Scheduled Site Maintenance! May 31st/June 1st!

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  1. At some point on the 31st/1st we'll be shutting the forums off for a few hours to run a software update on the main forums, the style, and many of our modules. It's going to involve a lot of bug fixing, some style tweaking, and possibly some forum structure changes to improve mobile use as well as preparing for our upcoming roleplay tabs and index. O___O IF we're able to work out kinks before then, we might even officially be debuting it. :D

    This update will take a few HOURS, possibly even a full 24 hours should something go wrong or get annoying. (Something always does, huffpuff.)

    THUS, we'll be leaving open all of the chat rooms so people can hang out and chat and do chat roleplays while you wait!
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  2. *sadface*
  3. I look forward to seeing how many people flood the chats with "omg y site down?????" despite this announcement existing. :D
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  4. So, @Dawn 's day won't change much then? ;P

    I'm excited for the update!
  5. I think the "When will the site be up again?" "Will the site be up soon?" will be much worse :D And then Diana will come in and threaten people with it taking even longer if they continue asking, which will just result in someone else asking ten minutes later. EVERYTIME xD
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  6. Of course it will. The forums will be down and I won't be able to sit on Diana's desk and look sexy. ):<
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  7. Of course. That's a feature of every downtime for everything ever. :D
  8. For every time someone asks in the Cbox "when will the site be back up", I'm going to increase my estimate by an hour.
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  9. Now I won't have to make up an excuse as to why I didn't post and spend my entire day at the pool! Woohoo!
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  10. What about those who Chat doesn't work for them? Every time I go to the chats it gives me an error and won't let me join

  11. Then you will have to find something else to do! O_O Though you might wanna post in the Help Desk about that error so we can see where your problem is.
  12. It's always sad when the site goes down, but it's always wonderful to see updates happening to improve it! :) Thanks! <3

    Still totally pumped for the new groups whenever that happens. :)
  13. Who knew Diana was a Hufflepuff :D
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  15. It's ok :)

    You can sit on my desk seductively for the time being.

    Welp, guess I have to spend time in the real world now :/

  16. But I need my fix Diana! ;A;

    *Scratches arm nervously*
  17. There should be a staff-only button in the chats for a "Time until completion" ticker that we can increase every time someone asks when the update will finish. xD.
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  19. *Turns up the soothing music to deafening levels as everyone panics*
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