School for the different.

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    Riley finally found her dorm room, room 401, and opened the door. There she saw 3 beds, dressers, and closets. There was also another door in the far end of the room. She was the first one there. When she walked in, she closed the door behind her and set her stuff down on the bed on the left side of the room. The other two beds were on the other side of the room. She walked over and opened the other door. Inside was a huge bathroom. She closed the door and walking back to her bed.

    So this was it. The School For The Different. I guess you could call her different. She didn't really have one kind of classification. Some kids were vampires, cenatuars, trolls, fairys, and anyother kind of magical cratures you could think of. Riley wasn't really one of those. She just could do things that no ordinary human could. She had bloodlines that ran in many different creatures. I guess you could call her a "magical mutt".

    She got up and put her iPOD on speaker. The song that came on was "Artist and the Ambulance" by Thrice and she began to unpack her things into her dresser and closet. She wondered who the people were that she would be sharing a room with....
  2. ChloƩ walks around inside the dorm building trying to find my way, repeating the room number in her head. She carried her bags struggling a bit while the cat followed her behind. The fourteen year old had hazel nut hair that matched her light brown skin. She wore ripped, gray skinny-jeans, she wore a plain white sleeveless shirt, along with black all-start shoes. '405 405 405 405...' the same number continued to spawn in her head until she finds the door with the same number. She unlocks the door and opens it seeing a room with tan walls, it had three beds. Two beds up against one wall and the other against the other, she saw a door. She suspected it was the bathroom and she sets her bags down on the floor next to one of the beds. She sees her cat start sniffing around getting use to her surroundings. ChloƩ falls on the bed thinking. 'This is going to be tough,' she thought. 'I get really nervous...i guess I'll be the quiet shy one...since i am .'