he would wash them.

    His wandering feet took him outside where he saw Casper. He walked slowly over to his roommate and sat down next to him, facing the other direction and then dropped back so he was laying on his back. He watched the other boy through dark blue eyes for a moment before grinning and tilting his head back so his face was to the sky. "Hey. Have difficulties this morning?"
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  16. Levi
    Interactions Ruben @Charlie Vasilyev , Jeremy @Icystorm

    "Oui, tea for three...." Levi chirped as put his plate on the table in the kitchen and spun around. "More maybe??" He asked with a tilted head as he looked from Ruben to Jeremy. "Will one of you see to the sugar please?" Levi questioned as he grabbed the broom and went about sweeping the floors with a hum. His mind bouncing around from what he was going to do after breakfast to if he had everything he needed from his room. "Grabbed the books, needles, ink, pens....pencils..pencils.....did i forget think i have two with the pens.." Levi rattled on as he swept the floors. "Ruben if Levi forgot pencils might i borrow one of yours??" Levi questioned as he looked up at Ruben with a hopeful smile. "Germany, could you grab the cinnamon please." He added as the thought sprang to his mind.."Oh oh....OH I HAVE JERKY!!" Levi cried out with an excited dance that was little more then a strange wiggle that ended in a short head wobble.
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  17. PETEInteractions: None
    Mentions: None

    There was no food left which surprised Pete. House #3 must have been hungry today. She hurried back upstairs and threw herself onto her bed reaching down the side of the mattress closest to the wall she pulled the sheet up and felt around for the hole in the mattress she'd found when she first got here. Finidng it she reached in and pulled out her cigarettes and light pocketing a cigarette and her lighter she rehid her things and pulled the mattress fabric together again before putting the sheet down. While there were never really room inspections and searches Pete liked to keep her stuff semi-hidden. She knew it would be found if someone tried so she was looking for a new spot, but for now it was fine.

    Pete went outside and headed for the river. She liked to climb a tree and watch the river when she smoked and she wasn't planning on going to school she was in no hurry. She could have her smoke and then exercise...maybe swim maybe clean who knew she had the whole day ahead of her.

    Pete got to her favorite tree on the river bank and started to climb it.

    RUBENInteractions: @Ko T'suno (Levi)
    Mentions: None

    Ruben finished the dishes and went to sit down at the table and eat. He checked his blood sugars again relieved that they'd went up and after checking the number of carbs he'd estimated were in his breakfast he used his insulin pen to inject himself in the leg and started to eat.

    "Yeah sure...I think I have a couple extra." Ruben responded to Levi as he swallowed his bite of flapjacks. He watched the flighty older boy prepare the tea as she ate his food at the table. Ruben was hungry today and finished eating his large stack of flapjacks very quickly before getting up and started to wash his breakfast plate,

    "Is the tea almost ready?" he asked Levi as he got himself a glass of water to wash everything down. He took the half and half out of the fridge to put in his tea and grabbed three mugs from the 'bar' where the food and dishes were set for people to get for breakfast.
  18. Casper
    Mentions: {x}
    Interactions: Seth (@Icystorm )
    Outfit: OOTD
    Location: Outside Dorm #2

    Casper had closed his eyes and was drifting off into thought when he heard someone come outside. His eyes immediately shot open and he let out a soft sigh. The boy turned just slightly to see his roommate come over, arching his eyebrows. It took him off guard to see Seth actually awake so early. "Um... what? I don't believe so..." Casper furrowed his brows just a bit at the question and shook his head, turning his attention back to the sky. He figured it would turn out to be a lovely day, probably warm at the very least. "Why, did you?" Casper asked, just to keep up a conversation. He looked over at the other male for a moment before shrugging and looking down at his shoes. Seth was... interesting, to say the least. It baffled Casper how much the boy could sleep. Despite how much Casper enjoyed being in that dreamy state, he would die from anxiety if he somehow managed to sleep like Seth and didn't get things done.

  19. Outfit: Galaxy Kitty | Location: Library | Interaction: Nathaniel (Envie) | Mentions: n/a

    Merina was greeted by the usual silence that blankets the library. Looking around for a moment she spotted Nathaniel, already here and settled into the receptionist desk. "No, no I just came." Nate replied to her, while getting up. After seeming to be thinking of something Nathaniel gave out a suggestion to her. "We haven't got much to do, but it would be brilliant if you could reorganize the Literature Section; if you're up to it." Knowing that there honestly never is any real cleaning to do, she welcomed the idea of getting some serious organization done. "Sure thing" Merina never had a problem following directions, if they seemed good. It was when people tried to take advantage of her willingness to get stuff done that she hated. Walking to the non-fiction section first, Merina started to organize the seemingly huge section. It was huge compared to the fiction section, though the library overall was a good size.

    Most of the books were donated very various sources. The records she hacked into the 3 month at the school showed that the biggest donor was the state, giving them most of the books that were in bad shape from the public libraries. If the school was lucky they would get old books from universities. The non-fiction section was mostly bought for the enjoyment of the students. Unfortunately not many students come to the library anyways. Merina take advantage of that fact, using the library as her sanctuary for working on her secret projects and research. Merina did her best to get as much done, since she does her best to attend school. She never understood the students who choose to hardly go, money was money.

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