Scene Challenge: Sleepover Gone Horribly Wrong

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  1. Hello! Here I am with a Scene Challenge. Your objective is to create a scene using the following phrase: Sleepover Gone Horribly Wrong. To get you started, here is an example:

    Amy and her friends have finished their seance when Lisa began to get nervous.
    "You know that it was a joke, right?" Amy asked as she looked at Lisa, who jumped but nodded, not looking weak. Marianne also appeared to be nervous too. "Well, time for bed, ladies." Amy said as she plopped in her sleeping bag. However, Emma couldn't sleep and decided to maybe have a midnight snack. As she entered the kitchen, she saw a dark figure attack her out of nowhere. Emma ran to the bathroom and knew that this sleepover had gone horribly wrong.
  2. They had slept together in a giant huddle, telling each other scary stories all through the night. However, one of the girls was more hardcore than the rest. "Let's try something a little crazy." Said Erin, the girl of the group who respected occult more so than her cheer-leading career as a senior. "I heard of this ritual, the Sachiko ritual, and I thought we could try it. We need to say the magic words.." she whispered the,m to her cohorts, afraid of an outside source listening in. "I brought the paper doll just in case." As they tore a piece of the doll and whispered the incantation, a pot smashed downstairs and from nearby upstairs, they could hear the rocking of a wicker rocking chair. This sleepover ad gone horribly wrong.
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  3. "Is that so? WELL YA BETTER GO CATCH IT!" The group screamed into the phone in unison. There screams of laughter filled the room, and then a pillow flew through the air. It wacked Maddison in the face, who attacked Bella with one, who was then helped by Owen (the only guy in the group..) but he was tackled by Renee and then Fran joined in. It was all feathers. The only guy in the room snuck into the bathroom to change. He stared at himself in the mirror, and was about to wistfully sigh, but was cut off by Maddison's panicked scream, the sound of Renee mumbling incoherently, Bella hyperventilating and Fran's shout of, "OH MY GOD!" He slammed open the door to find Renee standing there, staring down at the large, dark red patch on her once orange top. She was absolutely white, and then, suddenly, a hush came over the room. The girls all were harmed. Bella was having a rapid nosebleed as well as Maddi (who was also trying not to move her wrist), Fran was holding the red spot on her head like she was trying to keep it on her shoulders, and Renee was.. Well.. Yeah. "S-som-someone put r- Someone put rocks. Rocks and knives. In the pillows, beds, everyth-" Maddi started, but fell to the ground, her chest now not moving like Renee's. "This is a sleepover gone WRONG!! HORRIBLY WRONG!" cried Fran. Owen smirked. "They also poisoned the drinks. How do I know?" He turned to leave. "It. Was. Me."