School Gang Rivalry

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  1. In a small neighborhood in Tokyo, there stood Akebono Minami High School. It's a school with one of the best curriculum and students in the region. Most of the students are from the local neighborhood that surrounds the school. From the outside, it looks like a peaceful school, which strive to make the best out of it's students. Ironically, unbeknownst to outsiders, the school is filled with many gangs. And, two particular gangs have been rivals since Junior High. Let's just say, the students you see out on the street with the school's uniform are the one's that aren't part of the gang, yeah?

    April. The beginning of a new school year. Some dreaded going to school while some were excited for the brand new school year. It's the time of the year when the cherry blossoms bloom.

    "Brother, wake up!" Kaori shook her brother, who was still in a deep sleep. She was already in her uniform, all set to go. School won't start till an hour and a half. He replied by grunting and pushing her hand away. Kaori sighed in annoyance, stood up and headed for the kitchen to grab the jug of cold water she recently put in the refrigerator the night before. She came back into her brother's room a few seconds later with the jug. She muttered an apology before pouring all it's contents onto him. He shot up from his bed, gasping and shivering.
    Toshiya looked up at his sister, he glared a bit but his eyes softened when he saw his sister's face.

    He pushed some of the wet hair out of his face while Kaori looked down at him, emotionless. "Good morning, Toshiya."

    He got up from his bed and stretched a bit before proceeding to take his uniform from his closet. He yawned, "Morning, Kaori..."

    About ten minutes later, he was ready. Though, he didn't really qualify as a neat student. His sister was the opposite; even though she doesn't really follow the skirt rules for the school, her skirt stops mid-thigh when the rule clearly says at the knee cap. Before leaving, Toshiya grabbed his bat and his empty school bag while Kaori grabbed her school bag. They exited their shared apartment and walked towards the school which was a 10 minute walk from their house. They walked side by side as Toshiya yawned loudly, his hair was dry and starting to curl up, just like his sister's. The chains that were dangling from Toshiya's pants were making noises as he took a step forward and his multiple earrings on both ears were pretty noticeable.

    "Do we really need to go to school?" Toshiya asked after a big yawn, then he ruffled the back of his hair.

    Kaori nodded. "It's Senior year. We might as well go."

    The rest of the journey was a silent one, with a bit of Toshiya glaring at other people and Kaori trying to stop him from fighting. A few minutes later, they stood outside the school. They spotted many new faces, some of which were frightened by Toshiya. They entered the school, ignoring the stares they got from juniors. They walked past the Class Listing Board, already knowing which class they're in. It was pretty obvious. Toshiya didn't really study for the end of year papers, which ultimately led him to the last class of the Senior classes while Kaori might have studied, she opted to be in the same class as her brother.

    "We should wait for the rest at the rooftop, yeah."
    Toshiya walked ahead of Kaori, in the direction of the rooftop. Kaori nodded and followed him closely while many students made way for the twins.
  2. Akuma got out of bed, looking at the bright uneventful morning he rubbed his face as the sunlight penetrated through his room's window and curtains. He rose to his feet and with a slow pace walked over to the bathroom. After taking a shower and getting dressed for school he went downstairs to find most of the house empty and the maids working in the kitchen, he picked up his coffee mug and took a long sip of it... he placed his gun on the kitchen table, reloading it and checking it for any jams or issues a silver Beretta 96 Combat, the sun reflected of the gun and into his face... he then placed it inside the pistol strap he had, and put on his jacket, he took his school bag and put it on his back. On the way out he picked up a motorcycle helmet and a pair of keys... heading towards the garage it automatically opened up, a dark carbon painted Yamaha YZF R1 motorcycle stood between the multiple cars that were there... he got on the bike, started it and took off.

    On the way to school filtered through the traffic he encountered almost everyday. His telephone rang and he answered it, a female voice with a deep and calming sense to it spoke "Akuma... are you headed to school? You better be... you don't want to..." he cut her off there "Mother... I am not a child anymore, you do not need to keep tabs on me... your daily conversations only bore me. Good day." he clicked on his helmet and ended the call. He punched the throttle through traffic even more and shortly there after was at school... his motorcycle gave out a loud roar as he approached the school gates. He parked it near the entrance and took of his helmet. Looking at all those juniors that came at the school he smirked pitiful little bastards... they have no idea what they are walking into he thought to himself as he walked into the school yard, he took of his motorcycle helmet and held it with his hand.

    He entered the main school building and made his way to the rooftop, arriving there first he tossed his jacket, schoolbag and helmet into a corner... he lit a cigarette and looked down at the students that were going into the building.
  3. Hairu Matsuoka did not abide idleness. She woke at 6 am every morning, showered, dressed (pristinely ironed shirt, skirt exactly ¼ of a centimeter above the knee cap, india green tie, shelby knot), ate (whole grain toast, greek yogurt, ½ an orange), and left for the bus stop. She left home so early because she knew that the 6:45 bus was comprised almost exclusively of elderly people who would pay her no mind and whose presence would deter potential attackers. The only downside was that Hairu, being the youngest and healthiest person on the bus, always had to stand, but it was the orderly and acceptable way to do things so that’s how she did it.

    Today was no different, except Hairu, who was very intelligent, had even more on her mind than usual. She disdained the rising power of the 3E gang, and found herself particularly irked by their undignified and irreverent leader, Remi Yukimura. She was standing with one hand holding a ceiling strap and the other preoccupied with her phone, reviewing the information she had about 3E’s gang when a young man she had never seen approached.

    “Hey, you’re kind of cute. What’s your name?” He asked. Hairu shot daggers at him with her eyes.

    “You’ve got a really nice body. Do you have a boyfriend?” He continued, not catching the hint. Hairu sighed and lowered her phone.

    “Are you completely asinine? Or are you honestly pathetic enough that you think it appropriate for you to hit on girls on the city bus? I’m clearly preoccupied and disinterested. The only conclusion I can draw is that you are a sad and vulgar man with no respect for women who’s probably also a pervert.” The bus fell completely silent. The young man appeared angry, but at an utter loss for words. His skin had grown somewhat pinker. “Leave me alone.” She gave him a deathly cold stare. “Or I will make you regret it.”

    Sensing that her stop was next, she tugged the pull cord without breaking her glare. The bus rolled to a stop and the man stood aside as Hairu picked up her things and exited the bus.

    She moved through the school, the few students already there avoided eye contact and stayed out of her way. She comprised a text to Keiko, Misaki, Zulu, and Tokoshiro as she walked: “Mandatory meeting. Meet me and the others at the student council room as soon as you get here.” She sent the message and entered into the Student Council Headquarters on the second floor. She set her things up at the front of the room, made herself a cup of coffee, and turned on her laptop as she began to go over her plans for the day.
  4. Remi pulled herself out of her bed, after hitting the snoozing button a few times. She had to stay up late last night, when school was starting back up in the morning. While half asleep the girl began to get ready, taking a quick shower and putting on the school uniform. The school uniform, Remi spent many years trying to break the rules with this outfit though the rules always changed once she crossed them. It's like the school was one step ahead of her with clothing. Thinking about it Remi made a sigh as she had a small breakfast.

    Remi picked her bag up from the corner she had thrown it in just at the beginning of break. She opened her door of her apartment and went outside. She made her way down the streets, towards the school. She could already she new students as she made it closer to the school. She smirked, she might not like the whole idea of school but there was one thing that she found pretty fun while there. Remi could already tell the kids around her were talking about her. Of course they would, she was Remi Yukimura, 3E's gang leader yet she was one of the smallest kids in school. The new kids, once they saw who Remi was, didn't know whether to believe what they heard about her or consider the rumors just rumors.

    She walked past the gossiping people, who turned away when she got close, and into the school. She headed in the direction of the stairs, casually walked up them and pushed open the door to the roof with her foot. She noticed Akuma stalking the other students.

    "See anything interesting." She said as she walked up beside him.
  5. He heard Remi's voice behind him continuing his gaze at the students he replied to her "Stupidity... ignorance... fear... fresh meat... " he said, he took another large deep inhale and exhale of his smoke before throwing the smoke through the safety fence that was around the roof "3A... should step up their game... we got strength but they have brain power... we should be vary of them. I don't like getting ambushed" he sat down and leaned against the fence "What's your decision? Also Matsuoka walk in shortly before you... doing her high and mighty act again." although his face showed irritation he talked with a calm and deep voice, he looked directly in Remi's eyes.
  6. "Look at my sister that way again, and I'll kill you." Toshiya glared at the group of juniors that were eyeing and attempting to flirt with her. He only threw a few punches at them and they already begged for mercy. His voice was cold and all Kaori could think while she stood a few feet behind her brother was "Brother is so cool~!"

    The juniors that Toshiya punched, nodded and hurriedly left the scene.

    "Let's go, Kaori." Toshiya picked up his things and started to head for the stairs that led to the rooftop. Kaori followed.

    They climbed up the stairs till they reached the top, they were panting slightly. The door to the rooftop was closed and had the restricted area sign on it but no one really cared. Toshiya kicked open the door with full force. They walked through the door with ease, noticing Remi and Akuma already there.

    "Yo! Did anyone missed us?!" Toshiya exclaimed as he tossed his bag and bat next to Akuma's things. Kaori stood near the railings, looking down at the students. Toshiya stood next to Kaori, his back was facing out as he took out a cigarette stick and lit it up. He took a long drag before breathing out, trying to make circles with the smoke.

    "So, any news from 3A?" Kaori asked.
  7. "Kei-ko-chan!" a girl chimed.Keiko turned around to face the direction the voice came from.It was some girls from Junior year."Ah,good morning.It's been a while!" she smiled as she waited for the girls to catch up with her.Keiko has always been getting along with pretty much everyone in school.Having her popularity and kindness as a given,she is almost rarely seen alone.And when she sees somebody alone,she never hesitates to go up to them and talk.That's why people like her.

    After a few minutes of walking(and chatting),they finally reached the school."Hm?" Keiko looked down at her phone and read the text message she got from Hairu."As expected from the president" she smiled,putting her phone back in her skirt pocket."Um,you guys go ahead.Student Council business." she called to the group."Ee?Well,see you in class~" Keiko waved goodbye at them and headed to the student council room.Her light pink sweater made her outstand from from the crowd of students.Even though most eyes were on her as she passed by,she never missed to say "good morning" to every person that met her eyes.

    After a few minutes,she finally reached the room."Hairu-chan,good morning" she greeted with her usual sweet tone and cheerful smile.Keiko is probably one of the few people who aren't quite afraid of her.Not that she disrespects her,but she doesn't avoid her unlike most people.She closed the door behind her and took a seat on the chair that was paralleled to where Hairu's sitting.
  8. Misaki woke up at 6 AM and took her sweet time getting ready for school. Hardly ever did she rush to anything, unless it involved 3A and the gang.
    She pulled on her skirt, which ran a little short for her, her legs are longer then her torso so her skirt reached approximately 2 1/2 inches above her knee. Misaki was the kind of girl who liked to push limits because she knew she could get away with it. She pulled back the top half of her hair and tied it with a green ribbon that matched her skirt and left the other half down. Styling her bangs so they swooped to one side. Her eyes were oddly for grey then usual today.

    "Okay, I'm going to school now. I might be a little late, student council and all." She kissed both her parents on the cheek as she headed for the door. She heard them call after her, "Alright! Stay out of trouble!" Misaki turned when she got to the door and responded with the sweetest smile, "I never do!" She laughed a little then walked out the door. Her parents didn't have to know a thing.

    As Misaki reached school she felt her phone vibrate in her book bag. Casually she pulled it out and walked into the school while reading her messages. She could feel some people looking at her, most with admiration, but she pretended to be oblivious. She walked right past the board with their classes in it, she didn't even need to glance up from her phone.
    'First day of school and already we have a meeting? Makes sense. Can't be to cautious around those 3E kids. God.'

    Misaki kept a calm pace as she walked to the student council room, holding her head up high and acting confident. She smiled at students and stopped to talk to a few new kids who seemed lost. She had a reputation to uphold and honestly did care for her fellow students, other than the scum from 3E.

    "Well hello, darlings." Misaki said sweetly and not to fake when she walked into the student council room. It's not like Misaki wanted to keep up her fake sweet and wonderful side around her friends, after all they were the closest people to her who knew about her other side, but she didn't know how to really act like her true self around anyone.

    Misaki placed her stuff and sat near Hairu and Keiko, smiling at them. She was quite excited to start this new year. Admittedly she was excited to be back in action against 3E.
  9. "Tears are for real men, fame is for the weak..."
    Ooji rocketed along quickly on his beloved skateboard, checking the cracked watch on his wrist, and pulling down the front of his black beanie somewhat more over his eyes. Today was a lame day, often like that. His stomach rumbled loudly as he zoomed along and he patted it, pushing himself forward with a few forced jolts with his foot. He was hungry because Mother was sleeping in and they didn't have anything good to eat, he ended up snacking on some bread and cheese. Ooji wondered if he had enough money to buy some junk food. He turned the corner briskly, giving his bat a satisfying twirl, almost whipping another in the face. The dude kept walking after a moment of shock and a small glance. Right now, he had his beloved music pouring into his ears from his headphones. Ooji lightly admired it for it's place in the atmosphere today, lively. He did a small kick flip before rolling up towards the school, seeing it come into his view made him put on his traditional scowl.

    Not bothering to get off his skateboard, Ooji started muttering a rap he's memorized by hear under his breath, giving his base ball bat the occasional swing at air. Let's see what kind of junk his crew has been getting into... Noticing his girl, Remi, homeboy,Akuma, and the two he called 'tweedle dee and tweedle dum', obviously Toshiya and Kaori. He rolled up to them, stopping the skateboard with his foot and popping his gum. He hosted the graffiti infected skateboard under his arm and looked at them nonchalantly. "Ay yo, wha's happenin'?" The normal scowl he always had on his face stayed apparent as he began resting his baseball bat over his shoulders in a calmed pose. It was clear when people thought Ooji was actually, you know, not a complete arse... He looked so approachable.
  10. Remi smirked. "Good, you're all here now." She said once everyone appeared. "Today. What's today? It's the first day of school, meaning new minds to corrupt." She turned to face everyone, not only Akuma. She hoped up onto the fence surrounding the roof. Surprisingly Remi was able to stay up on the top of the fence and not fall off. After all, the girl usually ended up tripping on her own shoe lance that she didn't even realize was undone. She crossed her legs, her hands on the fence to help support her. She made a little giggle. "As you know, most of the school takes sides. Some for us, some from those 3A nuisances and others are just too afraid to pick anything. The incoming first-years have not made any opinion yet, they only go off of what they hear. I think it's time to do some recruiting and get some more students on our side. What's a student council when they have no students who will follow them?" She took a pause and sighed. "But Akuma you are right about them having smarts, which means they will plan their own games as well, so I do suggest to be careful. I don't want any of you to get in trouble"
  11. The sound of an annoying rooster alarm went off before Tokoshiro slammed his palm on the snooze button. He awoke in drowsiness before looking at the clock, noticing it was 6 A.M. He sat there, forgetting why his alarm was set so early before slamming a fist into his palm with a shocked expression on his face. It was finally the day, the first day of their new school year as seniors. If it were not, Tokoshiro would have probably set his alarm for 1 P.M. or something of the sort. He shrugged before rising out of his bed, having nothing on but a pair of black boxers with kisses on it. It was an embarrassing gift from his mother but he didn't care much. They were pretty comfortable and he enjoyed wearing them around the house.

    The vice president walked to the bathroom before taking a shower and brushing his teeth. He danced out of the bathroom, reciting the lyrics to his favorite band song before walking to the closet. He opened the closet door, pulling out his school uniform before slipping it on over his body. Tokoshiro looked at himself in the mirror before glancing around to see if anyone else was watching. He began to flex in the mirror, making various 'umph' and 'mhmm' sounds. He turned to his left before developing a look of horror upon his face. His father was there watching him while chuckling at him. Flustered and embarrassed, Tokoshiro pushed his way past his father and walked down the stairs, not forgetting to grab his bamboo sword which was by the door.

    "I'll see you all later!"

    He took in a deep breath of fresh air before breathing it out, along with a sigh. As he walked down the sidewalk to school which was about ten minutes away, his phone vibrated within his pocket. He pulled it out before reading the text and decided to reply with a funny comment, or funny to him at least.

    "Alrighty I get it, going to make our asses work when school hasn't even officially begun yet?"

    He did not know how she would react to the word asses but he would deal with it once he reached the student council room. He arrived at the school grounds, passing the board that designated students to which class they would be in. He already knew that he was in 3A, so there was no need to check the sign. On his way up the stairs he noticed a vending machine and instantly walked up to it before slipping coins in for his favorite drink - a lemon and lime combination. He grabbed the drink with ease before running up the rest of the flight of stairs, the soft drink shaking in his hand. Upon reaching the room he looked at those who were already here.

    "Ahh look, the serious Hairu! The social Keiko! And the cold blooded killer Misaki!"

    He laughed at his own joke. Misaki would know that he was kidding, or at least he hoped she did. Tokoshiro opened the soft drink, not realizing that on his whole way here he was fizzing it up. The drink erupted in the room, firing as high as the ceiling before spilling some of the contents onto the council table. He looked around at the others before gulping, then nonchalantly taking his vice president seat, placing his bamboo sword next to his seat.

    "So Prez, what are we doing here?"
  12. As Toshiya was about to say something, he was interrupted by an announcement, "ALL STUDENTS, PLEASE BE IN THE SCHOOL HALL IN FIVE MINUTES FOR THE OPENING CEREMONY. ATTENDANCE WILL BE TAKEN."

    Toshiya grumbled and took out another stick, lighting it up. Kaori watched him smoke, wondering if she should get rid of the supply of cigarettes he has in his room.
  13. Misaki stared at Tokoshiro, wearing a huge grin on her face and sarcastically responding to his remark.

    "Oh, Tokoshiro-kun. You know I don't kill people." Her face turned from it's sweet and innocent look into a darker look within the matter of seconds and she continued, "I just make people want to kill themselves." And with a quick snap her face turned back into the sweet outlook it had before. But she wore a sarcastic smile, that meant 'I'm-totally-kidding-I-just-want-to-mess-with-you'

    And then she ignored the soda that stained the room and laughed a bit herself at it. Even if messing around like this reminded her of immature 3E students she liked her group of friends. They could do not wrong, even if they spilled soda everywhere.

    Misaki heard the announcement, it would be such a shame to try to get everyone together just to leave to have a school meeting. Then Misaki thought if they didn't have to attend they could be one step ahead of 3E.
    "Hm. Do we have to go to that? Or are we exempt since we are the precious student council?"
  14. Looking at the newly arrivals he waved at each and one of them... Akuma looked up as he heard the announcement "Perfect place to introduce ourselves to the new students..." as he talked the sunlight reflected off his gan and into Remi's face "...Remi... I suggest you get down, your clumsy as you are... I don't want you falling off the rails" he reached and grabbed her leg wanting to pull her down.
  15. "If you pull me, I'll fall." She said, this voice and comment matched her appearance much better than the last times she had talked. "Or my skirt might get caught on the railing." She jumped down from the fence holding her skirt so it wouldn't fly around too much. "Right! The only reason we are going to the ceremony is to meet students and get them on our side. They don't know much, except what was told, we could make those seem just like some rumors. Show that 3A are the bad guys and that they should be on our side." This time she didn't sound like such a little girl. She pointed to Ooji and the twins. "You three are going to be friendly to as many people as you can. When you first see you, you seem like nice people. We can use that to our advantage. Akuma, you pick the ones that seem like the delinquents. They should listen to you more than they would listen to anyone else here." She gave her friends a wink with a smile.
  16. Hairu offered a calm “good morning” to Keiko and Misaki each when they walked in. Her eyes never left her laptop screen but she was warmed by their presence. When she formed the gang in middle school she had been very deliberate in choosing them. They were talented, both, but they were also very beautiful and likable. Popularity could not be undervalued and the sight of Hairu flanked by two girls as idolized as Keiko and Misaki had an impact on friends, enemies, and future recruits alike.

    She began to say hello to Tokoshiro when she spotted his fingers on the soda tab. “Tokoshiro, did you-“ she started but it was too late. The soda had spilled everywhere. She grabbed her latop and pulled it away from the encroaching drink, standing up from her chair to do so. She gave him a shaming glare and retreated to the other side of the table as Misaki teased him. She would berate him later.

    Hairu thought briefly about Misaki’s question. “No.” She answered. “We need not participate in their formalities. And to answer your question, Tokoshiro, I’ve brought everyone here to discuss a certain irritation that’s been on all of our minds.” She looked around for Zulu but she was not there. There wasn’t any more time to wait as class would start before long.

    She clicked a button and the projector whirred, revealing the image from her laptop on a large screen in the front of the room. There were 5 faces enlarged on the screen in front of them. “3E.” Hairu said. “They’ve been only a slight nuisance over these past years but, as I’m sure you’ve all noticed, their influence has grown to an unacceptable level.” She clicked and the slide was replaced by the image of an extremely petite and cute blonde-haired girl. Hairu’s lip twitched in disgust. “Remi Yukimura has the gall to try and take us over. According to my research she is very well-to-do, perhaps wealthier than Keiko, which means she has resources. True, she is physically weak,”

    Hairu flipped to the next slide which revealed two side by side images of an extremely tall muscular man and a shorter red-haired man with a ferocious look and a bat swung over his shoulder. “but she has Akuma and Ooji to more than make up for that. Tokoshiro, I am going to need you and Zulu to study their fighting styles and try to determine their weaknesses and strongpoints should things get physical. I assume you still have greater dexterity with your swords than you do with soft drinks.” She glanced at him. He could be a goon sometimes, but his fighting abilities demanded respect. She flipped to the next slide, revealing a photo of two dark-haired twins.

    “Now these two are a real problem. Remi was wise to recruit twins for her dealer and messenger all those years ago. Seventeen years of experience together means they know each other’s every move, they make up for each other’s faults. Keiko and Misaki, you two are amicable, but I need you to know everything about each other. Meanwhile, we have to discover a way to create a schism between Toshiya and Kaori, they are too formidable a force when they are together." She flipped back to the first slide of all 5 3E leaders. "Of course you will all need to be just as diligent with your regular jobs recruiting, maintaining our Adderall, cigarette, and other distribution rings, providing protection from our allies and negotiating with the teachers to support our interests. Now, what are your suggestions?"
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  17. Tokoshiro listened to Misaki's joke before laughing. Even if it was a joke, she wasn't entirely wrong. The people that messed with Misaki usually felt like ridding themselves of their live, or so it seemed. She was the kind of girl to beat you into a pulp and give you glares in the hallway. Speaking of glares, he took the one from the president before looking away with a sad look. It was if he was a puppy that was disappointed for not pleasing it's master. He would probably have to clean the spill later. Hairu stated that they had to talk about a matter pressing on their minds but he himself wasn't thinking about much at the moment, besides the fact that Zulu wasn't in the room. He shrugged, deciding that he would fill her in on the matter later.

    He heard the sound of a fan as the projector turned on. The five faces of his most hated adversaries came upon the screen; the 3E gang, the notorious band of delinquents. Hairu stated that they have only been a nuisance for the past few years, but their influence was gaining and he nodded at that fact. The slide disappeared showing the next one, the face of the 3E gang's leader, Remi Yukimura. He turned back to see Hairu's reaction and she obviously showed that she had a hatred for the 3E gang's leader. He did as well. He reminisced for a moment, thinking back to the eighth grade when he asked her to go on a date with him. Tokoshiro wasn't mad by the fact that she said no, but by the fact that she announced it to the whole class back in the day. She also continued on by making rude remarks, saying that he was the ugliest peace of trash he has ever seen. Tokoshiro would have slammed his fist on the table at that moment but he had to keep calm and in control in the student council room. He had aged and his appearance has changed as well, so he wasn't the 'ugliest piece of trash' from a few years ago. Hairu went on to say that she had more resources than Keiko, and that was true.

    She went to the next slide, and it was his biggest rivals, Akuma and Ooji. Hairu stated that she needed himself and Zulu to study their fighting styles and determine their weaknesses and strong points. Tokoshiro was all up to the task and the idea of getting revenge on those who physically beat him up in freshman year excited him. He even had to eat more and start working out because of them! Hairu said that he would have better dexterity with a sword than a soda can and he rolled his eyes before giving a sly grin.

    The next slide showed the two twins of the 3E gang. Hairu stated that these two were probably the biggest problem and that was true. They had a lot of experience with each other and they were also siblings. He paid close attention to her last statement as she went back to the slide of the main 3E members.

    "Of course you will all need to be just as diligent with your regular jobs recruiting, maintaining our Adderall, cigarette, and other distribution rings, providing protection from our allies and negotiating with the teachers to support our interests. Now, what are your suggestions?"

    Tokoshiro was focused and serious, and stood up before slipping his hands into his pockets, rendering his suggestion.

    "What I suggest to break the synergy of the twins is infatuation techniques. I feel like me and Zulu should do this, since we are formidable by ourselves if we ever get attacked by the 3E gang. It may sound a bit weird but I would go for Kaori, the female while Zulu tries to attract the male, Toshiya. The two will seemingly lose their tight grip on each other if they find others to focus their attention on. This would result in the 3E gang losing their messenger and dealer which would be a huge blow to them. The problem is actually making them fall for the bluff that we actually have interest in them. To be honest, they do not have good personalities at all and I don't know if I would quit halfway through. They are pretty detestable people."
  18. Keiko listened attentively to every word Hairu said while she pulled out her neatly folded,girly-scented napkin from her pocket and dabbed it on her cheek that got a bit splashed with the soda.She kept a calm expression on her face as the faces of the gang from 3E appeared on the screen.She didn't really despise the members of the other gang as much as the others,probably because she's just friendly towards pretty much everyone,but she does find them quite annoying at times.Like that one time in middle school where they pulled several pranks on her in Halloween.When she was getting her shoes when she got to school,there were toy spiders in it that completely freaked her out once she slipped her feet in them.Then in gym,they put rubber snakes on her hair.There were a few more that happened on that one day,but she doesn't like thinking about it that much.

    "Um,not that I'm against Tokoshiro's suggestion,but I don't think that would be easy.The guy is pretty protective when it comes to his sister,and they're almost always together,so there's only a small chance for you to get Kaori alone with you" Keiko put her hand with the napkin down on her lap and looked at Tokoshiro."Besides,if you and Zulu end up actually growing some feelings for them,it will be harder for the both of you to get rid of them".Her tone and expression maintained calm,but it was unlikely for her to use a 'harsh' phrase like "get rid of them".
  19. He nodded to Remi and got up... taking his helmet and leaving his other stuff, he went over to the staircase... he turned again to Remi while putting on his helmet, he pulled out his gun and loaded it "Delinquents... all right... I'm off." he turned to the staircase and went down waving at his friends as he left. He walked through the school halls with clenched fists, his gun was clearly visible to anyone that would glance at him. Walking in the main hall, all he could hear was noise and chatter... it was no use for him to yell and waste his breath... he would be heard easily if he yelled, but he choose a different approach. He walked up to the main stage where everyone could see him, slowly looking at the crowd he could see ten to fifteen delinquents in the crow, slowly pulling out his gun and pointing it up he squeezed off three shots... utter silence was established in the hall, he spoke slowly with a harsh tone "Now that I have your attention... Ladies and Gentlemen let me introduce myself... I am Akuma from 3E... do not be mistaken for a minute though 3E is not just a class... it's a gang... so... a little call to all the delinquents out there, if you want to have a nice time in this school and perhaps survive you will join us. You got until classes end to make your decision so make sure you that by then, all that want to join please go behind the main school building after school. Also, if I may warn you all... there is another gang that is against us... 3A... if you would take down one of their members a hefty monetary reward awaits you and instant membership in our gang as well." he looked at the crowd that was scared to half to death and grinned under his helmet "Thank you for your attention, please proceed with your previous activities... and do not forget until classes end." he walked off the stage and out of the main hall
  20. Toshiya grumbled as soon as he heard that he has to be nice. It's not that he doesn't like being nice to people, it's just that he feels as though he is seen as weak if he tries to be nice others. Kaori nudged his arm then giving him a glare that said 'Don't complain.'. A few minutes after Akuma left, Toshiya got off the railing he was leaning on and said, "It's best that we go now... come on, Ooji~"

    The twins picked up their belongings; Kaori slung her bag on her right shoulder while Toshiya carried his empty school bag in his left hand and his bat on his right. Toshiya motioned for Ooji to follow the twins. "See ya later, Leader-sama~" Toshiya waved, his back facing Remi while Kaori walked beside Toshiya quietly. As they entered the main hall, they heard Akuma's gunshots.

    "It's been a while since I heard gunshots..." Kaori thought aloud. Toshiya nodded while observing the hall.

    "So, do we start with the top class or do we influence the last classes first?" Toshiya asked, trying to compare this year's First Year students. He added while smirking, "Hah, it's funny how there isn't a single sight of those 3A killjoys in here."
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