School For Fighters.



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You awake in new surroundings, and may or may not know where you are.
Wiping your eyes and taking a look at your new 'room' you notice a small yellow piece of paper.
"Welcome" it reads.
"Welcome to your first year of fight school, here you will learn to control your gifts and will learn whom to direct them at.
Along with a number of students you will learn how to deal with pressure and how to cooperate in a team.
You're here for a purpose, to fight.
Make friends, yes, but remember, if you don't learn you can't defend yourself.
And you'll be put into the battle unprepared.
Listen up for our announcement.
A small map of the school is pinned on your door.

Lilith read over the note and her she scoffed throwing it too the ground.
They made it sound as if they didn't know what to do, like they were children.
She strode over to the mirror and gazed at her reflection her purple hair lay untouched and messy, she sighed, if anything Lilith was obsessed with looking presentable.
She smiled at her reflection and muttered an incantation.
"Tersus saeta"
Her hair lay smooth and neat down her back before weaving and curling into an elaborate style of curls.
"There you go Lilith." she nodded to herself and took tentative steps to her door before grinning widely and opening her door with a rush of excitement, she yanked the map from the door and almost skipped down the hall to the cafeteria.

All Zaneth could see was swirling colors black and red, the colors shifted and warped and moved. The colors solidified slightly into an amoebic shape before resembling the shape of a fire and then it's edges became hard and sharp. Inside the black and red fire shapes swirled and became still.

Zaneth opened his eyes and looked around the not yet familiar room. Rubbing the eye crust from the corners of his eyes he sat up and looked around, noticing the paper. Tromping across the room he picked it up and read it. He grunted at it and flicked it out of his hand and let it spin to the floor. He opened the door and took the map from it as some one walked by, Zaneth was still undressed but said
"Sup" as they walked by and closed the door. He threw some clothes on, tossed a handful of mints into his mouth, grabbed his long pocketed coat and tromped to the cafeteria.

Lilith blinked at the undressed man in the door way and nodded before walking on, this school was already odd.
She opened both doors and swung them open making a grand entrance that only she knew how, only for it to be wasted, no one was in here.
"They're all still asleep?" she raised her eyebrows and shrugged taking more steps into the room she flicked her hair behind her and grabbed a handful of blackberries from a bowl on the side with a scoop and put some in a small container, it seemed they were able to serve themselves, there was a grand assortment of food, and it all looked exquisite but it was morning and all Lilith wanted was a few blackberries, she tossed one into her mouth a broke the delicate skin with her teeth savouring the sweet tartness that exploded over her tongue.
She smiled and decided to just look up the long tables set with hundreds of different dishes.
There was a whole table dedicated to soup, pink soups, green soups, yellow soups, she a light green one decorated with seeds that could only be described as spring flavour, another that was pink and frothy and had raspberries dotted around it, was just as nice, noodles covered in a green sauce that looked extremely delicious and just because she couldn't resist, an odd bird that looked the size of a chicken that when you bit into it got a mouthful of orange sauce.
Lilith looked at all the other foods and shook her head.
"I guess we need to weigh a bit more for the upcoming fight."

Suki awoke groggily and slowly took in her surroundings, first looking for her knapsack before glancing around the room. She noticed that it looked to be a dorm room of some sort, but she wasn't focusing on the furnishings. Instead her eyes went to a note just to her left. What was that doing here? she wondered before lifting it up and reading through it.

"A small map of the school is pinned on your door."

Suki set the note back down and went to the door. There, just as the note said, was the map on the outside of the door. She took it down and closed her door, studying the map. When her eyes came across the cafeteria and she thought about what kinds of foods they could possibly have at this time, her stomach rumbled to remind her she didn't know when she had last ate.

"To the cafe it is then," she mumbled, grabbing her knapsack and folding up the map to put in her jeans pocket.
Cain awoke with a start, instantly sensing the unfamiliar environment and shooting upwards into a sitting position. His green eyes darted left, then right, as his body began to buzz with internal energy. There was no immediate danger, and it quickly became apparent to him as he swung his legs off the bed and picked up the note sitting on the nightstand. "Map... Fuck, I hate maps," he mumbled sleepily as he stood, clad in boxer shorts, and shuffled to the door. It took a minute or two of examination for him to fully comprehend where he was and where everything else was in relativity to him. Whether it was the fact he had just woken up or that he had trouble reading maps, he wasn't sure and wasn't concerned.

Obviously, breakfast was the first thing in order, so he reached into his duffel and pulled out some clothes: a pair of navy blue shorts and a black t shirt. He was never one for dressing fancy. As he pulled on the garments he silently wondered where the bathroom was, though it only took an extra two seconds of staring at the door to his right to figure it out. Immediately he stripped back down and leaped into the facility, taking a swift shower. Cain emerged within five minutes to dry himself off, getting dressed again and stepping out the door to his dorm with map in hand. He glanced at it every so often, pushing his wet hair back every so often to keep water from dripping onto the paper. Some wrong turns were made but he eventually made it to the cafeteria, where he picked out a bottle of orange juice and an apple.
Cassia opened her eyes, but didn't rush. Looking around she though, Well this must be the school. She swung her legs over and scratched the back of her head, yawning. Walking over to the mirror, she looked at her own reflection. Suddenly her eyes turned from a hazel to bright green in an instant, starting to feel the mix of emotions. And then, it all came back. She started to remember what had happened, what her parents have done and what she was taken away from. Her eyes flashed a deep red and she punched the wall next to the mirror, causing it to shake and leaving a dent in the plaster. As she continued to look into the mirror she noticed a flash of yellow near the right corner, on the desk.

She picked it up and read it carefully. "...maps...classes...fighting...hell." She muttered and walked over to the door of her room. She quickly tore off the map and threw on a white shirt, black pants, and a dark green coat. Cassia pushed the door open and walked out, looking both ways and listening to the ringing silence. Looking back in the mirror she saw a line on her left cheek that was slightly darker than her normal skin tone. The events of one particular night flashed for a second and her eyes flashed from a bright red to a deep, deep red.

Cassia tried to calm herself down and saw her eyes slowly fade to a dark blue. She sighed and proceeded to close the door. The soft aroma of food reached her nose and she flashed a small smile and followed the wonderful smell.
The cafeteria seemed to have enough food. Zaneth wandered around a couple other students checking out the food that was laid out. Most of it looked pretty good, high quality stuff, nutritious and supposedly tasty. Was a small consolation for the risk of being killed when the time for battle came. Heaving a sigh Zaneth grabbed a pear and got himself some kind of watermelon flavored protein drink and sat down by himself at a table looking around at the other students. He took a bite out of the pear and wondered about orientation. He made a sour face as he drank the protein drink.
Cassia took a fully loaded plate of food and turned around with a slice a toast hanging out of her mouth. It seemed that most of the tables were full with their corresponding groups, except for one. There was a guy sitting there with black hair and she could see him make a sour face to whatever he was drinking.

"Well if I have to.." She muttered as she walked over and sat down in front of him. Chewing on the slice of toast she waved that consisted of wiggling her fingers around. Once she finished her toast she wiped her mouth of crumbs and introduced herself,

"Hey, the names Cassia Levanda. What's yours?"
Suki wandered into the cafeteria and glanced around. She could see that there were quite a few people already gathering there. Then her eyes came across the food and her stomach growled once again. Scowling at her stomach before putting up a neutral front, she grabbed an apple and a banana and looked for a place to sit. There, she saw a mostly empty table with two people sitting on one end. Suki quickly walked over and grabbed the other end, though there was only a couple chairs between her and the couple. She didn't want to sit with some of the fuller groups though, because that meant they might pull her into a conversation. She glanced warily at the two next to her out of the corner of her eye.
After a moment, Cassia saw another girl quickly walking over to the table. She was very pale and she seemed almost timid. Cassia's eyes followed the girl as she sat at the end of the table. Just by that, she could tell that the girl wasn't much of the social type. However, Cassia was determined to have her talking.

"Well, looks like we have another player in the group. Hello." She said leaning her left cheek on her left hand as she chewed on the rest of her toast. It seemed that the girl eyed her warily, but wouldn't speak. Cassia raised her eyebrows and shrugged, but continued eating. She was famished.
Gota woke up calmly. She surveyed her surroundings with her emotionless blue eyes, indulging in introspection. After a few minutes she went to her dorm room door and picked up the map that was conveniently placed there. Some moments passed where she stood in thought about other matters than the one that addressed itself to her currently. She finally settled on going to the cafeteria.

She walked for some time before she arrived at the cafeteria. There seemed to already be a good few people eating breakfast. So many, in fact, that there were few tables, if any, left. After acknowledging the lack of seats, she proceeded to look at the vast assortment of food and drink set out before her and the others. She took a bit of time before deciding on a bread roll and an orange. She recognized the bright fruit from when her aunt would receive gifts of fruit or food from relatives who lived in warmer countries during the holidays. She then glanced again at whatever few tables were left, and decided on a seat to the left of Cassia. She sat down two seats to the left of the girl, noting the other three at the table for a bit before calmly peeling her orange in silence.
Egh, so much protein. Zaneth set his drink aside and chomped on his pear to help get rid of the taste. He was almost done when some chick he didn't know sat across from him. Zaneth made a little waving gesture at her after she introduced herself and he swallowed his mouthful "I'm Zaneth Zarikol. And yes I'm a wizard, just like my dad. Don't bug me about it." Zaneth took another chomp on his pear before tossing the core into a trash can near by and when he turned back around there was some one sitting at the far end of the table. Then soon after he noticed her, another girl came and sat at the table with less social awkwardity than the second girl. ".....hi."
Cain looked around at the tables and frowned as he noticed the lack of seats. "Bummer... I have to sit with people," he muttered to himself, half joking at his inner desire to be alone for the next hour. Pushing it aside, he walked to one of the tables, where a small group had begun to form. He sat down one seat to the left of Zaneth and placed his food on the table, preparing to introduce himself. "Hiya fellas," he said gruffly, offering a polite smile before turning to his apple and taking a bite of it. And so began the social chicken dance...

"My name is Cain," he added, looking back at them. "Pleasure to make your acquaintances and such." He swallowed his bite of apple and took another, relishing the crispness of the fruit as his teeth punctured the skin. For a breakfast, it wasn't too bad.
Cassia frowned, am I the only one trying to make some conversation here? We're going to be hanging around each other for a while, might as well know each other. she thought. She tossed the crust onto the napkin and proceeded to eat the rest of her breakfast. A small girl sat on the left of her and she looked her up and down. The girl was cute, quite frankly.

"Well..." Cassia started as she leaned on her elbows over the table, while flaunting an apple in her right hand. "This is interesting. We're going to be spending a lot of time around each other and there's not a word. None--zip--nada. Seems like I'm the only one who wants to cut this tension with a knife." She then made a motion of cutting the air with her plastic knife as she looked around the table, ignoring the bizarre looks. "The names Casia Levanda, please feel free to ask any questions--but mind you, I do believe in stupid questions."

Just then someone walked over, sat down, and said, "Hiya fellas. My name is Cain. Pleasure to make your acquaintances and such."

Cassia dropped her apple and applauded.

"We have one less sociopath! Welcome to the club!" She leaned slightly and added, "We should get T-shirts."
"Indeed," Cain chuckled, opening his bottle of orange juice. "Perhaps we can help the sociopaths find the social path," he added, making a mental note of the similarity in words. Sometimes he tended to carefully pick answers that contained small jokes or subtle statements; other times he just enjoyed mucking around with the English language. "Your name is... Cassia, right?" he asked, looking over at her as he sipped his juice. "Or did I overhear a similar name?" Even the orange juice was delicious, to his astonishment. He was used to drinking sub par beverages, but he'd never experienced actual quality until his first sip. He frowned internally at the thought, knowing that he probably sounded like an idiot.
Suki frowned. Surely this Cassia wasn't expecting her to really converse was she? Looking at the others, Suki sighed low set down her apple so she could peel her banana. She figured that it couldn't hurt to at least introduce herself as well.

"I'm Suki Anderson," she stated simply before going back to being solitary and eating her banana. She didn't feel like elaborating further.
Cassia laughed at the semi-pun and punched the young man in the arm. "I see what you did there, good man. You guessed correctly, anyway, the name is Cassia. Cassia Levanda, very nice to meet you." She set down the apple and pierced her plastic fork into a sausage and took a bite out of it. Her eyes widened at the taste.

"My God, this is delicious!" She said smiling. Cassia heard the small girl next to her state that her name was Suki Anderson. "That's a cute name, Suki." She complimented. Looking around the table she rested her head on her free hand and studied everyone else at the table. I guess you don't have to be young to be a new recruit.

After a moment she turned back to the young man, "So, how did you get here? You could have just left the opportunity completely. Was this a choice?" Her voice seemed to have lost all playfulness, although the energy was still there.
Cain chuckled as Cassia reached across the table and punched him playfully, recognizing his minor wordplay. "Pleasure to meet you as well," he replied, chomping off another bite of apple and chewing. As she asked him whether or not he'd come to the school by choice, he nodded to himself and contemplated an answer. "Fortunately I came here by choice," he began, shrugging lightly. "This war is really the only war that seems to have a noble cause to it. What about yourself?" he inquired, looking back at Cassia. His father had spoken against his decision but didn't stop him, which he was glad for. No man would want to lose their son, or even risk it.
Cassia leaned on the back of her hand that had was carrying the fork. She looked at him and her eyes flashed a bright red.

"My parents. Said they needed the money. Funny thing, my mother is either very niave or just plain idiotic because she doesn't seem to know that my father has a gambling problem and just decides to throw the hard earned money away on bets he can't win. Even I know that. He even took some of my savings. But now they have all of my savings and more. It's ridiculous, really, but there was nothing I can do."

She shrugged and took another chomp out of the sausage and flipped her black hair back.