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  1. I was thinking of an rp based on The 100 TV show. A few people are sent down to an unknown planet where they have to try and survive. Pretty generic but the fun comes from player made lore
  2. I don' even know what is 100 tv show.

    What kind of planet is it?
  3. @Shade_XY The 100 is a tv series set in a future where Earth has been ravaged by nuclear war and for the past however mang generations humanity has survived in a space station. The show is about them sending 100 convicts down to Earth to see if it's survivable. Pretty intense, I've only seen the first few episodes.

    Anyway, I'm kind of interested, I always liked survival RPs (I GM'd a desert island survival rp a while back, it was fun) and its a fun concept you can use in almost any genre. My question to the GM would be: are the survivors criminals like in 100, or are they simply people who have been stranded? I like the idea of it being an alien world instead of post-apocalyptic Earth (because that's sooo overdone let's be honest). That leaves a lot of room for unpredictable curcumstances so there'd be a lot for characters to do. It all depends on what direction you want it to go in.
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  4. What Clirkus said, and if it is an alien world, how much freedom would we have in describing what's in it? Like sentient beings, psychic plant-life, poisonous rainstorms... etc?

    <---- Interested, by the way.
  5. This sound like it would be fun, mark me down as interested!
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