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  1. As it reads. I am a 19 y/o license-less (Tried 5 times) high-schooler looking for scholarships. I've set up an account, but I'm nervous. I'd rather not mess something up or get into hot water while going for scholarships? What were your experiences while you were trying to apply for scholarships and such?
  2. i had good scores in high school, so they just randomly threw merit-based scholarships at me

    during my freshmen year, i got even better scores and applied and got moar merit-based scholarships

    for the rest, i got a job

  3. Where I live there aren't any merit-based scholarships, just economic-help scholarships. I never got one. :C
  4. if you didnt need the economic that good?!

    yeah, i never get economic or racial assist scholarships

    i guess they all assumed being asian meant i made a decent living off Starcraft

    oh how I wish that were the case

    i would play more Starcraft
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  5. Well, that's hilarious just thinking about. Anyways, thanks for your 2-cents. I may get enough in my lifetime to buy a pony!
  6. I didn't need it but, to be honest... I don't want to sound like I'm bitching, but... I live in a relatively small city -compared to Buenos Aires, for example- yet it's big enough for us to have a university. The fact that we have many nearby cities and we're in the centre between them helps too. Anyway, the city is small, and I'm studying engineering, which equals even a smaller number of students in my side of the university. I don't know if you people use the term 'faculty' for it, but I'll call it faculty.

    Since we're a little quantity of students in a small city, it's easy to know everybody. Because of that, everybody knows that the system that gives away scholarships is corrupted. Some money is grabbed by politicians so they can put them in their own pockets. And some scholarships, instead of being given to people who need it (and there are many people in stressing financial situation), they're given to sons, nephews, etc. of politicians, or of friends of politicians, people who belong to the same political party as them...

    If that's the case, then I'd prefer to have one of those scholarships for myself, since I'm not in touch with any of those garbage people, and I could even use it to help some friends who are in need of money, who barely have enough to eat everyday. ¬¬
  7. There's really no chance to "screw anything up" with this application process.

    I'm assuming you're on some site that lets you search for a whole bunch of different scholarships? If not, I recommend finding one. There are a bunch of them floating around the internet, though, and they'll all link you to plenty of scholarships.

    Once you've found a bunch you can apply to, apply. Go crazy. A good chunk of them won't even ask you to write an essay, so just enter your information and move on to the next one. The ones that don't ask for much are harder to get anything from, though (as most of them are just choosing 1 winner out of a bunch of nearly identical applicants), but it still doesn't hurt to apply. As for the ones where you do have to write an essay, that's a bit more time-consuming (unless you can manage to re-use the same essay for multiple apps, but, that's not always a possibility), so take a look at how much money each one offers and how many winners each one will choose. Place higher priority on the ones where it's more realistic that you might win -- saves you some time.

    But yeah, no reason to be hesitant. The worst that could happen is you just don't get picked for too many scholarships, but, there's nothing you can do that'll really hurt you in the application process, so, go crazy. The more you apply to, the better your odds of winning something.

    Edit: And I should stress that there are plenty of scholarships not affiliated with your school that you should seek out (which was kind of what I was referring to in that last post). Obviously, the one affiliated with your school is the one you should probably place as highest priority, as you're most likely to get something from it, but uh, there are plenty of other scholarships where all you have to do is enter in a bunch of information a bunch of times and, well, like I said, no reason not to with those.
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  8. Apply for everything you think you fit under. EVERYTHING

    Scholarships are going to be your college lifesaver. Literally set aside like an hour a day to apply for scholarships... it'll only do you good.
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  9. Don't worry too much about screwing stuff up on the scholarship applications. Just double check everything to make sure you put in the correct info and you should be fine. They're really not that complicated in the first place, just basic information about yourself and your education history and things to determine whether or not you qualify for whatever the particular scholarship is, then whatever special questions they may want you to fill out, maybe an essay or two for some of them. Everything before those special questions ought to be super straightforward.

    Also, as a couple people above have said, look around and apply for everything you can. Seriously. If you think you qualify, fill out their application. There are tons of scholarships that go unclaimed each year because not enough people actually apply. If you end up deciding you don't need a particular scholarship and don't want to take money that could go to someone else who needs it more, you can always deny a scholarship after it's awarded to you. There is no real downside to applying to all the scholarships you can, just a plethora of potential benefits. It's absolutely worth your time if you want to be able to go to college without needing to sink yourself into the awful mire of student loan debts.
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  10. Thank you I very much appreciate it. I will now go forth and become an engineer
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  11. Huzzah!
  12. Do I need a banking account for scholarships, or are any funds I'm awarded put into my scholarship account ?
  13. I don't know what you mean by "scholarship account". I just know that what you get in scholarships is usually just sent to the college to go directly towards college costs.
  14. Okay. By that I mean my Fastweb account, the thing I use to find scholarships
  15. Ah. I don't use Fastweb, so I wouldn't know how they run things. Still, unless the site says otherwise, it's still probably going to get sent to your college.
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