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    In that moment, five brave warriors were born. Compared to the newness of the moment, the vagueness of the past made reflection a difficult proposition. The five of them had been... called here, to the teacher's lounge. Students weren't allowed in there, but it was important, the announcement had said. Funny that no one else had heard it, just them. And once gathered, the lights had dimmed and a cascade of pixelated color rained down through the ceiling to form a three dimensional image of...

    "I am pleased to hear it," announced the woman in front of them, in her perfectly pitch-modulated voice. She did look like a woman, though certainly not one of flesh and blood. There was a faint transparency to her, and a flicker whenever she moved. But she appeared far more human than not, especially considering what she had told the girls- about herself, and otherwise.

    But what all had she told them? That too seemed cloudy, but piercing the haze revealed an incredulous tale of an alien attack on their city. Srade, she'd introduced herself as. A sentient spaceship who had chased after the forces of her ancient archrival- the vile daemoness Lesadra- across the galaxy. And their next battleground was to be Central City, as evidenced by the growing violence spreading across the city.

    "I know I ask much of you," she had pleaded, "but I truly do need your help. In our last battle, my ship-body was heavily damaged and I was forced to withdraw. That's how Lesadra got her head start, and that is why I have come to you for assistance!" She had also mentioned something about choosing them as the most appropriate champions to defend their civilization... based on intercepted broadcasts of popular media, as well as an analysis of the girls' social networking profiles.

    Now she looked at each of them for a moment, as if evaluating their conviction. It was clear from her pained expression that she carried some shame about coming to these five young girls with such a hefty request. "The fight ahead of you will not be an easy one. You will have to face those afflicted by Lesadra's dark magic, twisted by the Madness into agents of destruction. And those are but pawns in her cruel game; your true opponents will be her corrupted vassals, her Seething Daughters. They will work to undermine your efforts and spread chaos until..."

    The glowing woman was getting ahead of herself and her expression showing an element of pessimistic foresight until she took a moment to recalibrate, shaking her head with an apologetic smile. "Well... until we stop them, of course!" They had already agreed, had been taken by the flash of light that seemed to ignore eyes and pierce to their very core. Nothing appeared to have changed outwardly, and yet everything was different now, and they could all feel it.

    "I've used the last of my resources to repair my matter transmitter and synchronize your biosigns. I noticed each of you already has a bit of artificial circuitry inserted into your hands...? I took the liberty of upgrading them- I hope you don't mind. They will function exactly as before, but in addition they can now be used to summon a suit of powerful armor, your Cyberframe. With it you will be able to face the enemies of your city, and help me fight back the evil threatening your world!" she vowed solemnly, then blinked. "Though I probably should not have interrupted your classes like this, your concentration on your studies for the rest of the day might suffer as a consequence..."

    She appeared to think about this for a moment, before realizing she was drifting off and glanced back up with sudden realization. "Oh! Forgive me, I've been talking so much... I know this is a lot to take in but... did you have any questions for me?" It was only fair, though perhaps a bit late, considering they'd already promised to fight a cosmic horror and its dark champions.


    Wow, quite an interesting crowd, huh? Two freshmen, two classmates, and all of them were fresh-faced, justice-minding individuals who totally took this at face value and were pretty much enamored by the idea of saving the world in armored exoskeletons. Good for them.

    For them, it was obvious that saving the world was, in itself, compensation for the time spent and the injuries sustained.

    But for Yu-Ri?

    She needed something more.

    Crossing her slender legs and curtsying slowly, the raven-haired girl said, "We will be compensated in food and money for our deeds, yes or no?"

    Knowing how to use Cyberframes was irrelevant. Knowing the enemy was irrelevant. Given enough time, she can pick all these things up. But when it came to one's pay?

    That's what you discussed before doing anything.

    Those other girls probably didn't do that, because they never had to work in order to live.
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    Here she was, gathered in the teacher's lounge of Central City Primary School, together with a classmates and three upperclassmen, facing a holographic projection of a green-haired woman with bright blue eyes and wearing a bodysuit straight out of a science fiction graphic novel. The redheaded detective crossed her arms as she mulled over her thoughts. As much as she wished this was just some elaborate prank of a tech-savvy students, the information accessed through her CDF-modified SmartView didn't lie, the horrible event shown by the TV at the corner was indeed true; a massacre took place at First Central Bank mere moments ago, with no apparent motivation other than just causing havoc, giving the assumption the perpetrator were terrorists. However, what kind of terrorist could possess equipments like those? Adding up to the questions now swirling in her head.

    Turning back at the holographic woman in front of her, Akni listened to her explanations, no matter how skeptical she may be. It was all too unreal, she was a projected personification of a sentient spaceship - a freaking ship - from outer space, an alien technically, who was chasing her enemy, one demoness named 'Lesadra', an alien demon, Akni had to pinch herself to convince this was all not just a dream, she didn't accidentally drink her father's alcohol, thinking it was soft drink, did she? Nah, she wasn't that clumsy which meant all of these were as real as it could be.

    While she'd be glad to help, to defend her home against Lesadra, stop her from corrupting the populace with her Madness, and bringing her vassals - ominously named 'Seething Daughters - to justice, there was one thing nagging at her. Why would an advanced sentient space vessel go to a group of schoolgirls for help instead of the government agency? Well, not like Akni could talk since she was one of the government agents.. in disguise. Obviously, there were more than meets the eye here, perhaps these 'Cyberframes' were only compatible with young female teenagers? Suspicious, but she couldn't ignore the real threat encroaching Central City.

    "It's no trouble, Srade," Akni quipped, "If this... 'Lesadra' and her 'Seething Daughters' have their way, I doubt we would have classes in the first place. I am Farron Sky by the way, 7th Grade." Considering who/what Srade was, it wouldn't be far-fetched to assume the ship knew her real identity, hopefully she understood the courtesy of keeping it hidden. Her classmates, petite blondie swirly-eyed Remi would already know her (false) identity, but the three upperclassmen may not, however, she knew two of them, how could she not? They were both Heiresses of mega corporations, one was Chie Mont of Zamsung Corporation, and the other was the (in)famous Ellen Irving, cyborg cat-eared heiress of Avance Physique. The last one was... well, rather unknown, the black-haired slender girl with distant eyes.

    "So, we are heroines, now?" The twintailed redhead chuckled, examining her right palm, "A group of schoolgirls, granted an armored suit from a spaceship, tasked with fighting an alien demoness and her forces of evil." She snorted lightly, "Man, not what I expect when I woke up this morning, honest." Taking a deep breath, she faced Srade once more, "Questions, huh? Just one, when do we start? The sooner we kick Lesadra and her cronies out of our world, the better. Also, I assume you will teach us how to use this 'Cyberframes'? Not being a party pooper, but... as you can see, we're just teenagers here, we should be throwing temper tantrums, frolicking mindlessly in social medias, and worrying about trivial matters such as hairstyles and boyfriends instead of, you know, saving the world."

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    Chie rose her eyes a few millimeters up as her brain tried to absorb all of the knowledge. It wasn't like she didn't understood what the adult in front of her usat said. But rather, it was the meaning of the sentences that were formed together. Chosen to fight to fight some evil threat.

    Chosen. That was a word Chie was all too familiar to all her life. She was the only child and heir of the Mont family. Like her father, her father, and every ancestor, she would serve the Zamsung Corporation. Chosen to serve. Because she was born into it. It was like she was a factory made product created to serve a predestined purpose.

    But this didn't feel like being chosen to live a life like a cog in the machine. Ah, yes. That was the correct phrase to use. Chie placed her left hand onto her chest. She felt her heart beat. It was thunping hard. Harder than she had in a long time. It was as if her heart was doing its damnest not to burst open her arteries and veins. Not from physical exertion or anything like that. Her heart was racing from excitement. Chie was excited.

    "So how do I call the Cyberframe, you called it? And how do I know what or whom to kill?" asked Chie as she tried her hardest to contain her excitement.
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    The blonde haired girl listened on to the conversation, it would have sounded downright comical if it wasn't true. If the recent rise in crimes and destruction were because of some alien dark magic, Remi felt a personal responsibility to take action about the situation. Well, personal or not, she already agreed and here she was, given some kind of power to defeat the evil in her city and protect the innocent due to this lady's inability to actually stop her arch-nemesis. She crossed her arms and gave a large exhale. Forget losing her concentration in class, it was basically already gone with all this info she was given.

    Feels weird I would be chosen, if anyone had been paying attention to me, they'd have known I've been a little more than down recently. Shouldn't they be concerned about my mental ability to carry out something like this? Well, if I'm the one who's worrying about this, it means I should be more than fine. The girl was momentarily lost in thought. She looked over to her two classmate, Lira and Farron, who were also chosen. Why such young girls? Did these suits only work for a certain age group? These and a few more questions popped into her head, but in the end they didn't seem important. At the end of the day they were the best for the job, and Remi was sure to do the best she could for the city, for her sister, for her parents who weren't around to protect it anymore.

    "Sure, I have two questions for you... Srade was it?" The girl looked down at her right hand, imagining just what kind of power was given to her by this alien. "First question, how soon will we be deployed to take out these threats?" She's lost more than enough for her taste, and if Remi could now prevent others from losing people as well, she would want to go to work as soon as she could. "Secondly, how much free reign will you give us with these 'frames' when we aren't... defeating the enemy." She really wanted to say kill, but she just couldn't bring herself to do it. But why exactly was she asking this question, did she want to make sure about the guidelines of the frame usage to be responsible, or did she want to know how far she could go in protecting the city around her.
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    Ellen flexed the fingers of her artificial hand a few times, experimentally. It certainly didn't feel any different, which wasn't too surprising. Given what had happened so far, while she might have reasons to doubt their benefactress' intentions, she was reasonably sure they weren't being lied to outright. And anything advanced enough to organize all this, including discreetly hacking into the school's systems to call the assembled girls into the otherwise-empty teachers' lounge, was good enough to be subtle about any modifications it was going to make. She certainly hoped it wouldn't be some irregularity that could turn up in regular maintenance, at least.

    She considered her options. She could snark back about how far-fetched a super-advanced starship fighting literal demons sounded. She wanted to, but it would probably be a bad way to start a relationship. Some of the other girls had already gotten to important questions, lie "How do we use these things?" and "How will we find the enemy?" She did speak up to second those thoughts. The cat ears growing out of her head twitched occasionally as she thought.

    "I'm also interested in how we're supposed to use our cyberframes," she said. "I'm not sure if they come with an owner's manual, but we're all completely untrained, for your warriors against this Lesadra. Which we might be in a bit of a bad position." She left unsaid that she did wonder why they had been chosen. She could only speak for herself, but she was certainly no badass warrior or other type you'd think would be suited for this sort of thing. But...if she really had misgivings, she wouldn't have agreed. So it was another rude comment to make. This lady knew exactly what she was looking for, whether or not they did. "Same for how we can know the enemy. If we've got to wait for some sort of horrible violence o break out, we'll always be a few steps behind."

    She thought a bit more. "Is it possible that we can stop this Madness or whatever without killing someone taken with it," she asked. "I'm certainly no warrior or born killer, might be nice if there were another way."
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    Everything happened so quickly, yet Rita watched and listened, holding onto each and every word. It was becoming more and more prevalent that the world had become so much more violent in the recent days, as evident by the recent stories she heard from the news... But she never knew it was this severe... This was inhumane. Surely there had to be some way to solve this problem? But if this woman, this... Ship? was to be telling the truth, then these five girls were this world's only hope. Rita removed the headphones from over her ears, letting them hang on her neck.

    "So this is how the pieces fall. I don't know what is to come of us, but I suppose we have no real choice. If we are the only ones capable of defeating this... alien demon, then I will do everything in my power to eliminate this threat."

    After this, her now comrades-in-arms had begun their bombardment of questions. It was only natural, after all, this entire situation was so... Surreal. They had some very important comments and concerns. She had little reason to speak. Although Rita was rather intrigued by this holographic woman who had presented this new world to her.

    "It seems my associates have already asked everything I would like to know as well. But one thing is still at the back of my mind. Just what are you?"
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    Although Akni could attempt to reassure Srade, the holographic woman still looked aware of the inconvenience she'd just foisted on the children. But the graceful acceptance on the part of the red-haired 7th grader elicited a grateful nod from the lady that rippled her diaphanous hair. "You are correct, Farron Sky," she repeated, as if acknowledging the introduction. Akni's fears about being outed could be assuaged. "If Lesadra had her way, this world would be left barren and all of its biodiversity would cease. I've seen it... more times than I care to admit. But, with your help, this will be the world where her crusade of violence ended."

    She was starting to get worked up, standing with legs spread, her right hand held up and clenched in a fist as her expression told of her desire for justice. It was a hardened look though, one tempered by loss, personal and otherwise, and behind it lurked a hint of desire for something else: vengeance. She quickly composed herself as Akni continued and voiced not only her enthusiasm, but also her hesitance. And Yu-Ri chimed in to ask for compensation, which was also a problem. Srade nodded and smoothed out the ribbons of green light sluicing through her clinging outfit. "I understand your doubts entirely, and I wish that I could visit your planet under less stressful conditions. You are right, you should be out living your life to the fullest. You deserve that much. You deserve payment for your services and I hope that you are recognized by your society for your sacrifices... But the forces arrayed against your world are such that continuing to live your life as you have, would not have been an option for much longer even if I had not chosen you." She glanced over at Yu-Ri with a nod. "And I am sure that this group can arrange for you to receive the necessary sustenance as well."

    Chie had the same question for her and Srade nodded to show she'd heard, but for now the matter of 'how' to fight was put aside. The holographic woman turned to eye each of them, seeing the unspoken question of 'why' that was on each of their minds, if not on their tongues. "I could have asked someone else- I could have picked others. But I assure you, each of you was chosen due to the specific talents that you possess- whether you are aware of them or not."

    She took a deep breath before the next explanation. "I could have gone to those professionally intended to handle such a threat, but... the simple fact is, I picked the five of you based specifically on your demographic. Before I reached a close enough position to pinpoint the center of Lesadra's efforts I intercepted a vast quantity of your popular media that has been broadcasted into space. There was... so... much of it." She gave them a look that implied she'd seen everything, not just the child-friendly portions, but she put that aside. "Much of your species' entertainment is based on the theme of power leading to corruption, and even greater degrees of suffering as a result. But there was one conclusion that was universally agreed upon by your media: female youths are particularly resilient to this corruption. And they can fight for the people they love with an unmatched ferocity."

    Those words settled for a few long moments and Srade looked over each of her selected champions, not to challenge them or search for some sign of wavering, but in the hopes of finding a hint of agreement. Or perhaps... forgiveness. For putting such a heavy load on their young shoulders. But there were other questions to answer and she blinked twice before glancing down in front of her, where five simple hovering representations of Akni, Chie, Remi, Ellen, and Yu-Ri materialized. "There will be training, if time allows it, yes. Your Cyberframes are waiting for you in a state of perpetuated quantum superposition- you only have to need them, and they will appear." As she said that, the images of the five students were dressed in futuristic armor, one piece at a time, until they stood like a team of action figures, before fading away.

    With the light show done, Srade turned to Chie and then to Ellen, offering each an understanding, patient smile. "That- yes, that is the problem with responding after the fact. Finding instances of violent outbursts will be easy... at least at first. Those affected by the Madness are not hard to miss. Your current events monitoring services have done an effective job of reporting on them, albeit frequently after the fact. The difficult part, will be getting to them in time to minimize the damage." She pursed her lips and paused, considering how much information to give the girls. "Getting to the core of the problem however, will be trickier. My sensors were damaged, in... when, we last..." For a split second, the hologram appeared to slump, though she recovered with a glance to the side that resulted in a distant, troubled gaze. "I was not strong enough, to face her myself. She won- the last planet, she was victorious. She turned them all against each other, and I... I attacked her. And I lost. She threw me into the planet I had failed to defend. I just barely made it away before she..."

    Turning back to face the girls with a raw expression, Srade gave them a solemn nod. "I owe it to you, to show you myself. But you will not... You won't... You..." She seemed at a loss of words, and swallowed before continuing. "I don't, want... to discourage you. The foe you face is dangerous, but the travel to this system has weakened the daemoness; she is not as strong as she was when she bested me."

    Taking a deep breath, she suddenly disappeared. The lighting in the room did not return to normal however, as instead the overall illumination dimmed to nearly pitch black, dotted with twinkling pinpoints in the distance. The only sources of light were a harsh blue orb above them, and an ominous orange glow below. Atop that glow stood a mountain. No, a structure. Both actually- it was a towering colossal mechanical entity that rested atop a curved floor that had replaced the carpet beneath them. Only, it wasn't just a curved floor, it was the surface of a planet, buckling and splitting under the weight of a horrendous impact. The three 'limbs' of the metal behemoth were not standing peacefully, but had crashed into the planet, and shortly after the central body as well, and the collision had caused the planet's crust to crumble, spilling forth smoldering magma. The vessel was clearly worse for wear, and not just from the crash; it's hull was gashed and torn and it leaked smoke thick enough to curl in black plumes even in the diffusing vacuum of space.


    Over the image, the familiar voice of their mysterious patron spoke out. "I will not lose another planet, another haven of sentience and creativity- to that which would snuff it out. And for that... I need your help."

    The lights returned to normal as the crash-landed spaceship and fractured planet disappeared in favor of the infinitely more relatable image of the woman with short green hair and thoughtful blue eyes. She looked... bashful, this time. Pensive about having shown her true self, it seemed. Still, she pushed through it and her eyes flicked up to Ellen to give her a thin-lipped nod. "It might be possible, to reverse the Madness, but I do not know. Such things as magic and souls is beyond me. Perhaps we can explore it as an avenue of research. But those affected will fight to the death. For now, the only way to prevent further bloodshed, is to stop them from being able to fight."

    At that point she paused, as if checking to see if they had anymore questions. But not a half-second had gone by before the three-tone trill of the class change alarm sounded over the PA system. Each of the girls also received a notification through the school's DataNet, through whatever device they had linked to it: fifth period had ended. The sixth (and final) period would begin in fifteen minutes. "Ah, that does highlight an important point: It is important that you maintain your previous appearances. Lesedra's Seething Daughters will no doubt be instructed to hunt for anyone who exhibits sudden anomalous activity, and I do not know from what walk of life she has selected her treacherous thralls."

    From the ceiling near the corner of the room, a shimmering ripple effect resolved into a floating white orb, about the size of a baseball. But unlike a baseball, a prominent lens stuck out of its front, giving it an eye-like appearance. A set of antennae-like wings (or wing-like antennae) emerged from either side, rotating and realigning as it moved through the air, floating on a periodically emitted pulse of energy that expanded in a ring below it. In each of the girls' view, the small camera drone appeared strangely highlighted, glowing with green lines tracing each of its edges so that- when it shimmered back into its state of invisibility, they each could still see where it was. "I do not have enough surveillance capabilities at the moment to keep watch over both of your classrooms," Srade admitted, but she was smiling warmly while glancing at something to the side. "But I do have something perhaps a bit better!"

    Another surprise awaited the quintet of students-turned heroines, as another beaming light show trickled down from above. This one however, did not form a hovering three-dimensional graphic, but instead a physical object! In the form of a doll-sized, well... doll! A five inch tall girl, in a similarly futuristic-looking bodysuit as Srade herself. She had vibrant green hair and a ribbon tied into a bow behind her head, but that was the only thing about her that wasn't all business as she stood at attention on the floor. "Hello, I am Mita, and I'm here to help!" she squeaked. Her voice was about as small and chirpy as might be expected, given her stature. It didn't stop her from saluting seriously, her six hovering crystalline shards arraying smartly behind her.

    Srade looked like she wanted to reach down and pick the little android up, but she held off- or maybe couldn't, on account of being a hologram- and instead turned to the girls. "Mita here will assist you in whatever way she can. You can always use her to communicate directly to me, even when not wearing your Cyberframes. And vice versa as well!" With that, the miniature girl floated up off the ground, her sextet of floating fins orienting downward and emitting a gentle green glow that propelled her upward to allow the little girl to fly toward the group. "It's a pleasure to meet all of you, but we'd better get to class!"

    After such a monumental encounter, it was back to business as normal. Srade began to fade but her voice remained long enough to reassure the girls: "After school your training will begin. Meet me on the top of this structure!" Not literally, obviously, but at least it was somewhere to go. And with that, their benefactor was gone. Leaving them with a techno-fairy and an invisible eye-in-the-sky to divide up between the two age groups...


    Perpetuated quantum superposition, planet-destroying space vessels, and Seething Daughters, huh? The terrorist in the TV channel didn't exactly look like a girl or anything, but perhaps 'Seething Daughter' was a gender-unspecific term for Srade.

    Not that it mattered.

    Yu-Ri was chosen for this because some AI mistook fiction for reality, and decided that all young teenage girls will be more effective than trained military personnel when it came to combating demonic threats. It was stupid, but hey, she wouldn't complain about it. She wouldn't even pay attention to the fact that their final opponent was a planetary threat that could travel faster than the speed of light.

    The young girl simply discarded all those things, and focused on what mattered to herself. Yu-Ri wanted food and money, in order to have a full stomach and to live in a better house. In order to do that, she'll follow along with the demands of her employer.

    Yes, don't think too much. Just le-


    That talking andriod could sell for a lot, huh?

    "Curious. Mita is mass-produceable, yes or no?"
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    Mentioning - with a tinge of sarcastic flair - about stereotypical teenaged girls' habits achieved its intended effect, a little bit of reverse psychology, her two classmates and the Heiress duo took the otherworldly explanations and bizarre circumstances in a surprisingly level-headed way, considering their ages. However, Akni noticed a pattern, more of a logical conclusion really, of the individuals chosen to by the sentient spaceship, all five of them had something in common, they were more mentally mature than the average girls their age. A wise move on Srade's part as it/she would be granting power to these girls power, actual power to harm and kill in a similar vein as giving a schoolgirl the sci-fi equivalent of assault rifles. The concerns spoken by Remi and Ellen about the cyberframes alone proved Srade wasn't choosing blindly, well... Chie here may be a tad too eagre with the word 'kill', but no one's perfect.

    Despite the previous explanations, they barely knew anything regarding Srade, Lesadra, and all of these extraterrestrial stuffs suddenly invading their city. Central City was a packed, stressed congregation of people with sirene perpetually blaring at every corner, but it was home. "Right, I think we need more info, this concerns our very lives after all."


    With the asking phase done, Akni took a deep breath, preparing herself for the torrents of answers and info-dumping from the holographic green-haired avatar. "Man, that's deep..." Planet-eating demons, huh? Like locusts, only they ate planets instead of just crops, Locus Alien Demons, damn, one could never claim to have seen everything indeed. "Yeah, either we succeed or die, no reason to pull our punches." The more Srade spoke, the more Akni believed that she was more than just a 'spaceship', the desire, the feelings, the concerns shown through her words, tone, and body language, she was definitely a sentient being alright, with wishes, hopes, fears, and insecurities, just like all of them. One theory, she may be a giant space-being, a living creature, not machine. Well, they'd find out sooner or later.

    Ah, what came next confirmed why they were chosen, "Specific talents, huh...?" she was a detective, Remi had a thing for parkour and acrobatics, Chie was an heiress with money and connections, Ellen was a.... cyborg heiress with money and connections, and Yu Ri was well, Yu Ri was calm? Okay, some she was aware, some not, but obviously Srade had her reasons. "...Eh?" Which maaaaaybe not so reliable cause as it turned out, Srade got her sources from mainstream media of all people, mindless content that turned people into drones and living in blissful ignorance. "*Cough* Ahem..." Akni cleared her throat, "Uh... not the best choice of information there, I have to say." Riiiight, no wonder spaceship lady chose them, she had been watching freaking fictional movies, cartoons, and every other form of media broadcasted, no wonder... Akni was about to raise an index finger in concern, "..." but decided against it. Still, the fact that female youths were walking mess of raging hormones and mood-swings was there, heck, even a precociously mature brilliant girl like herself was prone to them during certain times of the month, however, the bits about unmatched ferocity was true, maternal instinct and all.

    "Oh?" Now this was neat, five mini holograms of themselves sprout up in front of the human-sized busty hologram (Read: Srade), "Wonderful, trainings are necessary, yes." then if she heard it right, they could materialize the suits out of the blue... red. "That's neat." The holograms shifted, "Are those us in the 'cyberframes'?" She could find herself easily, the one with long red twintails and fiery armor, so being just because she had red hair, her theme would be fire? Too much movies, Lady Srade...

    No objections there, subduing the affected victims was a much, much, better alternative than ending their lives, they were controlled against their will. Even her job's code of conduct stated lethal force was the last resort, even from a pragmatic point of view, corpses could not provide important intel. "I can receive faster information than the media through CDF's network, but... should I tell them?" Akni mulled over this, the stakes were great, but she didn't want to jeopardize her cover, she could just make up a reason about knowing the information beforehand, let's just say she had contacts... let's worry about the details later, Srade was about to unfold her story.


    "..." Akni tensed as the room grew dark, then the whole room became one big 3D projector, showing a blue orb above like the sun, and then below them... "What the... f-..." A planet...? Yes, the spherical surface of an unknown planet and above it was a massive, and she meant, abso-fucking-lutely massive contraption crashing onto the poor planet, a giant meteorite was a mere pebble compared to this... thing. As expected, the collision brought catastrophic results to both planet and behemoth, woe to the poor souls living on it... then what Srade said earlier clicked in her head. The 'thing' was her, Srade! The spaceship! and the planet was the one attacked by Lesadra, holy shit... so that's her actual self, being honest here, Akni was scared, hearing stories was one thing, but seeing them herself in vivid reimaginations was another. "Ah... wow... b-but... the planet was already drained by... uh... Lesadra, right? S-so... you didn't..." her right eye twitched, "...step on anyone, right?"

    Right, she already accepted the contract, but even if she hadn't, she'd definitely change her mind after witnessing that, shit was real. "N-no... no we will not, we'll do all we can to end this, once and for all, right, girls?!" Reverse the madness, defeat the Seething Daughters, put an end to Lesadra, anything as long as they could save the planet and everything they held dear.

    "Urgh..." The class alarm brought an exasperated groan from Akni, she really was not in the mood for any studying right now, useless lessons with boring teachers, the reason she attended them in the first place was because of her job anyway. After hearing such a cataclysmic story, learning about some history or chemical reactions were at the bottom list of her priorities. "..." Great, now all five of them were assigned to disguise themselves as normal schoolgirls, making Akni doubly disguised; schoolgirl, detective, chosen heroine, this was getting complicated.

    Scratching the back of her head, Akni was still trying to get herself together when something beamed down from the ceiling, a glowing orb with a lens stuck on one side and a pair of antennae, a surveillance drone, huh? It could go invisible too, a nice piece of tech, but there was one perverted implication, one so out-of-place, Akni didn't need to voice it, besides, they were all girls here anyway and they could see where it was, assuming it couldn't hide its green trails. "...Something better?"

    One surprise kept coming after another, but this one was pleasant. Another beam of light sent down a... literal mini girl with green hair and matching green eyes, wearing a white techno-bodysuit with green accents, green-tinted visor, and thee pairs of 'wing' bits floating near her back, a tech-fairy! She introduced herself as 'Mita' and damn it, she was cute. "....oh, hello there..." Akni blinked her red eyes a few times, focusing completely on Mita's small form, observing every inch. Her squeaky adorable voice put a dent on the detective's composure, her hands twitched as she muttered "Don't put her in a jar... don't put her in a jar..." over and over. Out of all places, Akni didn't expect she'd have to encounter her weakness for cute things here, Ellen's cat-ears were quite enough temptation, with the addition of Mita? Calm, Akni, calm.

    "Y-yes... ahem... nice to meet you, Mita." Akni's breaths noticeably tensed as Mita flew towards them, she was so close, so close Akni could reach out and grab her, take her home, all for herself. "...Ah... yeah, class. Tch..." Fortunately, Mita mentioned class, the sheer boredom that'd ensue provided her with enough self-control. Akni, along with her fellow chosen ones, turned towards the lounge's door as Srade's voice echoed behind them.


    Forty five minutes spent in her classroom at the Sixth floor, all Akni could think about was Srade, Lesadra, Mita, Cyberframes, Madness; over and over, not necessarily in that order. Good thing there weren't any quizzes or exams, as soon as the bell for the sixth period rang, Akni breathed a sigh of relief. Usual procedures next, greetings, homeroom sessions, and farewells, done, time for training. Akni had to admit, she was excited to try out the cyberframe, what manner of things she could do? She may be a detective, but she was also a young teenager who loved fun and thrills. Opening the door revealed the greenhouse complex set up there. "Srade, Mita, I'm here!" Now, she wondered where were they?

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  9. [​IMG]
    So, part of the reason they were selected was because Srade had watched too much magical girl anime...or something? Ellen kept her mouth shut, but couldn't help but crack a smile at such an explanation for the motivation. It wasn't completely wrong, but it just ended up feeling silly when it was laid out so directly. A little mystery really does help.

    "Don't worry," she reassured the ship's avatar. "We're already in this together, we won't let anything terrible happen to our world, if we can help it." It was pretty easy to put on a brave face before they really got into any fights. Still, too late to have second thoughts now. "We'll show you plenty of girl power, just you wait~"

    The sudden dimming of the lights, and the spectacle of a truly colossal ship crashing into a planet was impressive, to say the least. "Whoa." There wasn't much to actually say about such a thing. If that was Srade's true body, though, where was she hiding it? That thing was big. Staggeringly big. Big enough that it could be mistaken for another moon if it were just out there in orbit. But anything so advanced as to even exist like that must have at least one way to avoid being painfully obvious.

    "Of course we'll do what we can," she answered the young redhead. "We might be behind, but we're not going to just give up without even trying." It was a shame that they'd probably be fighting people until they couldn't keep going, but of course it wouldn't be so simple as to have some nice purification ray or something. Maybe she watched some of those magical girl shows and hoped things would wrap up nicely that way, but real life wasn't that simple. Eve if it sure did seem like they'd stumbled into something outrageous. She wouldn't have much trouble continuing to be a normal student, because she was one, for the most part. They'd maybe need a cover to actually spend time together, but there was one obvious way to manage that. The hard part, in Ellen's mind, would be keeping their identities secret, as was usually the case. They'd need codenames of some sort, and would probably have to be careful of Civil Defense, whatever happened. Even if they were the good guys, they'd probably look like just another problem that needs solving, as far as the CDF was concerned.

    Ellen introduced herself to the cyber-fairy. "Nice to meet you, Mita. I'm Ellen." It probably wasn't necessary, but it's just what you did. "And yeah, we probably should get to class, we've spent enough time here for...some reason or another, if anyone asks." She wasn't good at on the spot bullshit, but it wouldn't be too difficult to brush off any questions.

    "Hm...It's probably better if Mita sticks with you girls," she mused, eyeing the 7th graders. "It would probably be a bit easier to pass her off as a doll or something, if anyone were to see her and ask any questions. And nobody would really think twice about some invisible drone keeping an eye on a rich heiress. Or someone who was already grabbed by criminals once." Not that they'd see an invisible spy drone. Which could really just go anywhere nearby, and stay outside the building when it's more convenient.

    She waited for things to be sorted out before leaving for class. While she certainly did have her mind elsewhere for pats of it, she wasn't the sort to just completely stop paying attention in the face of some very valid distractions. Though Ellen's concerns were less with how they'd actually fight their enemy's forces, and more what they should call themselves and what sort of club they could pitch for an excuse to hang out after school. And what sort of phrase she should use for calling a transformation. And poses to strike. There were plenty of important things to get just right, but there'd be time to refine that sort of effort. Once the class finally ground to a halt for the day, Ellen collected her things and headed for the roof, casually making sure she wasn't likely to be spotted on the way.
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  10. [​IMG]

    She listened on to the lady, hearing her answer the questions the other girls asked her. That's when she heard something particularly discouraging. Wait a minute, she chose us because of those magical girl cartoons? She took THAT as the basis for why she chose us? She didn't speak up, but she audibly clicked her tongue in annoyance as she finished explaining. As much as she wanted to say something, Remi really wanted the power of the suit she would be given, she wants to be one of the people who makes a change. If she can only get this kind of power because of a silly robot's misinterpretation of the media, then god bless the media.

    Remi stared intently at her hologram wearing the cyberframe, it was rather... green. Sadly, the hologram itself wasn't enough to tell her about how exactly it would be used like, in reality it just looked really uncomfortable with a bunch of unnecessary things added on to it. Am I a rhino or something, whats the horn for? Why am I of all people going to have to wear some kinda high heels, don't even get me started on that shoulder crap. On the bright side, she at least beyond those things it looked cute, something that she could definitely imagine seeing on a cartoon show about these things.

    As the hologram and story time of a less fortunate planet finished, a chill went across her body. This was the scale of the thing she was going to have to protect... not just the city, but the world itself. She looked over to Farron, who seemed to be really into this just a bit. "That goes without saying." She wasn't planning on letting the world be destroyed because she wasn't strong enough or didn't try hard enough. That would also mean... killing those who attack them, who could be just about anyone who gets affected by the bad lady's dark magic. It could be a student, even one of her past friends... even maybe her sister. She shook her head of that thought, that's not something she should be trying to imagine right now. Just focus on saving the town before stuff like that happens. She thought to herself.

    Remi looked at their green helper, thinking she looked really cute. However decided to hold off on that comment, only giving the doll a small silent nod in acknowledgement. It was close to class and she had little desire to be late. "Sure, I'll see you then." She said to the hologram girl that's actually a space ship, something she still can't quite wrap around her head. She heard the blonde upperclassman saying they should take the girl, and Remi took the chance as soon as she could. "Whatever, I'll take her then." She said coldly, a little too eager in walking over and picking up Mita. She kept the doll in her hands as she went back to class, classmates not really wanting to deal with a girl like she became recently. What did happen to her old, fun self anyways?

    As she walked over to her classroom, she realized she wasn't told what were the limits to how they could wear the suit, other than the fact to be careful of keeping the fact she had these powers a secret. Maybe she could make a difference at night depending on how powerful these suits are, fighting crime herself. The most important thing would be to keep her identity a secret, she would have some kind of special power sure, but her sister is still just her sister, as amazing as she is. If these chosen girls need a special suit just to fight these monsters, who knows what damage they could do to regular humans.

    Her time spent in class seemed to have gone by fast. Her mind was too focused on what was told to her just a little bit ago to focus on the lesson, hiding Mita behind her books as she played with the doll's wings and hair. Remi frequently glanced over to her two similar fated classmates Farron and Rita, wondering how they themselves are dealing with the information given to them. Sadly Remi's face during her glances towards them, if they noticed themselves, looked a little scary, like she was angry or mad dogging them. But soon the last period bell rang and she packed up her things, and Mita, and walked up to the rooftops. Waiting for the others to arrive, she sat down against a wall, continuing to play with the doll.
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  11. [​IMG]

    The media was her source... Well then, it was a good thing one of the potential saviors of the world was created in a test tube. An experiment capable of being replicated. So at the very least, one of the many people lost in the destruction of the world will be easily replaced. After all, magical girls aren't the best warriors for fighting in most situations. But, Rita was interested in the technology behind all this. If she was going to die, she might as well die with the knowledge of such amazing alien technology.

    At least they would be trained to fight with their "Cyberframes" as Srade called them. She produced a brief hologram(Seriously can a hologram of produce this many more holograms at once?... Come to think of it, where is the projector?) on the display were five miniature versions of themselves, each with a suit of some sort equipped. It looked skin tight, gripping onto their bodies. Boy, she really did watch too much magical girl anime... and likely less savory ones as well. The one that most closly resembled her was holding a strange orb in one hand and a... Wrench? Her weapon was a wrench? Well it was fitting to say the least.

    That was her? It was gigantic. To think that this Srade was ship of this magnitude, and this Demoness was capable of causing her to crash into a planet with that much force?... To Rita, it didn't matter how weakened Lesadra was, there was no way that five young girls had a chance to defeat her, no matter how pure anime said they were. A magical alien demon was likely more powerful than these five dressed in glowing skintight tech suits. Rita felt almost certain that were this not all a dream, they would all die horribly. But you might as well. Better to do something before you outlive your usefulness.

    After her lecture, Srade once more used her seemingly supernatural space magic powers to conjure forth a floating, spherical camera. Well that was actually normal. The next thing was.... Definitely a subject of interest. The tiny robot(?) Mita. A name closely resembling her own. She seemed to function so fluidly. If she was built with the same alien technology, well then Rita would have a hard time not reverse engineering her. But before she could get her hands on it, Remi had already gotten hold. Rita silently cursed under her breath, a trait she picked up from her usually absent farther whenever his inventions didn't work successfully.

    After that, class was uneventful. Rita spent her time glaring at the doll. She would never admit it, as jealousy is far below her... but she was jealous. The bell soon rang, signaling the end of the school day. She headed to follow Remi to the meeting place.

    Beep Beep Beep.
    Beep Beep Beep.

    Her father was calling. He had just ran a successful test in his most recent hardware for the DataNet. He was done early and wanted to celebrate with his daughter. Though he was often busy, he wasn't a bad father... Rita would have loved to send time with him, but it seemed fate was not on her side.

    "I-I'd love to father, but it seems other people need help studying. I already scheduled it..."

    He seemed disappointed, but there wasn't anything she could have done. She went to catch up with the others, seeing Remi playing with Mita. Rita only have an acknowledging nod.
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  12. [​IMG]

    There always has to be a catch. Why were a bunch of young schoolgirls like us given these so called cyberframes? Chie's mind raced through answers and explainations.

    The hologram angel that it was calling itself shown the girls a hologram of their supposed 'Cyberframes'. Chie saw the one that was to be hers. She only recognized hers because the particular cyberframe was towered the rest in height. It was colored in a combination of yellow, orange, and gray. Like all of the other girls' outfit,, it also showm a fair amount of skin. Chie shuttered at the thought of her parents catching her in something that skimpy.

    The cyberframe also was different than its counterparts in one very noticable way. It contained a lower face mask that roughly resembled an oxygen mask that manual workers wore in the past in dangerous terrains. It also had a hood, allowng its user to further obscure their identity.

    Why did Chie have a cyberframe that hid her identity when her peers did not? Was she afraid of letting people know that she was going to walk off her predestined path? Would Chie Mont eve be allowed to do so?

    Chie hid her troubles to the best of her ability, and nodded quietly to the rest of the girls, the angel, and the tiny 'fairy' talk. She was sure she responded a few times, but never gave an opinion on anything. It was something she had done often in her life.
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  13. 27092115581914246.8

    Mita nodded solemnly to all the girls though of them only Ellen and Akni openly acknowledged her with a humanizing introduction. She did a little curtsy in the air, or pantomimed one anyway as the transparent curved petals on her hips didn't exactly flex to accommodate the gesture. "Likewise! I look forward to working with all of you!" she chimed, hovering with a slight bob as if a buoy on a mostly-peaceful sea. Far worse than the lack of introduction from the other three was Yu-Ri's implication that she was hot off an assembly line of tech-fairies and it made her pout unhappily. "N-no, it's... just me..." She glanced at the duo of youngsters when told she should go with them, but the looks the two of them were giving her unnerved the tiny bare-footed flying lass.

    And then she was claimed quite quickly by Remi, who sounded put off by having to do so! It left Mita looking understandably offended, and she pursed her lips and furrowed her brow in a slight scowl of protest over being snagged up. Still, at least the miniature assistant seemed to possess the wherewithal to not make any noise or attract any attention that might compromise Central City's newly anointed heroines. She waved farewell to Ellen and Chie, with something of an air of urgency, her expression practically shouted 'save me.'

    What followed next for all five students was a drudge of classes. Sure, the mood in those classes was one of anxious excitement, but for the other kids it was just looking forward to the end of the day. They'd go home, to their normal lives... One boy was excused from Akni and Remi's class- his mother had been at the bank this morning. But by now the solemn attitude of the other children had faded and they were all just eager to get out. And yet the teacher droned on, as if the lesson plan truly mattered at such a time.

    Mita did not appear happy about being toyed with, and Remi's attention made the little lady fuss and wiggle, pushing the intrusive fingers away and huffing unhappily as her hair was mussed. But after a while she appeared to give in and accept her fate, dealing with the humiliation of being treated like a doll with what little dignity she could muster. At least her arms weren't being ripped off or anything, so it could be worse.

    With all five of them having met up on the roof, the air shimmered with a familiar sight of light beams raining down from on high, like they were at the end of one very intense rainbow. The projected image coalesced to form Srade's smiling image, waving to the children to gather them near. Mita was still protesting her doll treatment and now that they were out of earshot of any students due to the school emptying, the diminutive tech-fairy added a verbal objection to her defensive squirming. "H-hey, don't t-tug that- oh! C-cut it out..."

    Srade was far more focused and nodded her head. "Right, it's time to begin your training. As I said earlier, the way to don your Cyberframe, is merely to need it. I know that's a bit abstract, but it's really not as hard as it sounds. Just think of a reason you each have to fight, to defend yourselves or those around you. Focus on that, concentrate on that reason and use it to fuel your motivation- as if you were going to throw a punch! Only, you're going to do much more than that! You're going to save your world!" She thrust up an arm with her hand balled into a fist, like a stereotypical revolutionary leader from a cheesy documentary.

    But that advice was about as useful as cheesy documentaries are to actually learning accurate history, and Srade blinked as she reassessed the situation. "Oh, perhaps... a vocal cue might help?" she suggested, at which point Mita finally freed herself and fluttered up into the air shakily, her wing-crystals wobbling as a result of the incessant tugging that had messed with their calibration. "Nnh... ahm, you could try coming up with a word, or phrase that you could use as a mental transition, to prepare you for the fight ahead! And it would also help to assume a stance or pose, one that's easy to remember and replicate, but will allow donning your Cyberframe to become like muscle memory!" she chirped, finally straightening out her flight plan so she wasn't dipping and swerving while trying to assist them.

    Srade nodded sagely. "Good advice, Mita. Okay girls, go ahead. I'm increasing your Cyberframe waveform sensitivity so you'll have an easier time at first, until you get more used to it. Just... make sure you have enough space so you don't bump into each other!" And with that they would take the first steps in their new roles. The Cyberframes would immediately make them tougher, stronger, faster. Not ridiculously so but enough to keep up with a seasoned CDF officer at the least.


    In the end, despite all the info-dumping from her new employer, Yu-Ri found it rather easy to focus in class. As a matter of fact, by the end of the whole thing, she had almost forgotten about the meeting on the rooftop, and reached the destination when everyone else had gathered.

    It looked like they were all having a special training session on how to use their new 'toys' after all, and some of the things the four of them were spouting once Srade told them about the 'vocal cue' was really cringe-worthy.

    After all, as long as one can 'desire' their Cyberframe, it would appear, right? No need to dilute that desire with fighting reasons or the image of loved ones.

    All I want is the Cyberframe.

    And, just like that, it materialized.

    Condition Monitor
    Heat: 37 + 10 + 2 - 2 = 47
    Processing: 0/12
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  14. [​IMG]
    A vocal cue to invoke the Cyberframe to appear. A phrase that would become Chie's mental switch to equip her strange battle armor then, huh. Chie looked at her peers whom had all different reactions to this. Some seemed excited, while others were pensive in thought. It should be something that I won't accidentally speak out loud by mistake. Probably not in the common language that everyone spoke nowadays. Something old, but full of meaning, thought Chie. Chie stretched her arms slowly as she thought about her way to transform. She yawned, probably more loudly than she needed to do. She wasn't sure when she picked up this fake lazy demeanor, but it had became something she just did. Chie was already forced to be the perfect little student and perfect little daughter. But she always wanted to rebel slightly. Chie had adopted a poor posture, tired eyes, and apathetic attitude to spite her parents. But was it really an active rebellion on her part, or just her mind really wanting to break free from this cage. Chie wanted to change.

    Suddenly, a phrase appeared in Chie's mind. It came from an old language book about grammar that contained a bunch of phrases. The Mont Family had supposedly descended from a country of people far away from Central City, and spoke a very different language. Right. Back in ancient times, people weren't connected by technology and developed languages, cultures, and everything else on their own. This phrase would be perfect then. Chie didn't know the language out of bits and pieces she learned from books that no one outside of academia cared about.

    "Autres temps, autres mœurs." said Chie in her usual attitude. The phrase directly translated to "Other times, other values". Or simply "Times change."

    Suddenly, Chie felt as if gravity had became sentient and directed its will all around her body. She felt her back being forced straight as if she was being forced into a corset. Then, the strangest sensation occurred throughout Chie's body. It was like she was being ripped out of her school uniform while being immediately covered in smooth plastic at the same time. Chie looked down at her feet. Suddenly, her school uniform flats were no longer flats, but high heel boots. Her bare sun-kissed legs were covered in a white plastic material along with metallic pieces that looked like armor. Chie tried to touch it with her hands, but noticed her hands and arms were now also covered in the very same material. As she looked up, her button-shirt was now also replaced by armor as well, except for the middle of her chest. They were exposed quite vulgarly. It was something that adult women would wear at risque events, not a school girl! Chie blushed red as reality finally dawned upon the fact that she was the one wearing ... exposing herself.

    Finally, Chie noticed a weight appear at her mouth and chin. She tried to touch her lips, but it was covered by some sort of mouthguard? Mask? She wasn't sure, but it covered the lower half of her face entirely with some black leather-like material. Chie inhaled and exhaled deeply, testing her face mask. It felt normal, like she wasn't wearing anything there at all. Then, Chie remembered the image of 'her Cyberframe' that she saw earlier. Both of her hands reached for the top of her head. Instead of finding her long silky black hair, she found some sort of hood. It felt and looked like the rest of her Cyberframe.

    It wasn't a prank. It wasn't a prank. Chie really was given a Cyberframe. She nearly stumbled to her side from the shock, when suddenly she stopped. She found herself braced against the ground by a long robotic arm. It looked far more advanced than any of the robotic arms at Zamsung's automated factories. Chie's eyes followed along its length and realized it originated from her own back. Chie breathed deeply, trying to relax. Just like archery practice and competitions, Chie. Breath deep, and relax. She about to use her own hand to push herself to a standing position, but suddenly the robotic arm had done what she just wanted. It was as if Chie was controlling the robotic arm like her own!

    Then, a weight appeared in Chie's left hand, and she instinctively clasped onto it. Chie looked at her left hand, and saw a bow. It was similar in size to the ones that were used by traditional archery, both a sport and art said to be for the truly feminine noble woman of society. However, unlike Chie's own personal bow, it looked like it was made of material that resembled her Cyberframe. The bowstring shimmered brightly, and Chie was sure that it was not made from any material known to mankind.

    "Th-this is my Cy-cyberframe?" asked Chie as she looked at the tiny fairy.

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  15. [​IMG]

    The redhead didn't spot any green-haired hologram lady, but she did notice a blond girl sitting against the wall to her left, unmistakably Remi as the only other blonde was a certain cyborg Heiress with a significant age gap between them and of course, there wasn't any pair of cat ears on top of this blond's head. "Hmmm..." Putting one hand to her hip, Akni assumed she was the second to arrive here... oh wait, scratch that, third, since the 'doll' her classmate was playing should be considered as an individual, being five inches didn't mean she wasn't a person in her own right.

    "Heh..." Akni let out a small sigh of envy as her fiery eyes watched the blonde playing around with the adorable Techno Fairy, how her mind clawing at her, telling her to be selfish just for this moment and borrow Mita for a bit. Considering her presence alone could cheer up the usually cold grumpy girl, Akni's infatuation with the fairy was quite justified really... "Hey now, Remi," Akni clicked her tongue as she shook her head in disapproval, "Don't be so hard on Mita, she's not a toy, you know?" No, she was not going to be reduced to infants fighting over a single 'toy', let Remi have her fun, hers would come sooner or later. Mita would be much more comfortable in her hands, promise.


    Fitting for her whole technomagic spaceship theme, Srade arrived in a beam of light streaming down from the afternoon sky, most likely beyond, up to outer space to where her true gigantic form was 'parked', quite an entertaining show after a boring 'learning' session, "Nice~" Akni whistled to show her appreciation. She gathered along with her would-be comrades near the female avatar. She listened intently as Srade spoke, giving more attention to this virtual lady than the real teacher back in class. "Huh... Interesting." Merely 'need' it? Now that was something she never heard before, the following explanation would make perfect sense if she was in some magical girl anime... well considering where Srade got her ideas from, this shouldn't come off as a surprise. Furthermore, if she could emulate something so fictional and abstract into reality, then there was no questioning the extent of her power. "Concentrate, literally use our convictions as the trigger, and then... don't tell me we have to shout out some cheesy lines and strike an exaggerated pose too?" Ah, Akni, did you realize it is unwise to tempt fate?

    "Oh... I should have known." The redhead groaned, her little jesting assumptions turned out to be 100% true. Oh, she wasn't upset or anything, just morbidly amused at her truly being a techno-magical girl heroine where just hours ago, she was a CDF operative disguised as a schoolgirl. Shouting, striking poses, and donning shiny armored bodysuit were obviously not inconspicuous. That's alright, she could do this, the world's existence was worth trading her reputation and social life... right? "Whatever you say, Mita..." She should prepare a deep dark hole after this was all over...

    Welp, the giant spaceship agreed with the tiny tech-fairy, game, set, match. There was no point in arguing, time to test stuffs. "Gotcha, alright, let's just hope nothing goes horribly wrong and we're still in one piece." Akni dispersed from the group then pick a spot for herself on the rooftop, she took a deep breath while turning her mind gears, searching for a catchy phrase that'd fit with her theme. Fire... heat... "Ah!" She got just the one. Raising her right hand at chest-level, Akni clenched her hand into a fist, "Flame on!!"


    In a matter of seconds, a ring of fire spawned around her which soon escalated into twin streams of fire that swirled around Akni once before enveloping her whole body. For a brief moment, the redhead looked as if she was wearing a suit literally made out of fire. Her long twin ponytails swayed upwards, their tips shifted into a lighter color, mimicking tongues of flames. The flames on her torso and limbs snuffed out, revealing Akni's body, now clad in a skintight bodysuit with predominantly red, white, and black color. One by one, the mechanical parts of her cyberframe spawned into place with puffs of flames, her ribbons, her gauntlets, her greaves, and finally, the compact jet engine attached to the small of her back.

    Animated Sequence (Warning: Long .gif)


    Her eyelids fluttered open, revealing the bright fiery irises, "...ha...?" Akni raised her hands to examine them, taking a deep breath to calm herself. "Is this... the Cyberframe?" She felt different, stronger, heavier, and there was so much power inside her, just waiting to be released. Blinking her eyes twice, the redhead pursed her lips, her newfound instincts prompting her to activate the jet engines on her back, "W... woah?!" hovering her up a few inches above ground. "Wow... t-this is..." She was... how to be describe it? Happy, excited, thrilled... ecstatic, she never felt this kind of power before! "Awesooooome!!" Like the flames she embodied, Akni lost her usual composure, her emotions taking over as she hovered around here and there, wobbling as she did, but she couldn't care less. "W... what can I do next?! Ah... A weapon, I should have a weapon, right?!" Focusing, she held both hands in front of her, summoning a flaming stick. Slowly, the flames burnout, revealing a weapon in the shape of a claymore with crimson blade. "Hehe... haha!" Giggling in an almost maniacal manner, Akni raised her summoned weapon then literally ignited the blade on fire. "Wooooo!"



    Condition Monitor
    Heat: 52 (37 (Base) + 10 (Donning Cyberframe) + 7 (Modules) - 2 (Passive Cooling))
    Processing: 5/12
    • Advanced Jet Propulsion: Active (Rating 2)
      • Dynamo Submodule: Loaded, Active (Rating 1 * Base 0 = Bonus Output 0)
    • Improved Melee Weapon Module: Active (Accuracy 1/Attack 1/Persistent 1)

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  16. [​IMG]

    Ellen applauded the transformations so far. "Looking good, you two!" It was going to be a tough act to follow, though. So far, the cyberframes were amazing, and the catchphrases were good, too. Chie and Farron both looked completely amazing. What impressive light shows and incredible suits. Farron was almost firghtening in her enthusiasm.

    She considered her options a bit, and eventually took a deep breath and struck a pose. "Henshin!" she snapped with far too much seriousness, and...nothing happened. After a further awkward pause, Ellen dropped the pose and let her head and arms droop. "Guess that's no good," she sighed. She began pacing around, muttering to herself. "Hm...Cyber prism make up? Change cyborg? I'm already one, that doesn't make sense. This would be easier if there was some sort of actual device name or we had specific names." She stopped to think harder for a bit. It's some sort of quantum thing, isn't it? Superposition or whatever. Hm...I've got it!


    She struck another pose, focused her will, and spoke. "CF system, entangle link!" A bright green glow burst from her hand, and quickly enveloped her body as her clothes disappeared and the cyberframe began to assemble itself around her. Starting with a base layer of the leotard, gloves and socks. Additional armor formed over the base clothing, bulking up her arms and legs and a little bit of headgear. Her hair was gathered into low twintails by a pair of luminous star-shaped clips, and the light faded completely.

    She struck another pose, to show off the outfit. "How do I look?" She paused to look herself over. "Hm, not bad. Green's a pretty good color, unless I'm white. Although..." She pinches at some of the cyberframe over her chest, and pulls it away from her skin. "I think this is even thinner than a swimsuit," she exclaims in surprise. Not the attribute one would expect in high-tech armor.

    She looks over at the other two. "Well, you're obviously red," she says to Farron, nodding sagely. "We'll definitely need to figure out some good names to call each other in these. Going by our real names will just be a mistake."

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    Active Modules: None

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  17. [​IMG]
    Remi pretended not to hear the words of Farron and even moreso the cute little living doll now in her hands at first. Finally turning to look at the red haired girl, she just slightly tilted her head. "She's not a toy, but definitely not a human. She certainly reacts like one though. Oh, are you jealous I'm hogging Mita all to my- oh." Her response was cut as Mita squirmed her way out of the blonde girl's grasp. Her follow up would never come as Srade began to explain how they are supposed to transform.

    No way, no way, no way. I'm not going to pose, that's dumb, this is dumb. Why do we have to pose. I bet she's doing this for some dumb alien robot joke.

    It seemed the others didn't mind, three of them going along with it. She looked on to the other three transforming in front of her, hardly believing this is something that's ACTUALLY happening. It could almost bring a smile in her face if she wasn't trying to look uninterested in the whole affair. Even if she HAD to pose, at least she could be assured something cool would happen. "...Fine." She said as she picked herself off the ground, walking away from the three, especially Farron with her literal fire sword.

    Gone, gone the form of man. Rise the de- no that won't cut it.

    In brightest day, in blackest night, no even shall escape my- no not that one either... I got it!

    Remi brought her right fist forwards, imagining the enemy in front of her. Something short and sweet. She thought to herself, closing her eyes for a few seconds before opening them up with a passionate spark in her eyes. She reached for her locket, giving it a tight squeeze with her right hand. "Justice, guide me!"

    Music (open)

    Her body felt light as it shined brightly, feeling her clothes disappear as new clothes began to cover her. While her legs for the most part felt more covered, she could feel a distinct gap from her now much shorter skirt to her new long striped socks. Her sleeves didn't even reach up to her shoulders as she could also feel a bareness around there too. Thankfully while feeling a bit skintight, at least her stomach was covered by some... material. Were these actual clothes made of human made thread, or some kind of weird alien fabric. Most notably, she felt a weight onto her shoulders and head, feeling and seeing almost ridiculous pauldrons lay on top of her shoulders. As if that wasn't enough, she could feel some kind of... horned helmet in top of her head. While she looked around to test it's weight on her head, she noticed she felt a lot taller than usual, probably from those heel-like things she saw on the hologram version of her a while back.

    A very small smile appeared on her face, she hasn't tested it out yet but she felt... stronger. She couldn't explain the sensation of power the cyberframe gave her passively, but she could definitely feel some form of power. Deciding to test out her powers for a few seconds, her pauldrons began to glow, and in an instant she was able to detect absolutely everyone around her within what felt like a 100 foot radius. "Alright, next on-" It then hit her she might accidentally trigger some deadly ability if she just started using them one by one, and decided to halt her attempts as trying out every power she had. Her eyes then wandered to Farron and Chie, noticing weapons on them, making her check around for a weapon for herself too. Well, one more test wouldn't hurt. As if responding to her wishes, a weapon began to materialize in her hands, a long range rifle not unlike a CDF marksmen would have. Taking care to not point it towards anyone, she aimed it around, getting accustomed to the scope. Sure she had fired weapons before with her family, but nothing of this size! "With this..." She said to herself out loud. Even if it was just a regular rifle, it would be more than enough to stop the common criminal she'd wager. But what about those scary threats Srade had mentioned, would something like this be on par?
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  18. [​IMG]
    Everyone had gathered now, and were ready to begin learning to use their Cyberframes. Chie didn't seem to much trouble, though her astonishment was truly evident. Anki had nothing but fun, her transformation seemed incredibly natural as if she had done this all her life. She really seemed to enjoy these new abilities, although most would consider her eagerness to have a weapon slightly... unsettling. The Cat-eared upperclassman, Ellen, on the other hand seemed far less sure of herself. It seemed that a fair amount of confidence was needed to activate the Cyberframe, Rita evaluated. And finally Remi. Remi seemed to gain inspiration at the final moment. Rita had no idea why everyone was so embarasses by this. It wasn't like anyone else would say anything. Besides they were the ones coming up with strange things to say. Rita on the other hand...


    She raised her hand up slightly, and closed it into a fist at approximately eye level.

    Suddenly, light shined bright orange, as a tessellation of hexagons began building around her torso, fee and arms, each one connecting to the other constructing a strong frame around her body. Well hopefully it would be strong considering how thin it was. On her belt she felt several orbs begin to form, and on her shoulder another sphere-like structure called home. As her hair flowed in the (Peculiar) breeze, she held her hands out in front of herself, and from between them another tessellation of shapes began to form into a large, hyper-tech wrench of some sorts.

    After it was over, the girl stood like the others, and looked at herself. She turned around again, and again, and again, almost as if she were chasing her tail. She looked at her arms and legs. They had a strange frill on each, which she played with a bit. then she looked at the others. Holding her wrench. She liked this wrench actually. It felt nice in her hands. But she wondered what these tiny orbs did on her belt. She picked it up, and looked at it for a moment, before it slipped from her hands.


    She had accidentally activated one of her Defense Matrix, and know was pinned between a rounded Orange wall of energy, and the fencing on the roof. She managed to push her hand through a tiny crack between the two, gave a wave, and a thumbs up. Although... She just needed to learn how to deactivate this thing.

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  19. 27092115581915147.6

    One by one, five candles were lit. The wicks had been implanted when they agreed to this, the wax shaped through their subconscious inputs, and now their flames roared to life... to flicker in the wind. Srade regarded the five human girls thoughtfully, less enthusiastically than the five-inch tall assistant she'd created. Mita hovered around to each of the girls in turn, observing their progress, giving advice, and dispensing encouragement where needed. "Come on, Miss Chie, you can do it," she urged excitedly, trying to break through the shell of indifference. And when she managed to figure out her phrase and initiate the transformation, Mita did a flip of joy, arms raised victoriously. "That's it! Nice!" she squeaked, giving the girl room as her new uniform appeared. It definitely was revealing, but on the plus side the design did an excellent job of drawing the eyes away from any potentially identifying features... down to some more titillating ones. So that was nice. But the tech-fairy still giggled at the final sight, holding up a hand to politely cover her mouth with her middle and ring fingers.

    That amusement ended when Chie nearly seemed to stumble and fall. Mita darted in as if to catch her, but fortunately her ability to hold up a significantly larger person didn't have to be put to the test. A little sigh of relief escaped her as she pulled up a holographic data screen in front of her, checking readings and outputs with a swift flick of her fingertip over the scrolling information. "Everything looks good- yup! That's your Cyberframe! It was developed by measuring the projection of your neural analysis on Miss Srade's technological capabilities. So, if you are unhappy with it... you... would, need to be a different person when you accepted her request. Oh dear, that does seem difficult, doesn't it?" The tech-fair frowned at having confused herself temporally, but she shook her head so that her vibrant green hair danced left and right, ribbon flapping behind her head. "Sorry, but hopefully you'll come to like it...?" There wasn't too much time to spare before the next girl got started, but Mita zipped in and placed a tiny hand on Chie's shoulder in a consoling manner. Then she zoomed away.

    A green blur zipped toward the flash of red as Akni proved to have no trouble donning her Cyberframe whatsoever, or thinking of a pose and phrase, or making an enormous spectacle of her transformation! The fiery display reflected off of Mita's visor as she neared to take readings. "Whoa, very good, Miss Farron! … Yeep!" She was circling around, so naturally she was at just the wrong place when those back-mounded jets ignited, causing her to jump back with a squeak of surprise. She coughed into her fist and looked back down to her screen. "Ah, careful, Miss Farron! Your Heat levels are rising, please do try to be concise with your Power usage..." Training was of the utmost importance of course, but there would also be important lessons in conservation to follow. "Ah- I'm sure we'll go over this more in a little bit, I need to move on to Miss Ellen. But please do be careful!" As Mita flew off, her warning certainly did seem accurate. Farron could feel not only the power and ability of her new alternate identity form, but also the warmth of it. Like having just finished off a tall glass of hot chocolate, the warmth spreading through her from within. For now Akni's temperature remained minor enough to be neglible, not even uncomfortable yet let alone something to worry about, but Mita seemed to think differently.

    When it came time to give advice to Ellen, it seemed that most of what Mita might have suggested to her had already been understood. "Oh, make sure it's something easy to remember!" she prompted helpfully, keeping her suggestions to a minimum since her pupils couldn't simply hit X to skip her dialog. Once Ellen had settled on a phrase, the change followed shortly after and Mita clapped her hands together. "Very nice!" The final appearance was very different to be sure, and Mita spiraled around her while checking everything over. "Hm, kind of... white, black, and green, really! But as you humans like to say, all systems are green! Green means good to you, huh?" she chuckled and rose up to hover at about eye level. "I promise, Miss Ellen- your suit is as protective as everyone else's, even in the areas that appear less guarded. Miss Srade wouldn't let you face the dangers out there without doing her best to keep you safe!"

    With that reassurance delivered, Mita meandered over to Remi. In spite of her personal hangups, she cleared her throat and adopted a professional demeanor and observed as the girl figured out her own changing process. "Th-that's it, nicely done!" she stammered while zipping this way and that to assess the results, nodding with satisfaction at the measurements. "Oh! And you're figuring out your Modules quite quickly as well," she noted. Sure enough when Remi activated her sensors it was like a pulse went out, and the knowledge of her surroundings came back as if she could see behind every wall. Some 80 feet up a pair of pigeons were circling, one had a piece of bread in its beak and the other appeared intent on taking it. Next to their group the row of curved greenhouses started, but they were empty now, the students tasked with caring for them having headed home for the day. The rifle that spawned in her grasp looked high-tech and powerful, and yet holding it and even aiming felt intuitive and easy. When her focus shifted to the scope and looking down it, the accuracy of the reticle seemed to increase as the central marks shifted smaller, into a nearly pinpoint circle. "There you go, now you're ready to defend yourself," Mita chirped with a thumbs up, and then she was off.

    Yu-Ri was the final one to transform, but unlike the others she neither hesitated nor followed any of the advice given, leaving Mita uncertain on how to approach. She hovered gradually closer and then gave a little wave to get Yu-Ri's attention. "Uh... looks good!" she offered supportively, before returning to Srade's side like a rubberband stretched too far and finally snapping back.

    With all five having assumed their mantle of defenders of their city, Srade nodded from her point at the middle of the group. Above them the ever-present but oft-unseen observation drone shimmered back into view, its spherical form rotating to take in the sight of each of them one at a time. "Very good, girls. A solid first step. I am pleased to recognize you all as my Valiant Sentinels. With my help, the five of you can you stand up to the threat against your world, and hopefully together... we will put an end to the violence." But before that goal could be achieved, more violence would have to be perpetrated, and to that end Srade wanted the girls to know more about their abilities. She called them over and- with Mita's help- explained to them how their suits worked, the modular design and adaptable nature of them. The limitations and requirements, everything.

    Some fifteen minutes later she nodded once, and glanced over toward the roof-access structure to the side. Waving her arm caused a row of floating circular targets to flicker into existence on the rooftop, lined up against the wall. Each was about two feet wide and ringed to provide a measure of accuracy. Not because shooting one would actually put a hole in the holographic targets, but they were programmed to reflect any impacts in the way they appeared.

    "The lack of secluded locations in which to practice is rather unfortunate, as the crowded environment of this city makes detection more probable. But a few moments to practice is advisable, and perhaps at a later point we can locate a suitably concealed area for a base of operations." The risk of getting caught making loud noises on top of the roof of the school was not lost on Srade, but it outweighed the danger of sending the girls out to fight without even knowing how to shoot. "Please, whenever you're ready." Mita hovered close at hand to provide pointers if needed.


    Well, it was certainly...revealing. With a naked navel, barely anything in the crotch area, and some sort of semi-half covering for her negligible breasts, Yu-Ri really had to wonder what sort of shit Srade watched to come up with these things.

    Twiddling the bladed feathers on her back as if it was second nature, the girl watched her new colleagues go about eradicating dummies with their fancy, fashionable weapons. Two swords, a bow, and a sniper rifle. How charming.

    A thrum passed through her body as the modules in her legs activated, a slight warmth emerging from her core.

    With an elegant, super speed dash, she leaped into the air, twirling thrice before landing on her toes. Another twirl, this time grounded, ended up in an extension of her right leg, before she pushed up lightly, tapping her feet together and entering a whimsical of spins and splits.

    So her base physical abilities were enhanced as well? Quite pleasant.

    Fun, even.

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  20. [​IMG]
    "Valiant Sentinels, huh," Ellen commented. "Hm...not bad, not bad. Valiant Red, Green, White, and so-on does have a decent ring to it..." She considered that they may not need to think of an option of their own, for their little group, at this point. Well, unless popular vote had better ideas. "Well, if you want a little demonstration, I'll step up," she said, confidently puffing her chest out. "Let me just see what I've got."

    Ellen paused to mentally access her cyberframe's systems. It had to work that way, as far as she could guess, so it did. She quickly got to a list of installed modules and systems, and after a brief review, loaded all of them. She didn't activate more than her weapons system, however. She swept her right hand in front of her, and a sword constructed itself in her hand's wake, its grip materializing just in time for her to grasp it. The sword itself was a basic straight sword with a blade a few feet long made out of a ceramic-like material with similar white and green color scheme as her armor.

    "Using a sword on stationary targets almost feels like cheating," she said quietly, before rushing in. She moved more quickly than one would perhaps expect, but certainly not faster than humanly possible as she rushed the targets, and her sword left a brief trail of glimmering green energy in its wake. She took the target directly in front of her with a quick horizontal slash, splitting it in half, as it obligingly "fell" to the ground and disappeared into dispersing motes of light.

    Ellen turned to face the others. "Well? How's that?"

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