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  1. Alrighty, this is the OOC. But I do have just a few rules for the rp:

    1. No Godmodding- no one needs to be a huge jerk.
    2. No one liners- no explanation about this one.
    3. Respect each other- if there is a fight going on between our characters, we'll have to discuss it here to decide who wins
    4. Have fun. ^.^

    And if you have any questions feel free to ask them. Or if you feel something needs to be changed in the rp, don't be afraid to suggest it.

    But any way, here is the CS:

    Appearance: (Real life picture or anime)
    Brief History:
    How they discovered their powers:

    That's about it, but if you want feel free to add more. ^.^
  2. Name: Esther Williams

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Race: Mutant
    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Power(s): The power of decay- meaning she can decay anything.

    Personality: She is rather shy and looks very frail. She is afraid to have any contact with anyone because of her power. So she is very distant from most people. She is actually afraid to go near people after what happened with her parents. But she is very smart and can be friendly.

    Brief History: Esther was your average teenager, that went to an average school. Even though she was an outcast and was the only one that went to her school that dressed goth. And then when she turned 17 her powers activated and she accidentally killed her parents. Fearing for her life and freaked out by her powers since she didn't know what was happening, she ran away and lived on the streets until the headmaster of the school found her.

    How they discovered their powers: She discovered her powers, when she was at home. She, had touched- hugged her parents and they began to decay away.

    Misc. info: Most of the time to avoid touching anything, she wears gloves.
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  3. Name: Nova Lunar
    Gender: Male
    Race: Mutant
    Appearance: 2841b6c7fa0a89110ce94b8c537da70f.jpg

    Power(s): Ice king - anything he touches turn into ice.

    Personality: Nova is a caring guy under his quiet exterior. Curious, Brave, Adventurous, Creative, Accepting to anyone who wants to be friends, pleasant, Humble, Athletic
    Brief History: Nova wasn't always any regular teenager, always getting in trouble because he was always different from kids from all the schools he went to. He is 18 and still feel as thought he would never be excepted with anyone. He hopes he can make new friend one day that aren't afraid of him. He hides his true feelings and emotions too well but he hopes he could at least have one friend.

    How they discovered their powers: He discovered his powers when he was 7 years old. he was getting bullied and then out of nowhere his hands started to glow and ice shards started to shoot from his hands.
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  4. Approved. :D I like him!
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  5. Im glad you like him :), where willwe put the rp chats in here or somewhere elese
  6. We can chat about the rp here.
  7. Oh okay then so where do you wanna start in the rp, at the school or just arriving
  8. Well I figured it would be at the school and the characters are either just arriving or they have been going there. It doesn't matter to me. My character is going to just start going there.
  9. okay i'll start it off then if you dont mind
  10. Nova was walking into school with his bag over his shoulder and his headphones on. When he walked down the hallway he he could hear some kids talking but he just hurried to his class room after putting his stuff in his locker he started to head to his first period class. Seeing some people while he was walking down the hall he waves to some of the girls who spoke and shook some hands with guys. The only reason he can touch things is because he has special made gloves he had to design.
  11. Umm....I was going to make a separate thread and wait for others to create characters first.
  12. Oh okay srry
  13. Name: Adrian Helsing
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Race: Mutant
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Power(s): Energy thief/manipulator - Can syphon energy from his surroundings, and manipulate it to move into or form what he desires (I.E. pick-me-up, fireball, freeze, etc.) Though currently the results are unstable and prone to failure.
    Personality: Somewhat distant, but not at all shy, and will usually take kindly to most people. However, he has poor control of his emotions, can get rather violent quite easily, and when angered to higher levels (or picking up on large amounts of negative energy) bridges over into temporary insanity.
    Brief History: Adrian's always been an odd one. Never talks to anyone unless approached, but somehow manages to make friends around every corner. Every party he's been to he starts off standing against a wall until some girl (or occasionally guy) drags him onto the dance floor, then he doesn't stop until the music does. He has recently taken up the guitar, the one thing that he prefers nobody barge in on other than his meditation, or psychotic episodes.
    How they discovered their powers: During one of his more extreme breakdowns, he left several of the people who caused it (a few members of a local gang in this case) as little more than husks scattered on the ground, and another who (judging from DNA testing) was one of their leaders, a pile of mulched flesh and shattered bone splattered horizontally across the road. Witnesses state they saw a dark light flowing into one hand, and a bright, white one shooting from the other.
  14. Approved. We're waiting for two more people. If they don't post soon it will just be us three and then I will post the IC.