School Facade

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  1. Nathaniel wrapped the black jacket around him a bit tighter, wanting to keep the cold winter air from touching his skin. A harsh breeze rushed in his direction, making shivers run up his spine and feel slight pain in his cheeks as the wind nipped at it. "I hate winter," Nathaniel muttered to himself. He pulled the heavy glass door, and walked into the large school hall. He merely smiled as he felt the warmth wrap around him like a blanket.
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    "You're late" someone called behind him approaching the young man almost silently, even tough this person had already spoken,
    he had dark skin and red-ish eyes, he was wearing a black hood and a red jacket over it, it was kinda like a coat on top of the black jacket,
    this coat was red, he approached the other man and stood by his side looking over at him with quite the uninterested look
    "What took you so damn long?" he asked in a tranquil manner, not really caring about the other one's response, being friends for
    so long he simply acted pretty loose when around him, which was weird for someone as dark as he was.
  3. Nathaniel looked over at him with pursed lips. "Woke up late, and I hate the cold so..." he trailed off. He opened his locket, taking out a few things and placed them into his book bag. Closing his locker, he walked down the hall to get to the cafeteria's door. Pulling the door towards him, he walked right into the large and crowded cafeteria. He dodged the other students as he paced through the narrow spaces until he finally reached the breakfast line.

  4. He shrugged and followed "Hey Nat," he called for his attention when his friend was already on the waiting line,
    he knew that already, still he continued talking, he was outside the line and was just following him from a short distance
    "I know that, but try to unlaze yourself or I'll beat you up" he placed his hands in his pockets and followed still, until
    one of the girls in the waiting line turned to look at him.

    "Hi Soma!" she smiled sarcastically "Hey, how's the boyfriends doing this fine morning?" she laughed and her friends
    did too, but Soma only stared like he were looking at a child trying to be funny.

    "Morning Natalie, how's the boyfriends?" he asked back, and the girl went silent at once, glaring at him silently.
  5. Nathaniel rolled his eyes at Soma. "Right, as if you're capable of doing that. I'm just as good as you are," He ignored the girl's statement about their friendship, completely unfazed. Grabbing a blue plastic lunch tray, he placed a pizza and a few fries on the side. He also got a can of soda, which had cost him 50 cents. "Why do you even care?" He questioned as he walked around to find a place to sit.
  6. The girl angrily walked away from them after showing them the middle finger, but Soma only made a sarcastic impression of being hurt at her and then
    turned to look at his friend who was now looking around for a table to sit in "I jus' do." he responded coldly, then pointed at a table they could use to
    sit down and looked away when they sat down across each other "I was jus' thinking I'm lonely here without you around" he said making another sarcastic
  7. Nathaniel rolled his eyes. "Huh, right. You've got enough friends to go to a party with," He took a bite from his simple slice of pizza. "And don't give me that look, idiot," Nathaniel faked an angered face, and rolled his eyes again. "Speaking of party, Dex is having one this weekend. He invited us."
  8. "Friends huh" Soma only grimaced "I only have you to call friend" he shrugged and then looked at the windows "I'm not going,
    you know I hate parties" he answered before standing up "Anyways hurry up, see ya in class"
    he finished and walked away.
    Soma was quite a silent and a bit shy of a person, he acted tough and shrugged off everything, fought many around school out
    of self defense and because of it he went to the principal's office a lot, however he wasn't always like that, when in calm, he was
    smart, but sarcastic, passive aggressive but a very loyal friend to be around with.
  9. Nathaniel let out a sigh as he quickly finished his breakfast, making a short stop at his locker to get an extra pencil. He continued on walking towards the class until he finally stopped at the entrance. Walking inside, he placed his backpack onto the single desk, and sat down on the cool chair. He took out his text book, note book, and a pencil and simply placed his backpack by his feet. Calmly, he began to doodle.
  10. In class Soma was just lying on his desk like he was sleeping, not a single care in the world until the teacher walked inside
    and noticed him just lying in there being a lazy ass, he neared the young man and smacked him on the head with the notebook
    he was carrying, not strong enough to hurt him but strong enough to wake him up finally "Ow!" Soma let out an angry cry
    the teacher grimaced "Ow what? Wake up, class's started!" he said angrily and walked to the front of the class to give his math
    class, Soma only turned to look at Nathaniel.
  11. Nathaniel let out a silent snicker as he glanced over at Soma, but then back to the teacher was giving him 'the look.' Sighing, he simply paid attention to what the teacher was saying and displaying on the board.
  12. Soma let out another angry huff, looking outside the window he was meditating on how to get rid of the
    party invitation, he knew who was going and what was going to happen in that party, everyone went for the drinks
    and the girls, and he wasn't really interested in any of both, only the music, ...and maybe something else, but
    soon he brushed the thought off his mind when the bell rang for the next class, chemistry one, his partner had been
    chosen since the begging of the course, so he walked near Nathaniel and yawned "Let's go, we're science boyfriends
  13. "We're not science boyfriends, we're lab partners," Nathaniel said while giving him the are-you-fuยขking-kidding-me look. Nathaniel stopped at his locker to take out his chemistry book, and then continued on going through the hall to get to Chemistry Class before the bell would ring. Once there, he sat down by the window while looking outside. "I've got a question for you, Soma."
  14. "Oh yeah?" he asked raising an eyebrow, not the least interested in the class, the teacher wasn't even there anyway.
  15. "Actually, it's not a question but more of a request," Nathaniel said as he continued looking down at his notebook while doodling tornadoes that anyone could do. "You really need to stop considering us as boyfriends; the looks that people are giving us are really weird."
  16. Soma didn't even frown, he just looked away toward the front "Why, it bothers you, or does what other think does?" he asked, his tone
    cold and dry just like before they even met "You care too much about what those people say, who gives a shit, because I don't. And if it
    bothers you so much I'll stop anyway" he only looked farther away, not wanting to see Nat's face "You care too much about those assholes".
  17. Nathaniel flinched at Soma's harsh words, he hadn't gotten completely used to his friend's rocky personality. "It's not that I care about what they say, it's just kind of weird."
  18. He sighed and placed his chin on his arm, suported by the table he didn't bother ooking at the other one "Then why do you only complain when we're at school?" he asked, his tone as harsh as usual.
  19. Nathaniel shrugged. "People always complain at school, so why shouldn't I either?"
  20. Soma took this comment with the left hand, however he simply looked over at him with a deadly glare, but having nothing to say agaisn't that, he simply looked away for the last time before the teacher approached Soma and Nathaniel.

    "I presume you are ahead with the lecture if you're talking so much" He practically hissed, obviously they were in for a lecture, which was the least probably both of them wanted right now.