School for the Supernaturally Troubled.

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  1. Characters : (Teachers are in red)

    BlueAngelCake is Seraphine Mariani : Half Demon/Half Angel.
    16 yrs old
    Water Affinity, Siren-Like Influence, Telepathy, Telekinesis
    Long Curly Red Hair, Pale with Freckles, Adorable with blue eyes.

    Tetskey Tenma- Half Angel/Half Demon
    19 yrs old
    Control of Elements, Flight, Super Speed.
    Tan, longish brown hair, eyes with one red outline and one blue outline.
    Self Defense and Math teacher

    Aislin is Talal Kina – Half-Elf/Half Human
    27 Years Old
    Sound Based powers
    Physical Education Teacher
    Goddess Luna- Headmistress Yukimei Tamashi -Kitsune
    419 yrs old Looks 22
    Illusion powers.

    Mikolch is Lucius Judd –Half Demon/Half Human
    18 Years Old
    Kinetic energy based powers
    Dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, 5’11, slim

    Psychadelic is Tamsin Willoughby and Ignatius-Human and Phoenix
    17 yrs old
    Healing and Fire Elemental
    Red Hair with Red Eyes and pale skin

    Bright-Heart is Yukari Mia – Human Shifter, Fox Form
    14 yrs old
    Shift into a fox

    Seveer is Dante Reyes- Changeling
    14 yrs old
    Able to shift parts or his whole body.
    Short and extremely skinny, Chocolate skin, and black hair, hazel eyes.

    The Wandering Magus is Alfonso Cagliostro – Half Fae
    20 yrs old
    Plants and Animal Communication, green thumb.
    Tall, Skinny, Handsome, physically weak and soft voice.

    Aniday is Andrea di Chimici – Half Faery, Half Wizard
    17 Yrs old
    Tall and slender, pale and dark haired
    `````````````````````````````````````````````````` `````````````````````````````````````````````````` `````````````

    As you walk up the stairs and through the two story doors there was a large entry way with a grand staircase. On the main floor was the ballroom and dining hall which was the area where students gathered once a week with the headmistress to have a lecture and where they also held the weekly ball, which is a way for students to interact with each other outside of classes. Also on the bottom floor was a large gymnasium, where students took part in athletics classes to stay in shape, but also self-defense classes because being a supernatural is never a cake walk.

    On the second floor there are 11 medium sized classrooms. There are classes based on each race as well as for general classes because all education is essential to survival, especially etiquette classes. Each classroom had it's own quirks and decoration but they were all layed out the same way, a couple of tables and chairs and an area for one of the professors to be at the center of attention. There were different accessories for each room based on what class was being held.

    As we head up the stairs to the third floor this is where the bedrooms are. Half of the floor was for girls and the other have was for boys. Each room had space for at least 4 people but was split up into groups of two or three and some were even unlucky enough to get their own rooms. Each student got their own queen sized bed and armoire for their clothing. They could provide whatever they wanted to make their room personal and there is a separate bathing area in each room so the students do not have to share with anyone other than their roommate.

    There is a basement to the building as well and it holds a huge library. The staff housing and kitchens, where off of the ballroom on the main floor in a separate building that was attached by a large short hallway. This area is where some of the students either chose to work or got sent to work as punishments.


    Seraphine walked out of the forest following her escort. It looked like she was the last person to arrive and the escort told her that they were going to be late if she didn't stop gawking. She hurried along wishing she could still be at home. She really didn't want to go to this school, but she knew it was what was best for her since she was a menace to society, even her grandmother wouldn't take her in after what she did. As the escort led her up the stairs into the giant building. The building was so beautiful the art work all over the main entrance made her relax immediately. The escort led her through the main entrance and into the dining hall where all of the students were pretty much all settled and gathered. She sat down next to a guy who looked to be a bit older than her in one of the only empty chairs she found towards the back.
  2. Although she had arrived promptly, Tamsin had not chosen a seat that gave her the most advantageous position. Instead, she had situated herself carefully on the sidelines of the hall - as she had done throughout her life. The sickly girl had never seen a building like this up close, let alone inside, and it was all rather flabbergasting. But, the red haired young woman took it all fairly well in stride, focusing more on attempting to maintain some sort of decorum, despite the fact that any of her rudeness was entirely involuntary.

    The girl ocassionally let out terriible coughs, which she attempted to muffle with the use of an old and frankly rather ragged handkerchief. The acoustics of the hall did not help matters, and it was still pretty damn obvious where the noises were coming from. Between coughing fits, Tamsin smiled weakly at those around her, attempting to apologise silently, though even this caused her some pain. She was plagued with chapped and blistered lips, thanks to the burning that so often accompanied her also bloody coughs. It wasn't pleasant.
  3. Yukari looked around the school, searching for her classroom.She was a bit scared for high school, but she had to be tough.She took a deep breath and went to the second floor and found her classroom.She took the seat in a corner at the back of the room.Knowing she was shy, she glanced around the room.People of the ages were in the room.She curled up in a ball on her chair, waiting for the teacher to come and teach.Yukari was always found of school.Ever since elementary school she had good grades and did the best.She always paid attention in class and was kind with the people at her school too.She smiled a little, but failed.She plugged her ears with her fingers and closed her eyes.This year she was scared.She was afraid people would bully her and she would have bad grades.Last year she almost burned the school but the school caught her.She was scared about that.
  4. Lucius sat waiting for the assembly to start.He sat in back for a reason, to avoid people.But he felt a presence in his space.Lucius looked over to see a girl sitting near him.He thought "what is this girl thinking???" So he decided to say something to her."" he choked out.The girl looked at him strangely.He froze and turned facing the other way quickly.
  5. Seraphine was shocked when the boy she had sat next to started speaking to her. She looked at him and tilted her head which made her long red hair fall in her face. "Uhm...Hi. I'm Seraphine..and you are?" Her voice was so quiet but she remembered that her mother always taught her to be calm and sat up straighter because her mom always stressed that posture could fix everything.
  6. Tetskey was standing next to the head mistress looking at the new students filled the room and noticed a familiar person in the crowd and tried not to smile.
  7. Lucius heard Seraphine speak back and slowly turned around. "H-hi Seraphine.I'm Lucius..." He spoke as he looked down toward his feet.He looked up and said "how are you?"
    He wasn't gonna be a chicken and decided to speak up a bit.Lucius noticed one of the teachers walking over to them.It was a teacher named Mr.Tetskey.
  8. Oc: Mr. Tenma

    Tetskey walked up to the girl sitting next to the young man and greeted them both "Hello you two" he said extending his hand out to them.
  9. Ooc: I forgot Yukari's looks! Here:

    Looks: images (12).jpg

    If you can't see the image:
    Dirty blonde short hair with hazel eyes.
  10. "I'm doing fine, how are you doing?" She was looking at the boy and shook her head softly trying to get the feelings she was getting in her head figured out when she noticed he was looking at something and turned around to face forward and a man who looked to be not much older than her was talking to them. She looked confused and wasn't sure how to respond. "Hello...uhm..sir? You're..a....teacher here?"
  11. Yukari watched as the teacher walked in.She uncurled from her ball and sat up strait.She smiled a little, but it quickly turned into her normal face.
  12. Still on the sidelines, Tamsin noticed that a pair of far more composed students were conversing with one of the teachers. She didn't intentionally listen in, but she did hear what they were saying. It was impossible not to. During this time, she also caught a few spots of blood in her hand, though some of it did escape. It wasn't great, but it was an unfortunate side effect. Luckily for everyone else concerned, she was not contagious, though it appeared that most around her seemed to assume she was. Already, a ring of empty space was forming around the girl.
  13. "Good Morning are you sir?" Lucius asked him with ease.He looked towards the girl and noticed she was confused.He thought maybe they knew each other.But he didn't think it was the appropriate time to ask them.He looked back towards the teacher and asked "Sir,you're the defense teacher right?"He wanted to help Seraphine guide the conversation.
  14. He looked at the girl and nodded "I am I teach self defence and math" he paused and looked at both of them "I am Tetskey Tenma and you two are?" he asked them both twirling a hand in the air every now and then.
  15. Seraphine stared at the teacher and noticed that some of the students were moving to different seats. "Uhm...sir...Please don't think I'm being rude, but I have to something really quick." She gets up and walks away from the teacher still trying to find out why he seemed so familiar as well as hearing the sad thoughts that were coming from the side of the room that the students were moving from and noticed the girl who looked to be in pain. "Hi...I'm Seraphine, I really couldn't help but notice that you don't seem to be doing so well. Are you okay?"
  16. "I'm Lucius Judd sir...and this is.." He looked towards the girl and nudge her to speak.
  17. "Umm sir,i think i should go now.." Lucius got up and grabbed his bag.He waved good bye to Mr.Tenma.He walked up to where the classrooms were.He passed each and everyone until he noticed someone sitting in them.He wanted to be curious and decided to enter and approach her.He noticed the girl was young.It seemed she had a name tag with "Yukari" on it.He walked up to her and she seemed to flinch a bit.He raised both hands and gestured he was nice. Then he said "Hi...yukari is it?" and smiled
  18. The male nodded too them both and walked back to the rest of the faculty and stood there waiting for the whole assembly to be over.
  19. Yukari watched the teacher talk to the two students.Then one of them walk over to another student and talk to them.Whats happening? Why are they talking with each other and moving around? isn't this supposed to be school? Yukari thought.She was fairly confused.
  20. Yukari looked up to the boy."Yes,"She said shyly.
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