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  1. So! This will be a 'school for the gifted' role play based in Warhammer 40k! So psykers come on out!
    This will be set in "current" 40k time, on the planet Trepytos in Segmentum Solar.

    For those of you unfamiliar with psykers:

    The plot for the moment is somewhat simple, getting to understand the feel for playing a psyker... trust me though this will become grimdark soon enough.

    You may play either a psyker or if you'd prefer a blank as an instructor/safe guard.

    Character sheet:

    Psyker Grade:
    School of discipline:
    Instructor or Initiate:
    Preferred weapons:
    Brief history: (Note that psykers are usually taken at a very young age and as such I am asking for home world and how the powers developed, unless instructor.)

    +We are the eye that sleepeth not+
  2. Name: Isobel Hargrave
    Age: 49 (Thank the emperor for juvenant treatments)
    Psyker grade: High delta
    School of discipline: Telekenisis/Telepathy
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    Preferred weapons: Triplex Pattern "Fury" Assault Laspistol and 'kine' blades
    Brief history: Isobel was born on Valhalla and was taken when her psychic abilities were noticed at age four. From there she was taken into the care of the blackships and eventually put into a Scholam Psykana. She was placed under the command of the Inquisitor Hector Graal until his death. Already having achieved the rank of interrogator she was given a choice, serve a new lord or teach at the Scholam, she took the latter as she was unable to forgive herself for her master's death. She takes the task of teaching new psykers as her work of penitence for not being able to save her lord.
  3. Name: Novus Antioch
    Age: 18
    Psyker Grade: Epsilon
    School of discipline: divination
    Instructor or Initiate: Edos Carruthers
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    Preferred weapons: Kantrael MG 'Defender' pattern laspistol, Force staff, Emperor's Tarot
    Brief history: Antioch hails from Scintilla but he have no memory of the place as he was collected by the black ships when he very young. His mother had been a rogue psyker and got killed by the mob when she failed to hide her powers and the authoreties showed up moments before they managed to kill Antioch, the investigation following the incident found that he had inherited some of his mothers powers and so he was handed over to the black ships. On the ships he was tested and trained to see how severe his powers were, the treatment resluted in him being corporeally blind.
  4. Is this dead ? Can I join ?
  5. It looks interesting! I'll edit this when I get home, so I can make the profile and what-not. I'm currently at school.
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