Scheduled MAJOR site update Nov 6th

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  1. On November 6th Iwaku will be CLOSED for many, many, many hours for a MAJOR SITE UPDATE. This could be anywhere from 8 hours to 24 hours, depending on how long the updates themselves take and if we run in to problems. Due to the huge amount of things we're doing this round, we are expecting this to take most of the day so we can make backups, install, bug check, and double check to make sure everything is working okay.

    During this time, we will have all of the CHAT ROOMS open! You will be able to chat with Iwaku peeps or even roleplay in one of the roleplay rooms to keep yourself entertained while the site is down. A couple people are also going to be hosting some off site things, like LOTGD, Cards Against Humanity or Skype nights. Staffers and Volunteers are going to be hanging around all day to keep and eye on things.


    Forum Software & Modifications: This is mostly bug fixes. There might be one or two new features or tools, but mostly bugs!

    Iwaku's New Style: We'll be converting over to our new style. The whole site will look dramatically different, and we expect many complaints about icky change, but HOPEFULLY the nice clean new style will make mobile support even better and easier to manage.

    Roleplay Section Rearranging: Iwaku has grown SO MUCH in the past year that we now have to rework the way our roleplay section is organized. Don't worry, everything will still work exactly the same, we're just going to be ordering the sections differently on the index page. We'll even be adding a new Genre for you. Can you guess what it is?

    OTHER THINGS???: Since the site is going to be down for so long, we're going to try to cram as many updates as possible in to that timeframe. So when the site is reopened, people can run around screaming OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD.
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  2. Guessing Time!!!

    I'm gonna go with... A dedicated Anime Genre!
  3. Can I point and laugh at everyone when they go "I didn't know this was going to happen!?!", please?
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  4. I can't guess what the new genre is... miscellaneous seemed like the place for all the stuff that didn't fit, and that's a close third to least used, thread wise.

    Thanks for the advisory.

    I'll probably be on Cards Against Humanity, I'm a pretty horrible person...
    And/or the Skype group.
    Of course I'd need a message for both when they're made.
  5. I'll have to find something productive to do on that day then.. wait.. there's a Skype group...? O.o
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  6. The same day that Bee and Puppycat comes out.

    .... interesting.
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  7. I smell a conspiracy.
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  8. Hmm, coverage?
    Possible. *eye squint*
  9. Hmm, maybe a comedy genre? Also, I'm beyond excited for the mass panic and pandemonium that will no doubt occur both during and after the update. It'll be like a second Christmas.
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  10. We already have a fandom area though <.<

    Also, is there a certain time this is going to start?

    Also, is there any need to try and back up our roleplays? Or is everything just being rearranged and not at risk of getting lost?
  11. Hope the update is good :D

  12. You will not need to worry about backing things up. :D Part of the reason the updates take so long, is because we have Jared do full server and site backups before we run an update.

    We don't have a specific time set. O__O It's prolly just going to be when me and Jared wake up and get started. We'll have a notice up on the forum for an hour beforehand so people don't get caught unawares.
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  13. Backups are made excessively even on a normal day (generally every 3 hours). As Diana said though, I make an extra backup when she is going to be messing with things.
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  14. No matter how many people click the "thank" button on your post, it will never quite be enough. (;
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  15. I guess a D&D genre? I've seen alot of those requested, I've been wrong beforehand. Anyways I'm a believer in the saying 'change is good' but i have seen things like a whole site shutting down because of change. But i have faith in the Iwaku staff. Good luck you guys! :)
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  17. Iwaku is many many many years old with a team that has experience even longer than that. O_O A forum update and style change won't be a site killer. Take solace! Iwaku will be here until the admin staff gets pregnant!

    Lots of people are going to complain and threaten to leave, though. That happens EVERY time there is a site update. XD Even the small ones.

    I LIKE SOME OF THESE GENRE GUESSES! >:3 Who else has some guesses?
  18. So my new goal in life is to impregnant all three of you?
  20. Perhaps a board made specifically for Animal Roleplays?! *crosses fingers* I hope so! I noticed that very few people like to do Animal Roleplays on here, which makes me feel a little lonely. Heh!
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