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  1. School Life
    Genre: High school, comedy, romance, modern

    Wayward High school was once two separate schools that were right next to each other. These two schools separated the boys and girls; one school was just for the girls while the other was just for the guys. However, it was decided that this set up wasn’t needed and during the summer break the two schools had a building made to connect them. Now, the schools are coming together for the first time though the girls and guys are not used to this. Some are happy, while others are not. What will happen when they all come to school for the first time together?


    It was the first day back at school after the combining the school’s. Alex got herself ready for school early and began to make her way to school. She wasn’t sure how this combining of the schools was going to work out but she was going to try her best to make the best of it. After all, she wasn’t one to look like she didn’t like things. Everyone has heard of ‘the prince’ of the school, where girls pick the best guy. Well, with being in a school that only had girl’s they picked someone who seemed the most prince like and that person was Alex. She was smart, very athletic and was very kind to all the girls plus she was never girly at all. So, they started to call her that and that was what she was known for in the girls school. But, she wondered what was going to happen now that there were guys in the school. Alex headed for the entrance of the school to head inside.

    Lori on the other hand wasn’t princely at all, she was more on the delinquent side. So, of course, she was still sleeping and got up later to head to school. She wasn’t happy about the guys arriving; she was figuring that it was going to cause problems. What if one of them tries to challenge her status as the leader of the delinquents of the school? She would have to see what happens and hopefully keep things the way they were. They could join her if they wanted, that would be nice. She finally got up and headed for the school, running down the sidewalk quickly, getting closer to the school.​

    -Character Sheet is not needed up highly recommended. It can be basic and most left for the Rp.

    Character Sheets:

    Name: Alex Clover
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Role in school: “The prince” of the original girl’s school
    Personality: Caring, Charming, Smart and Athletic
    Looks: Black hair, green eyes
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    Name: Lori Carson
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Role in school: Delinquent Leader of original girl's school
    Personality: Troublemaker, temperamental, street smart
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  2. Maryland fink

    Role newkid
    Personality she has Dependent Personality Disorder
    Dependent personality disorder is a psychiatric condition marked by an overreliance on other people to meet one’s emotional and physical needs.People with this disorder do not trust their own ability to make decisions and feel that others have better ideas. They may be devastated by separation and loss, and they may go to great lengths, even suffering abuse, to stay in a relationship. Other symptoms include:

    Difficulty making decisions without reassurance from others
    Extreme passivity
    Problems expressing disagreements with others
    Avoiding personal responsibility
    Avoiding being alone
    Devastation or helplessness when relationships end
    Unable to meet ordinary demands of life
    Preoccupied with fears of being abandoned
    Easily hurt by criticism or disapproval
    Willingness to tolerate mistreatment and abuse from others
  3. Maryland was in such a hurry to get to school she did not notice the girl ahead of her...
    Until she ran into her...
  4. Lori felt something hit the back of her, though used to the possibility of unknown things happening to her she tightened her body so she wouldn't fall over. She then turned around to see who had suddenly ran into her, and she wasn't too happy about it all. "Hey!" She began to say, "You should pay more attention to where you're going kid." She would end up saying kid even if the person was older than her. She had her hands shoved into her coat pockets.
  5. "Oh... um.. sorry"marylands face turned beet red"um uh this maybe weird coming From someone who just ran into. You but.. could you help me find my first class I have no idea where I'm going"she looked down she felt terrible.
  6. Name: Dani Adam
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Role in school: Queen of Nerds
    Personality: Nerdy, quiet, witty, sarcastic, impatient, cat person
    Looks: Light brown, feathered hair, slightly tanned skin, cat jumper, dark tan pants, thick rimmed glasses, light hazel eyes
  7. "Ah, geez." Lori said after she heard the girl's request. She definitely was a new girl, considering Lori couldn't remember her at all. So, she couldn't help not knowing where to go; guess Lori couldn't do anything but help the girl. "Fine, just this once. What class do you need to go to anyway? I can't tell you where if I don't know what it is."

    Meanwhile, Alex had looked over at the commotion since she wasn't that far away from Lori and the a girl Alex didn't know, that must have meant she was new. Lori could get a bit scary, and it seemed the girl looked pretty afraid of her. Alex started walking, "There's no need to get upset Lori." Alex said calmly as she walked up to the two. "If you don't feel like doing it, I can help her."

    Lori rolled her eyes, of course 'the prince' was going to show up, every time she practically talked to someone. She couldn't help the girl seemed to be afraid, though thats kind of what Lori wanted secretly. "No, I can do it!" Lori said, not wanting to do what Alex said. "Come on." Lori then turned back to the new girl and grabbed her hand and started to drag her into the school and away from Alex.
  8. Name : Jade and Joel Pimberton
    Age: both 16
    Gender: Jade-female, Joel-male
    Role in School: Tricksters and Prank artists. Both attended the previous two schools, and are totally for the combining. They look forward to double teaming people and playing tricks. (They almost always get away with everything they pull) They are incredibly charming.
    Looks: They are identical, black hair, hazel eyes, brown skin, and a single dimple on their right cheek. They call it their mischief mark... Jade has longer eye lashes than Joel, and wears lip gloss from time to time. It't the only way to tell them apart.
  9. Name: K (No other name is known)
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Role in school: Delinquent, Guns expert, Loner, And Assassin
    Personality: Loner, Secretive, Smart ass, Know it all, Expert, Self confident, and Bragging rights.

    K jumped from ceiling banister to banister his hands stuffed in his hoodie pockets. His piercing blue eyes searching throughout the crowd for different hints or signs of violence or anything fun. "God this is getting boring." He sits on one of the banisters letting his feet swing. He smirks as he sees the people pass by not noticing his looming figure. He looks up at the ceiling noticing a couple splats here or there. "Wonder what those splats are." He sighs 'I've found my calling one day I shall be a ceiling cleaner or just stick with beating people up.'

    He snickered to himself after being reminded of how much money he pulled in this week. "Business is good! Lot of people need people taken care of."

  10. Name: Evan Riley
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Really smart but doesn't care about school, lazy, careless, sarcastic.
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  11. Name: Brianna Kendale
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Role in school: The Pacifist, Sweet Girl
    Personality: Caring, Friendly, Sweet, Loyal, Though sweet, she can be pretty aggressive when defending friends
    Looks (open)

    Brianna looked at the entrance to the school and with a shake of the head, she let out a tired sigh. It was the first day of school, and already she felt tired. Last year was pretty hard on her, due to her being the vice-president of the Student Committee. Also, being the pacifist of the school, she had spent all those months, breaking out fights, resolving arguments and listening to students problems; though she knew Alex,who was the president, had a it a bit worse, since she had to deal with the delinquents. Yet, last year she had to deal with girls only.

    Now, on this new school year, she has to deal, not only with girls but with boys, too; all because, they had decided to merge the all-boy's school with hers; an all-girls school. However, she will have to deal with it, if she is elected vice-president of the Student Committee again, of course. Though, she really hopes she is elected, because even if it was a tiring job, she still like being able to help people. "This is it...A new year, a new beginning. New students, new problems, new solutions and I hope, new help as well." Letting out another sigh, she made her way inside the school, but before she entered, she put a fist up and shouted in what was new found enthusiasm. "First day of school here I come!"
  12. He looks down at the strange girl at th entrance and laughs to himself. Before he jumps down and lands right in front of her. His hands still in his pockets and hoodie up covering his face. "And whooo are you?"
  13. Attempting to not walk into anyone or anything, Dani continued to play FNaF 2 on her phone as she dawdled down the hall. She was engrossed in the game, taunting BB, "Sucker, you can't touch me!" but screamed and nearly dropped her phone as the Puppet leapt out at her. She clamped her hand over her mouth. Dani didn't really mind about the fact that now both boys and girls were in a single school - It would be a nice change, she supposed. Her last year at this school had been female face after female face and female face.. At least now, there would be some males.
  14. Brianna couldn't help the surprised gasp that escaped her mouth. Soon, her thoughts went into a frantic state. "Is this guy insane!!? Oh my God, if all the boys are like him...Oh God, I can already imagine all the mess I would have to clean up..." However, before she could get far on her rambling, she heard the boy asking her a question.

    "And whooo are you?"

    After staring at the boy for a couple of minutes, she snapped out of her shock state and answered. "I'm Brianna Kendale. Vice-President of the Student Committee, well last years Vice-President. I don't know if I'll be elected this year since I think some boys might run for the position. Though, I hope I get elected this year, because frankly, I love helping the students." Shaking her head, she quickly apologized for her rambling. "Sorry, I tend to talk a lot when caught off guard. Anyways, who are you, exactly?"
  15. Alex watched as Lori took the new girl away, she didn't even get time to ask the new girl her name. Oh well, it would have to be done later. It was time to head into the school. She could see old faces of the girls, though all the boys were obviously new. Alex noticed Brianna in the distance, her friend since they began to work in the student council together. She began to walk up to her, though some guy suddenly jumped in front of her. Thinking at first that it could be a problem, Alex began to hurry over there but after a few moments Brianna seemed to be okay; though Alex was still going to go over there to check. "Don't worry, Brianna. I am sure you'll get a part this year as well. You work very hard." Alex replied when she overheard Brianna talking about wanting to be in the student council. Alex looked at the male in front of them, by appearance he may be someone they had to worry about but that wasn't the right thing to do.

    While Lori was pulling the new kid into the school, she had passed Dani almost running into the girl but was able to move around so that wouldn't happen. Finally Lori had let go of the new girl.
  16. "Im k gun expert extrordinare also an assassin." He smirks as he pulls out two pistols. He twirls them on his fingers until they land with his fingers on the triggers. "So you dont like fights do ya. Well your not gonna get very far with these people last year i had tk kill 20 people." He laughs a bit.
  17. Did he just-? Prince mode activated. Alex got in front of Brianna when K pulled out the gun. This was even worse then Lori or Jade that she had to deal with in the past as the president. She knew things were going to get harder to keep things right, but this guy! "Guns are not allowed at school." Alex said, though she knew if she did the wrong thing to him he could just go shooting someone. "I should have that taken away from you, but I'll let it go for now. Please do not bring it back, leave your 'work' at home." She said calmly, hoping that he would accept this offer and wouldn't go making a big problem.

    (ooc: Please don't have him actually shoot someone at the school, outside the school after school I'm fine with as long as its not someone's actual character unless given permission.)
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  18. "I wont kill anyone but i cant promise ill keep em home." He smirks again putting the guns in 2 holsters. "And the only way you could take my guns is if you could catch me hun." He the climbs up the wall and goes back to his banister spot.
  19. Brianna nodded her head at Alex once she heard her, and smiled at her comment. However, before she had the time to greet her properly, the boy in front her pulled out some guns. Now, Brianna had dealt with a lot of dangerous situations, but no once had she encounter herself in such a situation like the one right now. Her light brown eyes widened to the size of saucers, and she couldn't help but tremble a bit in fear. "Is this guy for REAL!?" Yet, before she could say something that might have made the situation worse, her 'prince' in shinning armor, -well not literally in shining armor or prince, though everyone saw Alex as one-, quickly stepped in.

    Like so many times before, Alex came to Brianna's rescue. "Guns are not allowed at school." Brianna, who was still a bit in shock, quickly nodded her head in agreement. "I should have that taken away from you, but I'll let it go for now. Please do not bring it back, leave your 'work' at home." Brianna found herself, inching closer towards Alex. She had never been so scared before, not even when she had to break up fights. Though, those were between girls only, now that boys were going to enter the mix, Brianna started to have doubts if she'll be able to handle it. Clinging to the back of Alex shirt, she decided to at least back up Alex. "You should listen to herrr..."

    As she heard the boy's answer and watched him leave by climbing the wall, Brianna couldn't do anything but shake her head. "Alex... Please tell me that, not all boys are like that, because if they are, I don't think I could handle the mess we are going to have. It was a hassle of a year with just Lori and Jade, now that guy...." Putting a hand to her head, she started to massage her temple. "I can already feel the headaches..."
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  20. She slipped the phone into her pocket, biting her tongue as not to say something sarcastic to Lori who was pulling a new kid along. That probably wouldn't have gone down well. She looked over at Alex and Brianna, who she could see vaguely from where she was standing. There was boy (or at least, probably a boy), holding two guns. As he climbed the wall, she called out, "Spiderman! Spiderman! Does whatever a Spiderman does!" before turning her head, whistling casually. This year was going to be hectic, she could feel it. Whether that was good or bad, well, she'd have to find out. For now, she was more focused on being 'Queen of Nerds' for as long as possible and playing video games. Her eyes flickered once more to the duo, whom were basically 'The Pacifist' and 'The Prince'. Well, Alex was 'prince' of the original all girls school..
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