School for Slayers. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer role play.)

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  1. "Hello, I'm sure you are all very excited to be here. I should start by introducing myself. My name is Buffy. Buffy Summers. I'm quite sure some of you have heard of me. For those of you who don't, I am the last Slayer that was the only slayer. The chosen one. Well there were a couple of other chosen ones, but that's because I died. But anyway. I saved the world. With the help of my friends of course. It's been a little over twenty years ago that that happened of course, but to save the world, we had to give all of the slayers their powers. I noticed over the years though that misguided slayers ended up either in jail or killed because they abused their gifts or didn't know how to control them, so I made this school. Summers Academy. Here you will sharpen your skills, hone your powers all while still getting an education. I would like to introduce my friends and your teachers. Spike, Willow, Xander, Kennedy, Angel, Faith, Wesley. Unfortunately, Giles is no longer with us. But we carry on. So welcome! This year isn't going to be a walk in the park. We will not tolerate slackers. You are slayers be proud. It's going to be very hard, the days are long and you are going to want to quit. But I promise at the end of the year you will be proud of yourself.

    (I'm going to change it up, add males into the slayers mix. Why? Because Buffy isn't sexist. Willow made it possible for males to become slayers as well.)

    Schedule is as follows:
    6:00-7:00 am- Wake up & Shower.
    7:05-8:00 am- Breakfast.
    8:05-9:00 am- Agility training.
    9:05-10:00 am- Cool down and free period.
    10:05-1:00 pm- General education (IE literature, social studies, science, math)
    1:05-2:00 pm- Lunch
    2:05- 3:00 pm- Stamina training
    3:05-4:00 pm- Weaponry training
    4:05-5:00 pm- Obstacle Course
    5:05-5:30 pm- The gym/weight room is left to you for you to choose what you want to do. (Independence & Strength training.)
    5:35-7:00 pm- Dinner.
    7:05-10:00 pm- Free time/Special courses time. (If you signed up for them.)
    10:00-6:00 am- Sleep time.

    Buffy will be played by myself. I will also be playing a student.
    Spike will be played by Lochlan, who will be partnering with me in the running of this role play.

    Character list

    CS For teachers
    Appearance: (Remember it has been over twenty years so unless you're going to play Angel take age into account.)
    Bio: How has the last twenty years affected them?
    Class you will be teaching: Weaponry is taken by Spike, Obstacle Course by myself.
    Extra info: Anything else you would like to tell about the characters. Remember Willow is a lesbian who is together with Kennedy.

    CS For students
    Room Number: Two students to a room. Males with Males, Females with Females.
    Short Bio:
    Extra information: IE allergies. Extra classes, etc.

    Any suggestions? Send them to me or Loch
  2. Hey im Loch guys im totally excited to be helping Esmerelda here with this RP hope youll join and enjoy !
  3. I find it seriously hard to believe that no one but me and Lochlan are interested in this.
  4. Yea like really this idea is totally bitchin lol cmon guysss
  5. Thanks Lochlan. ^.^
  6. I'd be interested if I knew zip about Buffy.

    One slight problem you might be running into is how structured the day is, but I don't thing that's it at all.
  7. Youre welcome Esmeralda!
  8. Archangel isn't a school day supposed to be structured? If you're interested you could do a quick internet search for Buffy and find out more about it?
  9. It is, but being a veteran school RP GM (over a year staffing a School for Gifted Youngsters game whooo) I can promise you people will skip out on it XD

    Also, I miiiiiight suggest a mention of an overarching plot thread.

    But yeah, I'll do some research and if I have time I may join ^^
  10. Cool. :)
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