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  1. Name: James McAvoy
    Age: 16
    Personality: James is the polar opposite of his father, he is kind, calm and actually very shy. he prefers books over people and spends hours in their library. He enjoys things his father always takes for granted, like the scenery of where they live and the complex beauty of the written word. While he is very shy, once you get him to open up he is a very bright and determined young man.
    Bio: James is the eldest and only son of the McAvoy family, he has one other sibling and that is his little sister Emilia. She is 12 years old and is very much like their mother who is a social butterfly. She is always hosting parties at their home and James is always doing his best to avoid said parties. When he was little he never partook in sports and instead sat in the library reading all the books he could. While his mother encouraged his intellectual prowess his father detested how weak his son was. When his study's began at age seven he was given an English tutor who was a complete bore. By age twelve James was the one teaching his tutor, and his mother and father began to notice how he was not challenged in the least and he began to skip his tutoring sessions which his father did not like. So they began to search for a new tutor for him and came across the name Michael Fassbender, a German tutor who was supposed to be very good at what he does, especially when it came to stubborn students.



    James had been informed several days ago that his new tutor would be here Monday morning, a room already set up for him. He had wanted to protest, since in the last few weeks without a tutor he had been able to focus on literature and history rather than all the boring subjects that came with studying business. However he knew that if he even tried to protest his father would be furious with him and the last thing he wanted was to anger his father again. The last time he had been beat so harshly that he hadn't been able to sit properly for several days. So he simply wallowed in silence, dreading the idea of yet another witless tutor trying to teach him things he already understood and did not care much about at all.

    On Monday morning James woke with a nauseating sense of dread. He wanted nothing more than to hide in the corner of the library and pretend that this wasn't the day that his tutor Michael Fassbender would be making his appearance. Of course he instead forced himself to be somewhat social with his family as he went down to breakfast and ate with only his sister and mother, since his father was most likely to busy to join them. They weren't exactly a close nit family, so breakfast was mostly them eating in comfortable silence, until his mother decided to inform him that this Friday he was to attend a party the family had been invited too. He bit back a groan and simply nodded in understanding. Once he was finished with his breakfast of fresh fruits and warm oatmeal the servants came and cleared his plate.

    He was more than relieved to finally be able to escape to the third floor library. Despite the fact his father did not approve of his love for literature they still had row after row of some of the best pieces of literature and James has practically read them all. He began to browse through the plethora of books, looking for something to sit down and read for awhile. His fingertips brushed over the delicate spines of the books as he scanned row after row. Eventually he ended up picking up one of his favorite novels. The Red and the Black by Stendhal, Roger Gard. He took the worn paperback over to one of the red couches that sat in the back corner of the library, it was his little safe haven, where he could hide away from the world and get lost in another universe. He sat down on the worn red couch and tucked his legs underneath him as he opened to book to page one. It was not long until he was completely engrossed in the novel, his blue eyes intently focused on the words in front of him and he was completely oblivious to the rest of the world. ​
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  2. Name: Michael Fassbender
    Age: 28
    Personality: Michael is very warm hearted and kind, that being said, he can be strict when a student isn't doing their work. He enjoys playing violin and solving difficult equations. He is very private about his life, but his intelligence allowed him to excel in his schooling.
    Bio: Michael lost his mother when he was young, but his father was very loving and involved with his sons education. He has no siblings and regularly corresponds with his father, who still works in a small town in Germany as a hat-maker. Michael has always been attracted to both men and women and has had lovers of both sexes. When he receives a letter from a prominent upper class-man wanting him to tutor his son, he readily agrees and packs up his meagre belongings and head for England. Though he dislikes the father, he agrees to work with the boy, James

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  4. Michael entered the great house, noticing the china filled cabinets along the walls. Following the butler, he was lead into a downstairs parlor, where a grotesquely fat man sat in a leather wingback.
    "You must be Mr. Fassbender," he said in a thick Scottish accent.
    "Yes, sir," Michael nodded. "You are Mr. McAvoy?"
    "Aye," he nodded. "You will start working with my son after lunch. Every other day you will start at nine o'clock. My son must remain on his schedule."
    "Of course, sir," he stood awkwardly.
    "I warn you, James can be difficult."
    "I am sure I will be able to keep your son on task," Michael smiled.
    "I should hope so," he gave a hacking cough and said, "The housekeeper will show you to your room."
    "Thank you," he took of his hat.
    The room was sparse, but had the essentials.
    Michael sighed as he sat down on the small bed, tired from his travels. He would miss Griez, but he knew that he had more potential here in England. There were always wealthy families that wanted a good education for their child, he would challenge this boy, knowing that all he probably needed was guidance.
    After he unpacked and settled in the housekeeper came to tell him that he would dine in the servants hall.
    There were ten other people in the white plaster room, all sitting around a large circular table.
    "Everyone," the housekeeper smiled, "this is Mr. Micheal Fassbender, he is the new tutor for master James."
    "Welcome!" Said a young red-haired girl. "Come sit near me," she pulled a chair up next to her.
    "Thank you," he smiled.
    "I'm Mary," she said serving him some soup. "I'm the scullery maid. I bet you wont find me very interesting, what with you being learned and all."
    "Nonsense," he laughed. "I have friends of every walk of life."
    "Whats that supposed to mean?" She frowned. "Are you saying that I'm below you?"
    "Not....not at all!" He stammered.
    "I hope not," she said. "Because if you haven't noticed, we are sitting at the same table right now. We are the same station."
    Michael didn't speak for the rest of the meal, not wanting to say something that could have been misunderstood.
  5. James had been so engrossed in his novel that he almost read right through lunch. If it weren't for Butterworth, the McAvoys trusted butler, who came in and found the young James tucked away in the corner of the library.
    "Young Master James it is time for lunch and tea." The sudden intrusion had the brunette teen nearly jumping out of his own skin, not having heard the elder male come In to retrieve him.
    "Oh aye," he said with a sheepish smile as he dog eared the current page he was on and closed the weathered book that had obviously been read one too many times. He tucked the book under his arm as he rose to his feet, reluctant to put it down when he was so close to one of his favorite parts. The butler bowed his head respectfully before turning to leave, having already done his job which was to inform James that he was going to be late for lunch if he didn't head down to the dining room soon. James watched as the greying man walked out of the library in long strides. He always liked Butterworth, he was a kind man even if he didn't talk that often. When he was younger James would always make up stories about where he came from, and it ranged from sappy romance stories to thrilling adventures. Of course as he grew up he learned that Butterworths family has been serving his family for generations and there was no thrilling story behind where he came from, though he still let his imagination wonder every once and awhile.
    After a brief moment he followed after his Butler, not wanting to upset his mother by being late to lunch. She was extremely anal about people being punctual, even if she often times was 'fashionably' late herself. As he walked through the long halls of his home he gently tapped his fingers against the cover of the book in his hand. He wanted desperately to finish the chapter he was on, but knew it would be rude of him to eat at the dining table. When he walked into the dining room his mother glanced up at him from where she was sitting and pursed her red lips together in a look of mild disapproval. "I hope yah don' expect to be readin' that at the table young man." she scolded lightly her Scottish accent nearly as thick as James' fathers.
    "No, mama." he responded with a rueful smile before sitting down at the spot that was set up for him. His little sister who sat next to him giggled softly and he playfully stuck his tongue out at her, causing her to only laugh even more. He and his sister got along better than most siblings, James loved her dearly and would protect her with his life which is why he often took the blame whenever something broke or got misplaced in the house. Lunch was light as usual, some fresh fruit, sweets and a small portion of cold meats so it did not last long.
    "Mama may I be excused?" James as he set his napkin down and looked at his mother with his earnest blue eyes. His accent was not nearly as thick as his parents, having been exposed to the English vernacular since he was just a wee babe.
    "ay, you may, you go up right away to yer tutorin' session now laddie." She added quickly, one of her perfect thin eyebrow lifting accusingly since she knew he was going to try and sneak off to finish that bloody book of his.
    "Of course mama." he muttered as he rose to his feet, taking his book off the table before heading back up to the library where his tutoring session would be taking place.
    "Don' want to go to the bloody tutoring session" he mumbled under his breath as he walked up to the library, his footsteps heavy and a small pout evident on his delicate features. When he walked into the warm room, lighted by the sun streaming through the large double windows on either side of the back wall, and two significantly small ones on the side walls, he couldn't help but feel a bit less irritated. It was hard for him to stay in a ill humor when he was in this room. With a soft sigh he walked over to the mahogany table that sat in the center of the room, which had two separate stacks of books placed on top of it. One stack was the curriculum that he was supposed to be following and the other was what he decided to self teach himself, it was obvious which one he favored more as the first stack looked practically untouched compared to the other. Since his tutor was not yet present and he had some time to kill he sat down at the table and opened The Red and The Black to the page he had been on before lunch and began to read again, chewing on his bottom lip as the action climbed within the plot.
  6. Michael entered the library, and stopped in his tracks when he saw the vastness of it.
    "Are you Mr. Fassbender?" He heard a soft Scottish accent to his right.
    "Yes," he turned to look at who was speaking.
    "I'm James McAvoy," he held out his and and Michael took it. "Pleased to meet you."
    "Likewise," he smiled. Michael couldn't imagine this soft boy being a problem; his eyes, so wide and innocent, reminded him of a dears.
    "I'm set up on the third tier," the boy said, pointing to the spiral stairs. "If you will follow me."
    "Of course," Michael smiled in return. By the time they got to the top, he was almost completely out of breath, despite being in good physical condition.
    "Please excuse me for my tardiness," he said theough gasps.
    "It's fine," James said going to the table. "I was reading."
    "You may take a seat," he gestured to the table that had two chairs.
    James did as he was told and sat completely straight, looking almost comical.
    "Alright, rather than pick up where your last tutor left off, today I am going to give you a small assessment to gauge what you already know," Michael pulled out the sheets of paper he had written on during the boat ride.
    "Like a test?" The boy asked.
    "Yes, like a test," he nodded.
    While James started, Michael
    [BCOLOR=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0)]wandered to the shelves and peeked at some of the spines. The place seemed to be completely stocked with every kind of book imaginable, much to his glee. He smiled as he saw one of his personal favorites, Pride&Prejudice. He kept his love for the sappy novels of Austen a secret, not wanting to be ridiculed for it. There was just something within the plot that had always held him completely captivated. Maybe it was due to the fact that he had a past with less than acceptable relationships.... [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0)]He looked out of the window to the busy street below, watching as wagons and carts passed by. A beggar woman sold her wares on the street corner, and he was struck by the fact that even though the house was in a wealthy neighborhood, poverty was a common occurrence in England. [/BCOLOR]
    "Mr. Fassbender?" James asked ten minutes later.
    "Yes? Do you have a question?" Michael put down the book.
    "No, sir. I'm finished," he said sheepishly.
    "Finished?" He couldn't believe it. He took the test from him and read over it; a math problem had one mistake, but other than that it was flawless. How could Mr. McAvoy say his son is a problem? He's brilliant!
    "Is there anything wrong with it?" James asked when Michael hadn't said anything.
    "No," he shook his head. "I see that you are far more advanced than I had thought! Your father didn't do you justice in his description of your intelligence."
    "Well, he isn't a very reliable source if you want a judge in that particular subject," James said smugly.
    Michael nodded blankly and scratched his scruffy chin, at a loss for what to do now. The boy was probably as smart as him!
    "I noticed you have a mistake on this problem," he didn't want to be nit picky, but he had no idea what else to do. "Do you consider yourself good at math?"
    "Fair,"James scrunched up his face.
    "What are your strengths?"
    "History and literature," he professed.
    "I see," neither of them had anything to do with what the boys father wanted him to learn. "Those would be good if you were to be a professor..."
    "But I'm going to be a tradesman, like my father," James finished.
    "Yes," Michael didn't like saying it, but it was the truth.
    "So where are we going to start?"
    "How about we work on maths today?"
  7. When James saw his tutor he was nothing what he expected. In his mind he had imagined a short, old middle aged man who was balding and that was almost the complete opposite of Mr. Fassbender. He was a good four inches taller than James and had a lean muscular build. His hair was a dark auburn color that made his bright blue eyes stand out. Perhaps James noticed a bit too much about the others appearance, such as the way the scruff that covered his angular jaw gave him a very rugged appearance but his eyes held something more gentle, but he did not think much of it at the time. As they went through proper introductions it appeared that the other was not going to be as witless and mind numbing as his last tutor, if anything he seemed to be a rather kind man. Though James new by now that first impressions could be very deceptive, so he would wait until he got to know the other better before he made an opinion.
    James noticed, as they ascended the spiral staircase, the way Michael looked around the vast library in almost awe. As they began to the tutoring session he was given a short test in the beginning, to measure the extent of his abilities and it was probably one of the simplest tests he had taken. Though as usual he did have some trouble with one of the math problems since that really wasn't his strongest subject. When the subject of what he excelled at was brought up he couldn't help but feel a bit frustrated. He detested the fact he had no choice in what he would become when he grew up, he did not want to be some boring tradesman, he wanted to be a professor or a writer! Of course that was never going to happen so he sat there politely and did his best to pay attention throughout the math tutoring session. Though it was obvious his heart just wasn't in it as he kept losing focus and day dreaming, having to be reminded to pay attention of several occasions. Which he did apologize profusely for.
    It seemed as if he was sitting at the table for an eternity until he was finally informed that he was dismissed for the day. he let out a long relieved sigh and rose to his feet, "Thank you, Mr. Fassbender" he said with a kind smile before he picked up his book and went to leave. Though before he left he paused and glanced back at his new tutor, who was not only new to the house but to the country. He couldn't just leave him by himself... it just didn't feel right. "Mr. Fassbender would you like to come down to have some tea with me? Perhaps I can even show you around the grounds before dinner?" he offered.
  8. "I would enjoy that very much, thank you," Michael replied to the doe-eyed boy. "I am going to clean up my things, you may go down without me."
    He assumed that the problems that Mr. McAvoy had spoken about was James' ability to become distracted easily; he caught the boy frequently starring out the window, watching the raindrops slide down the pane.
    He worried that the boy had found him boring, he knew he could talk incessantly if he wasn't careful. Michael promised himself that he would try to keep James' attention during their next lesson by talking less and being more visual about his approach of teaching. He should really invest in a blackboard, maybe his employer would be willing to buy one.
    As he packed up his things, he realized that he didn't know where he was supposed to go for the tea that he would be sharing with James. He frowned, trying to remember if his pupil had said anything about where they would be dining. He sighed, went down the staircase and became rater dizzy from the spinning.
    "Excuse me," he flagged down a maid he saw walking down the hallway. "Could you tell me where master James is?"
    "He should be in the second floor parlor, sir," she nodded behind her. "Last door on your right."
    "Thank you," Michael smiled.
    "Of course."
    He came to the closed door and gave a soft knock, listening for a response.
  9. James smiled as his offer was accepted, "you're welcome." He said softly as he carded his hand through his chocolate brown hair. When he was told that he could go on ahead he nodded and headed down the spiral staircase. Today hadn't been terribly boring, Mr. Fassbender managed to keep his attention better than his previous tutor and even explained things in ways that made more sense to the young man. Though that still didn't help the fact he despised the subject he was to focus on with a passion and didn't really want to pay attention. After every tutoring session James almost always went to the parlor for tea and just some peace and quite. Usually he was by himself so the idea of having someone else there for once made him slightly uneasy. Not because he didn't like Mr. Fassbender but because he just preferred solitude over the company of others, which alway concerned his mother who was a social butterfly.
    As he entered the parlor a small smile pulled at the corner of his lips as he saw a kettle of steaming tea already set up and waiting for him. It was obvious that he was a man of routine as he took a seat in one of the leather chairs that sat near the center of the room.
    "Could you bring another cup, Mr. Fassbender will be joining me today." he asked a maid who was currently cleaning the dust from the shelves. "Yes of course sir." She said with a curtsey then left to get another cup. James had just settled down when he heard the light knock on the door, and he could only assume it was Michael.
    "Yes come in." he called, just as the maid reentered from another door with a second cup for Michael.
  10. "Thank you for having me," Michael smiled as he entered the small room. He sat down at the tea table and made his tea the way he always had: two lumps of sugar, no milk.
    They sat in an almost uncomfortable silence; Michael felt that he should start a conversation, as it would be the polite thing to do, but knows the boy is shy. He bites his lip, looking out the window again, avoiding eye-contact. Drumming his fingers he has a sudden thought that makes him giggle, breaking the silence. James gave him a look and Michael shook his head, "It's nothing." But he felt he owed an explanation for his odd behavior. "This silence... Awkwardness.... It reminds me of a start of another relationship I had a long time ago."
    James didn't press, didn't seem to give any reaction and continued to sip his tea.
    What he didn't say was that that past relationship wasn't with a pupil, nor had it been with a woman.
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