School is almost over

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  1. Just a little over two weeks of classes left, then diploma exams (which are the worst) and then I'm gone. My grad is June 30.

    I am actually not gonna go get totally plastered because I did that at a grad party last weekend and I'm about done with that. But I am gonna go on a super wicked camping trip out on a lake in the mountains or whatevs come July. Just a bunch of friends, super stoked. Roadtrips rock #friendtrip 2015

    Anyways, it might not really be that big for some of the older members, but any fun plans for this summer?
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  2. School. :3

    Seriously, this last year has been weird with reverse scheduling.

    Summer with 1 class -> Semester with no classes -> Semester I aimed to get back in, but complications arose -> Summer with Classes.

    So in a sense I came out of a 8 month summer (12 if you think having 1 class last summer isn't enough to break the mold).
    Technically my current summer schedule only has classes 2-3 days a week (varying on the week), but it's homework intensive so that will also consume some time later on in the semester.
  3. Hooray!

    It means you kids won't be screwing up my campus with your graffiti and peeing on the bathroom walls!


    Four ten hour days. Waking up early! Having to get the schools are super pretty for the new students.
  4. You'll miss it before long. Enjoy the last days. ^^
  5. I plan to roll my eyes at every teenager who floods this place during the summer.
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  6. Just watch out for Jason Voorhees. Don't want to be slashed to bits, do you?
  7. Please don't remind me! I'm not ready for my kids' summer vacation.

    On a more positive note though my oldest starts high school this year. 4 more years till she can move out and begin the emptying of the nest process!!
  8. Probably watch teenagers in my RP's bemoan how much life sucks because they only get two months off of school and their parents want them to do things. It should be fun, seeing others do what I used to do at that age. :ferret:
  9. Just finished school, pretty glad to be out to be honest.

    I'm more than ready for my next adventure. Got my broski to hook me up with some manual labor jobs during the summer so I can get tan and swole during the summer to get ready for the college babes.
  10. I might try to join roleplays and watch them die slowly.
  11. I'm looking forward to this Summer, I plan to not be lazy and get the outdoor exercise that I so desperately need; I'm already making excellent progress. My only regret is having to empty the pool thanks to the stupid drought in California forcing us to conserve water. :(
  12. Fuck, it's Teenager Season!

    Prepare for the Newfags...
  13. My cousin and aunt are coming to visit in late June, early July. We'll be going camping for a week at one point, and will probably do stuff like going fishing and heading to the amusement park.
    Other than that?

    I'm planning on hiding.
    Hiding and never coming out.
    There's a possibility I'll move to a foreign country, and become a hermit.
    Whatever is needed to shield myself from the horrors of summer.

    It's just... such a terrifying time.
    It's way too hot.
    All the annoying neighborhood kids are out and about, walking around screaming swear words and trying to act all 'swaggy'.
    (How is anyone supposed to get any peace with that sort of crap?!)
    And worst of all, there's no school.
    As a nerd with no life, I shudder just to think about it.
  14. I don't get summers anymore, so enjoy it for me!

    But you're doing things right with the camping trip. That I can totally get behind.

    Congrats, by the way!
  15. anime
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  16. Enjoy your vacations!
  17. I graduate from high school on Tuesday, so it'll be mostly work --> friends --> sleep --> repeat until I head off to college in August. Plus I turn 18 soon so we're having a birthday bananza out in ye olde country side. Should be fun, if last year was anything to go by.
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