Scheduled Cbox Downtime

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  1. The cbox is going to be down for the next few days (starting at 1:21 AM CST, since this is the least active time of day for the forums).

    We are having members report an increase of lag and several other coding errors, so we need to isolate the problem and take a lookies at what's up.

    So be patient and don't panic if you don't see the box down on the bottom for a few days. If you must communicate with people you'll have to do it via PMs or IM systems. For those of you that use the cbox mainly for chatting purposes, please take time to post around the forum and join RPs.
  2. Thanks for the warning.
  3. Oh~ that's how it is. Thanks for the heads up.

    Though I was thinking moments ago that I was probably banned from the cbox, thus, I can't see it. ^_^ haha...
  4. What a silly concept. "joining RPs" *snorts in derision*


    Now to begin my three-part apology to Grumpy and see if I'm still allowed in SH: WOD.

    EDIT: I hear Abbadon is good with coding.
  5. I also hear that.

    And he doesn't afraid of anything.
  6. Asmo, please say that you'll bring the poor little Abbadon back every once in a while

    ON TOPIC: So what exactly COULD be making the Cbox lag?
  7. Maaaaaaaaaaaaybe the server's just being slow again?
  8. more people chatting = more stress on the server

    So it's pretty much Diana's fault.
  9. This is why we can't have nice things.

    *makes another tick on his internet-catchphrase list*
  10. I, too, hear this things.

    Someone said he stole my pants.
  11. *walks in, eyes sunken, hair a mess, shaking as though he were bare naked in the Arctic, and various other signs that point to withdrawl*

    Ccccc-Boooox...Ccccc-Booooox...I need my Ccccc-boooox...

    *Picks up a cardboard box, carves a 'C' into it and sits down in front of it, laughing randomly, pretending to type every once in a while.*
  12. *TNT is put in the white coat and picked up by a van that drives off to the Asylum*

    Than god we prepared for these kind of symptoms.
  13. Oh well :3

    Why don't you guys try to do other stuff instead ? I know I'm spending a lot more time shifting through Rp Oocs to find an RP to join because I don't have the cbox to spend time in.

    It's actually very convenient. I didn't realize there were so many roleplays I hadn't actually checked out! :)
  14. I heard he accidentally the whole cbox. :D *dodges rocks that are thrown at her*

    Hmmm. . .Maybe the cbox is slowly KILLING Iwaku. :O
  15. Wasn't Asmodeus already sapping our free will and making us all slaves to his plot advancements?

  16. Not according to Maverick. If you shut it down, RPs will just die.
  17. Wait...what?

    So if we closed coffee shops down, no one would work at their jobs any more?

    Wait again, wasn't the zealot banned?
  18. Exactly. I was merely bringing up the hilarity.

    CONVERSATION REDIRECT/ PUT BACK ON TRACK: how much longer with the Cbox be down?
  19. I would like to know too. It'll determine whether or not I'm going to pay attention to my work and have it shorten the years of my life.
  20. What he said. I can't give you an exact time since I'm not the server guy nor Diana.
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