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  1. Different Scenario's that I Would like to try out or do.
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  2. Scenario 1: School based
    The school is very hard to get into and as well the only ones that were allowed inside were from money as well if you were extremely good looking. But one of the two many characters was only accepted because of his high test scores so the school paid for his tuition and as well his books, board and anything else. The main character ends up getting his grades lower and lower and the school tells him if he doesn’t get his grades up by the next tests he would be kicked out and when he was heading back his crush was speaking to other students and learned about cheating. So he cheated but during the test he was caught by his crush and later that week his crush blackmailed him. He would give him his body and sex when he wanted to and he wouldn’t tell, the other agreed but slowly the other began to fall in love with him. Now time will tell if the other will feel the same way or if he will reject him?
  3. Scenario 2: Heaven and Hell
    There was a feud between angels and demons and it all stopped when humans were created and it only made the feud worse. In the end demons ruled half of them and the angels protected the other but they still used the humans as pets or lovers and some even had children. But when the kids were at a certain age they would either become full demon, full angel or full human and this continued on for years. After some time a half demon and Half angel fell in love and ended up having a child, a baby boy that had all three races but hide him from the world to protect him. Slowly someone found out and they killed his parents but he ran away and kept running until he was caught by the demon lord and tortured, until the lord found out who and what he was. So the lord sent him for surgery that allowed him to have kids and the lord began to use him as a breeder as well kept abusing him. Over the years the lord had a small army of hybrids but as well he had fallen in love with the smaller hybrid. Slowly he wanted to show him he loved him but the hybrid cried and begged the other to stop and not to hurt him with hurt the lord to see him act this way. So will the hybrid calm down and see that the lord loves him or will the lord get angry and go back to treating him like he is nothing but a breeder?
  4. Scenario 3: Secluded love
    There is a mansion deep in the forest where all the rich people to so they can either be dominated or have someone to dominate or watch. But most of the people that worked there only went there to escaped from the horrible lives they had and that was the exact case with the main character, his girlfriend had cheated on him with his best friend as well his family disowned him. So the owner began to train him and gave the position on being dominated and slowly he began work but with all of them. After some time he began to fall for one of the people who dominated him because he was nice to him but the owner found out and beat him to a point that he even told him that the other didn’t love him and he only wanted his body and nothing more and he believed him and let one of the other owner claim him. Slowly the one he loved wondered why the other wasn’t seeing him and as well why his body was getting worse and as well his clothing was different. He went to the owner and learned that he had loved him and learning this he demanded to see him, and that night he told the other he loved him. Smiling the other accepted that someone cared about him but didn’t say the words cause of how brought down he was. In anger the other beat him to a point that the other was out and bleeding, slowly he began to treat him as well do his best to make the other see he loved him. Can the two really get a true love or has that time slipped already?
  5. Scenario 4: Rich or poor
    Deep in another village, the town was separated in two by rich and by poor. Only time that they actually meet was when the rich side needed workers for a factory or some kind of shop. Eventually one man came to town because he was opening up a shop and he needed workers and he saw the other male and fell in love with him. Trying his best to get him to come work for him the male told him no and to go away and he would never work for him, but the male sent him gifts, clothing and anything else he could to win him over. Seeing this the other male was willing to give him all this he actually went and began to seduce the male and use him for his power and money but only gave him kisses on the cheeks and hugs. Scared the other villagers confronted him and as well made the male listen but in secret. Hearing that the other was using him his heart broke and began to pull back, the other noticed him pulling away and as well spent less time with him. Learning what the town did he tried his best to show the male he really did love him because he did but now he fears that the male will not love him again. Can these two get love or is it too late?
  6. Scenario 5: Ego in the way
    The main character grew up in a life style that he got everything that he wanted but when he was grown up he was a quiet and humble man in public but in private he was completely different. In private he was very controlling and demanding that his ego got in all the way and it was only shown to when he was dating. After some time and being tired of being lonely he decided to adopt a child whom he did, the male was about 16 years old. Not wanting to scare him at first, so he spoiled him rotten and to a point the other male started dating a girl behind the males back. One day the male came back home to find the other with his girlfriend in a serious position that he grew angry and that night he made the other’s girlfriend think he was over her as well drugged and took the male to a point he didn’t fight back and as well left him in the room. Slowly over the few days the young boy began to fall for the male but he was worried that the male wouldn’t love him or even feel the same way because of his ego, so can the male see that the young male loves him or will his ego get in the way.
  7. Scenario 6: Meek love
    There was a place that was well known for its companions because they were all neko but some were rare, plain, and exotic but you could only have one for the day or night for a certain fee. However there was one that was extremely rare because his ears, tails, hair and eyes changed color to fit the mood but his original were pure artic white and light blue. Over some time of being there no one wanted the male because he was so small, so in anger the owners abused him mostly beating, humiliation, whipping and at times starvation. This continued for months until it got to the point the smaller male did what he could to get a client but most just rejected him or shoved him to the side till he was scared, but it all changed when someone finally took him. The older and taller male spoiled him and took care of him until he decided to take the smaller male, but in fear the smaller male fought back and in anger the older male beat him to a point he didn’t wake. Scared he knew he would have to make it up to the other but he never came and when he did he chooses someone else and people were taking him and trying to force themselves on him. Same thing happened he fought back, but the owners were angry at this and so they beat him completely that after 3 years the male was completely scared and he just shock and his eyes, hair, tail and eyes were charcoal black from the fear. Soon the client stopped coming but the abused continued and he lost his voice that he only meowed or nodded, and when the older male finally did decided to go back it might have cost him something. After two days of trying to get him, he took him to the doctors because of how badly the other looked and it was there that he learned that the smaller male had broken bones, trouble breathing, scars all over his pale thin body as well he no longer talked. Mortified he agreed to pay for the surgeries but as well bought him for a year but now he wonders if the male is going to get better and love him again or has that time past and he lost the one person that could actually love him for him?
  8. Scenario 7: Royal issues
    Long ago a king and queen desperate for a child tried everything until the king made a deal with a witch and wizard so his wife could have a child, and in time they did but he never thought of what it could cost. When it was time for them to pay up the witch and wizard decided to do something, the prince grew up with everything he wanted and then as well a young street boy grew up in the slums until the witch and wizard took him in and changed his appearance that the prince could not resist but it hurt the street urchin but to make him believe it they said the king and his family killed his parent and this was the time to get revenge. So arriving there the prince fell for the street urchin that they become lovers and he had him move in with him, but slowly the urchin began to fall for the prince but still hated him for what he did to his parents. On the princes birthday ball they went somewhere and the urchin took him and hurt him until he saw him crying and then stopped but now the question is will the urchin see that the other does love him and not hold up the end of the bargain the king needs to pay or will he kill the prince?
  9. Scenario 8: Dragon’s faith
    Long ago a young couple with their parents and child were walking home when they came across a very large egg, so the older couple (the parents) took it home as decoration and then could sell it when needed. But when they came home one day they saw the egg was gone and shattered and in its place was a baby dragon with a choker next to it. In fear they boxed it up and took it to the vet so he could get rid of it, worried the vet took the choker and placed it on his neck to only see it change to a baby by. Explaining what was going on and begging them to take care of the boy since he needed a home, but the couple said no and the vet begged them to and they could do what they wanted when he was older. Nodding and agreeing they took care of the boy till he was 5 years old, was when they started the training of having him as a slave so they locked him in a cage in the basement in just a big baggy shirt. Scared the boy cried for them and they ignored him all day till they brought him scrapes, and when they did the boy snuggled against them wanting comfort but the woman just hissed and just hit the boy repeatedly and told him not to touch her again. Scared the boy who was never named pulled back and ate his scrapes, and this went on for years with the couple abusing him and sexually abusing him as well, but it changed when the couple’s grandson learned of him. Demanding that he was his gift they agreed and the boy continued to abuse him and rape him that the boy’s body from the years of neglect and abuse began to get sick and slowly he was dying, but the as well the young dragon had fallen in love with the male. Will the other male find out what is happening with him or will the young dragon die in the end? Or is there no chance for the young dragon to really get any love and chance at life?
  10. Scenario 9: Flower or Death?
    The male grew up protected and shielded from the world because of what he was since if he was loved and happy he could produce gems and as well flowers. And he was and he even married the love of his life since both parents agreed to the marriage seeing that they were happy but no one knew the other males real personality. On their wedding night, the male never came home until late that night and drunk and grew angry at the male when he saw the wilted flowers but they were beautiful when they were made but angry seeing they were wilted. In anger he raped the other and began to make his life miserable that he even had the males parent’s killed to get the money, and this abuse went on for years. Slowly an surely the male began to get sick and wither that he just couldn’t do anything, so the other hired a maid to do the cleaning and cooking so the younger male could just focus on the bed part. One night in anger as usual the male raped him to a point the younger male didn’t wake and the next day scared he took him to the hospital and learned what he was. Not believe the doctor he continued with the abuse until the younger male barely moved, he was sick all the time and he was pale, thin and his face was hallowed almost like a ghost. Thinking to change he was nice to him for a week, and the younger male grew better and seeing this the male went back to abusing him thus the younger male went back to getting sick. Can the other male realize the other needs him and as well show care or will he his ego get in the way? Will the younger male fight to change the other or will he end up dying without making any flowers and gems again?
  11. Scenario 10: it’s too late
    It’s a proven fact that 0.001% of people can turn to a cat and that was the case for the young cat, and it was shown to him when he was little. Staying in his cat form and people taking him in and when he trusted them well enough he showed them what he could do, in fear they begged him to go back to his cat form to only get abandoned a few days later. This went on for years that the male didn’t trust anyone and as well he was on the verge of either getting killed by poachers or death by starvation until he meet a young boy around his age and he did show him what he was but the male was happy and accepted him since he was the same way. Slowly the two became close and it was going good until it changed one night when the mother of the other boy came in to find her son sleeping with some strange boy and she began to beat the stray. Scared he began to tell her who he was but she kept going till the boy woke and tried to stop his mother but it was too late, the stray ran out but only the mother threw a pot of hot boiling water onto his back. Shacking the stray phased back to his cat form and ran till he couldn’t and he was taken to a shelter where he was cared for but he had sever burn marks on his back and arms s well nerve damage. Upset the boy went to search for him with his mother, but when they went to the shelter where he was the other didn’t come out since he saw the mother and he was scared. Eventually the other took some other cat with him and the stray just went on with his life never forgetting the betrayal even when they meet up years later as adults, since the strayed hated them and only slept with them for fun. Not knowing who it was when they meet the stray avoids the other since he hated him but the other drugged his drink and that night when they were alone he raped him. Angry the stray moved to leave and that is when the other saw his back and remembered who he was but it was too late the other was gone , but now can the other get the stray alone to tell him he was sorry and to make him see he is or has it been too long? Will there be happiness for the two or no?
  12. Scenario 11: Brothel’s love
    Living in a brothel is not all that seems but it wasn’t all that good when a male who was taught from birth how to do everything in pleasuring people but he was still a virgin no matter what. When he was 15 his virginity was sold to the highest bidder which was a young rich man who was older than him but the man wasn’t what he seemed since he beat the other when male tried to pleasure him and raped him once he was tied up and didn’t stop until the male was passed out and left him there but every week that happened. Slowly the male began to fall for the man since he had no one else in his life and the man as well began to fall for the male, but they hide it so no one would know and they made sure they were both happy and feeling pleasure. When the man was gone he sent letters, gifts and anything he could to the male so he wouldn’t be alone but eventually the owner learned of this and decided to take care of it. Letting the male believe the male didn’t want him as well let other’s rape him and the man that the other found someone else, they both went apart but the man took someone else every day wanting to make the male jealous but the owner left the male in the basement alone for weeks. The male tried to get the man to come get him but the other never heard him that the male began to lose his mind and shock from the lack of food, water, affection and love but his appearance changed. Seeing that the male was broken the owner brought him back up and let him get ready, so with make-up and new cloths he waited calmly to see the man. Smiling to show he was okay, the man grew angry as he beat him, raped him till he no longer could scream but the male held the sheets to keep the shacking down, after the man was done for the round the man notice something and wipe the make- up off that is when he saw the damage and how the male looked from the abuse. He did his best to make it up to him and beg for forgiveness but the male told him there was nothing to be sorry about since the man did what made him happy and shocked the man went and had the owner sell the male to him and to stay away from him. A few months later being together the male began to open up more but he still believed the man no longer loved him, but now the man worries that the other will never open up and see he does love him. Is there a chance for the two or no?
  13. Scenario 12: Sirens doom or Siren’s help
    There was a family that owned a lot of sirens and for years they handed them out to family members to breed with them or as gift, pets and whatever they wanted but they could use their tears and scales for money. Slowly but surely with all the mix breeding and neglect the sirens began to wither and die quicker that there was only one pure siren left that he could be the last hope of getting the sirens back. He was given to a young man and they were close and did what he could to make each other happy but the siren began to fall for the boy and one night he told the boy and in anger he raped the siren and told him to keep the feelings to himself or he would sell him to someone else. Scared the siren nodded and agreed but his life changed as the boy began to abuse him more, let his friends pick on him and even humiliated him. Slowly but surely the siren began to get sick and weaker which only angered the male more each day that finally he sold him off because he was bored with him and he disliked how he looked. The new owner got upset on how he looked and returned the siren because he was severely underweight as well a lot of his bones were broken but he still returned him and got his money back but the boy in anger took it out on the siren he beat him before pushing him down the stairs into a cage and sent the siren to a coma. Seeing that the siren didn’t wake he left him knowing he would call when he needed something. For a month the siren stayed there without anyone checking up on him to feed him or help him that his body began to harden and turn gray and stone that it started on his legs and moved up with each day. Pissed the male went downstairs and noticed what happened he took him to the doctor and he learned he would have to care for him if he wanted him to live otherwise the siren would die still. Slowly the male cared for him and did his best to show the other he loved him but the siren did what he could to make the male happy, but the male saw what he had done and wondered if the siren could see he wanted to help him and he cared and loved him. Can the two find some peace and love again or is the abuse and neglect gone too far that there is no way of a happy ending and the siren will die? Time will tell.