School Life In Moon City (Fantasy SteamPunk School Life)

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What year of study should be follow?

  1. 1st (Lower School I)

  2. 2nd (Lower School II)

  3. 3rd (Lower School III)

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  4. 4th (Lower School IV)

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  5. 5th-9th (Higher School I-IV)

  6. 10th or above (Observatory)

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Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Moon Academy the largest and most prestigious of all Aerethian educational institutions. With most of it's facilities located on a small island which is a part of Moon City it is the cornerstone of education in the Human Confederation.

    What do you need to know:

    The official calendar of Aerethia always starts on a Monday 1st January.
    Each school year in Moon Academy begins on Friday 5th January with a opening ceremony and ends on 25th December inside of the same calendar year.
    Each school year has four semesters:

    5.1-22.3. First
    23.3.-25.6. Second

    26.6.-24.9. Third - Usually used for one to three longer field trips to anywhere except Moon City.
    25.9.-25.12. Forth
    [The change of semesters is during 4-6 days long breaks]

    There are three school levels:
    Lower (Elementary) School - 4 years, age 12,13,14,15
    Higher (High) School - 4 years, age 16,17,18,19
    Up to here the school is mandatory!
    Observatory (University) - various lengths, ages 20 and up.
    [Ages are given for at which age one should be in the school not counting repeating students]

    Lower School
    Mathematics, Language and Letters (L&L), Foreign Language and Letters, Physical Education, Basic Visual Arts, Basic Music Arts, Basic Mechanics (II Year - Natural Sciences), History of Aerethia (III Year) and Geography of Aerethia (III Year). There is also a number of elective classes and activities (ranging from a School Newspaper Club to Sailing) of which the student must take at least one of his choice (with the maximum being five elective subjects).

    Higher School
    Mathematics, L&L, Foreign L&L and Physical Education are the only non-elective subjects here. From a large number of subjects each students chooses up to six which will be needed for whatever carrier the student wishes to pursue. Together with this four elective not necessary work-related classes or activities can be chosen.

    The courses depend completely on which carrier you are aiming for.

    All students coming from outside of Moon City have free accommodation and food at the Moon Academy Dorm located on the Great Isle. In five large facilities all such students are located and can make use of various facilities.

    The Maps (open)

    Unfortunately I am still working on the maps of Moon City so for now I can only put hand drawn, scanned and chopped up versions of the map of Moon City and School Isle (on which the Lower and Higher school are located). Currently I am working on the School Isle.

    Maps of the Moon City:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    The most westenr parts of Moon City - South Island, Library Island and parts of Silver City, King's Isle.

    The next parts - rest of King's Isle and central Silver City. The whole Market, Park, Sanctuary/Salvation Isles and the Great City can be seen.

    Next we have the east end of Silver City, North Isle, School Isle, Great Isle and a part of Wide City

    And finally the east end of Moon City - primary made out of Small City, Wide City and the Dawning Sun Isle.

    This is just and idea sketch for easier work on individual maps of each of the islands and suburban areas. There my be differences between this and the final version (in which I will glue scaled down individual maps and create a collage showing Moon City's every building! Lots of work will have to go before this so do not worry).
    Violet lines are railways. Black are roads (or in some cases building outlines) and brown areas are fortifications.
    Yellowish lines outline industrial ares, red government areas/buildings and green are protected natural areas.

    The hand drawn version of School/Ellasi Island
    In the final version all buildings will be made. As you might note it is all in English except for a small note for who was supposed to use GIMP to turn this into a digital image - it is on Croatian. I might make the school smaller but just might. But they are definitely staying where they are smaller or not! They are not that big considering they are the only educational service for 2 million city and a large number of students coming to study at the Moon Academy from the rest of Aerethia.

    As for how to read the School Isle Map.
    Thick blue lines are roads!
    Green is vegetation!
    Grey are urban zones mostly made out of housings.
    White is other types of surfaces (for example sports fields).
    Red are government or public service buildings.
    Orange are service objects like shops, diners, inns, hotels ...
    The industrial buildings are show in the color between yellow and orange.
    Yellow areas are areas for swimming.
    All numbers are related to population.
    The other islands are all the ones that are just west of School Islands.

    As you can see you get to chose which educational year we are going to RP with. I would appreciate if we did it with 3rd year Lower School but it is up to you players.
  2. I voted....I can't wait anymore^^ these ideas are amazing.
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