School? In the middle of the night?

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    {2 A.M Friday}
    The halls were dark only illuminated the the moonlight shining through those over sized hall windows. Ula was trying to find her way through the empty halls. "is anyone there.." she shouts her soft voice echoing through the slender halls. she placed her back against the wall sliding down slowly.
  2. Ciel was awake at this ungodly hour. Why was she up like this again? Her sleeping schedule was okay just some nights ago.
    It was probably because of the air conditioning in her dorm room. No, that couldn't be it; she was used to sleeping in the cold.
    Was it something about this school she newly transferred to, then?

    Having nothing better to do, she got out of bed, put on a dark grey hoodie and some long shorts, and made her way outside. She shut the door behind her and listened if anyone was awake like her.

    (Isn't this supposed to be in the Roleplays, not in the Discussions?)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.