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  1. Disclaimer: This Roleplay will include violence, death, and mature language, and may include drugs/alcohol use and sexual content and possibly other stuff I don't even know, and is thus rated M for Mature.

    IntroductionDrip... drip... drip...

    The sound echoed off the faux marble walls with a maddening consistency that put the boiling rage at ease.

    Drip... drip... ... drip...

    Snaking crimson rivulets grew ever thinner as they made their way toward twitching fingers, to join the pilgrimage to the great red puddle below.


    How did I get here? The question had two meanings. Both answers evaded her.

    ... drip.

    The last of its glistening scarlet excess had drained away and the hand slowly rose, a thing of chrome and black rubber. When joints flexed, blood squeezed from between plates of silvery metal. What have I done?

    Now the silence reigned and with it the scent of death. Smelled like copper, and fear, and screams. Oh... right.

    The screams inside her head, once a murmur and now a roar, coming back at full force until the prosthetic limb rose to provide one half of a trembling grip on matted golden hair. "Aaaaaggghhhh!" The yell echoed off the faux marble walls, but it wasn't enough to put the unstoppable anger to rest.

    With a grunt and a swing and a powerful percussion, the pillar of the bank lobby exploded outward in a shower of dust and debris. I've never been able to do that before... The knuckles of her prosthetic hand were dented, but they didn't hurt. Her cyberlink wasn't working right. Or perhaps it was working better than ever.

    Looking around, the pulverized parts of corpses on the ground and walls suggested she had done that before, and not too long ago. The sirens outside finally caught her attention over the competing cranial cacophony and she turned crazed eyes toward the glass doors. Dancing red beams scattered in the dust of the defeated pillar, tickling her skin with threats of impending violence.

    The words spoken over the megaphone buzzed in the background, as her thoughts gave way to the ocean of red. There would be violence alright. Violence, and blood- hers and others'. But one way or another, the Madness would soon be satisfied, if even for just a few moments.

    Several blocks away and an hour later, a stunned group of girls stood in the teacher's lounge at Central City Primary School, having just finished listening to the impossible explanation given to them by a being who did not work at their school, but would teach them more than any member of the faculty ever could. In the background, the news droned from a small flat-screen in the corner, but it was just background noise compared to the monumental, worldview-shattering information they had just received.

    "-down the helicopter before finally being subdued. She is reported to have passed on the way to the hospital. The Civic Defense Force are still asking citizens to delay visiting First Central Bank until the investigation, and cleanup, can be concluded. With Channel Four News, I'm Loretta Emonda. Back to you, Sarah."

    "Thank you, Loretta. CDF officials have confirmed that this latest mass killing appears to be related somehow to the previous ones. They note the similar levels of damage and violence done by unknown suspects without a prior criminal history, who have not given any stated goal or apparent motivation. When asked about the status of the bank, and whether this appeared to be a robbery, officials said they could not confirm that yet, but would provide us with additional information as it became known. Stay tuned here to Channel Four News where we'll keep you informed of every latest development, after the break."

    The commercials seemed to snap the girls out of their daze and the imploring look of the glowing entity before them prodded them out of inactivity. "Well then...? What will it be...?"

    And one by one, they gave their answer.

    Setting Information
    And that's where this Roleplay begins. It takes place in Central City, a large metropolis in an unspecified country on an unnamed, Earth-like planet. Central City is experiencing some very stressful times right now: a wave of extremely violent crimes has swept through the city in the past week or so, putting everyone on edge. Some have already fled the city, and for those who have stayed, increased security and suspicion is now the order of the day. Schools, hospitals, banks, and churches have become heavily reinforced with security guards at every entrance, manning metal detectors, but given the overwhelming capacity for bloodshed of the 'homegrown extremists' it seems obvious that these are but token measures of protection to placate the populace. In some parts of the city, armed squads of mercenaries patrol the streets in combat-ready vehicles, purporting to be private security firms and profiting off the fear of corporate drones lobbying their companies for better defense than the overtaxed Civic Defense Force can provide.

    This game is set in 2025 and life has been changing rapidly for the people of Central City thanks to recent advancements in technology. Breakthroughs in mind-machine interfacing and advanced robotics have had a wide array of ramifications for every day life. Almost all low-skill jobs have been completely automated, replacing minimum-wage workers with machines who don't demand ever-higher pay or take sick time or need to be trained or goof off on the job or potentially steal from the company. Fast food joints are a thing of the past, with pizza, hotdogs, sandwiches, burgers, and more all available at street-side food stands which assemble and cook on the other side of a clear glass wall before dispensing quick (and surprisingly good) food.

    Most people also have a very tiny personal computer called a SmartView implanted inside their head from a very early age, allowing them to seamlessly access the Internet of Things, controlling almost every device through its constant wireless connection with a look or expression of gesture. Money is entirely digital, with every citizen having a microchip embedded on the back of their right hand with personal information- identification, bank accounts, etc. that can be scanned by those with the appropriate chip readers installed in their palms. Whenever shopping old-school at one of the physical stores, a person merely need walk around and collect all the objects they wish to buy, perhaps asking for help form an automated virtual assistant, before walking to the exit, presenting their hand to be scanned, and then leaving. RFIDs in all of the merchandise they collected ensure that every item is automatically charged to their bank account. Most shopping however is done by online ordering and same-day automated delivery, either by VTOL drones for smaller objects or self-driving trucks for larger ones.

    So how has all this automation changed the landscape of society? Well for one, there's a lot more unemployment now. So much so that something had to be done- every citizen now earns a 'base income,' an automatic payment from the government that provides enough money to survive, though not necessarily have much fun doing so. Extra money can be earned by getting a free education to take on a skilled job, though one's earnings are very severely taxed, of course. This system has prevented wide-scale rioting by displaced workers, even if not the perfect solution, and civilization continues.

    Theorized to free people up for creative pursuits, the mass unemployment has lead to large increases in crime as surging gang membership has filled the streets with violence and drugs. As a result, the various government agencies were combined together into the Civic Defense Force, a heavily-armed, heavily-armored policing entity that successfully blurs the lines between military and law enforcement. CDF 'justice' is known to be ruthless, swift, and they don't seem to ever get around to the asking questions part after shooting first. But even with the readily available first-hand footage recorded by victims of CDF brutality on the internet, most still buy the popular line in the mainstream media sources, that the CDF are fully justified and their actions are necessary. Now more than ever, that message rings true with people.

    Player Characters
    Which brings us to your characters. You will be playing one of a small group of young girls- ages 10 to 16- who are suddenly swept up into the tumultuous events that had previously been the concern of the adults. Before them has appeared a digital angel, a holographic representation of a woman who told them a harrowing tale of danger and horror facing their city, and presented them with an incredible power to fight it. This will all be detailed more in the opening post of the IC thread, but just know that if things seem vague... that's deliberate. Your characters do not start knowing more than what I have just described above, so don't feel too left out!

    Your characters all attend the same school, though the nature of their home lives is entirely up to your discretion- they might live with loving families or sleep in the dumpster behind the school. They do not have to be in the same class/grade or know the other characters, but if you would like to work with other players to come up with a shared background you are more than welcome to do so!

    So why is the person that you will be playing... a main character in this game? It is because they accepted the offer put before them, to take on the mantle and wield great technology in the combat against an evil magic invading their city. With this burden comes incredible abilities, first of which is the gift of a sleek power armor outfit known as a Cyberframe. Your character does not wear their Cyberframe at all times, but can instantly don it in a flash of digital formation called cybergenesis. This allows them to blend in with society and operate discretely until such a time as they need to face danger.

    By receiving the gift of augmentation, your character has gained several important advantages when wearing their Cyberframe (And the latter two apply to a lesser degree even when not in Cyberframe mode):
    • Armor- Increased durability, enough to resist a baseball bat or a knife jab, but not a bullet or battleaxe
    • Strength- Increased muscle capacity, bringing strength levels up to fit adult male levels
    • Speed- Increased movement and reflexes, compensating for teen clumsiness
    • Melee Combat Skill- Preprogrammed muscle memory and techniques for melee weapon handling
    • Ranged Combat Skill- Preprogrammed muscle memory, ballistic calculation, and marksmanship
    But this alone would not be enough to allow your character to face the dangerous tasks that lie ahead. You will need extraordinary abilities, and for that your Cyberframe has a special function; it can equip Modules.

    • Modules are self-contained, customizable packages of discrete technology that can produce seemingly supernatural effects. Modules can be swapped and replaced whenever the Cyberframe is not in use, and can be enhanced and tweaked over time, though to start the options are fairly basic.

      Before I get to listing available Modules, it is important to understand how they are used. Modules that your character owns and currently has equipped in their Cyberframe are called Installed Modules and are available to the character to use, but they require Processing in order to operate. An Installed Module that has been assigned Processing is now a Loaded Module, and can be used at any time. Processing is a measure of your Cyberframe's computational capability, doing all the necessary calculations to ensure that the Module's hardware functions exactly as intended. Your Cyberframe only has so much Processing, so you will be required to determine where it is assigned.

      Now, just because a Module has become Loaded and can be used, doesn't mean it is being used! It still needs to receive Power. Luckily, each Cyberframe's reactor has a direct connection to its source in orbit, which allows for instantaneous Power recharging, which means that the only thing left to worry about is Heat. Heat is bad. Heat can be very harmful to the health if allowed to build to dangerous levels. Fortunately the Cyberframe has its own cooling system, and Modules can be upgraded Submodules, one of which is a Heatsink, but we'll get to that later.

      Modules are ranked based on their Quality. From worst to best: Standard, Improved, Advanced, Superior, and Exceptional. A Module's Quality impacts several stats, such as its Rating, its number of Sockets (into which Submodules can be equipped), and its Overcharge capability. That seems like a lot of information but just know that the better the Quality, the more capable and customizable the Module.

      One final idea to understand in order to really grasp the concept of Modules is Output. Output is a measure of what the Module can do, and every Module has an explanation for what can be accomplished at different levels of Output. Trust me, reading the Modules listed in the other tabs will help quite a bit.

      If you have an idea for an additional Module that isn't listed, please feel free to run it by me!
    • Jet Propulsion
      Jet nozzles provide lift through superheated exhaust. Warning: may start fires.
      Location: Feet, Back
      1 Controlled Descent- Slows falling enough for safe landing
      2 Hovering- Sluggish maneuvering, limited ceiling (10 feet), 25 mph
      3 Improved Hovering- Slow maneuvering, higher ceiling (50 feet), 50 mph
      4 Leisurely Flight- Medium maneuvering, no ceiling, 100 mph
      6 Cruising Flight- Fast maneuvering, 200 mph
      8 Expedient Flight- Rapid maneuvering, 400 mph
      10 Supersonic Flight- 800 mph
      12 Mach 2- 1600 mph
      Special Rule: Thermal Dynamo can reduce Heat levels instead of increasing Output

      Graviton Emitters
      Controlled graviton manipulation allows for walking on walls, or even upside down.
      Location: Feet
      1 Secure Footing- Treacherous terrain poses no difficulty
      2 Parkour- Permits short instances of wall-running, going up slopes is as easy as flat ground, and prevents being knocked down
      3 Horizontal Stability- Allows for indefinite standing on and walking up walls, but not running, slows falling speed slightly right before landing
      4 Horizontal Mastery- Allows running up or along walls and brief periods of upside-down walking or standing, slows falling speed to safe levels right before landing
      6 Inversion Capable- Allows running upside-down and super-speed running horizontally
      8 Gravitational Control- Allows super-speed running at all angles, as well as using mid-air debris or objects large enough to plant a foot on as jumping-off platforms
      10 Gravitic Grace- Can use objects a quarter the size of foot as platforms
      12 Gravitic Elegance- Can use objects the size of a pebble as platforms

      Positional Anchor
      Precise applications of kinetic barriers form mobile platforms to stand on or leap off of.
      Location: Feet
      1 Terrain Reinforcement- Breakable ground will not collapse underfoot and steps leave no footprints
      2 Unstable Projections- Foot-sized barriers appear beneath feet but will soon collapse and cannot support walking or jumping, can also reinforce ground to spread out force from a high-powered jump
      3 Fragile Projections- Foot-sized barriers appear, but fall apart immediately after moving, cannot support running or jumping, can also reinforce ground to spread out impact of a high-speed landing
      4 Weak Projections- Two-foot diameter barriers appear, and last a few seconds after walking off of them, but fall apart immediately after running or jumping, cannot support super-speed running or high-powered jumping, can also reinforce ground to cushion impact of a high-speed landing to prevent damage
      6 Stable Projections- Two-foot diameter barriers appear, can last several seconds after walking off of them, can last a few seconds after running or jumping off of them, but fall apart immediately after super-speed running or high-powered jumping off of them
      8 Sturdy Projections- Up to three-foot diameter barriers appear, can last indefinitely after walking off of them, can last several seconds after running or jumping off of them, can last a few seconds after super-speed running or high-powered jumping off of them
      10 Durable Projections- Up to four-foot diameter barriers appear, can last indefinitely after running or jumping off of them, can last several seconds after super-speed running or high-powered jumping off of them
      12 Mighty Projections- Up to five-foot diameter barriers appear, can last indefinitely after super-speed running or high-powered jumping off of them

      Inertial Compensators
      Dimensional anchors allow effortless sideways movements or changes in direction even while traveling at high velocities.
      Location: Legs
      1 Juke- Allows convincing feints while running or standing still without risk of falling over
      2 Side Step- Provides acceleration to either side when running, jumping, or standing still
      3 Sideways Burst- Provides strong acceleration to either side when running at super-speed, making a high-powered jump, or flying
      4 Tactical Shift- Allows safe swift turning when moving at super-speed, high-powered jumping, or extremely fast flight
      6 Complete Shift- Allows immediate change in orientation when moving at super-speed, high-powered jumping, or extremely fast flight
      8 Instant Redirection- Allows immediate change in orientation at very sharp angles when moving at super-speed, high-powered jumping, or extremely fast flight
      Additional Output increases dodging ability even more with further and faster movements.

      Speed Augmentation
      Synthetic leg muscles contract and recover faster, increasing running speed.
      Location: Legs
      1 Sprint- Allows indefinite running at 10 mph, and 5 second bursts of 15 mph
      2 Bolt- Allows indefinite running at 20 mph, and 5 second bursts of 30 mph
      3 Dash- Allows indefinite running at 40 mph, and 5 second bursts of 60mph
      4 Super-speed- Allows indefinite running at 80 mph, and 5 second bursts of 120 mph
      6 Turbo-speed- Allows indefinite running at 160 mph, and 5 second bursts of 240 mph
      8 Hyper-speed- Allows indefinite running at 320 mph, and 5 second bursts of 480 mph
      10 Mega-speed- Allows indefinite running at 640 mph, and 5 second bursts of 960 mph
      12 Ultra-speed- Allows indefinite running at 1280 mph, and 5 second bursts of 1920 mph

      Potential Energy Capacitors
      Stores up immense amounts of energy to be discharged in a single burst, allowing for incredible jumping ability. Also includes reinforcement to protect against the strain of such a jump. Usually requires about 5 seconds between jumps at maximum power, though less powerful jumps can be done more frequently
      Location: Legs
      1 Hop- 60 foot jump, vertically or horizontally, reduces falling distance by 60 feet when determining damage, ~8.5 mph
      2 Leap- 120 foot jump, vertically or horizontally, reduces falling distance by 120 feet when determining damage, ~17 mph
      3 Jump- 250 foot jump, vertically or horizontally, reduces falling distance by 250 feet when determining damage, ~34 mph
      4 Super-jump- 500 foot jump, vertically or horizontally, immune to falling damage, ~68 mph
      6 Turbo-jump- 1000 foot jump, vertically or horizontally, ~136 mph
      8 Hyper-jump- 2000 foot jump, vertically or horizontally, ~272 mph
      10 Mega-jump- 4000 foot jump, vertically or horizontally, ~545 mph
      12 Ultra-jump- 8000 foot jump, vertically or horizontally, ~1,090 mph

      Phase-Shifting Coils
      Allows teleportation, instantly moving across distances. Usually requires about 2.5 seconds of charging up before a shift at maximum power, though less powerful shifts can be done with less build-up. Warning: too much phase-jumping may be harmful to the health.
      Location: Legs
      1 Shift- 20 foot shift to a destination within line of sight, ~5 mph
      2 Blink- 40 foot shift to a destination within line of sight, ~10 mph
      3 Warp- 80 foot shift to a destination within line of sight, ~20 mph
      4 Super-Warp- 160 foot shift to a destination within line of sight, ~40 mph
      6 Turbo-Warp- 320 foot shift to a destination within line of sight, ~80 mph
      8 Hyper-Warp- 640 foot shift to a destination within line of sight, ~160 mph
      10 Mega-Warp- 1280 foot shift to a destination within line of sight, ~320 mph
      12 Ultra-Warp- 2560 foot shift to a destination within line of sight, ~640 mph
      Addon: Structural Step- Allows for warping through a single wall or door
      Synergy: Able to warp to a destination within line of sight of someone using Tactical Mind Link with Shared Sensory Data
    • Defensive Matrix
      Projects an shield of solidified energy to intercept incoming threats. Prevents attacking while active. Shatters upon intercepting too much damage, requires time to refresh before being activated again.
      Location: Arms, Torso, Legs, Back
      1 Hedge- A frail shield that can protect against a single mundane projectile or hit before breaking
      2 Screen- An unstable shield that can protect against a couple mundane projectiles or hits before breaking
      3 Buffer- A fragile shield that can protect against multiple mundane projectiles or hits before breaking
      4 Barrier- A weak shield that can protect against quite a few mundane projectiles or hits before breaking
      6 Bulwark- A stable shield that can protect against all mundane projectiles and hits, and can protect against a couple super-powered projectiles or hits before breaking
      8 Bastion- A sturdy shield that can protect against multiple super-powered projectiles or hits before breaking
      10 Stronghold- A durable shield that can protect against quite a few super-powered projectiles or hits before breaking
      12 Citadel- A mighty shield that can protect against anything.
      Special Rule: Upon being shattered, generates extra Heat (based on Output when shattered)

      Reinforced Armor
      Atomic bond strengthening of outer shell diminishes the effects of incoming attacks. Warning: does not negate kinetic energy.
      Location: Torso, Legs, Back
      1 Brace- Slightly reduces impact of incoming mundane projectiles or melee attacks, reducing damage by 20%
      2 Bolster- Moderately reduces impact of incoming mundane projectiles or melee attacks, reducing damage by 40%
      3 Strengthen- Significantly reduces impact of incoming mundane projectiles or melee attacks, reducing damage by 60%
      4 Harden- Greatly reduces impact of incoming mundane projectiles or melee attacks, reducing damage by 80%. Slightly reduces impact of incoming super-powered projectiles or melee attacks, reducing damage by 20%
      6 Toughen- Completely protects against incoming mundane projectiles or melee attacks. Moderately reduces impact of incoming super-powered projectiles or melee attacks, reducing damage by 40%
      8 Reinforce- Significantly reduces impact of incoming super-powered projectiles or melee attacks, reducing damage by 60%
      10 Fortify- Greatly reduces impact of incoming super-powered projectiles or melee attacks, reducing damage by 80%
      12 Perfect- Completely protects against incoming super-powered projectiles or melee attacks

      Repulsion Field
      Projects a localized spatial anomaly to deflect incoming threats. Prevents attacking while active. Warning: extended use may be harmful to the health.
      Location: Arms, Torso, Legs, Back
      1 Protection- Slight deflection pushes against incoming mundane projectiles or melee attacks, reducing incoming attack accuracy by a quarter
      2 Shelter- Mild deflection pushes against incoming mundane projectiles or melee attacks, reducing incoming attack accuracy by half
      3 Haven- Strong deflection pushes against incoming mundane projectiles or melee attacks, reducing incoming attack accuracy by three quarters
      4 Refuge- Completely deflects incoming mundane projectiles or melee attacks. Slight deflection against incoming super-powered projectiles or melee attacks, reducing incoming super-powered attack accuracy by a quarter
      6 Sanctuary- Mild deflection against incoming super-powered projectiles or melee attacks, reducing incoming super-powered attack accuracy by half
      8 Oasis- Strong deflection against incoming super-powered projectiles or melee attacks, reducing incoming super-powered attack accuracy by three quarter
      10 Eye of the Storm- Completely deflects incoming super-powered projectiles or melee attacks
      12 Singularity- Completely averts all attempts to influence or affect the character
      Add-on: Redirection Vortex- Collects incoming projectiles and allows them to be thrown back at an opponent. Module must be equipped in Arms Slot to work
    • Noise Filtering
      Protects against the effects of temporary mental combat disadvantages, helps with seeing through illusions and detecting stealthy opponents, and helps counter enemy dodges.
      Location: Head
      1 Observation- improves hearing and spotting abilities
      2 Focus- greatly improves hearing and spotting abilities,
      3 Concentration- vastly improves hearing and spotting abilities, diminishes the impacts of temporary mental combat disadvantages
      4 Acuity- provides super-human hearing and spotting abilities, protects against temporary mental combat disadvantages (blinded, confused, taunted, distracted, etc.), slightly lowers effectiveness of enemy dodges
      6 Discernment- provides perfect hearing and spotting abilities, provides complete immunity against all temporary mental combat disadvantages, moderately lowers effectiveness of enemy dodges, able to see through lower level illusions and encryptions/codes
      8 Clarity- significantly lowers effectiveness of enemy dodges, able to see through mid-tier illusions and encryptions/codes
      10 Omni-perception- greatly lowers effectiveness of enemy dodges, able to see through higher level illusions and encryptions/codes
      12 Computational Prescience- renders enemy dodges ineffective, provides dodging bonus against incoming enemy attacks

      While active, counters temporary injury disadvantages pertaining to lack of oxygen- being in a vacuum, suffocating, drowning, asphyxiation, blood loss, etc.
      Location: Torso
      1 Quick Gasp- Can comfortably hold breath for long periods of time (up to 10 minutes), reduces amount of air needed to 1/160th of normal amount, slightly reduces impact of blood loss
      2 Steady Breath- Can comfortably hold breath for extreme periods of time (up to an hour), reduces amount of air needed to 1/960th of normal amount, greatly reduces impact of blood loss
      3 Fresh Air- Complete removal of need to breathe, can keep functioning even after fatal levels of blood loss
      4 Pure Wind- Excess oxygen enables exhales to support others' breathing needs through mouth-to-mouth transfer

      Tactical Reset
      Flash-cycles Cyberframe deployment to remove the effects temporary combat disadvantages. Warning: repeated use may be harmful to the health.
      Location: Torso
      1 Refresh- Instantly removes one temporary physical combat disadvantage (immobilized, slowed, paralyzed, contained, etc.)
      2 Restart- Instantly remove up to two temporary physical and/or mental combat disadvantages
      3 Reboot- Instantly removes all temporary physical and mental combat disadvantages
    • Sensor Suite
      A complex array of sensors covering a wide band of frequencies and measurements provides extensive detection capabilities.
      Location: Back
      1 Scan- Able to detect nearby (100 feet) lifeforms, vehicles, movement
      2 Survey- Able to detect distant (1,000 feet) lifeforms, vehicles, movement
      3 Sweep- Able to detect far away (10,000 feet) lifeforms, vehicles, movement. Able to detect nearby magical energy. Able to detect lower level stealth.
      4 Search- Able to detect extremely distant (20 miles) lifeforms, vehicles, movement. Able to detect distant magical energy. Able to detect mid-tier stealth.
      6 Scour- Able to detect far away magical energy. Able to detect higher level stealth.
      Add-on: Communications Array- Monitors various frequencies for forms of communication transmissions and intercepts them

      Medical Treatment
      A suite of tools and supplies intended to allow healing of wounds in the battlefield. Warning: excessive use of medical treatment may be harmful to the health.
      Location: Arms, Torso
      1 Stopgap Measures- Pain numbing and blood loss prevention allow an injured combatant to continue fighting for a time
      2 First Aid- Initial treatment of injuries allows for faster, safer recovery later on
      3 Cure Harm- Expands treatment options to include a wider variety of damage, such as burns, acid damage, electrical shock, etc.
      4 Mend Wounds- Laser scalpels allow for more precise treatment of injuries and sealing open wounds
      6 Remedy Trauma- Nanite infusion permits treatment of heavy injury, whether external or internal
      8 Regenerate Impairment- Allows for regrowing of severed limbs and undoing of other severe injuries
      10 Restore Integrity- Allows for miraculous medical treatment, restoring a patient even after decapitation or other grievous, fatal injuries
      12 Perfect Reconstitution- Allows for complete bodily reconstruction from even the smallest tissue sample

      Strategic Data Link
      A central hub allows for a real-time connection between team members, even without Cyberframe equipped.
      Location: Head
      1 Distant Communication- Allows silent conversation regardless of distance
      2 Thought Transfer- Allows instant communication at the speed of thought
      3 Mental Communion- Allows instant sharing of complex ideas, images, memories, etc.
      Add-on: Remote Control- Allows a willing member of the Data Link to act as a vessel for another member, who takes control of their body
      Add-on: Damage Link- Allows willing members to spread out incoming damage so that each member individually suffers less. This damage bypasses any armor, dodge, or defenses
      Add-on: Shared Sensory Data- Allows live sharing of a member's perception of the world to other members, who perceive the scene as if presently there from the sharing member's point of view
      Add-on: Sensor Streaming- Augments other members' perspective with overlaid information gathered by the Sensor Suite Module

      A secondary processing core can handle additional Modules, at the expense of greater Power requirements and Heat output. Warning: overcharging a coprocessor can be harmful to the health.
      Location: Head
      +1 Processing per Output
      Addon: Personality Matrix- Provides a second, alternate identity to assist with attention distribution
      Special Rule: Generates an extra point of Heat instead of requiring Processing.
    • Stealth System
      Various anti-detection mechanisms employed to maintain an upper hand by maintaining battlefield invisibility. Warning: too much phase-shifting may be harmful to the health.
      Location: Torso
      1 Passive Camo- Simple coloration schemes allow for easier blending in
      2 Active Camo- Coloration alteration matches background to make perception more difficult
      3 Sound Dampeners- Counter-frequency emitters significantly decrease audible cues
      4 Cloaking Field- EM wave manipulation provides apparent transparency
      6 Self-Containment- Complete encapsulation ensures a lack of escaped signals such as body heat and scent
      8 Telltale Eradication- Micro phase-shifting removes air vibrations caused by movement, effectively creating complete invisibility
      Special Rule: Output 6 or higher disables Cooling

      Reaction Enhancement
      Enables a hyper-focused state making time seems to slow down. Does not actually increase movement speed. Warning: extended use may be harmful to the health.
      Location: Head
      1 Cerebral Rush- Increased mental speed helps with reflexes
      2 Perceptive Boost- Slowed time perception gives additional opportunity to see, move, or aim
      3 Proprioceptive Control- Further slowed perception of time
      4 Total Coordination- Greater slowed perception of time
      6 Perfect Dexterity- Practically halted perception of time, allows for perfect aim and complete control of movements

      Subliminal Embedder
      Subconscious manipulation hidden behind spoken words to make them more readily heard or believed.
      Location: Head
      1 Persuasive Speech- Makes words more agreeable to the listener, creating a more friendly reaction
      2 Convincing Speech- Makes words much more agreeable to the listener, overcoming hesitance or skepticism
      3 Captivating Speech- Makes words vastly more agreeable to the listener, can decrease hostile intents temporarily
      4 Compelling Speech- Makes words overwhelmingly more agreeable to the listener, can halt hostile intents temporarily
      Addon: Volume Enhancer- Increases voice volume levels to up to 120 decibels

      Hologram Projector
      Multiple projectors interlace outputs to create 3D visual illusions within line of sight.
      Location: Arms
      1 Rough Image- Holograms aren't very convincing, revealed as false with a cursory glance
      2 Quick Image- Holograms are mildly convincing, but can be revealed as false with a deeper look
      3 Mid-grade Image- Holograms are convincing, requiring special senses (heat vision, ultrasound, etc.) to quickly dismiss, or else closer investigation to reveal as false
      4 Lifelike Image- Holograms are very convincing, requiring close scrutiny with special senses to reveal as false
      6 Perfect Image- Holograms are completely convincing, appearing to all senses as real
      Addon- Audio Redirection- Allows perfect ventriloquism, creating sounds or conversation that appear to originate from the hologram (or any other point)

    • Weapons are Modules that have their own special rules. They can be equipped in any location and require Power and Processing just like other Modules in order to operate, but their Output is not measured on a sliding scale of performance. Instead, with every attack Output is divided between three priorities: Accuracy, Damage, and Modifiers.

      Accuracy is obviously how likely an attack is to hit, and has a greater impact at further ranges where it is harder to hit a target anyway. For ranged weapons this can mean atmospheric compensation, trajectory calculations, and even predictive algorithms to ensure a higher chance to hit the target. For melee weapons Accuracy is more a measure of how capable the weapon is to get around an enemy's defenses. This can mean how maneuverable the weapon is, as a more agile and balanced melee weapon will be able to slip in past a blocking weapon, or a measure of a longer reach providing a tactical advantage. In both cases it can also represent a measure of extra attacks required to ensure that at least one shot/swing is likely to connect with an opponent, and for melee it might be a degree of energy expended in maneuvering to stay close to the target.

      Damage is also pretty obvious- how much devastation doth it wroth? There are many different ways of dealing damage, from burning or freezing or shocking, crushing or piercing or slicing, etc. All of these are covered under Damage, which is just a measure of the magnitude of the impact of your attack. Any special effects of an attack- such as elemental powers- fall under the scope of Modifiers.

      Modifiers are attack effects can apply temporary penalties to your opponents or serve as an enhancement of your attack in some way. They are not as universally beneficial as Accuracy or Damage but have a greater impact at a lower level of Output in their specific way. Modifiers are applied to a weapon by use of an Add-on Submodule, with each one taking up a Socket. As a special rule for weapons however, all weapon Modules come with one free Socket which can only be used by an Add-on.

      Below are some examples I've come up with but by all means feel free to come up with your own! Just make sure that they make sense based on what the weapon is; a flamethrower with the Disorient or Confuse Modifier makes sense if it spews out thick smoke, making it difficult to see or tell what's going on, but I can't really imagine a flamethrower working with Grapple, for instance.

      Distract- prevent from acting
      Disrupt- prevent from attacking
      Immobilize- prevent from moving
      Slow- reduce attack/movement speed, reduce dodge
      Confuse- possible friendly fire
      Disorient- decrease accuracy
      Designate- decrease dodge
      Breach- decrease armor
      Threaten- force foe to fight attacker
      Contain- decrease enemy's next attack's damage
      Force- pushes target away
      Tether- prevents target from moving away
      Grapple- pulls target closer
      Flexible- more difficult to block/parry in melee combat
      Pierce- ignores some enemy armor
      Drill- pierces through walls/cover
      Bypass- ignores some enemy shield
      Spread/Cone/Scatter- greater accuracy at short ranges, less damage at long distance
      Area- effects multiple enemies within a certain radius
      Homing- greater accuracy at long distances
      Persistent- damage over time

      Okay, so what do Output in the three categories mean? As a general rule, for Accuracy and Damage, an Output of 1 through 4 is assume to be a mundane level of damage, theoretically available to civilians. Below are some examples:

      1 Damage for a melee weapon might be like hitting someone with a hammer- very painful, could kill an unarmored foe but would take a few hits. 4 Damage would be a top of the line weapon, such as a folded-1000-times katana. 1 Accuracy would be an unbalanced, awkward weapon such as a fence post or a short weapon like a punch dagger, while 4 Accuracy would be a finely balanced weapon like a masterly crafted machete or a weapon with a long reach such as a halberd.

      1 Damage might be a thrown brick, while 4 Damage would be a high-powered anti-materiel rifle. 1 Accuracy would be a short-range, inaccurate weapon like a snub-nosed revolver perhaps. 4 Accuracy could mean a long-range, accurate weapon like a hunting rifle with a high-powered aim-assisting scope.

      Higher Damage and Accuracy than that starts to get into exotic territory. A 6 Damage melee weapon might be a katana with a self-honing depleted uranium monomolecular edge, and a 6 Damage ranged weapon would be a rocket launcher or autocannon. Above that would require some serious military hardware, and melee weapons higher than 6 Damage are unlikely outside of magical/technological weapons. For Accuracy, higher than 4 is equally exotic, requiring homing abilities for ranged weapons and some sort of magical/technological augmentation for melee weapons.

      Some Accuracy is necessary unless your character is firing/swinging blindly, in which case such an attack is highly unlikely to hit. However you do not always have to put Output into Damage, especially when you are trying to accomplish something other than hurting/destroying things, such as applying the effects of a Modifier.

      When it comes to Modifiers, the general rule is 1 Output is a likely minor impact or an unlikely medium impact, 2 Output is a likely medium impact or an unlikely major impact, 3 Output is a likely major impact or an unlikely extreme impact, and 4 Output is a likely extreme impact. Effecting more targets, effecting targets for longer, or effecting more powerful targets are all forms of having more of an impact. So an extreme impact might see an entire platoon of ground troops immobilized by an ice wave, or a single powerful enemy held still for an entire combat round, for instance.

      Changing Output Distribution
      So then, you might be wondering how come Output can be divided up differently from one attack to the next, instead of deciding when the Module is chosen. There are two reasons for that:

      1. Weapon Modules aren't the actual weapons themselves, but rather a means to produce an attack. So for a melee weapon, the Module isn't actually a sword or whatever form you want your melee attack to take- it is instead a sword-producing Module. This could be a beamsword that pops out for you to grab, or a laser blade that protrudes from the outside of your wrist, or a fiery sword that digitally constructs in your grasp, or whatever you'd like! For a ranged weapon, same thing- it might be a blocky rifle that materializes for you, or a gun turret attached to your shoulder, or a laser blast shot out of the palm of your hand. Because of this flexibility, the Output you put into Accuracy or Damage or Modifiers changes the weapon that you are using, making it more accurate/dextrous or more damaging or more whatever.

      2. Output isn't only a measure of the effectiveness of your weapon, but also how you are wielding it. It's the kind of shooting you're doing- shooting to kill vs. shooting to saturate an area with bullets. It's the kind of melee fighting- a single power attack vs. many fast jabs. So even without changing the weapon itself, just altering the way you're using it could change the Output distribution between the three attributes.

    Game Mechanics
    Alright, so now's the time I will explain things better! Click a tab below to see how something I've mentioned previously actually works, and the rules for it.

    • Processing
      Your character has 12 points of Processing capacity. Using a Module requires 2 Processing, regardless of its Rating or Quality, but each additional Submodule requires an additional 1 point of Processing, unless otherwise indicated. Just as a Module itself can be Installed, Loaded, or Active, the same applies to Submodules; they don't have to have Processing applied to them just because they're Installed, though they do in order to become Active.

      • 12 Processing available.
      • Modules require 2 Processing.
      • Submodules require 1 Processing.

      Each Module requires a single Slot- unless it has the Small Form Factor upgrade (aka Miniaturization) in which case it can share a Slot with another Module that also has the Small Form Factor upgrade. Your character only has a set number of Slots per body section, requiring careful selection of Modules for each mission- though they can be switched out easily when the Cyberframe is not in use. Slot allocation is as such:

      Head: 1 Slot
      Back: 1 Slot
      Torso: 2 Slots
      Arms: 2 Slots
      Legs: 1 Slot
      Feet: 1 Slot

      • Slots are locations where Modules can be equipped, there's a limited amount for each body section.
    • Power
      As mentioned previously, a Module requires Power in order to function. The amount of Power depends on its Rating (1 point for each level of Rating, i.e. 1 Power at Rating 1, 4 Power at Rating 4, etc.). Each Submodule also requires 1 Power to function, regardless of its Rating. Additionally, donning your Cyberframe requires 10 Power, and maintaining it takes another 1 Power every 10 seconds

      • Modules need to use [Rating] Power to work.
      • Submodules need to use 1 Power.
      • Donning Cyberframe requires 10 Power.
      • Maintaining Cyberframe takes 1 Power per turn.

      Power is always provided by your Cyberframe's reactor, but doing so puts off Heat at an equivalent rate (1 Heat per 1 Power). Heat is also generated when using a Module (1 Heat regardless of Rating), and can also be generated by some Submodules, and by Overcharging. As well, donning your Cyberframe generates another 2 Heat, and its basic functions automatically create an additional 1 excess Heat every 10 seconds (this is NOT related to the 1 Power usage per 10 seconds, completely separate). Over time this Heat could build up to be a serious problem! Click 'Show' below to see the Heat categories. Dismantling your Cyberframe when you've built up too much Heat can result in serious injury, and even without removing your Cyberframe, allowing your Heat levels to rise too high may be harmful to the health.

      Heat Categories
      50- Tepid
      60- Warm
      70- Hot
      80- Fiery, uncomfortably hot after dismantling Cyberframe
      90- Searing, first degree burns/dehydration upon dismantling Cyberframe
      100- Roasting, second degree burns/severe dehydration upon dismantling Cyberframe
      110- Scorching, third degree burns/potential heat stroke upon dismantling Cyberframe
      120- Meltdown, Character death!

      • Heat is bad.
      • 1 Power = 1 Heat.
      • Using a Module automatically generates 1 Heat.
      • Donning Cyberframe generates 2 Heat.
      • Maintaining Cyberframe generates 1 Heat per turn

      Passive Cooling
      Fortunately, your Cyberframe has a way to deal with Heat! Its built-in automatic cooling system is able to vent 4 Heat per 10 seconds. Taking into consideration the 1 Heat generated and 1 Power required (which in turn becomes 1 Heat from the reactor) every 10 seconds, this equates to a net of 2 Heat removed every 10 seconds from Passive Cooling.

      • Automatic 4 Heat reduction every combat turn.
      • Net reduction is 2 Heat per turn (-4 Passive Cooling +1 Cyberframe Heat +1 Cyberframe Power)

      Active Cooling
      Sometimes however, it is simply not viable to wait as long as it would take for your Cyberframe's Passive Cooling to lower your Heat. Under such circumstances, you can activate a series of thermal vents to more rapidly decrease your temperature. Doing so requires deactivating any Active Module, and use must use an additional 1 Power per 10 seconds, but even taking into account this and the other 2 Heat generated from background Cyberframe operations, Active Cooling still results in a net of 6 Heat removed every 10 seconds.

      • Must deactivate all Modules.
      • Removes 8 Heat every combat turn.
      • Net reduction is 6 Heat per turn (-8 Active Cooling +1 Cyberframe Heat +1 Cyberframe Power)
    • First off, I want to say, I designed a handy spreadsheet tool to help you design and see the impacts of upgrades and Submodules on a Module's stats. You can download it here. I designed it in Open Office, but it should probably work in Google Sheets or probably MS Excel as well. Dark yellow areas are places you can choose an option or enter a number, and I included a column for Inactive Modules so you can keep them in and still see the stats without their impact.

      A Module's Quality indicates how intricate, developed, and powerful it is. Simple Modules are discreet and produce only basic results, while more complex ones can achieve far more, and appear significantly bulkier and obvious as the technological wonders that they are. This is reflected by each Module providing a number of Quality Points (QP) that can be used to upgrade the Module. The number of QP varies per Quality, as detailed below:

      Standard: 1 QP
      Improved: 9 QP
      Advanced: 17 QP
      Superior: 25 QP
      Exceptional: 34 QP
      Prototype: Special

      A Module's Rating is a measure of how much Output it produces as well as how much Power it uses. Each point of Rating increases Output by 1, and Power used by 1. This increase is not optional as Rating determines the base Output/Power usage. The cost for raising a Module's Rating goes up as its Rating does, as detailed below:

      Rating 1: Free
      Rating 2: -4 QP
      Rating 3: -9 QP
      Rating 4: -15 QP
      Rating 5: -22 QP
      Rating 6: -30 QP

      • Modules have [Rating] Output and use [Rating] Power.

      Submodule Sockets
      Sockets are basically Slots for your Module- they allow you to equip a Module with a Submodule. Submodules change the way your Module works, depending on the specific Submodule chosen. Submodules can be swapped out when you have not donned your Cyberframe, and can be activated or ignored individually with each use of the Module. The cost of Submodule Sockets is as detailed below:

      1 Socket: -3 QP
      2 Sockets: -7 QP
      3 Sockets: -12 QP
      4 Sockets: -18 QP
      5 Sockets: -25 QP
      6 Sockets: -33 QP

      • Sockets can be filled by Submodules.
      • Submodules provide bonuses, reduce costs, or provide alternate ways to use a Module.

      Overcharging is a quick way to demand additional performance out of a Module. It is a Heat, Power, and Processing intensive process so it is usually only used in short bursts, but it produces powerful results while active, and can be much more easily accessed than safer ways of achieving the same outcome. All Modules are capable of the most basic type of Overcharging, but even greater tweaking capabilities can be purchased using Quality Points. Higher levels of Overcharging require higher quality Modules. A Module that is capable of a higher level of Overcharging does not have to be Overcharged exactly at that level; any level up to its highest can be chosen when Overcharging.

      Supercharge: Free, +1 Output, +1 Power Usage, +1 Processing, +3 Heat
      Turbocharge: -1 QP, +2 Output, +2 Power Usage, +2 Processing, +5 Heat
      Hypercharge: -2 QP, +3 Output, +3 Power Usage, +3 Processing, +8 Heat, Improved Module or better
      Megacharge: -3 QP, +5 Output, +5 Power Usage, +4 Processing, +14 Heat, Advanced Module or better
      Ultracharge: -5 QP, +9 Output, +9 Power Usage, +6 Processing, +25 Heat, Superior Module or better

      • Overcharging is a cheap way to get an Output boost.
      • Overcharging usage cost can be reduced by Submodules.
      • Overcharging generates a lot of Heat, and thus is best used sparingly.

      This upgrades a Module to a Small Form Factor Module, effectively allowing it to take up half of a Slot. This way it can share a Slot with other Small Form Factor Modules, allowing two Modules in the same location. The cost of Miniaturization is the Module's Quality (in numerical terms, obviously, Standard = 1, Improved = 2, etc.) + 2.

      • Makes it possible to equip 2 Modules in 1 Slot.

      Alternate Configuration
      This upgrade allows a Module to have two Submodule loadouts which can be swapped even when donning your Cyberframe. It takes about 5 seconds to do so, and requires 2 Power, and costs a number of Quality Points equal to the Module's Sockets plus 1. The two configurations can share Submodules between them (i.e. not all Submodules need to be swapped out).

      • Allows swapping Submodules without disabling Cyberframe.
      • Uses 2 Power. Takes half a combat turn.
    • Submodules are replaceable upgrades to Modules. They can be added or removed when your Cyberframe is not in use, and transferred between Modules freely. Submodules can be individually activated during each use of a Module they are equipped in, or ignored when not needed.

      There are three types of Submodules: Plugins, Tuners, and Add-ons.

      Plugins provide bonuses to Output, or reduce one or more of the costs associated with using a Module. A Module can only have one Active Submodule that permanently increases Output (i.e. Amplifier, Magnifier, or Modulator) though this can be combined with a Booster which can only function once every three turns.

      Subroutine- decrease Processing requirement by Rating/2 (round up), to a minimum of 1. Does not require the usual point of Processing to use a Submodule
      Overclocker- decrease Processing requirement from Overcharging by up to Rating, to a minimum of 0 (from Overcharging, not overall), increase Heat generation by up to Rating
      Booster- every third turn, able to increase Output and Power usage by Rating (exactly, not less) and Heat generation by Rating*2
      Heatsink- decrease Heat generation by Rating*2, to a minimum of 0. Does not use Power. Does not require Processing
      Cooler- decrease Heat generation from Overcharging by Rating*3
      Optimizer- decrease Power usage by Rating, to a minimum of 1. Does not use Power
      Amplifier- increase Output by up to Rating/2 (round up) and Power usage by up to Rating
      Magnifier- increase Output by up to Rating/2 (round up) and Heat generation by up to Rating*2
      Modulator- increase Output and Processing requirement by up to Rating/2 (round up). Does not require the usual point of Processing to use a Submodule

      Tuners modify the way that a Module works, allowing it to function in a different way than normally intended.

      Encapsulation- allows external use of Module. The Medical Treatment Module becomes a healing station, weapons become sentry turrets, etc. Rating*4 determines how much Power the Module can be given, and it disappears upon running out. When creating the Module, any Power given to it is used immediately (generating Heat). The Module cannot be used internally while in use externally, though naturally this Submodule can be ignored if wanting to use the Module internally.
      Precharger- allows stored use of Module. This allows the Heat, Power, and Processing costs to be dealt with ahead of time, and the Output to be released later on. The Submodule can store up to Rating*2 amount of Output, though it dissipates at a rate of 1 Output every [Rating] minutes.
      Dynamo- boosts Output based on current Heat level. Rating determines how much Output provided per Heat level: Warm- Rating/3, Hot- Rating/2 (round up), Fiery- Rating, Searing- Rating*1.5 (round up), Roasting- Rating*2, Scorching- Rating*3
      Extension- allows use of self-target Modules to apply to others. Rating*2 is the limit of Output that can be applied to others

      Add-ons are unique to each Module, and introduce an extra function or ability that the Module does not normally come with. For Weapons, this is Modifiers- extra effects that can disadvantage your target or assist in additional attacks of that target. For other Modules the possible Add-ons are listed below each one, though if you think of something else you would like and there isn't an Add-on for it, please do feel free to request it!

    Character Creation

    Alright, so the character creation rules are as follows:

    • You get 30 Build Points
    • Standard Modules cost 2 Build Points
    • Improved Modules cost 6 Build Points
    • Advanced Modules cost 18 Build Points
    • Plugin and Tuner Submodules cost 1 Build Point and come at Rating 1
    • Add-on Submodules cost 2 Build Points
    • Weapon Modules must be described, must be declared melee or ranged, and get 1 free Socket that can only house an Add-on (which applies a Modifer to the attack)
    • You get one free Modifier Add-on for a weapon... not per weapon, just one Add-on for a weapon

    Go nuts.

    Character Sheet
    Appearance: (Anime pics only, no need for a pic of her Cyberframe, though if you do find one for that as well as general character appearance, and provide a paragraph of description for your character, I may assign you a bonus Build Point. As far as the aesthetic for your Cyberframe, I'd recommend taking a look at Symphogear, or Vividred Operation, or Phantasy Star Online 2 for inspiration! Think, semi-futuristic looking outfits with bits of technological accoutrements)
    History: (A paragraph or so about who your character is! For some advice, try considering how they are dealing with life in an increasingly transhumanist society? How are their parents/family members coping? What major life events have shaped the way they've turned out before now? That sorta thing)

    Cyberframe Loadout
    Detail in this section what Modules you chose, at what Quality, and how you upgraded them. Be sure to assign them to a body part as well, though obvious this can chance. An example might be as follows:

    Head: Rating 2 Noise Filtering (Improved), 1 Socket, Overcharge 3 (Hypercharge) w/ Rating 1 Booster

    Guiding Principles
    1. There are hidden elements to this game. This is (in part) a horror game, and there wouldn't be much horror in it if everything was spelled out in painstaking detail! As such, there are probably secret mechanics, plot twists, hidden forces at work, and so on. Signing up for this game is an explicit acceptance that not all is as it seems, and an agreement not to throw a hissy fit later if/when things change. That sounds mean, but basically what I'm saying is, try to be flexible, have fun without being too rigid in your expectations.

    2. There are fates worse than death. And your character very well might end up suffering them. Signing up for this RP is an acknowledgement that terrible things may happen to your character, and an agreement to go along with any such outcomes. I can promise they won't be arbitrary or random, though they might seem like it at first from your perspective (see Principle 1).

    3. This RP does not have to have a happy ending. If you only want a game where things will work out for the best for your character and good soundly beats evil and everything is set right in the end... this likely isn't the game for you.

    4. This RP does not have to have a downer ending. I firmly believe in letting players earn their ending... key word being 'earn.' I can imagine a couple of potential bittersweet endings and some ambiguous ones, and nothing is set in stone.

    5. I am prepared for players disappearing. Last time I was naive, and was caught off guard. This time I am expecting it. Obviously I'd rather you said something if you had to quit but if it's been too long without a post or word from you, I will take temporary control of your character to move the scene along. If you still don't show up, I will take permanent control of your character- and they likely will not survive for long. Not to mention they'll start to show signs of your abandonment, growing more despondent and listless until they finally succumb to the end result of your absence! Accordingly, if you do have to take a break, just let me know and I'll make sure your character is kept safely off screen until you can return and resume control. And to everyone else, I am prepared to run this game as a 1x1 if need be if everyone but one person disappears on us. So long as there is still one person interested I will keep this game alive, darn it!
    1. I expect quality writing. If you just can't seem to remember to capitalize letters, or you never use apostrophes or commas, this isn't the game for you. I expect a couple of paragraphs per post, obviously with exceptions for conversations or moments when you're waiting for someone else. But still, I expect effort even then.

    2. I expect reasonable posting times. You don't have to post once a day, but once every other or every third day is reasonable to ask. If it's been two or three days I reserve the right to remind you that it's your turn- not to bug you but just to make sure you hadn't missed it or that the alert system hasn't failed you. I will announce ahead of time when the next GM post will be to give a deadline and if you miss that deadline I may have to take control of your character. See Principle 5 above.

    3. I expect good roleplaying/story-telling. I'm not interested in satisfying power-gamer urges. This isn't about being the best, strongest, most dramatic, always-winningest whatever. This is about telling a compelling story and all that that entails, so if you're just interested in the mecha-magical girls equivalent of Dungeons and Dragons monster-slaying, this isn't for you.

    4. I expect maturity. We're all adults here, so I expect us to settle our differences with rational conversation. If you disagree with something I've decided, let me know, lay out your reasoning, and I'll consider it. If I still rule in a way you don't like, you are free to feel that way but I'm not interested in receiving a temper tantrum about it. At the end of the day, my rulings as GM are final. I don't foresee that being an issue as I'm pretty darn flexible and prefer to work with people to create something fun and interesting but I suppose it does need to be said in advance.
    No SJWs.
    No under 18 players.
    This RP is not first-come, first-serve. Not everyone who applies has to be accepted.
    If you have read and accept these Principles, Expectations, and Rules, please state so in your post. This is not one of those dumb 'include the secret words to confirm that you were paying attention!' things, I just need to make sure you are alright with the concepts I've detailed above.
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  2. Setting

    Central City

    Status: Stressed

    Power Grid: Intact
    Water Supply: Intact
    Telecommunications: Intact
    Emergency Response: Strained
    Transportation Infrastructure: Intact

    Central City Primary School
    Location: Block 9-14, Building 6
    Student Population: 90%

    First Floor: Administration offices, conference rooms, first floor teachers' lounge, 1st through 5th grade cafeteria
    Second Floor: First and second grade classrooms
    Third Floor: Third and fourth grade classrooms
    Fourth Floor: Fifth and sixth grade classrooms
    Fifth Floor: 6th through 10th grade cafeteria, study area, fifth floor teachers' lounge
    Sixth Floor: Seventh and eighth grade classrooms
    Seventh Floor: Ninth and tenth grade classrooms
    Eighth Floor: 11th and 12th grade cafeteria, study area, ninth floor teachers' lounge, gymnasium
    Ninth Floor: Eleventh and Twelfth grade classrooms
    Rooftop: Greenhouses

    7:30 AM: 1st period begins
    8:25 AM: 1st period ends
    8:40 AM: 2nd period begins
    9:35 AM: 2nd period ends
    9:50 AM: 3rd period beings
    10:45 AM: 3rd period ends
    11:00 AM: 4th period begins
    11:55 AM: 4th period ends

    11:55 AM - 12:55 PM: Lunch

    12:55 PM: 5th period begins
    1:50 PM: 5th period ends
    2:05 PM: 6th period begins
    3:00 PM: 6th period ends

    Non-Player Characters

    Location: Orbit
    Status: Heavily Damaged

    Robotics Bay
    : Stage 0, Inactive
    Engineering: Stage 0, Inactive
    Weaponry: Stage 0, Inactive
    Shields: Stage 0, Inactive
    Sensors: Stage 0, Inactive
    Virtualization: Stage 0, Inactive

    Theme Song:

    Height: 5"


    Location: Unknown
    Status: Unknown


    Theme Song:

    Player Characters

    Full Character Sheet
    Ellen Irving
    Player: @R-9 Pilot
    Age/Grade: 15/10th
    Height: 5'4"

    Cyberframe Loadout
    : Standard Reaction Enhancer (Rating 1, Overcharge 2)
    Torso: Improved Reinforced Armor Module (Rating 2, 1 Socket (Heatsink Rating 1), Overcharge 3)
    Arms: Advanced Melee Weapon Module (Rating 4, Overcharge 3, Add-on: Pierce)
    Legs: Standard Inertial Compensators (Rating 1, Overcharge 2)
    Feet: Standard Jet Propulsion (Rating 1, Overcharge 2)

    Full Character Sheet
    Chie Mont
    Player: @Atenthirtyone
    Age/Grade: 16/10th
    Height: 5'6"


    Cyberframe Loadout:
    : Improved Noise Filtering (Rating 2, 1 Socket (empty), Overcharge 3)
    Torso: Standard Reinforced Armor (Rating 1, Overcharge 2)
    Back: Standard Defensive Matrix (Rating 1, Overcharge 2)
    Arms: Improved Ranged Weapon Module (High-Powered Bow) (Rating 2, 1 Sockets (Heatsink Rating 1), Overcharge 3, Add-on: Pierce)
    Arms: Standard Melee Weapon Module (Bladed Arms) (Rating 1, Overcharge 2)
    Legs: Improved Potential Energy Capacitors (Rating 2, Overcharge 3)
    Feet: Improved Graviton Emitters (Rating 2, 1 Socket (empty), Overcharge 3)

    Full Character Sheet
    Akni "Farron Sky" Moretz
    Player: @Izurich
    Age/Grade: 13/7th
    Height: 4'10"

    Cyberframe Loadout
    Advanced Jet Propulsion (Rating 3, Socket 1 (Dynamo Rating 1), Overcharge 4)
    Arms: Improved Melee Weapon Module ("Agnicalibur") (Rating 3, Overcharge 1, Add-on: Persistent)
    Legs: Improved Inertial Compensators (Rating 3, Overcharge 1)

    Full Character Sheet
    Remi Audacia
    Player: @Ailucia
    Age/Grade: 12/7th
    Height: 4'8"

    Cyberframe Loadout
    Head: Standard Strategic Data Link (Rating 1, 1 Free Socket (Sensor Streaming), Overcharge 1)
    Back: Improved Sensor Suite (Rating 3, 1 Free Socket (Communications Array), Overcharge 1)
    Torso: Improved Medical Treatment (Rating 2, 1 Socket (Amplifier Rating 1), Overcharge 3)
    Arms: Standard Defensive Matrix (Rating 1, Overcharge 2)
    Arms: Improved Ranged Weapon Module (Rating 3, Overcharge 1, Add-on: Homing)
    Legs: Standard Potential Energy Capacitors (Rating 1, Overcharge 2)
    Feet: Standard Jet Propulsion (Rating 1, Overcharge 2)

    Full Character Sheet
    Yu-Ri Yun
    Player: @ERode
    Age/Grade: 15/10th
    Height: 5'3"

    Cyberframe Loadout
    Head: Standard Reaction Enhancement (Rating 1, Overcharge 2)
    Back: Improved Ranged Weapon Module (Swallowtail Wings) (Rating 2, 1 Socket + Add-on: (Grapple, Entangle), Alternate Configuration (Scatter, Entangle), Overcharge 1)
    Torso: Standard Tactical Reset (Rating 1, Overcharge 2)
    Torso: Improved Repulsion Field (Rating 3, Overcharge 1)
    Legs: Improved Speed Augmentation (Rating 3, Overcharge 1)
    Feet: Improved Positional Anchors (Rating 3, Overcharge 1)
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  3. I'm posting here, partly to keep this from being deleted
  4. I would join, as this seems interesting, but I'm younger than the prerequisite age. Sorry!
  5. That is quite unfortunate! Problem is, this site's rules make it such that there is a group of people who- were they to join my game- would require me to alter the content of this RP, or get in trouble with the management, neither of which I'm willing to do. And based on the information you provided when you created your account, you happen to be in that group! Which is a bummer, but what'reyougonnado? It's not like you can lie about such things.

    Thanks! I forgot about the threat of auto-archiving!

    Alright, I've got aaaalmost all of the mechanics done now, just gotta finish up Submodules, and go back and edit in some of the Addons I thought of for a few of the Modules. Then just provide a character sheet w/requirements and we'll be ready to start! I'm exhausted at the moment though, spent all day priming and painting. ._. I should be able to finish tomorrow, and then we're really in business! :D
  6. I like the fact that it's complicated. That said, I'm gonna need to read this REAAAAALLY carefully
  7. I don't think it's too terribly complicated, to be honest! I mean, compared to 400+ pdfs of many roleplaying games this is pretty bare bones! =P

    I went back and edited a bit for readability, and added summaries in bullets so hopefully that'll help a little?

    Though naturally, careful reading is certainly a good idea. Don't forget to check out this Module designing tool, too, it might help! Dropbox - Module Calculator.ods

    And if you have any questions at all, or suggestions, or ideas for new stuff, please do bring it up, either by private message or post here.
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  8. I'll have to get to reading and crunching like mad, myself. Pre-emptive thanks for the spreadsheet. Math tools are super-useful, but I'm going to at least try to do things by pen and paper first.
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  9. Whichever method works for you!

    I did more editing to try to improve readability, and got the rules up at least. I'll probably polish them more later but I'm literally falling asleep mid-sentence over here. So I'm gonna call it a night before I wind up passed out on top of my netbooks... At any rate, what I've got up now is pretty close to done. I did edit the spreadsheet so I updated both of the links- I got an idea for another upgrade option from Ailucia so I had to put that in there. Please do download the latest one.

    If anyone has any questions, please do let me know!
  10. What are SJWs?
  11. Social justice warriors. By large, people with far too thin skin to be on the Internet.

    Also hi, Insomnant. The mechanics have drawn mah interest.
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  12. I thought as such.
    Just dropping by to say that this is awesome~
  13. Hey, I'm the process of building a character. GM, are you still taking players? It should be done sometime tomorrow evening (GMT -5).
  14. Support focused ranged character on the way! I'll just edit it here when I'm done with her and everything.

    Name: Remi Audacia
    Age/Grade: 12 Years old / Grade 7
    Remi (open)
    Cyberframe Design (open)

    Standing at about 4'8" feet (roughly 142 cm) high, she is shorter than usual for girls of her age. Remi's parent's were an eccentric couple, using their money to fix her once bad eyesight, but at the same time giving her a weird swirl'd mix of red and blue eyes, her pupils being at the middle of the two swirling colors. She has long blonde hair that reaches to a fair amount to her back. When not in a uniform Remi can always be seen sporting clothes that are good for running, nothing too bulky and more often than not shorts and sneakers. Another notable thing about Remi is that she always wears a locket, holding the picture of a once happy, united family.

    Her suit is a green themed cyberframe, with strange looking adornments that are suited to helping her support her team. Her headpiece acts as a data link to help her friends know exactly where the enemy is in real time, her earpiece serving to even pick up any radio frequencies around. The protruding pauldron-like spikes are actually 4 different sensors, detecting any kind of lifeform, vehicle, or movements. While her giant heels look unwieldy for running, they store massive amounts of energy to be released at once on top of being where her jet propulsion system is. Her bracelets can shoot out a wall of energy in front of her that protects from strong attacks.

    Remi was born of two parent's who belonged to a now forgotten government agency, becoming just a dog for the CDF, both being street level enforcement and doing what they had to do to bring food on the table, not content with the steady "base income". Those two, along with her older sister Becca were her only family, and a loving family at that. Not always there for her due to their jobs, her older sister being a fantastic babysitter, they always made an effort to connect with her by taking Remi and Becca to many fun places. Remi and Becca were constantly told by their parents what exactly justice was, what was the right thing to do, and most importantly about responsibility. This was more than likely just her parents trying to cope with their less than clean work by trying to mold their daughters into fine law-abiding citizens.

    Everything changed however, just about two months ago. One night the sister's parents didn't come home, only to have a stranger from the CDF inform them about their parent's death in a drug raid gone wrong and handed them government money to be able to live as they were for one more year so Becca can attempt to grab a job if she wants. Both of the sisters fell into their own pits of despair. Becca, now 19 years old, is on the track to becoming an CDF grunt herself, mostly to use the money to help support Remi and give them both a steady source of money in the future before the reparation money dries out. Remi herself however, was a mess in her first month, hiding it the best she could at school, leaving her friends during lunch and faking using the restroom so she could cry in the stalls. Nearing the end of the second month, she's no longer crying in the stalls, and seems to be getting better. Now she's currently in a struggle about wanting to join the CDF when she get older, not sure if she wants to because of wanting to uphold the law and all things just and right like her parents did, or just so she can enact revenge on as many criminals as she can in a fit of revenge. Maybe if given time, she could have reached a solid conclusion before even hitting high school. Well, it's not as if she's going to come in contact with something that could give her power she never thought she would be able to wield before... right?

    Cyberframe Loadout

    Head: Rating 1 Strategic Data Link
    Add-on: Sensor Streaming- Augments other members' perspective with overlaid information gathered by the Sensor Suite Module

    Back: Rating 3 Sensor Suite (improved)
    Add-on: Communications Array- Monitors various frequencies for forms of communication transmissions and intercepts them

    Torso: Rating 2 Medical Treatment (improved), 1 socket, Overcharge 3 (Hypercharge) w/ Rating 1 Amplifier (Which should let me reach output 6 if I'm correct)

    Arms: Rating 1 Defensive Matrix Overcharge 1 (Supercharge) / Rating 3 Ranged Weapon Module (improved), 1 Socket, Overcharge 1 (Supercharge) w/ Rating 1 Homing

    Legs: Rating 1 Potential Energy Capacitors

    Feet: Rating 1 Jet Propulsion

    30 Points Expenditure
    -18 Improved Modules
    -8 Standard Modules
    -4 Add-on Submodules
    -1 Tuner
    +1 For CS
    I think I have 0 build points left over in total

    Well this is how my character looks for now, I feel like I might have gone too spread out with modules, leading to having a pretty bad attack, having to spread 4 points between accuracy and defense. Heck I had Oxygenation on top of Jet Propulsion but it felt the level 1 outputs feel not worth having the build points in unless I overcharged them. Then again I'm not sure if at this moment we're expected to be overcharging because of our newness to the cause and all. I'm gonna blame the add-ons I threw in my support modules.

    I just realized I kept the fact I use jet propulsion in the appearance section... at least I don't have to go back to write it up again!

    And yes! I have read the Rules, Expectations, and Principles and agree to them!
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  15. I would love to join in on the fun.
    However, given my current situation of life (and my Asperger's), I am afraid that I'll have to sit out.

    For those who haven't seen my writing ability, here's something that I wrote from another game.
    I feel that I'm... underestimated.

    Something Anime! (open)
    Thema sat intently on the bus, thinking about her day. Thus far, everything excited her. She had yet to see the entire school and its special places. For starters, Thema was devoid of her normal attire. However, that blue hijad neatly folded atop of her head. She noticed the bus looked impeccably clean. She wouldn't fret about cleanliness for a good week.

    She would look at her watch to see the time. “9:35 AM” was a time she loathed. For the moment, that didn't bother her. She wouldn't want to come late. However, moving day was harder than she anticipated. The rush of dismay flooded the bus, but Thema sat intently, genuinely intrigued about the process of it all. She sat in a flowing Vietnamese dress with comfortable Chinese slippers. It wasn't a very fancy dress, but it was all she had... for now.
    Upon their arrival, Thema expected a good lesson. She felt glad to be on a trip. For a while, Thema couldn't fathom such a wonderful place. No wonder the Trinity Institute believed in history. Thema trailed behind seventeen other students. She wanted time to look around. At that time, a wickedly feminine figure came forth. The white lab coat seemed intriguing; doctors had like minds! But there was something that made her cringe. Dr V's demeanor didn't sit well with her. She seemed all too happy to blabber intricate things. However, Dr. Valinheym snapped her to reality. She couldn't understand how this school was so big. Even without her knowledge as a student, Thema couldn't understand what was going on.

    She could see there were stairs, and she wanted to ask a question. Not a moment too soon, Dr. Valinheym explained the modus operandi. Apparently, Dr. Magus was the principal and the Head of Trinity Institute. At the word “research”, Thema's stomach fluttered with butterflies. All of her anticipation simmered down. She intently listened to the research aspect. Why would he wish to research the students, of all people? For now, she had no option but to purse her ignorance.
    The elevators took her attention. They looked nothing short of amazing. She feared going to an elevator, perhaps from childhood experiences. Thema fumbled for a pen a paper when the students were asked to purge all electronics. She didn't have a phone. She didn't have those Bluetooth things... or whatever they called it. While the students waited in a single file line, Thema relinquished her HTC One, which was turned off prior to the trip. She also gave up her watch and a light up bracelet. In her bag, she dished out a bottle of water. Sadly, now wasn't the time to drink or relax.

    Dr. V's words vexed her greatly; how was Thema going to enjoy this trip? Were they going to kill themselves? Thema flashed out her ID, which she pocketed in her gold bag. The Muslim found herself in an elevator with the entire class. Normal elevator housed no more than ten. This environment seemed like a first, especially for everyone else.

    When the doctor punched in her card, Thema was unprepared for what showed in the elevator. Upon their discovery, Thema's eyes grew wide with surprise. It was as if she saw the Oz behind a velvet curtain. Weird, advanced technology caught her eye. What was this? In a hushed voice, Thema uttered “Wow.” This was the first time she got to see oodles of technology in real life. If anything, she wanted to wonder why they purged their technology, not that it was important.

    It wasn't until Thema's vision met a flood of technicians with white robes. For a second, she thought she had a first glance at a doctor's room. Thema's smile grew bright with each passing second. She wanted to hug those... extravagant, complicated supercomputers. However, that silicon cube was a mystery. She furrowed a brow at everything Dr. V said. She knew nothing of what the Provost had to offer. Hopefully, it would have her foot in a doctor's office. Eventually, the Man behind the Man showed up in front of them. At that moment, the extreme security measures dawned on her. Dr. Magus looked... ancient, as if he jumped from the fifteenth century. Out of curiosity, Thema bit her lip. Dr. Magus asked for volunteers for a.. project. Thema would be eager to raise her hand, had it not been for the “game”. What kind of game, she wondered.

    Finally, the reason for the relinquished electronics came to light. Now, why would they have the nerve to destroy them? Was it that bad to have something of value? She wouldn't want to see anything else. As such, Thema didn't want to see what could happen. For that time, she decided not to take on that volunteer opportunity. At the last minute, Thema's curiosity got the better of her, and she decided to side next to Kaede. She never met these people. What if time could change?
  16. Well that sucks to hear, good luck Chateau!
  17. Nailed it. If you've ever declared that disagreement with you as an ad hominem because A.) you don't know what an ad hominem is, and B.) you wanted to claim moral superiority by taking a victim status, then you might be an SJW. That's certainly how they operate.

    Hallo Zombehs. Cool. I promise not to disappear like that guy who wanted to run that Pathfinder RP did, hah. If you have any questions about anything, please do let me know!

    Awesome, I am! So far only one submitted character, though, I only just finished the character creation rules like 8 hours ago so that's pretty impressive! I'm looking for probably... 3 to 5 players. I think 4 is the ideal, 3 is fine, but I'll go up to 5 because people tend to disappear over time.

    Oh very well done, Ailucia! Pictures and a great description and a very nice history (which gives me something to create plot hooks and relevant NPCS off of!). Here, have:
    1 Bonus Build Point~!

    As far as I can see (still waking up) but you did everything correctly on the Modules. The only real comment is... I knew I should have elaborated about Extension when it came to Medical Treatment. I knew it, but I was getting super drowsy and decided 'nah.' Okay, so, yes, Medical Treatment can apply to others by default. Meaning, you can use it to heal others as well as yourself. Putting Extension on Medical Treatment makes it so that you can basically 'loan' that Module to someone else so that they can use Medical Treatment on themself or on others. Which... might be handy, it's up to you if you want to change that.

    You are mostly correct on your usage of the Strategic Data Link but Shared Sensory Perception probably wouldn't work the way you're thinking. It would basically allow the other girls to replace their own senses, with yours- which would certainly include your Sensor Suite... but it would also put them completely in your perspective, from which fighting would prove... difficult, to say the least. But tell you what, I'll come up with a new Add-on for you, called Sensor Streaming that will allow them to receive the benefit of your Sensor Suite.

    Also, I forgot to mention in the creation rules that you get 1 free Add-on for 1 weapon!

    And finally, don't feel bad about being weak starting off. You're supposed to be. =P Don't worry, difficulty will scale in time (though, I certainly hope that nobody plays this like DnD and refuses to consider backing down when out-classed~!).

    Wat. Well, real life situation is one thing, but I have Asperger's. I have quite a few roleplaying friends who have Asperger's. I think roleplaying is a pretty common hobby amongst Aspies... it's just social enough, while being largely an intellectual pursuit, and done on a textual medium where obnoxious social cues and facial mannerisms do not come into play, thank god.

    So if your life is busy that's one thing, but don't blame Asperger's, is what I'm saying.
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  18. You guys work fast. I'll crank out a character as soon as I've actually sat down and looked everything over again. That at least one is already around may also help with a few things on figuring out what sort of character to toss together, too. At least at the beginning, gotta choose those starting modules for some good party synergy. By the end of things, I'm sure we'll be like Alchemical exalted, with different loadouts for different expected situations, though.
  19. Astute as always, R-9!

    And don't feel rushed, I literally just finished the thread, you've got time. xD
  20. Yep, got plenty of time. I'm also not sure if it's astute so much as "yes, I too play these RPGs." I might toss a PM up later to hash out details on a character, build-wise. For now, I'm thinking of some sort of melee type to sort of mesh well with the ranged support we currently have. It can work amazingly well, as I've seen when GMing a game in which I made a pair of antagonists who were pretty much that exact pairing. The ranged type had a large focus on debuffs and other support-style effects, and the melee character was a beatstick/tank. They gave the PCs way more trouble than I would have expected. And got fun given they were sisters, so the melee one went berserk if her sister was threatened.

    I also had an idea which is either fluff on overcharging attacks, or might be something worth making into a weird add-on. Which would be a sort of cartridge system or similar, that can get some heavy damage output at the cost of overheating the weapon itself. And while the weapon is overheated, it's back to normal attacks until its heat's dissipated before you can throw a big attack again. I'm totally stealing shamelessly from Etrian Odyssey 4, though.

    Whatever the case, I feel like some important part of this will be characters and their weapons venting steam after big finishers.
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