School for the Supernaturally Troubled.... (Starting OVER)

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  1. RULES :::::
    1. NO GODMODDING, power rampages are okay, in small doses, but no full out destroying areas of the school or anything near that.
    2. No magic or powers are usable in the dining hall/Ballroom/dorms unless I am consulted and approve of the actions.
    3. No Drama, unless it is talked about first in the OOC thread.
    4. Any OOC posts must be held in the OOC thread unless they are important to something that is occurring in the RP. Would like to keep the OOC to a minimum in the actual posts.
    5. Any questions or complaints private message me, keep personal stuff out of the RP.

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    Characters : (Teachers are in red)

    BlueAngelCake is Seraphine Mariani : Half Demon/Half Angel.
    16 yrs old
    Water Affinity, Siren-Like Influence, Telepathy, Telekinesis
    Long Curly Red Hair, Pale with Freckles, Adorable with blue eyes.

    Tetskey Tenma- Half Angel/Half Demon
    19 yrs old
    Control of Elements, Flight, Super Speed.
    Tan, longish brown hair, eyes with one red outline and one blue outline.
    Self Defense and Math teacher

    Aislin is Talal Kina – Half-Elf/Half Human
    27 Years Old
    Sound Based powers
    Physical Education Teacher
    Goddess Luna- Headmistress Yukimei Tamashi -Kitsune
    419 yrs old Looks 22
    Illusion powers.

    Mikolch is Lucius Judd –Half Demon/Half Human
    18 Years Old
    Kinetic energy based powers
    Dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, 5’11, slim

    Psychadelic is Tamsin Willoughby and Ignatius- Human and Phoenix
    17 yrs old
    Healing and Fire Elemental
    Red Hair with Red Eyes and pale skin

    Bright-Heart is Yukari Mia – Human Shifter, Fox Form
    14 yrs old
    Shift into a fox

    Seveer is Dante Reyes- Changeling
    14 yrs old
    Able to shift parts or his whole body.
    Short and extremely skinny, Chocolate skin, and black hair, hazel eyes.

    Aniday is Andrea di Chimici – Half Faery, Half Wizard
    17 Yrs old
    Tall and slender, pale and dark haired

    `````````````````````````````````````````````````` `````````````````````````````````````````````````` `````````````

    As you walk up the stairs and through the two story doors there was a large entry way with a grand staircase. On the main floor was the ballroom and dining hall which was the area where students gathered once a week with the headmistress to have a lecture and where they also held the weekly ball, which is a way for students to interact with each other outside of classes. Also on the bottom floor was a large gymnasium, where students took part in athletics classes to stay in shape, but also self-defense classes because being a supernatural is never a cake walk.

    On the second floor there are 11 medium sized classrooms. There are classes based on each race as well as for general classes because all education is essential to survival, especially etiquette classes. Each classroom had it's own quirks and decoration but they were all layed out the same way, a couple of tables and chairs and an area for one of the professors to be at the center of attention. There were different accessories for each room based on what class was being held.

    As we head up the stairs to the third floor this is where the bedrooms are. Half of the floor was for girls and the other have was for boys. Each room had space for at least 4 people but was split up into groups of two or three and some were even unlucky enough to get their own rooms. Each student got their own queen sized bed and armoire for their clothing. They could provide whatever they wanted to make their room personal and there is a separate bathing area in each room so the students do not have to share with anyone other than their roommate.

    There is a basement to the building as well and it holds a huge library. The staff housing and kitchens, where off of the ballroom on the main floor in a separate building that was attached by a large short hallway. This area is where some of the students either chose to work or got sent to work as punishments.

  2. ---- It is the first day of school, as all of the students enter the school they are told to take a seat in the ballroom as there will be a meeting to inform the students of certain rules that will be important for them to know. (Since the headmistress isn't online to speak I'm not going to NPC since that caused a problem, I'm just going to state the obvious rules of the school.)))

    As the students file into the ballroom they notice that the chairs are in alphabetical order and that there are only about 20-30 seats. As the school has a very small number of students accepted this year.

    The students are informed that there are only certain areas of the school where they will be allowed to use magic/powers to reduce risk of any accidents but still provide areas where the students can practice. (((See above RULES)))

    They are also told during the meeting that mixers are required and attendance for meals and classes are mandatory as well. There are three classes a day and three meals a day as well as a mixer once a week. There are certain times when students are allowed to have free time and roam around and do other things.

    Teachers are too be respected and are required to respect the students as well. ((No fights will happen unless they are pre-approved by me.)) ----
  3. As Seraphine sat through the opening ceremony she felt as though she was in a daze. She kept trying to get used to the silence that was in her head. Having the no powers in the ball room. She noticed that a teacher had stood up and started talking to the class. All she got was that he was the self-defense teacher and was mildly confused as she looked to the small girl sitting next to her and the handsome boy on her other side.
  4. Tetskey looked at the students before him and smiled "welcome students unfortunately the headmistress could not be here today but has asked me to take you all too your first class which i should mention I teach" he said smiling then asked "please get up and we'll head there now" he stepped down from the stage and waited by the door for them all.
  5. Lucius,happy that the the ceremony was over,lined up where Mr.Tenma was.
  6. Tetskey took the children (sorry if you all are posting i'm just trying to get this moving and keep it smooth) to the classroom it looked somewhat like a dojo in china he looked over the small amount of students he had this year noticing one in particular that seemed familiar to him but he brushed it aside for the moment "welcome to self defence class students." he said to them smiling "My name is Mr. Tenma and i will be your mentor for self defence."
  7. Seraphine stood in the room not quite sure what to do as she felt all of the thoughts of the other students bombarded her and she tried to get a grip on herself without letting anyone else realize the pain she was in. It was all she could do to stand up let alone focus on the teacher.
  8. As tetskey went to pair up the students he noticed one of them seemed to be having problems he walked up to them and put a hand on the girls shoulder "Are you alright miss?" he asked the girl though he himself couldn't shake the feeling that she looked familiar.
  9. Lucius stood waiting for the teacher to begin.He stood watching everyone from the corner of his eyes.
    This sucks.I wish i could take a nap right now He thought breathing out a sigh.
  10. Yukari looked around for place too sit when she finally found one.She put her school stuff under her seat, ready for class to begin.
  11. Seraphine wobbled a little. "Uhm..I'm hurts. There's a bit to much....color....happening right now." She looked around and realized she was the reason the class was being held up. "I'm so sorry. Please, continue with class."
  12. Yukari sat there, waiting for the class to continue.
  13. Lucius hearing the girl was in pain from her power made him a bit sad.I hope she's okay.
    He wrote a little note to her.
    "There is a way to shut things out from your mind,so it won't hurt."the note said.
    Lucius went back to looking around the classroom.
  14. Tetskey smiled "no no not at all my students health come first" he said drawing something on a piece of paper and handed it to her the pain from her telepathy going away immediately.
  15. I hope class continues soon...I don't want to be waiting here all day...​Yukari thought.
  16. She got two notes at once. "Please sir, continue with class now, and thank you for helping me feel better." She read the note from the mysterious boy as the teacher walked back to the front of the room. She opened the note and it said [Calming thoughts, and visulization are the key.] She laughed silently. It sounded so ridiculous like that would help anything at all, but then a part of her was thinking that it wouldn't hurt to try it.
  17. Yukari was so bored, she almost fell asleep on her desk.She sat up quickly and tried paying attention.
  18. Tetskey smiled and looked at the class "Alright lets pair you guys up" he said pointing to lucius and yukari and said "you two are together"
  19. Lucius looked over at the person Mr.Tenma pointed to.He saw a young girl.
    Well this is great.I'm partnered up with a girl.He sighed.
    He walked over to her and introduced himself."Hi,I'm Lucius,Lucius Judd.What's your name?"He asked.
  20. "Yukari Mia."She said.