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  1. This RP is about a high school for element benders. It is quit a unique school that takes in children who supposedly 'do not fit in with society' so student live in dorms. This school claims to be the school to go to right?... but this school has a dark secret underneath it all... the school actually has messed up tournaments or activities. If you lose the choice is up to the 'judges' AKA the Benders Council, either death... or the penalty round. There is no escape from this school... Who will stop this madness?

    *I do have a couple rules: If your character dies then you may create a new one with a different bending ability (there are a lot of bending options). And this is my most important rule... NO ONE GETS LEFT BEHIND!*

    Your character can be however as you please! :D Doesn't matter how crazy or weird they are. Doesn't even matter if they are normal(ish). Always better to have different types of characters!

    ~My Character Info~
    Name: Amaya Roberts (Some people call her Maya though) *main character*
    Age: 15

    Body type: Slim

    Height: 5'6"

    Personality: Kind of outgoing but is pretty mysterious. If you are nice to her than she is nice to you. Stubborn, smart, short-tempered, sarcastic, tough, she has a tendency to keep her emotions bottled up. Deep down she is actually kind and caring. She doesn't take shit from anyone. She also doesn't trust easily.

    Bending Type: Storm/Lightning (Very rare) And also she has another rare ability to gain an opponents power.

    Brief Background: Amaya's mother died from a Fire bender right in front of Amaya when she was 8 years old, so now her father takes care of her and works. She has always had her bending ability even as a small child. However her short temper has always got the better of her and she accidently uses it at time. She got called a freak and such all throughout the elementary and middle school. Then at the end of 9th grade in her old high school she almost killed a student who pissed her off... which she still regrets till this day. So do to this accident she is forced to transfer to Bending High during the beginning of her Sophmore year.
    Looks: (Pic Below)

    *Check Out the RP:

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  2. (did i post this in the wrong thread? I suppose i move it to the other one.)
    Name: Hikaru Doku. (literally meaning 'Light poison') *sidekick?*
    Age: 16

    Body type: Average, sort of childish faced.

    Height: 5'11"

    Personality: Hikaru is usually very kind, caring, and often called bubbly. Of course, that's just a false mask. In reality he's a cold, heartless bastard. He has a very dark side however when he is put into a highly depressive or extremely angered mood. This often can be exploited by his friends to purposefully make him sad or pissed off then have him target an enemy, as he will activate his blood bending to quite literally take over the battle, only a highly trained blood bender could counter his own.

    Bending Type: Ice/Blood (Very skilled at Blood. Not so much ice, blood is main but he prefers not to use it as he thinks it's too violent or even terrifying) Also holds telepathy powers thanks to his high skill in blood bending, so he's able to send messages to them through their blood.

    Brief Background: His family and him were chased out of their home town due to his family's exotic form of bending. Where everyone else in the village where ice benders at their core, his family could bend blood, this scared the ice benders so much that they decided to force their family out. One day, a bandit had snuck into his nomadic family's home in the middle of the night, and his parents were killed in their sleep, leaving him on his own. In self defence, he bended the blood out of the bandit's body, effectively killing them. Labeled as a murderer, only the bending school would allow him in, thanks to his exotic bending of blood. They hold him with high esteem and enjoy when he uses the blood powers, but he very much hates using them, and tries his best to restrict to ice bending.
    Looks: [​IMG]
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  3. Name: Enya Shinzui

    Nicknames: Blaze

    Age: 17

    Body type: Athletic

    Height: 5'9"

    Personality: Enya is cocky, confident, and stubborn, is sarcastic, determined, and independent. She has a quick wit and a dry sense of humor and can be strict. Although she comes across as cocky and confident, she has a caring and compassionate side, especially towards her loved ones, whom she would protect by any means. She cares greatly about her all friends, willing to take extreme measures to protect them. She never backs down from a fight regardless of her opponent.

    Bending Type: Fire/Thermal

    Brief Background: She was raised in a normal family. Her mother has a fire elemental and her father came from a line of themal elementals. Around age three she started showing traits of both elements accidentally burning down a few things in her childhood and changing the temperature of things. Her father decided to send her to this school to help control her powers. This is her third year here and currently in a few clubs and on student council (discipline part)

    Looks: Enya is a tall woman at 5'9" and weighs 135 pounds.Enya has tanned skin and with a freshly braided mohawk.Her hair is dyed red but it's originally golden brown. Her eyes are a crimson red and there is a small bandage on her nose. She got a few tattoos when she was 16, a tradional light blue sun tattoo on her stomach and one of her right shoulder. Enya wears a short black top, a necklace of black prayer beads, red and black bands on her forearms, she loves to be barefoot with bandages wrapped around her feet but since certain teachers hassle her a bit she carries around tan leather open-toed sandals in her bag. Black gloves and wrist gaurds that match for forearm bands,Red leg wraps that are mostly covered by a Dark tan skirt.

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  5. it is a jump in rp is it not? just post cs and go.
  6. Name: Mao Zixin (Most just call him "Mow")

    Age: 17

    Body Type: Fit

    Height: 6'1"

    Personality: Mao is a lively person who loves to make friends. He has a lot of pride and isn't easily beaten. He believes in hard work and never takes anything for granted. He always get the job done no matter how hard the task may be. He's confident in his abilities some may even call him cocky. Knowing that just makes him want to work even harder to even further his skills.

    Bending Type: Earth,Metal

    Brief Background: He grew up as a only child. In a middle class house in a small village full of other earth benders. Both of he's parents were Earth-benders. It was hard to find people with pure bending abilities because most in these times are mixed with another type of bending. One day when he was young he's father was out working while a rogue fire bending group of bandits raided there village. Destroying everything in his village one of the bandits broke into there house. His mother tried her hardest to protect him but he's fire bending skill surpassed her earth bending. In his mothers last dyeing breaths Mao became enraged. Not knowing how he was able to he some how levitated a metal knife sending it towards the bandit killing him instantly. Running out of the back door he was able to escape that day. Brining a powerful gift with him.

  7. Name: Vega Lincoln

    Age: 16

    Body type: Skinny, yet athletic, slightly chiseled

    Height: 5'11

    Personality: It's very hard to get Vega to trust you; and ironically, he is hard to trust as well, considering he was basically raised by a criminal. He is slightly conceited and pretty flirty. He's also scared of killing others, unlike his caretaker.

    Bending Type: Laser/Absorption (I'm not sure if Laser or Absorption are fanon, but who cares?)

    Brief Background: His parents are unknown, but he was taken in by a criminal and found that he could control weird concentrated beams of light and the art of trapping things in complete flames as well. After his ''adoptive father'' was killed, he had to stick up for himself and found the school in which he could use his powers better.

    This is what he looks like. Including the jacket, of course.

    PS: Included a bending chart!

  8. Name: Kastia Rose McCarthy​

    Age: 15

    Body type: Slim

    Height: 5'6"

    Personality: Calm, prefers to save up her energy. In fights she's very clam and likes to combine her powers very rarely will she do outbursts in fights when she does though. They're deadly.

    Bending Type: Fire, Glass, Sand

    Brief Background: Kastia grew up in a deserted town with her mom. She knew of her bending abilities and she practiced them now she's very skilled in her bending and will stop at nothing to win fights.
  9. @Raze If you wanna make like a dome of sand since my sand bending isn't that good and then you can control Kastia to turn it into glass so we're somewhat safee or are we gonna fight?
  10. I guess it depends on staff if she want us to fight and my character doesn't know how to sand bend. Just earth and metal.
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  12. Whoops okay then I'll take care of it I'm basically gonna kill off Kastia and introduce a new character I just fire I can't do it idk not my favorite element >..<

    Name: Meghan Angela Seibert​

    Age: 14

    Body type: Slim

    Height: 5'8"

    Personality: Calm, Forgiving, also very deadly and serious once you get her started she wants you to suffer. She is sweet in person but her bending when she does it, it corrupts her.

    Bending Type: Poison, Vapor

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