School for Magic (Role-Play Idea)

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  1. The world was based off this property. You had the humans, and the few people in the world who were known as Wizards or Witches. These few people explored the field of Magic. They were resented and casted away. They were killed upon site, and not allowed in the town. That's how life worked for the longest of time. Until the mastery of magic slowly started sheading a new light. A young man, a wizard, saved the princess from being killed, and was deemed heroic. The study of Magic grew with the descendants of Wizards and Witches. The hero opened a school to teach these young students the art of Magic, and to bring Magic to the top. He started separated the elements, Water, Fire, Earth, and Wind. Each student was placed to each element based off personality. He made sure the harmonics worked perfectly, and to bring Magic to everyone.

    Interested? Changes can be made.
  2. I'm interested!
  3. Count me in
  4. Sounds rather interesting. I like what I see, but I'd like to see a little bit more detail before I can say too much for sure.
  5. Even with not much given, I'm interested..
  6. I'm interested as well.
  7. Count me in! I'm interested ^_^
  8. Interested
  9. ^^
  10. What sort of magic would we be talking here? Harry Potter, Dresdenverse, or something more innate? I think it would be cool to have multiple disciplines represented, Voodoo, shamanism, sorcery, necromancy, elemental magic, spirit binding, etc. Each student would have an affinity for a certain discipline, but that wouldn't keep them from studying the basic theory of each.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.