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  1. This RP is about a high school for element benders. It is quit a unique school that takes in children who supposedly 'do not fit in with society' so student live in dorms. This school claims to be the school to go to right?... but this school has a dark secret underneath it all... the school actually has messed up tournaments or activities. If you lose the choice is up to the 'judges' AKA the Benders Council, either death... or the penalty round. There is no escape from this school... Who will stop this madness?

    *I do have a couple rules: If your character dies then you may create a new one with a different bending ability (there are a lot of bending options). And this is my most important rule... NO ONE GETS LEFT BEHIND!*

    Your character can be however as you please! :D Doesn't matter how crazy or weird they are. Doesn't even matter if they are normal(ish). Always better to have different types of characters!

    But here is a catch: All students must take a medical examination before admittance into the school. (It will be explained later on)

    ~My Character Info~
    Name: Amaya Roberts (Some people call her Maya though)

    Body type: Slim

    Height: 5'6"

    Personality: Kind of outgoing but is pretty mysterious. If you are nice to her than she is nice to you. Stubborn, smart, short-tempered, sarcastic, tough, she has a tendency to keep her emotions bottled up. Deep down she is actually kind and caring. She doesn't take shit from anyone. She also doesn't trust easily.

    Bending Type: Storm/Lightning (Very rare) And also she has another rare ability to gain an opponents power.

    Brief Background: Amaya's mother died from a Fire bender right in front of Amaya when she was 8 years old, so now her father takes care of her and works. She has always had her bending ability even as a small child. However her short temper has always got the better of her and she accidently uses it at time. She got called a freak and such all throughout the elementary and middle school. Then at the end of 9th grade in her old high school she almost killed a student who pissed her off... which she still regrets till this day. So do to this accident she is forced to transfer to Bending High during the beginning of her Sophmore year.
    Looks: (Pic Below)

    *Check out the RP!: *

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    Kira is an easy going person who values the little things in life, He almost never gets mad but when he does he can be as cold as his bending.

    Bending Type

    Kira was abandoned by his parents and left in a snowy forest where he was found by an old woman who raised him. Seeing that he had bending abilities she trained him to control his abilities so that he could live a normal life. When Kira grew old enough to attend school the old woman who Kira calls BABA decided to leave the there forest and find a closer location near schools he could attend. Because his bending Kira would get expelled from schools one after another. He was home schooled by Baba until she learned about a school that was made for Kiras kind and she immediately enrolled him.

    ( is this ok)
  3. Yeah this is awesome! :D Curiosity how old is he?
  4. well i did not know what the grades were in the bending school , so i was going to try and add it into the role play when i found out . XD but i was going for 16 or 17
  5. Its just like regular high school lol. So your character would be a Junior then :3
  6. o.o lol sorry about that.
  7. Hey its ok I dont mind XD. But hey since they both seemed to have just transfered there they could become friends or something haha.
  8. lol sounds good
  9. (um, I'm new here, so I'm not sure how to ask, but this looks awesome! can I please join???)
  10. Of course you can! I was waiting for more people to join! :3 Just put your Character sheet here. Just basically put the stuff about your character like we did with ours. :)
  11. Okay! Thanks!! I'm going to make a character and post it tomorrow! I would right now, but my mum just got home DX also would you consider the ability to bring drawings and things to life as bending or no? I'll change it if its a no. Again thank you!! I'll be logging off soon. Night!
  12. Yeah sure I will :). I said there were many options :3. Cant wait to see your character tomorrow :D
  13. anime.jpg
    Name: Jax Samuel
    Bending Type:Air
    Personality:He likes having fun when using his abilities, he is really immature sometimes but steps to the plate when the time is right,He can be kind of a douche and nice at the same time, so he is very complex,but he is really responsible, he gets really mad when someone makes fun of him or gets on his bad side

    Back Ground: Jax was raised by his father, he never knew what happened to his mother, but never thought of it, his father was strict, but made him a master of air, his father passed away by 13, he took it for himself and lived in the alleys of the streets, he trained their and practically lived their, he stole allot of food from food stands and was wanted allot, 2 years later, they found him and chased him out of the city, for a year he's been trying to find somewhere where people don't chase him out or try to kill him
  14. Name:
    Kaden Stewart



    Appearance (open)

    Kaden is quite blunt or so he was told by his friends back in his old school. He is caring in his own way even if people often mistake it for other things. He dislikes lies, secret or anything mysterious in nature and always tries to find the truth in all things. All in all he is a good-natured person and would try to help anyone in a pinch, even if it meant leaping into some dangerous situation.

    Bending Type:
    Fire (Rare Type: Able to conjure fire from thin air.)

    Born in a normal loving family it would seem that everything was quite normal, fooling around with friends, hanging out talking about video games it was all quite normal until he showed the ability to conjure a intense pillar of fire one cold night when he and his friends were lost in the woods. Some of his friend betrayed him by telling the authorities but he held no grudges. Since his powers emerging was quite recent, it had cause Kaden to be expelled from his school almost immediately. Although his family still loved him they decided it was best to send Kaden to a school known for taking care of children who had 'unique' properties.

    Foot note: Possibly unable to control fire that he had conjured and probably the reason why he was expelled since there was a fire in his old school... that almost destroyed half the school...almost.

    Is this alright? or does bending fire without fire too OP?
  15. and honestly I figured all of us would be able to bend stuff out of thin air XD. Thats what I have been planning to get my girl to do lol
  16. Alright cool so a few questions to give me a feel of the rp. How does the school function: Does it have principals, teachers and all that or are they all controlled by the 'judges'? and who will be controlling them ?

    And I guess im gonna remove the rare type and just replace it with something else lol.
  17. Basically the school function by training them how to use their powers and how to control them. They also have classes normal schools do during the day that is. The teachers and staff all act as if everything is perfect and such just to put on a good show during the day to not raise any suspisionon the outside world because the outside world seems to think of it as a 'normal' school and as for the parents of the benders they believe they are taking their children to a place that is helping their child. During the day 6 children are given a note telling them they have been selected for the tournaments or activities which occur at nght... thats when you know things are messed up. The activiess are random and gory as welll as the fights. . And if you lose the judges (who do control everything in the school) and all benders) gets to decide what happens to the loser... death or the 'Penalty Round' which is definetley unpleasant. For the penalty round bacisally they have thos spinning wheel things and whatever it lads on the certain body part has to get ripped out/surgically ripped out by the nurse. So it cpuld be the eye... tongue, kindney, vocal chords... etc. The Bender Council pretty much does this for thrills and tries to find the best benders to try too raise an army and take over the world basically.
  18. Fantastic its up to the teens to save the world :D . So how does the school look like? a map of the school ground would help me visualize it better. Sorry if I'm asking too many questions.
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