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  1. School Gang Rivalry

    In a small neighborhood in Tokyo, there stood Akebono Minami High School. From the outside, the building has a peaceful normal school setting. Akebono Minami High is known to have the best curriculum and students in the region. Ironically, unbeknownst to outsiders, the school is filled with many gangs. The two gangs that stand out the most are in their final year. The two gangs are known to have the strongest rivalry since Junior High, bringing their hatred for each other to high school. It's their last year of high school and they want to make their name a legacy to their kouhais (juniors).
    Class 3-A, the gang that makes up mostly of the Student Council Committee and is also the top class. Their rivals, Class 3-E, the infamous yanki (delinquent) class, and also the last class for the Year 3.

    ***Everyone knew each other since Junior High***

    Positions in the gangs:

    Student Council Committee / 3A gang:
    • President / Gang leader
    • Vice President / Right Hand man
    • Secretary / Left Hand man
    • Treasurer / Dealer
    • Social chairperson / Messenger
    Yanki class 3E gang:
    • Gang leader
    • Right hand man
    • Left hand man
    • Dealer
    • Messenger
    Dealers make deals with other gangs through orders given by Gang Leader. Dealers and Messengers are like partners. They follow each other around when given work. Gang leaders are recognized by the red arm band on their left upper arm. The social chairperson in the Student Council Committee informs the school of any social events that'll be taking place.

    ( Teachers and the principal are controlled by ME. But, they aren't that important unless they confront any of the gang members.)



    A white long sleeve button up shirt, that is supposed to be tucked into a dark green plaid skirt. A black blazer with the school's crest on the left breast and a green tie/bow (any style is allowed). A pair of black knee high socks and school shoes.


    A white long sleeve button up shirt, that is supposed to be tucked into a pair of long dark green plaid pants. A black blazer with the school's crest on the left chest and a green tie.

    ~ RP RULES ~
    • Site rules apply
    • No killing each others characters!
    • Maximum TWO characters per person
    • No godmodding
    • No one liners.
    Character sheet:

    Position in Gang:
    (If class 3A; position in student council) :
    Age: (School year starts in April, Senior students would either be 17 or 18~if they had to retain a year)

    ***NOTE: RP starts at the beginning of the school year (April), and the two gangs knew each other since Junior High. Maximum of TWO characters per person. Since it's a gang RP, there should be fighting/ arguing scenes. I'm okay with romance.
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  2. Characters: (I'll delete the taken positions on the main post)

    Student Council Committee / 3A gang:
    • Keiko Furukawa (Social Chairperson / Messenger)
    • Hairu Matsuoka (President / Gang Leader)
    • Misaki Okinawa (Treasurer / Dealer)
    • Zulu Canier (Secretary / Left hand man)
    • Tokoshiro Ishamura (Vice President / Right hand man)
    Yanki class 3E gang:

    • Kaori Takeda (Messenger
    • Toshiya Takeda (Dealer)
    • Akuma Hidou-Evgeny (Right hand man)
    • Remi Yukimura (Gang Leader)
    • Ooji Korumo (Left hand man)
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  3. Character:



    Name: Kaori Takeda
    Gender: Female
    Class/Gang: 3E
    Position in Gang: Messenger
    Age: 17
    Personality: She doesn't talk much and she usually has a poker face, the complete opposite of her twin brother. She is described as emotionless and whenever she speaks, it'll be a little sarcastic. She can also be sarcastic, but it's usually unintentional.
    Strength: She can sneak out of the class without being noticed, hence she's the Messenger for the 3E gang.
    Weakness: She can't defend for herself and usually depend on her brother.
    Bio: Being the youngest of the twins, she is the timid one. She depends on her older brother for defense. Since she's timid, she is usually unnoticeable. Growing up in her brother's shadow made her the shy girl she is, that's why she'll obey any commands she's given. Her brother and her grew up in a normal family surrounding, but their parents started becoming busy with their work, abandoning the two of them. Her brother and her took care of each other since.
    Looks: (in picture) She stands at 5'5". Unlike her brother, she wears her uniform neatly, but her skirt stops mid-thigh which is shorter than most of the girls in school.
    Extra: No matter what, she'll follow her brother. She's smarter than you think. She only went to 3E because of her brother. The younger one amongst the twins.


    Name: Toshiya Takeda
    Gender: Male
    Class/gang: 3E
    Position: Dealer
    Age: 17
    Personality: Loud, total opposite of his sister, hyper, likes to eat a lot.
    Strength: He likes to have hand-to-hand combat a lot but he usually carries a baseball bat to scare people, but he doesn't use it to hit students. He is good at negotiating.
    Weakness: Getting caught sneaking out of class.
    Bio: The total opposite of his younger sister. He is the eldest among the twins. Their parents were too busy to raise them halfway through their life, so they raised themselves. During most of their childhood, he protected her, in fear that other kids would bully her.
    Looks: (in picture) Stands at 5'9". Unlike his sister, he is rather untidy. His school pants is baggy and there are a few silver chains daggling at the side, his shirt is untucked and the top two button of his uniform is unbuttoned. His tie is tied loosely.
    Extra: He is very protective of his sister. He somehow has connections and he distributes cigarette packs to his classmates if they needed a pack. He carries a baseball bat around but he doesn't use it to beat people up. Whenever he receives orders, he waits till his sister sneaks out then he tries to get kicked out of class. He has about 7 piercings on his right ear and five on his left. He'll do anything for his sister.
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  4. Name: Keiko Furukawa
    Gender: Female
    Class/Gang: 3A
    Position in Student Council: Social Chairperson
    Age: 17

    Personality: Keiko is a sweet and gentle girl who is very approachable.She is very friendly and tries to include everybody,especially when they feel excluded.She isn't exactly the hot-tempered type,rather she is calm and collected,but when she does get pissed she becomes a bit violent.It takes a lot of work to get her mad though.

    Strength: She is quite popular and people tend to listen to her

    Weakness: She has to keep her sweet collected image even when she's already getting annoyed,since it'll ruin her image if she doesn't(not like she's annoyed easily)

    Bio: Keiko is pretty popular in the school because of her sweet personality that completely matches with her looks,and that's pretty much one of the main reasons why she was voted as the Social Chairperson.She came from a rather wealthy family and has just started living by herself in a house her parents left her with.


    Brown wavy hair,brown eyes,fairly pale complexion. Keiko stands at 5'5" and,when not in the school uniform attire,is seen wearing soft colored clothes that reflects her girly nature.She likes wearing her uniform with a ribbon instead of a necktie.Sometimes,she wears a light pink sweater over her uniform that makes her outstand from the rest.

    Extra: She likes cats and flowers,which kind of explains why she occasionally has a flower on her ear when she comes to school
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  6. Name: Hairu Matsuoka
    Gender: Woman
    Class/Gang: 3A
    Position in Gang: Leader
    Position in Student Council: President
    Age: 17
    Personality: Driven, reserved, intelligent, orderly, perceptive, biting, born leader, accepting, principled, intimidating, unforgiving, self-righteous, won't accept anything other than number one.
    Strength: Picks up on the strengths and weaknesses of others quickly.
    Weakness: Feels ill when confronted with gruesome and / or ethically detestable images.
    Bio: Hairu’s father was a skilled manipulator and fairly prominent member of a large, and morally abhorrent urban gang. He abandoned Hairu and her mother when she was young to commit to his work. A few years later, he died. Hairu decided that the best way to avenge herself and her mother for her father’s mistreatment of them would be to gain the success he never reached as a gang leader, and to do it her own way. Hairu still lives with her mother who currently works as a librarian.
    Hairu is 5'4 and considered as having a "nice figure." Her uniform is always tidy. She opts to wear a tie and her skirt reaches the tops of her knees.
    Extra: In general, Hairu is respected by the student body for her high grades, attractive appearance, and silent confidence. She is also feared. She may have a personal moral code, but she will tear people to shreds if they cross her.
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  8. [​IMG]

    Name: Akuma Hidou-Evgeny

    Gender: Male

    Class/Gang: 3E

    Position in Gang: Right Hand Man

    Age: 20 / He failed several times

    Personality: Assertive and never outspoken. Excellent ability to understand difficult organizational problems and create solid solutions. Intelligent and well-informed, he usually excels at public speaking. HE values knowledge and competence, he has little patience with inefficiency or disorganization.

    Strength: Persistent, Brave and has a decent Social Knowledge, Very Strong in terms of Physical Strength and knows several martial arts

    Weakness: Cold and Apathetic, Un-cooperative and Impulsive at times

    Bio: Born in a Japanese-Russian Family his mother was a high-school teacher until she met his father a former Russian Military-man and now a large business owner... He and his family are very wealthy and he never missed anything in life. Perhaps parental love... not much time was given to him and he was thought to be ruthless, unmerciful and cold to others, which led him to his current state of mind... cold and apathetic towards others. At young age he was told by his mother the real dealings of his father and that he was inside the Russian Mafia... he decided to follow in the footsteps of his father which made him rather pleased. He trained martial arts since he was a little kid under the orders of his father, to become strong and powerful, and that was physically strong and mentally. He was both intelligent and strong... often manipulative and quick witted. After several years, his mother left his father and him... she went off and established her own corporation which is believed to be Yakuza backed... under the orders of his father he breaks of every contact with her but in their last conversation she says that she would be back for him. Fairly later on he still lives with his father, he is often on business trips so it equals as living alone.

    Looks: 6' 8" with a muscular build
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  10. Thank you! What time should we/I expect the IC to be up? :)
  11. As soon as the 3E gang has the gang leader.
  12. Uwaa~ Can't wait for this RP to start~ >w<
  13. May I play the 3E leader position, I don't have time to yet but later I will put up my character if that's okay?
  14. Name: Ooji Korumo.
    Gender: Male.
    Class/Gang: 3E.
    Position in Gang: Left Hand man.
    Age: Eighteen.
    Personality: Ooji is often seen as a calm and collected guy, often very reasonable or very charismatic. Nope! He is rude and loud, obnoxious and rather irritating to others. He does tend to be hot-headed and often short tempered, this guy has no sense of patience. He over-reacts or over-thinks things, not able to see clearly through his explosive anger. Ooji is bad at communicating or talking with others without blowing his top in some way. Always frowning or getting himself neck deep into situations, if he is pushed, he'll start swinging his bat. It's best if you don't press his buttons if you want to not get hurt in some way, but good luck with that. Ooji is quite the blusher, and if often very fun to tease if you can bob, duck and weave well.
    Besides his eternally annoyed and stirred soul, he can be really protective or even obsessive over the people he admires. Gasp! He can actually show affection to his friends! He tries not to take any one for granted or to put them down. Ooji tries to be very honest with these people, but is often confused on what he should and shouldn't say to them. Somethings are best left unsaid, right? He tends to have a very hard time with that. Ooji becomes like a tough loving mother to others he considers his 'bros' or 'sissies'.
    Strength: Ooji specializes in negotiation or 'torturing'. He's quite the marksman, and has quick reflexes.
    Weakness: Anger-management. He'll end up hurting people more than he intends to. Often rash or reckless.
    Bio: Ooji was taught by his mother the wonders of base ball, and was often cheered on by both of his parents. Grew up in a cramped apartment, having to share with five other mouths. Considering he's the youngest and often called the 'baby' of the Korumo family, he's lived to watch all his brothers and one sister dive off from the bird's nest. He was told he was almost the second youngest by his father, but, his mother had a miscarriage. Ooji was told this at a very young age, and doesn't feel as if it'd bother him as much as it did back then. He didn't ask about it again.

    • For the sake of everyone's sanity, do not separate him from his babies. His babies are his bat, skateboard and head phones.​
    • Often seen skating around, but never seems to go to skate parks in the daytime.​
    • Used to be a very good baseball player.​
    • He's often reluctant to hit girls, but get him angry enough and it won't matter if you're the cutest woman in the school. You will be a deer in the head lights if you mess with him, regardless of gender.​
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  15. Name:
    Misaki Okinawa



    Position in Gang:

    Student Council Position:


    Misaki has two very distinctive sides. And she is known for them. The side most people see, the side she calls her "mask", is the sweet and beautiful side. She has a stunning smile that people can't help but notice and whenever she talks her words come out eloquently and full of grace. She is confident and loving, she can make you feel like you're the best person in the world.

    But then their is side two. Side two is her devil side. Her beautiful grin becomes more sadistic. Side two is her angry side that can give a threat that will chill your bones. A crazed look comes into her eyes and she is quick to think of violent things she can do to you. Her words come out the same but with more of a sharp meaning behind them.

    She also has a third side, but this is the real her that no one ever sees. Ever. It's a cross between both personalities. It's a very raw version of her. She is sweet but not overly sweet, she's sarcastic but not really in a mean way, and her words are honest and don't come across with either a overly nice feeling to them or a threatening feeling to them.

    A wonderful liar

    She can't fight. She is full of threats, but if they are violent ones she has to have others fall through on them.

    Misaki doesn't have a tragic past. She was raised in a wonderful home with two older brothers and one little sister. But she was raised to appear to have no problems. Whenever something was wrong she was just taught to bottle it in. Her mother has a bad past and she is really fragile, if she was to know something was wrong with her children she would probably snap. So they were taught to tiptoe around her. Misaki's mother is a wonderful women, who is always smiling, so nobody ever minded just keeping things to themselves.

    But because of this Misaki developed two sides to her. The sweet wonderful side and the horrible other side to her. It was just developed out of anger and rage that she kept bottled up. Her parents don't know about this side, in fact hardly anyone really does. The only people to have truly seen the angry and viscous side to her is the gang she is in and the rival gang.



    - Black Hair
    - Blue/Grey Eyes
    - Height: 5' 8"
    - Weight: 150
    - Medium frame
    - Long Hair
    - Pale Lips


    - Really good with words. That's why her threats are always wonderful and she is a great liar. Basically she can get any point across with her words. From good feelings to horrible feelings.
    - Soft spot for animals and if you get her alone with an animal often her real side will show.
  16. Name: Remi Yukimura
    Gender: Female
    Class/Gang: 3E
    Position in Gang: Leader
    Age: 18
    Personality: To put it bluntly Remi's a badass. She does what she wants, when she wants to do it. Most of the time she is pretty laid back but get on her nerves and you won't ever hear the end to it. She finds herself bored with the way everything is normal and would like to have more fun in the day. She is prone to having opposite emotional reactions to situations as well as simply laughing or crying for no reason.
    Strength: Remi's quite smart but tends not to do any school work. They say she is not afraid of anything.
    Weakness: She is very small and clumsy.
    Bio:v Remi was born into a rich family though only after a few years that she was born her parents divorced. Her mother did not want the little girl, considering she was going to go have a family with another man, so Remi was left to her father. This didn't turn out too well for Remi. Her father was he source of their wealth, spending all of his time working at his company. He didn't pay much attention to her, even now. All of her raising was left to the maids and other staff at their house. After a while Remi became fed up with the way her father treated her so she moved out. Her father does pay for her apartment however, even though Remi didn't want him too. It is said, rumored through the maids, that he only did that because he wants to keep tabs so he knows where she is at when he wants her to marry.
    One of the shortest kids in school
    ~ Loves rock music
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  18. Name:
    Tokoshiro Ishamura



    Position in Gang:
    Vice President / Right Hand man


    Tokoshiro has a pretty lax personality. He doesn't care about much and he doesn't worry about much either and prefers if things flow normally. It takes a lot to stress him out, but if he does get stressed it usually involves him having a panic attack or overreacting.

    Skilled with wooden swords and weapons of that shape since he practices kendo.

    He is weak mentally and sometimes needs things to be explained more than once.

    Tokoshiro was born into a pretty normal family. They had a normal income and nothing about them was too significant, except for him that is. He was a pretty noisy kid when he was younger, having something to talk about at almost every moment and would not stop even if he got detentions for it. He progressed on in life retaining this same feature until reaching high school, lucky to even get into it. He had a C average and was not very good so he decided to make a change in high school. Tokoshiro decided to be quiet and pay attention and his grades slowly started to excel. Many people around him noticed his carefree vibe and thought that he didn't have the seriousness to be the president, but the vice president position fit him well. Gaining the position got to his head so he started to slack in school once more, spending most of the day in the high school council room. Most don't know what he does in there except for those in the 3A gang. He formulates plans to get back at those who bullied him from middle school all the way to high school; the 3E gang.


    Extra: Nah dawg.​
  19. Sorry for late reply~ I was in school the whole day...

    @Alice Falling Accepted :D

    @ScarletNova Accepted :D

    @Animecraz Accepted :D ... but, don't shoot anyone, yeah? >_< Since you're the secretary, you're also the Left hand man, 'kay? :)

    @spoopily & @UltimaCircuit The two of you signed up for 3A's vice president / right hand man. So, decide between yourselves according to your character. Because, someone needs to fill the space for 3E's Left hand man before we can officially start. To me, @UltimaCircuit 's character suit the Right hand man for 3A as it says in his bio that he was bullied by the 3E gang. Just decide between yourselves ^.^
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