Scary vehicle trauma stories! Or "OMG WHAT ARE THEY DOING IN THERE!?"


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So, if you spent a lot of time in a car or any or means of transportation, you occasionally notice really weird things people do in their vehicles. Parked or not.

What is the strangest, funniest, or just plain WTF thing you've ever seen someone do in or with a vehicle?

...My friend and I were on the way back from her place and we saw this did in his truck totally wanking off on the highway while he was driving. o_____o Then we car stalked him and pretended like we were calling the cops on her sister's cellphone. >:D
I saw people DRIVING, with they TWO HANDS ON THE WHEEL.

Isn't that crazy?!?!
hmm~ the driver chatting away through SMS using two hands while his elbows control the steering wheel.

and that driver is driving the bus i'm riding at that time O_O
I saw I person driving a motorcycle while texting....

and I saw a dude clean his ears, nose, with the same q-tip, then STICK IT IN HIS MOUTH WHILE HE WAS DRIVING.



there were these two people, rooting i assume, since it was night, their car was in a secluded spot and the windiows wqere fogged up completely.

so me and my mates as we're leaving this area, flash our lights to them and some yelled encouragement out the windows.

fuin times.
That's a GOOD thing WMD. Not traumatizing or scary. FAIL, herp derp.
Nothing beats reading the newspaper while going 70mph down the interstate.

Not even beating off.
....That's just sad.
Awhile ago I was walking down a strip mall (full of female clothes stores) with a friend and there was this guy parked infront of the stores in a unmarked white van staring with creepy eyes wanking off, he would move slowly to each store every few minutes. Creepier because we were walking at the same pace!

Also on the expressway twords Chicago I've seen people doing crossward puzzles, on the phone with open folders and paper in their laps, picking at their toenails, all types of randomness. Then again traffic only moves about 5 miles per hour!

I've watched a guy get pulled out of a retail store for wanking off near a display.... but not a rape van stalker....
im sure the rooters were traumatised. or otherwise aggrevated.




Almost falling asleep while driving through pitch black country roads that are covered in fog is pretty f'ing scary. Also while falling asleep you begin to see creepy shadows in the fog...
So my mom was driving us to Chuck-E Cheese (I was 5, okay? XD) when this one dude was talking on the phone while eating cereal, and driving with his feet. I'm amazed that he didn't crash into anybody.
Damnation, all of you. I was expecting firsthand accident stories.

I was once driving my way to college on a rainy day, all relaxed and hopeful that the day won't shove a stick up my section where darkness reigns over all. I was between two container trucks.

All of a sudden, the truck to my right slipped and crashed into the truck to my left, with me in between and having to slow down. THEY WERE TWO FUCKIN LANES AWAY FROM EACH OTHER. No casualties were incurred, but that scarred me for a few months.

And honestly, you guys have people doing that shit where you live? I never see anything like those where I live.
Whoa, scary trucks...
I ride with my dad almost everyday, whose policy is go fast so you can get out of other people's ways as fast as you can.

You can imagine ho that turns out.