School Days

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  1. -School Days-

    A story about a loner in high school that by chance meets the newest student to arrive on campus.

    Kaleb sat in the back of the classroom as always, while everyone talked amongst themselves and such. He had his legs resting on the desk as he looked out the window, his hood up and hiding his dark red hair. He was listening to music like always, playing with a card in his hands. He loved playing cards at a casino. He also worked at the local one, the same one that belonged to his uncle. He ran the black jack table over there. He was good at also counting cards which annoyed his uncle but the patrons liked it since they could win with him.

    He watched as the teacher came in and he took his headphones off, looking at the teacher, still playing with the card in his hand. "We have a new student here today class," he barely heard the teacher say. At that moment another student walked into the classroom, but Kaleb just looked out the window still not paying any attention to the new student.
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    Once the teacher was finished announcing his arrival, the blonde entered the class. He gave a faint smile and introduced himself as Brent Williams. He just moved from the West coast with his parents after his father job transfer. After the introduction the teacher told him to take the seat towards the back next to the guy with the hoodie. He also told him hats weren't allowed in the class so he removed his as he walked down the aisle to he seat.

    After taking his seat he received a few whispered 'hellos' and introductions from other class members. He greeted them and retrieved the class's textbook out of his backpack and tried to catch up to where the rest of the class was. He hated having to do the awkward speech in front of the class so he was glad it was short. Once adjusted to the setting, he peeked over at the guy lounging beside him. He actually had his legs on his desk. The teacher must be lax if he could get away with it he thought.
  4. As the teacher looked over at the back of the room to ask Brent to answer the question on the board, he noticed Kaleb's legs on the desk, again. "Kaleb Mercury get your feet off that desk!" the teacher yelled causing a few students to jump. Kaleb just looked at him a bored expression before putting his feet down. "Bite me old fart," he whispered softly to himself. He had no books on his desk either. "Since your paying so much attention to the class, come up here and answer the problem," he said in annoyance. Kaleb sighed and stood up, his hood falling and revealing his hair to everyone. He walked up to the board, his hand in his pants and he took the chalk that the teacher had in his hands and answered the question, doing all the work. It surprised the teacher since it was one of the hardest problems of the chapter they were in. Kaleb just left the chalk on the teacher's desk and walked back to his seat, sitting down and pulling his hood back on while looking out the window. He wasn't stupid and math was his best class.
  5. 'Guess I thought too soon about the teacher' Brent thought to himself. He couldn't help but to smirk slightly as the guy beside him got scolded and his muffled response. His name sounded really cool, like it belonged to a metal band member. Observing Kaleb's work on the board, the blonde tilted his head and furrowed his brows. He hated math more than anything else in school and it looked like a foreign language to him. He tried writing the notes that were being projected on the board explaining the problem the redhead solved, but he ended-up doodling all over the side of them and sighing lightly to himself.
  6. Kaleb sat there un-caring of the boy beside him. He'd be like the rest of them. He knew it, so when the bell rang, Kaleb got up faster then most and was already around the boy and heading to the door. He had a few frees now since he had tested out of the rest of his classes. He was heading to the music room to play guitar until he had his music class. He knew the teacher had students coming then, but he just grabbed his guitar and went to the back room.
  7. When the math class ended, several of the other students approached Brent, asking him where he was from and what classes he had next. He noticed the guy beside him practically bolt towards the door the moment the bell rang. 'Must be anti-social?' he thought to himself as he humored the others. In a way he was relieved that not everyone was so damn curious about him. He was friendly, but didn't like to be plagued with questions all of the time. You'd think with all of the moving he's done in his life he'd be used to it by now. His dad's job required him to relocate quite often, so Brent and the rest of his family would have to pack-up and leave without hesitation.

    After getting directions from a couple students, the blonde grabbed his gear and headed out of the class. He was rather bad at directions, so he held onto a map of the school, staring down at it as he walked. Wandering around the halls, Brent seemed to have gotten lost, "Damn it, I'm already late...on the first day!" he said to himself out loud. As he continued to complain to himself, the sound of music caught his attention. As he got closer to the source, he recognized it was someone playing the guitar. Pretty well as a matter of fact. Since he was already late and probably on the wrong side of the school at this point, he decided to poke his head into the room in which the music came from. He was surprised to see the same guy from math to be the one playing.
  8. Kaleb had one head phone in as he played the song he was listening to. He was good with the guitar and followed the bands guitarist well. It was an Il Nino song called "How can I live". He even began singing the song as well, and he seemed to be delirious to everything else. He kept playing the song until it ended and then he took his head phones off and began playing the song again, already knowing the song. He was playing the song when he looked up seeing the music teacher heading to the door. He stopped and looked behind his shoulder, seeing the new kid from his last class. He didn't seem to make much of a fuss over the fact the kid had been listening to him, he just went back to playing. The music teacher was a nice person, and let Brent in and let him sit and listen. "You must be new here. Don't worry, its your first day so getting lost is what the teachers expect," she said softly to Brent.

    (The song: )
  9. When he was spotted by the music teacher and the guy playing the guitar, Brent flinched slightly, not meaning to have been caught or to have been gonking like that for so long. "That's good...I have no sense of direction." Since he was already late, he gave up and entered the music room to continue listening to Kaleb's music. He liked rock and alternative music, though it was mostly mainstream stuff. Whatever Kaleb was playing, it was really good. He took a seat in the back, but not too close to the other guy. They didn't know one another and it seemed awkward to just randomly join a stranger in an otherwise empty room, especially with no dialogue. He tapped his hand on his knee quietly and nodded to the music. He'd have to ask him who he was playing once he was finished or took a break.

    (I haven't heard Il Nino in a long time n_n They're really good. I saw them with Sevendust I think when I was a freshman)
  10. (They're a band I used to listen to when I was in seventh grade and I just rediscovered them)

    After he finished the song, he turned and looked at Brent. "Your still here," he said, his voice blank before he turned back to his guitar and tuned it slightly to make it have a different tone to it. He sighed softly and looked through his ipod, searching for another song to play. "I'm Kaleb by the way," he said, not looking at Brent. He didn't think that Brent would have stayed and listen to him play. He loved to play and even though he did, he didn't enjoy people watching him play. But for some reason he still felt calm while that new kid was still there.
  11. "Uhm yeah...I'm so lost, so I figured I might as well stay and try again tomorrow. You're music's too good to pass-up anyways." Brent replied with a chuckle. He brushed stray locks from in front of his eyes and turned sideways in his chair so he could get a better view of Kaleb. "I'm Brent." He smiled. Hearing Kaleb finally speak, the blonde thought that maybe he wasn't so 'anti-social after all. He knew better than to jump to conclusions about people, so he shouldn't have about this guy. And speaking of Kaleb. Not only was he a whiz with math, but now he was an awesome guitarist to boot. Could he get any cooler?
  12. "Huh... Well, during your frees, go look for the class's. It'd be smart if you did," he said to Brent. He looked over at the boy and shrugged. "So what brings you to this town," he asked Brent, setting the guitar down and looking at the kid. Kaleb had to admit, the boy was cute, but he'd never say so. He usually was anti-social, but only with people that knew him. Brent didn't know him so he didn't want to just ignore the kid. He was new there, so he would learn not to talk to Kaleb, since he was the freak.
  13. Brent laughed and shrugged, "Yeah, that's probably a good idea...but today I'm feeling lazy." He really did. He didn't even want to come to school that day but his mom made him. It was probably the 'first-day' jitters. When Kaleb asked about his move to this town he replied, "My dad's work. He's a business man. His work relocated him again and we wound-up here." The blonde shuffled around a bit in his seat, trying to get adjusted. Since they were alone he decided to put his feet up in the chair beside him. "So far this place seems fairly nice. A big change from LA."
  14. Kaleb raised a brow. LA? That was a long way's from here but still a nice place. "LA? That sounds like it would have been a cool place to live. Did you like it there?" he asked Brent. He had always wanted to go and visit LA but he was still saving up the money so he could go. His mom would have killed him if he hadn't gone to school. "Yeah, my mom is the same. She doesn't like letting me stay at home," he said shrugging. "Unless, I brake a bone or get really really sick, then she takes off from work and stays home with me," he said shrugging. "So what kind of music do you listen to?" he asked Brent. He could tell the new kid liked what he had played, but some people like one song from a genre.
  15. "I loved it there," Brent replied with a nod, "There were so many places to see and the blending of different cultures was something. Before that I lived outside of Seattle. It was cool, but depressing with the constant rain. LA had an awesome beach scene though." The more he thought about it, the more Brent missed it. He had actually got used to it; made a lot of friends and had a place established for himself there. Brent thought for a moment about his taste in music, "Well, I guess you could call me eclectic. If you ever saw my parents you wouldn't guess it, but they were into 70s and 80s rock and so I was raised on it. I also like a little metal, hard rock, and alternate, with some occasiona pop music I can't really escape.' He laughed and added, "I really enjoyed that song you were playing..."
  16. "Well it's not like you'll never go back. Your parents must know that you have friends back in LA so they'd have to let you go back and visit," he said shrugging. He usually never had friends and he's only moved twice in his life, from Savanah to where he was now, New Orleans. He loved the city and stuff but the people people here were rude and annoying. The bell rang and Kaleb made no move to actually get up and go. "Thats cool, the song I was playing was 'How can I live' by Il Nino," he said to Brent.
  17. "Yeah, I might be able to visit in the summer or something. I'd like to try and save my money to just move there, but we relocate too frequent for me to even find part time work." Brent said with a slight sadness in his voice. He really wanted to find a place and stay there at least. When the bell rang, the blonde perked-up and removed his feet from the other chair. "Il Nino...I'll have to remember that." He smiled at Kaleb and reached down to pick his backpack up that he'd laid beside him on the floor. "Well Kaleb, it was nice chilling with you. Thanks for letting me listen to your jam sec. I'd like to hear you play some more," he said as he came to his feet, "Hopefully I see you around...outside that boring-ass math class."

    (Hey, what's Kaleb's character from? It's been bothering me that I know I've seen him somewhere but can't remember where lol)
  18. (He's Shin from the anime Amnesia)

    Kaleb nodded his head and shrugged. "You could always find something online," he suggested. He watched Brent get up and say goodbye and Kaleb waved and nodded his head. He didn't have any classes for a few more periods so he just started playing his guitar again, playing until he had history. He set the guitar away in its case and then got his bag, heading off to the classroom. He pulled his hood up, and weaved through the crowd to get to his classroom, sitting in the back once he got there. He looked out the window again, having music in his ears.
  19. As the day progressed, Brent managed to locate the rest of his classes, as well as the room in which he didn't manage to attend. He had been right about it actually being on the other side of the school. Now it was lunch time and the blond was starving. For being a rather smaller individual he could definitely put away the food. The only thing was that he had no idea where to go with his tray in the cafeteria. It was like any stereotypical high school cafeteria: Bunches of cliques gathered at different areas in the room with a few stragglers roaming about, looking for a place to fit in. It was another attribute of transferring he hated even though it was a small matter.

    Just before he thought about sitting with a group he'd started talking to from his English class, Brent spotted Kaleb. A smirk rolled across his face and he began walking towards him. "I tell you, you're like Waldo and I'm the champion at finding you..." He said greeting him, "It seems we have the same lunch period." His smirk turned into a genuine smile and he waited to see if Kaleb would welcome him or not outside of the empty music room. It may have been a rare act of kindness to oblige him before, or maybe he was indeed friendly enough towards him. Brent was the type of person that tried not to jump to conclusions about people. He'd had enough personal issues with that in the not so distant past.
  20. Kaleb was sitting on the lunch table, looking out the windows that were right next to his head. He looked over and saw Brent coming over. He chuckled and took his headphones out. "I'm waldo? I'm I wearing a striped red sweater?" he asked chuckling as he munched on a chip. "So LA, how are your classes so far? Anything you like?" he asked him, already giving him a nickname, not getting off the table. The few kids near Kaleb were the emo/punk/scene/goth kids. He paid no attention to them since they were too afraid of him to sit directly near him. "You should go down to the quarter today, its only a few days to Mardi Gras and the stores are having sales and stuff," he said looking at Brent.