Scheduled Cbox Downtime

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  1. Astaroth smiled. "Go ahead."
  2. Anya smile and reach for his neck happily.
  3. "Sorry, I got blood o you."
  4. "I have blood all over me anyway." Anya said softly.
  5. "He doesn't use it. I think it's for mother and her shopping sprees."
  6. Asmo, please say that you'll bring the poor little Abbadon back every once in a while

    ON TOPIC: So what exactly COULD be making the Cbox lag?
  7. Maaaaaaaaaaaaybe the server's just being slow again?
  8. more people chatting = more stress on the server

    So it's pretty much Diana's fault.
  9. This is why we can't have nice things.

    *makes another tick on his internet-catchphrase list*
  10. Anya kiss him back fondly.
  11. Lucius lowered her down onto his member.
  12. "Oh.. but this one is darker than most."
  13. Anya smile at him, "Better?"
  14. I heard he accidentally the whole cbox. :D *dodges rocks that are thrown at her*

    Hmmm. . .Maybe the cbox is slowly KILLING Iwaku. :O
  15. "Well I enjoy it."
  16. "I do." Anya smirk.
  17. Wait...what?

    So if we closed coffee shops down, no one would work at their jobs any more?

    Wait again, wasn't the zealot banned?
  18. Exactly. I was merely bringing up the hilarity.

    CONVERSATION REDIRECT/ PUT BACK ON TRACK: how much longer with the Cbox be down?
  19. I would like to know too. It'll determine whether or not I'm going to pay attention to my work and have it shorten the years of my life.
  20. What he said. I can't give you an exact time since I'm not the server guy nor Diana.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.