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  1. Amaya sighs as she finishes packing the rest of her stuff... she looked at her filled suit case which was still opened and let out a sigh. 'So this is really happening...' she thought as she zipped up her suitcase. Once she managed to get it zipped she looked at her now empty room, the sun shining through the window and at shining on her face, making her beautiful silver colored eyes shine. One look around the room and she knew that this was in fact really happening. Instantly flashbacks of that day came across her head... that day when she nearly killed a fellow student. The lightning bolt she struck at him barley missed his heart... she shakes the images out of her head, the guilt washes over her.
    Her dad pokes his head out in the door way, "Are you ready sweetheart." Amaya looks over her shoulder at him and gave a slight smile as she grabs a couple of the suit cases, "I am as ready as I will ever be." she says as she head out the door walking passed her father, who grabs the last two suit cases from her room. They head down the stairs and go outside to the car putting the suitcases in the trunk. 'Who know... maybe going to Bender High would actually be good for me... get to meet people that are like me.' she thought as went into the passenger side of the car, her door and her father's close as a unison. May as well get some sleep... concidering it is a 3 hour drive. Amaya moved the seat back enough so she could sleep comfortably. It didn't take long for her to go to sleep...
    Amaya suddenly felt something shake her shoulder and say, "Amaya!" her eyes open and look at her dad, "We are here." Amaya sat up right and looked up... sure enough there was that huge school.... Bender High School...
  2. Kira was outside the schools gates leaning into the window of his grandmas car " yhea .. dont worry baba"
    She was a little worried because all of the other failed attempts to put Kira into school. " well just make sure you call me if there is any problem" He smiles and nods " i will baba" He leans more in to give her a kiss on her cheek before turning towards the school " ok" . As his Grandma drove away Kira notice a group of girls that were all looking at him whispering among them selves. Kira holds up his hand to wave making them blush. Since he did not understand woman that much Kira just thought nothing about it and walks along the fence towards the entrance.
  3. Amaya got out of the car as so did her father. She blinked at her dad, "Dad... what are you doing? You are not going in there with me." she says crossing her arms.
    Her father smiled slightly, "I just wanna make sure this school is legit... "
    Amaya smiled slightly, "Dad I am sure it is. You dont need yo worry. she gave her dad a quick hug before gathering her suitcases, " I love you dad."
    He hugged back, "I love you too. " he said getting into the car. Once he leaves Amaya looks at the huge school and lets out a sigh. Then she walked pass the gate carrying her things.
  4. As Kira enters the gate he notices a few kids showing off there bending powers When one the them accidentally hurls a fire ball off . He looks to his right to see it was going to hit " ahh watch out !"he Immediately opens his bottle shooting the water out of it using his bending powers . But instead the fire ball hurls over over the girl causing the water just to splash on the ground wetting every one that was near it. He slips the bottle into his jacket pocket and begins to whistle hoping no one saw it was him.
  5. As Amaya enters the building she takes a good look around... certainly alot more kids than she thought there would be. Then she out of no where sees a a fire ball accidently being thrown. She then out of the corner of her eye notice Kira use his water bending and try to casually act as if he didnt do anything. A small smirk appeared at her face. As she plans to keep walking she heads Kira and whispers to where only he can hear, "You know that wasn very sneaky.'" she said jokingly, "I saw that."
  6. Kira stops whistling when hears the girl. " uh... " He sighs as he looks around seeing if any one else saw . The group of kids were all looking for the person that splashed them with water. Kira takes a step to the side so he could hide behind the girl and her luggage. " hello, im Kira"
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  7. Amaya's smirked more as he hide behind her, "Hey I am Amaya... but people just call me Maya. " She chuckled softly, "We should probably start walking now... they will probably get suspicious." and with that they began walking and then..."Hey girl with the black and white hair." Maya stopped, she knew who they were talking too. She looked over her shoulder at them, "Yes?"
    "Did you see who waterbend at us?"
    Maya was a good actrees, her face remained serious, "No I have not."
    "Are you a waterbender?" the kid asked.
    Maya sighed, "Do I look like a waterbendier? I mean come on my hair basically gives away what I am..." this is true... she only storm/lightning benders have the black and white hair and silver eyes. Maya looks at Kira andsmiles, "Lets go Kira." And with that she lead him away from them once they were far enough Maya chuckled, "So I take it you are a waterbender." She says jokingly.
  8. Kira just keeps his mouth shut as Maya saves him from the angry kids. When they were walking away he sighs in relief " thanks maya" He chuckles with her when they were further away . He smirks when she asks him if he was a water bender " not only that" He takes her hand and holds his hand over it, he forms a rose that was made out of ice in her hand before pulling his hands away" i can also bend ice" He says while he smirks. He places his hand to his chin" and by my super observant eyes , i take it your a storm bender" Kira says jokingly .
  9. Maya looks down at the rose and smiles a bit then looks back up at him, "Really? What gave it away?" she asked jokingly, "Actually I can do more than just throw bolts of electricity at you or get a hurricane after you." she smirked a bit, "I am actually able to gain a persons bending ability.... I mean they dont lose it... its almost like I copy it... but the thing is... I need to make physical contact." she looks at him and chuckles, "Thanks by the way.
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  10. Jay snores peacefully in the front seat of his car, lazily faceplanting the dashboard in front of him. It had been a long drive after a-
    "Jay? Jay! Wake up, you silly goose!" Jay's mother says, and Jay gives a gasp as he is shaken awake, opening his eyes to see the... woah. He never thought the school would be this big. To be honest, it was incredible! He looks at it with an open mouth for a while.
    "You're not going to just sit there, are you? I know it's big... but I'm sure you'll make some friends!" His mother says beside him, impatiently fiddling with her long brown hair.
    "W-wha? Oh, yes! Terribly sorry, I was just contemplating the gargantuan structure of the establishment. Fascinating." Jay says dreamily. He then quickly turns his head and gives his Mother a quick kiss on the cheek before she reminded him to: being proactive was key.
    "D'aww... I'll miss you, dear! Good luck on your first day, and... a word of advice, stop using such large words." His mother says with a giggle and a wink. Jay sighs with a smile, shaking a little as he opened the door of the car.
    "Farewell, mother. I'll do father proud, just as I promised him." Jay says with a bit of determination in his voice, pushing up his specs a little. His mother gives a proud, warm smile before waving and driving off slowly. He inhales deeply, slowly walking through the huge crowds of people as he buttons up his brown fur jacket and puts his specs away. He seemed a little lost. He knew he needed to make friends, but he had no idea where to start! As well as that, the huge building still slightly unsettled him.
  11. He places his hands in his pockets while he laughs awkwardly taking a step back when he hears the comment about storms and thunder. '' o... heh" Kiras eyes widen when he hears her explain about the special ability she had "whoa thats...." He turns his head and trys to hide the fact that he was amazed by it and a bit envious " thats cool ... i guess" He says trying to play it off.
  12. Maya shrugs, "I can only do it if I make physical contact." she gives him a look then chuckles, "Thanks by the way. I didnt know you were going to touch me." she intentionally made it sound like he was a pervert. But she continues to joke around.
  13. Kira looks around and scratches his head " well you dont have to say it like that " He begins chuckling . He looks over Mayas shoulder to see another kid that was just standing there lost. " hey , you think we should help him" he says while pointing at the kid. He starts to walk over " come on Maya lets go make a new friend" He stops and does a u turn to walk behind Maya again " maybe you should go first" He had spotted the group of angry kids still looking for a water bender.
  14. Jay awkwardly looks around for a bit as he warms his hands in his pockets. Most people seemed to have their own groups of around five or six coming off here and there, which made him feel a bit uncomfortable. He didn't really want a large group, but he felt uncomfortable being alone too. He wasn't really much of a lone wol-
    "Gah!" Jay gasps as he trips over someone's foot by accident - he must have been so in thought he didn't notice a boy with white hair and a girl with black and silver hair seemingly talking to eachother. ((That's you guys!)) He lands onto his stomach with a groan, widening his eyes with realisation and scrambling to his feet, apologetically bowing his head to the boy and girl.
    "Ah! My... I'm terribly sorry, I wasn't paying any attention whatsoever to where I was going! Please forgive me." Jay says politely and apologetically as he straightens his jacket and regains his composure in a panic. What a great start to the day.
  15. ((Assuming he stepped on Maya's foot XD)) Before Maya knew it the kid stepped on her foot. It hurt a little then she saw the kid fall. Sh gives him a smile when he starts apologizing, "Dont apologize! It is alright! I am Ammaya... but you can call me Maya."
  16. Kira just sticks his head out from behind of Maya " and im Kira" He steps to the side holding out his knuckle " nice ta meet ya" Kira examines the boy and trys to figure out what type of bender he was. In his head he kept saying please be a water bender.
  17. Jay composes himself and looks at the outstretched knuckle for a few moments before bumping it with his own fist. He felt pretty cool, because in his middle school all the popular kids did that. He exhales reassuredly at Maya's response.
    "Oh, um... hey! I'm Jay! Delighted to meet you both." Jay says with a quick bow, and he scratches his chin a little as he gives little twist of his finger, and he paints little whiskers on himself with mud, smiling a bit.
    "I can... uh... do they call it bending? Yes, I am able to bend Earth as you can see!" He says cheerfully, then twists his finger so the 'whiskers' come off his face and levitate above his hand, and he crushes the mud with one hand into a few pieces of soil, and drops them with a shy blush. He hoped his introduction didn't make him look like too much of an idiot.
  18. Kai was amazed but a little sad when he finds out Jay was a earth bender " aw nice dude" He leans forward and raises one hand to his mouth " dont let maya touch you" He whispers towards Jay . He places his hands back into his pockets and chuckles
  19. Maya nod and smiled slightly, "Yes I can see that. I am a Storm Bender," Maya shoots Kira a fake glare then smiles, " Hey I was getting to that.... And FYI you touched me... " she chuckles and looks back at Jay, "But yeah be sure not to touch me alright? Or I will gain your power."
  20. Jay blinks a bit in surprise. He'd never heard of such a power before.
    "Wow? Really? Fascinating... I've never come across such a thing before!" Jay says excitedly, rubbing his hands with interest, almost like a mad scientist preparing experiments but he quickly stops before he gets any funny looks. You could notice he's squinting a little - the reason being his vision was quite blurry and he didn't like to wear his glasses very much. He looks up at the huge school building.
    "My... I never expected it to be so big! I have no idea where to even begin!" He mutters half excitedly and half worriedly. As he turned around, you could see some form of retractable staff on his back made from iron and currently folded in half so he could strap it to his back easier.
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