School for the Wicked

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  1. It had been almost two years since he had started college, almost two very long years. Luckily it had come with a lot of good nights. And by a lot, almost every weekend of fantastically, great nights. The male was going to college for four years, studying to get his major in Psychology, as well as a minor in Writing. It was certainly putting a weight on his shoulders by doing so much, but he knew in the end it would pay off. He just wished that it would speed up so he could be graduating and getting on with his life.

    Don’t get him wrong, the male loved college. The leisure time, the parties, the girls. It was definitely a highlight of going to college, and he wouldn’t miss it for the world. Once he graduated and started his career, then the male would be able to travel and actually enjoy life. Now he was just enjoying what he could get.

    That day was unlike any other day, he was done with classes and was spending the last hours of daylight in the college library, researching and getting his homework finished. He was working on another case in psychology, which meant a lot of researching and a lot of testing different theories. Which meant he would be spending a lot of his time in that library, but luckily for him, it was Friday, which meant in a few hours he would be at another party. He didn’t have any classes on the weekend, so he would be able to actually enjoy himself that night without worrying about a hangover in class the next day.

    Sighing heavily, the male ran a hand through auburn hair as he focused on the texts before him. The words seemed to be forming together, merging into a large blob of black on the pages. He was getting bored of just sitting here, reading over and over again. That was the woe of college though, spend all of your time studying or paying attention in class. Shaking his head, the male went back to reading his textbook, searching for evidence that his case was sane.

    Braxton finally gave up on his textbook and pulled his laptop from his bag, opening it up, he started searching on the internet and beginning his essay about his case. This would be one of the biggest projects of that term, so he would need to spend a lot of time doing it. Then again, he wasn’t that worried about it, and he knew later that night he would be drinking and partying.
  2. With each class, she got more and more homework. More and more things to memorize and remember but that was the nature of her chosen profession. A nurse couldn’t just haul around a ‘How To’ guide to every patient’s room. They expected her to know what she was doing like it was something anyone could do just as simple as smiling. She sighed, not sure if she was cut out for the pressure she was under to do well. She had gotten into school on a scholarship that had requirements in order to keep it active each term. Grades had to be above a certain level and even if only one of them dropped, the scholarship would not renew the next term. </SPAN>

    So here she was, at the library again studying, trying to stay ahead so that she could enjoy some of the things that campus life had to offer. One of the main reasons Cassie had pushed to go to an out-of-town school was so she could stay in the dorms and not be bothered by the drama at home. Unfortunately, her room mate liked to have music going when she studied which distracted Cassie. She needed the peace and quiet of the library in order to read and retain the information.</SPAN>

    It was Friday, which made the girl happy. There was always a few different parties going on somewhere on campus and her room mate was a big partier. Cassie was kind of looking forward to the quiet time in her room alone, but was also in the mood for some fun. Eyeing the available tables, she spotted an empty one over near the research media area and sat down. Taking out her Anatomy & Physiology and Chemistry books, Cassie settled in for a long two hours of science. </SPAN>
Thread Status:
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