School Appropriate Games.

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  1. For the past week and a half or so, my friends and I have been playing Cards Against Humanity during our lunch period. We keep it to ourselves, and we're all seniors.

    Now, for those of you who know about the game, you understand that there's some mature content in the cards. If not, I encourage you to look it up. It's a very fun game, and we all enjoy it.

    For the most part, the teachers have been okay with it. The first day one of them told us to put it away, which we did, but after that none of them have said anything. After explaining what we are playing, they usually just say "Oh okay." and move along. Even our principal has looked in on a game and decided it was fine, as long as we kept it to ourselves.

    Today, however, one of the teachers very clearly told us that we could not play it any longer. She said that it wasn't school appropriate and we were being immature for playing it.

    I find it interesting that schools expect us to learn about and understand things such as genocide and sexual education, but will not allow us to play a game with some mature content in it. What are they attempting to shelter us from? All of us playing are 17+ and understand what at least 98% of the cards are (we had to look up testicular torsion... that was fun). Additionally, if most of the other teachers don't see a problem with it, then why should one teacher have the ultimate say in how we spend our free time?

    Thoughts, opinions, etc.?
  2. High school is just the lame stepping stone before you hit college and you end up going on actually interesting field trips and your professor smokes pot with his students and and irresponsibility huge bonfire.

    Get through high school, and things become so much more enjoyable.
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  3. Play with the bullshit expansion just to piss them off.
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  4. Minecraft.

    It's on all my schools PCs...
  5. I used to play it in school with my friends, but then again we did it in the common room where there weren't any teachers. I don't see a problem with it personally as long as it's kept away from younger students, but I do disagree with something you said. There's a difference between learning about mature topics for educational reasons, in a manner that affords tragedy an amount of dignity and respect, and a game like CaH that's entire purpose is to do the opposite of that. It's intentionally offensive; its entire point is to spit in the face of respect. I can understand anyone having a problem with it.
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  6. That is honestly just sad.
    If anything it's your teacher being immature by shying away from such topics.
    And is also being immature by assuming her standards of humor are what everyone else should be listening to.

    I always find it interesting how one big part of maturity is apparently knowing how to turn the other cheek with differing opinions.
    Yet society seems to conveniently forget that the second it hits topics like dark humor, religion, feminism vs MRA etc.

    Now to clarify, questioning and debating the topics? Completely fine.
    I'm commenting on those who slam down the Iron fist going "You can't talk about or question this!".

    So in my opinion, you and your classmates are completely in the good books here.
    It's that specific teacher who needs to grow up and follow her own advice.
    Humanity doesn't make sense.

    I think the best defense you could invent/come up with is what Halo said about Educating and remembering VS making fun of.
    But then once you realize that humor is a method of healing and acceptance even that defense basically goes out the window.
    It's far more healthy for people to be able to laugh about something bad then to sit around forever scared and petrified by it.

    Plus, human's are not simple one dimensional creatures. Of course we understand that in real life these are serious issues.
    It's not like when I make a rape joke, or a holocaust joke that I'm actually supporting the act of rape or genocide.
    It takes a seriously sheltered and messed up individual to not be able to differentiate humor from actual intention.

    And this brings up another good defense for CaH and other such games.
    It often times can also serve as a form of education, teaching people of things they otherwise wouldn't have learned.
    May it be cause the school and parents hid it from them, didn't just think to mention it etc.
    They shouldn't.

    The Teacher is just exercising their authority when there isn't another authority figure around to call them out on their crap.
  7. Seeing as how the point of high school is basically to tell you to act like an adult while treating you like a 4th grader, and anything that comes even remotely close to the dreaded label of 'mature content' is seen as strictly taboo, I'm honestly not surprised that you weren't allowed to play CaH. Really doesn't shock me.

    In my high school, playing cards weren't allowed. Fucking ordinary playing cards. Apparently the reasoning behind this had something to do with gambling -- despite the fact that you can use playing cards without gambling, and that you can also gamble without playing cards. Hell, it was common practice in my school to use uno cards in place of playing cards, in which case, no one will so much as bat an eye -- even if you're actually playing poker or w/e.

    Playing cards, though? Yeah, they see that and they'll tell you to put it away, no matter what you're using them for. It doesn't even matter if you say "but we're not gambling" -- they'll just tell you that playing cards aren't allowed. Period.

    I also remember being told that I wasn't allowed to sit on benches.

    Point is -- high school is complete bullshit, but at least your school sort of had some decent line of logic behind banning CaH. Not saying I agree, necessarily, but, I mean, it makes more sense than some other shit they could've banned. Sorry to say I don't think there's much you can do about it other than just deal with it. I don't think there's much point in arguing with anyone -- at worst, you might get into even more trouble just for *gasp* questioning the authority of an adult. And, even if that doesn't happen, I don't think there's anything you can do to fix their backwards logic.

    I saw a kid get in trouble for dancing once.
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  8. Strip poker.

    I be kidding, may-te.

    It depends on whats unblocked, but I'd say minecraft.(I really wouldn't) Teachers couldn't possibly think minecraft was dirty, right?!
    (Block penis.)

    It's a meh game. If you like it, you do; if not, you don't.

    But you all get to be dicks to each other so, there's that.
  9. DnD
    Unless you go to a Hyper fundamentalist school.
  10. It appears some people—*ahem* three in particular *ahem*—have neglected to read the opening post.

    I believe the purpose of this thread was to discuss the legitimacy of determining school appropriate games—specifically, Cards Against Humanity—rather than giving examples of games that fit the bill. The thread's title may be a little misleading, but the opening post does make it rather clear.

    As for the situation at hand, I too agree that preventing you from playing the game at this point is rather unnecessary. If as you say, the principal allowed it, I don't see why you wouldn't be able to ask him for a note or something to prove the validity of your actions.
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