School for the Benders

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  1. Amaya sighs as she finishes packing the rest of her stuff... she looked at her filled suit case which was still opened and let out a sigh. 'So this is really happening...' she thought as she zipped up her suitcase. Once she managed to get it zipped she looked at her now empty room, the sun shining through the window and at shining on her face, making her beautiful silver colored eyes shine. One look around the room and she knew that this was in fact really happening. Instantly flashbacks of that day came across her head... that day when she nearly killed a fellow student. The lightning bolt she struck at him barley missed his heart... she shakes the images out of her head, the guilt washes over her.
    Her dad pokes his head out in the door way, "Are you ready sweetheart." Amaya looks over her shoulder at him and gave a slight smile as she grabs a couple of the suit cases, "I am as ready as I will ever be." she says as she head out the door walking passed her father, who grabs the last two suit cases from her room. They head down the stairs and go outside to the car putting the suitcases in the trunk. 'Who know... maybe going to Bender High would actually be good for me... get to meet people that are like me.' she thought as went into the passenger side of the car, her door and her father's close as a unison. May as well get some sleep... concidering it is a 3 hour drive. Amaya moved the seat back enough so she could sleep comfortably. It didn't take long for her to go to sleep...
    Amaya suddenly felt something shake her shoulder and say, "Amaya!" her eyes open and look at her dad, "We are here." Amaya sat up right and looked up... sure enough there was that huge school.... Bender High School...
  2. Immediately at the doorway leading into the high school was a boy wearing what looked like a skull design Cloak. He was staring up at the marvel of a large school it was, his eyes affixed on it for a few moments. "Mom, dad, i'll make sure to make you proud." he whispered to himself with a smile. He had a good feeling that this school would bring to him a new, sort of happier life. He had no idea that the school committee would do their most to try and bring out his alternate form of bending. Hearing the sound of a car pull up he turned to it, to see inside a man shaking a female, as if to wake them up. "Oh, good, then i won't be the only new transfer." he said thinking for a few moments what his life ahead would be like. He had no idea of the horrors that would ensue at this school. Though, he supposed that this school couldn't possibly be worse than the nightmares that plagued him since that day years back.
  3. It was the early morning Enya and the other council members took their places around the school they were assigned to. She stood near the entrance of the dorms welcoming the new students in for a new year making sure no fights broke out. She got bored in a few hours deciding to wander out to the front of the high school seeing what the others were up to. "Wow so many new students this year" she whispered softly putting her arms behind her head watching everyone sitting near the fountain on a bench.
  4. Seeing Enya take a seat on a bench out of the corner of his eye he turned to her. Immediately his mind was torn on whether or not to try and go speak with them. He never was good at initiating social interaction, but he could always drag interaction on. Silently staring at the fountain he twiddled his fingers as the water started pulling towards him while freezing, forming a small spiral with a pointed edge from the water fountain. It was only natural of him to practice ice magic when he could
  5. Mao walked into the gates of the school with a suitcase and a duffle bag hunched over his shoulder. Glancing over at all of the students he was in shock. He heard of the school from a friend. Knowing it would be a great opportunity for him he quickly jumped on the chance. Walking towards the dorms he walked up to the clerk. Registering himself into the school she gave him some pieces of paper and a room key. He traveled a bit far to get there. Opening his dorm room door he sat his bags down and sat on the bed. "I can introduce my self to everyone later.. Im beat" He said putting his hands behind his head as he leaned back on the bed beginning to close his eyes.
  6. Steffany; or Steff, as she liked to be called, looked out of the window as she pulled into the parking lot on the other side of the street. She had considered living in the dorm rooms with other students, but she preferred to have her privacy in the form of her own room at the cheap motel on the other side of town, which really wasn't that large. She cheerfully grabbed her sky-blue backpack and hauled it on her shoulder, pushing her curly red hair out of her jade-green eyes as she got out of her cute little pink Bug. She brushed imaginary crumbs off her green blouse, and straightened her professional-looking brown pencil skirt. She clumsily began walking to the school, seeing she had small black heels. She had been going to this school since she was a Freshman last year... with her brother. She blinked back tears of guilt; she couldn't let the other students see her crying, especially since the accident was last summer. She took a shaky breath, plastered a goofy smile on her face and walked to the entrance of the school.
  7. Vega walked to the school with his backpack, thinking about his parents. Who were they? He walked near the fountain and scooped some water from it with his hands. Throwing it in the air, he thrust his hand toward it and it instantly vaporized, and the beam of hot light that shot from his palm had instantly disappeared. Sighing, he sat on a bench away from the other students, and took a book out to read.
  8. Enya blinked a little moving her arms from behind her head seeing the water freeze. She got up from bench walking over to the icicle wrapping her hand around it quickly breaking it off the fountain. She assumed that who ever did this had to be in the direction the edge was pointing so it must of come from that boy. She grinned walking over to Hikaru quickly pointing at him with the ice in hand " Did you do this?"
  9. "Ah yeah. I did do that." he stated calmly, looking towards the fountain and slowly making more spikes jet out of it, turning it into even more of a spectacle using ice bending. "It's a little difficult to do from this distance though." The male was focused on slowly making icicles appear on the edges of the fountain jet out. Within moments he had made a large scale spectacle out of the already stunning fountain.
  10. "Don't worry you will get the hang of it, You're new aren't you?" Enya smiled softly turning to the fountain as he bended the water into more ice, it sparkled beautifully in the sunlight. Using her power she heated up her hands making the icicle melt then flicked the water off her hands. "I'm Enya this is my third year here." she bowed to him then grinned seeing his things next to him. "Oh you didn't bring your things to your dorm room want me to help with that?"
  11. "No, i'll handle it." he said with a smile, picking up his bag, the only thing he actually carried, and smiling at her. "Along with that we have different dorms thanks to our seperate years." the boy added on. He was more surprised she didn't bother to ask him about his..unique..set of clothing, being his skull hoodie that is. "Also, to answer your other question, yes, i am new."
  12. Steff saw the icicle-fountain and paused. She looked all around and found Enya conversing with a new boy. She walked over to them, waving her hand high "Hi Enya! How're you doing?" She put her hands on her hips as she stood next to her, looking at Hikaru with a wry smile. "You're welcoming a new student?" She grabbed Hikaru's hand with her own and shook it enthusiastically. "Welcome to the Bender School!"
  13. oh um..thanks...? i guess?" he was slightly confused by the second girl suddenly appearing and shaking his hand, but dismissed it quickly with a smile. "I should probably get to my dorm room now, but, in all honesty, i have no idea where that would be." he said with an awkward tone to his voice. "Ah right, haven't introduced myself." he interjected himself, bapping himself on the head. "It's nice to meet you, My name is Hikaru W. Doku., First year to bender high."
  14. Enya chuckled softly looking over at Steff nodding a little "I'm great Steff we have a lot of cool freshman coming in like this one and isn't he cute. The girls will be all over him" she cooed looking at him seeing his childish face. "Do you like that ice he did I think it's cool" she pointed over at the fountain covered in ice smiling a little. "We should escort him to the first year dorms and get your schedule"
  15. Steff gave a small smile, withdrawing her hand to her side. She brushed her frizzy hair out of her face and began braiding it. "Yeah, Enya would be the best person to show you around." She used one hand to hold her single braid and she held her hand out to a nearby tree; a vine twisted towards her, growing from the leaves. Steff grabbed a small portion and sent the rest back into the tree; She tied the vine together and tied her braid with it. Turning her whole body sharply away from them, the braid swinging, but staying tied together. She raised her hand and waved to the two behind her "See you guys later, okay?" Steff paused, looking over her shoulder to Enya "Be fair in supporting the tournament tonight, alright?"
  16. Watching Steff for a few moments, his hearing focused in on her, but he only caught the last part. "Tournament?.." he said quietly to himself, before turning to Enya. "Well, i'm in your hands now, please lead me to the dorms." his cheery tone returned as he spoke now, eager to move into the dorms and start school here.
  17. "Hey what's that supposed to mean? I'm always fair" Enya waved to Steff as she walked away from both of them then she sighed crossing her arms a little. "Hmmm well let's go Hikaru, I'll show you to the front desk where you can get your schedule and key for your room." she looked over at him looking at his weird clothes tilting her head. It kind of suits him so she would ask him about them later after he gets settled in. Enya walks towards the entrance of the school opening up the door letting him walk inside first since he had the bags. "Yes this school has weekly tournaments you'll get used to them."
  18. "Ah, i'm guessing we're also 'encouraged' as in required to participate as well." he stated calmly, a sigh escaping him as he carried the luggage into the school. "What are the tournaments usually like? I'm guessing action packed and full of bending powers!" his voice took on a childlike glee at the thought.
  19. Kastia walked up to the school and dropped her bag. This wasn't necessarily what she expected from this school, it was so much bigger and nicer then she expected. She got nervous and started to play with fire in her fingers, 3 flames circling in her hand as she freaked out a bit. She picked up her bag and threw it over her back. She didn't have much just a bookbag with a few clothes and books. Her most important book, earth bending. She wished so badly to learn it she learnt Fire and Sand enabling her to bend glass but other then that she wanted to exceed be the best there was. She saw three people sitting at a fountain she really didn't know where to go and ran up.
    "Excuse me I'm so terribly sorry but could you help me find the main office I need to get my room and schedule!"
    Kastia said as she laughed and brushed her hand through her hair, she was getting quite chilly this wasn't anything like her old town and maybe her belly shirts wouldn't be enough but she shrugged it off and smiled waiting for a response,​
  20. Enya nodded slowly walking over to the front desk asking for his keys and schedule. "Yes you are 'encouraged' to participate but if you don't want to I guess we can give you a little slack since it's your first time. Tournaments are like pep rallys here they keep us entertained and you get to see all of the powers other benders have. We have them all year round" she smiled taking the keys off the counter spinning it around on her finger and picks up the envelope holding a map of the campus and his schedule walking over to the staircase walking in them slowly.