School for the Supernaturally Troubled.

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  1. In Renaissance Italy all was not as it seemed. There was an increase in the amount of supernatural species and the children of these species if taught properly could learn to blend in with society and live their lives how they saw fit.
    Most of these troubled children/teens were sent to a school in the middle of Italy. It was located in a huge forest in a place that was only shared with the student once they were enrolled to the school. The school took in any supernatural that were having problems and had scouts that were constantly on the lookout for new students. Students could stay for as long as they wanted and when they wanted to leave they needed to go through a long vigorous test that proved that they could control their powers and proved themselves ready to be unleashed on the world.
    The school would seem like a normal mansion to anyone who saw it, but on the inside it was a beautiful palace focused on mastering the arts that was special to each race.
    As you walk up the stairs and through the two story doors there was a large entry way with a grand staircase. On the main floor was the ballroom and dining hall which was the area where students gathered once a week with the headmistress to have a lecture and where they also held the weekly ball, which is a way for students to interact with each other outside of classes. Also on the bottom floor was a large gymnasium, where students took part in athletics classes to stay in shape, but also self-defense classes because being a supernatural is never a cake walk.
    On the second floor there are 11 medium sized classrooms. There are classes based on each race as well as for general classes because all education is essential to survival, especially etiquette classes. Each classroom had it's own quirks and decoration but they were all layed out the same way, a couple of tables and chairs and an area for one of the professors to be at the center of attention. There were different accessories for each room based on what class was being held.
    As we head up the stairs to the third floor this is where the bedrooms are. Half of the floor was for girls and the other have was for boys. Each room had space for at least 4 people but was split up into groups of two or three and some were even unlucky enough to get their own rooms. Each student got their own queen sized bed and armoire for their clothing. They could provide whatever they wanted to make their room personal and there is a separate bathing area in each room so the students do not have to share with anyone other than their roommate.
    There is a basement to the building as well and it holds a huge library. The staff housing and kitchens, where off of the ballroom on the main floor in a separate building that was attached by a large short hallway. This area is where some of the students either chose to work or got sent to work as punishments.

    Character Name :
    Age :
    Race and Power :
    Appearance :
    Personality :
    Background/Reason for coming to the school:

    Character name I’ll be really lenient about whatever you guys feel you want is good for me get creative though, I don’t really want any plain names since it is a supernatural setting.

    can be anywhere from 10 to 20; We’ll say that is the general puberty age grouping for most of the races. IF you want to be a professor at the school we can talk about it cause I think it would be an interesting idea as well. Or if someone wants to be a parent of another student or a relative of a student. Couples are allowed as well.

    Race and Power
    ; I am allowing any race of supernatural as long as you can have some sort of power or a group of powers that are out of control then it is fine with me.

    Appearance speaks for itself. I would like to stick with a renaissance Italian theme for dress but we don’t have to if people would prefer it to be a modern thing am open to more ideas.

    Personality is basically so we can all kind of have an idea of who your character is and what drives them.

    is important because it will be the main problem that your character is trying to overcome, and will affect how your character is known as well. If you want to keep it vague and elaborate in the actual roleplay that works as well.

    I would really like anywhere from 5-10 people for this group…is that too many or not enough in everyones opinion? I don’t want it to get too cluttered but at the same time, it is a school so there should be a wide variety.

    I was thinking if anyone wants to we could create a skype group for this roleplay, or we can keep it on here it's really up to everyone, I could create a poll or someone could just answer me. Skype or forum?

    I also would like if you join that you are active for the most part, at least once a day would be wonderful even though I know it is going to be hard for those of us with a busy schedule.

    I also might want someone else to help me run this since it is my first time actually group role-playing.
  2. Chateau-de-maison-lafitte.jpg Sort of the idea I had for what the school would look like on the outside.
  3. Character Name : Seraphine Mariani
    Age : 16
    Race and Power : Half Demon/Half Angel...only going to list some powers for now rest will appear at some other point in the story. Water Affinity, Siren-like influence, telepathy.
    Appearance : Long curly red hair, a cute face with adorable freckles, Sort of like but with blue eyes and a bit different just for an idea. Approximately 5'4 with curves. Not really pale but not really tan either.
    Personality: Pretty shy and always looks sad because she is thinking of what happened to her family, and she really doesn't want to get close to anyone but she isn't anti-social, before her incident she really loved being around people and was always the center of attention. She was also promised to someone before her family died, but believes that the deal died with her father since their was nothing to be gained from the marriage with none of the families wealth left.
    Background/Reason for coming to the school: Caused a flood in her small town after accidentally murdering her mother and father in her own home.
  4. Character Name : Tetskey Tenma
    Age : 18
    Race and Power : He is half angel and half demon; he can control and create each of the elements at will (only uses 1-2 at a time ever) can fly and super speed.
    Appearance : Long brown hair light tan skin his brown eyes have a red outline around the left and a blue outline around the right he has wings that he can make appear and disappear at will one is red the other black. Is 6'1 FT tall has a martial artists toned body mixed with a healthy weight.
    Personality :Tetskey is calm and kind sometimes outgoing when he was young some family friends promised their daughter to him so to help his family out he strives to get stronger so that he can one day protect her though its been many years since he's seen her he hopes to find her once again.
    Background/Reason for coming to the school: At age ten Tetskey was found by the scouts after he murdered his parents from a freak accident that happened when he first learned he could control the elements after the incident after going through eight years of harsh training and lessons he finally managed to control his powers and learn two new ones though he rarely uses them he now teaches math and self defence classes at the very school that helped him.
  5. Is it alright if I use my old character that has the spirit of a phoenix trapped inside her?
  6. Yeah, just fill out a character sheet. All that she needs is to either be a teacher who is in full control of her powers, or a student who has little to no control.
  7. Character Name : Tamsin Willoughby/Ignatius
    Age : 17/old
    Race and Power : Human - Healer/Phoenix - Fire elemental

    Appearance :
    Personality : A kind hearted girl who is rather shy. She doesn't like to put herself upon others, and so is usually one to watch from the sidelines, unless someone needs help or defence. She's the sort of person to do aanything to help others out, even when it is at her own expense. Although quiet at the moment, with time she is likely to blossom into a more confident and charismatic young woman./Ignatius thinks he's gods gift to the world. Seeing as his species is all but dead, he feels he has a free pass to do whatever he wants - including nearly killing an innocent human girl, merely by inhabiting her. He's not all bad, but his rather obnoxious character is pretty difficult to deal with.

    Background/Reason for coming to the school: Tamsin was born into an ordinary family, but she was not anything of the sort. Her unnaturally red hair was the first oddity, followed by fires randomly sprouting up in the nursery. It was in one of these fires that a sibling was killed - and as a result, the parents gave the then two year old Tamsin up to an orphanage. Said orphanage mysteriously burned down three years later. Throughout all this time, and for many years later, Tamsin was a very ill girl. She had symptoms similar to that of TB - along with the ocassional bellowing of fire. She went through life covered in burns and barely able to function. At the age of twelve, she ran away, just about making a life for herself as an urchin. Five years later, someone connected to the school noticed her, and single handedly saved her by bringing her to the school/Many years ago, Ignatius was banished from his people - sealed in a number of humans - most of which died by the time they were a year old, seeing as the power of the phoenix pretty muched burned them from within. After years of flitting from host to host, he ended up in Tamsin, a far morepermanent host. Until now he's remained dormant, but as she approached her eighteenth birthday - he's preparing to make his escape.
  8. I wanna join but I can't think of a cool race or power ;~;
  9. You could be a shifter or an elf or a fairy or anything really, whatever you want to be works for me. Would you be interested in being a student or a teacher?
  10. This sounds fun. Has it started yet? I have an old character I could adjust for this who has an ability to control sound an has really super hearing as a side effect.
  11. dude go chimera think of your three favorite animals and then add human in the mix so that you can sustain a human form...(i do a chimera of 7 animals when i play a female character)
  12. no it hasn't started we're trying to get enough people to start it we could really use a teacher
  13. Character name: Yukari Mia
    Race/Power:Human/She can turn into a red fox
    Personality:Quiet and shy
    Backround/Reason for coming to the school:When Yukari's mother died when she was born, her father took care of her ever since.When she got into elementry school, she was doing better than most kids in school.In middle school, at the end of the school year, she was in 8th grade.Yukari's friends pleaded her to burn down the school for the supernaturally troubled.She tried but the school caught her and in september she was a freshman at the school for the supernaturally troubled.
  14. Haha, sorry, Yukari is 14
  15. Welcome
  16. Character Name: Dante Reyes

    Age: 14

    Appearance: Short for his age, and extremely skinny, with a small collection of scars lining his arms. He has chocolate skin, and black hair cut close to his head, withhazel eyes.

    Race/Power: Changeling- He can change his parts, or his whole body to become more animal like.

    Personality: Has a tendency to run his mouth when he gets nervous . . . which is sadly almost all the time. He is also quick to anger and stubborn.

    Background/Reason: Dante inherited his abilities from his mom who was also a changeling. He had learned how to change when he was 6 and had no problems with his abilities until a year ago. He had changed himself into a bear . . . and lost complete control of himself, only to come to his senses minutes later with a person lying at his feet, barely alive. This bear attack was in the newspaper and the school for supernaturally found him.

    (hope it's okay)
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  18. Yeah it works ^-^
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