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  1. We all (mostly) have incidents in our lives that have terrifying. Near death experiences are horrifying but for some they give life new meaning. Now it goes without saying, don't post if it hits a trigger. That being said, what are some of your scariest moments? How did you handle them? Did it change you and if so how? (doesn't have to be near death, just something that you'll always remember)

    When I was about fourteen I got into my first serious car accident. I was sitting in the passenger seat of my father's truck reading ElfQuest, my right leg tucked deep into the side of the door and the seat itself. we get to this intersection where I had peered up and saw that the light was red. Well, my father (who was high off his ass at the time) stopped, looked at me and hit the gas. It was almost like slow motion as I look outside just in time to see this car coming right at us. I didn't have time to move my leg, the car slammed into the side of the door and crushed my leg between the metal and the seat. The truck does a tail spin before it comes to a complete stop, people stop what they are doing and a few people are getting out of their cars. My father gets us into a parking lot (though he should have stayed as I was going into shock, moving me was the last thing he should have done) where this lady comes out from nowehere and checks my pulse and everything.

    She tries really hard to get the door open but no luck, the car had t-boned us so bad that when firefighters came, they had to use the jaws of life to get me out.

    That was one of the most terrifying days of my life, and I can honestly say that it has driven (ha, morbid pun) me to be a better driver.
  2. Scariest Incident I actually had: Playing Amnesia

    Incident that should have scared me but didn't: Walking home, Coyote started staring me down. And coyotes in this area have been known to attack people.
  3. People underestimate coyotes. when I was a kid, I lived in the boondocks so these were rules we had, no child went anywhere alone. Coyotes hunted in packs and were very opportunistic. People assume they are harmless, they in fact are not. While no child was killed, there were reports of them attacking kids coming home or out alone.
  4. Oh I know the danger they have. Every time my dog wants out at night I always bang on the back door first before following him out and immediately going for the shovel, not to scoop his poop but to smack a Coyote in the face if one ever tries to go after him.

    The incident I had a stare down though never scared me was because it was during one of my 90 minutes walks home from college after a late night, so I was deep into my music library when it happened. Which means by the time I even noticed the Coyote it had already been staring at me for a few seconds, and it wasn't ahead of me but rather across the street. So it clearly didn't plan to do anything if I kept up what I was doing, it was more of a "You come over here and I'll fucking wreck you m8" sort of stare.
    • Robbed at gunpoint while working gas station at night.
    • Chased up a tree by a very large and tusked boar.
    • Picking up a friend and not realizing he's in the worst part of town, a guy with an assault rifle aimed at my car as we left.
    • When a guy in a BMW ran a red light at 75mph and nearly T-boned my car (passenger side where my wife was).
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  5. When my grandma worked at a convenience store, she took me to work with her and my 8 year old self went to the bathroom. However the door became stuck and I couldn't get out. The fire department had to come and take the door down and my mom managed to calm me down after which I started eating mustard from small packs XD God I was a weird ass child O.o
    • Chased up a tree by a very large and tusked boar.
    Damn man. I have encountered boars on my many excurisions out into the wild. Those motherfuckers are huge and you stay way clear of any Boar trails. I would have shit myself.

    My close encounters
    • Stabbed by crackhead homeinvader
    • Beaten to the inch of my life by homophobic assholes
    • Car crash (Didnt get hurt much. It was a pileup during winter. The car that crashed into us did total the back of the car though.)
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  6. I have a pretty bad case of amaxophobia, so sitting in a vehicle much the equivalent of watching a very scary horror movie to me x.x Or worse, because I actually enjoy watching/writing horror.

    I won't say it's an unwarranted fear either, because I have been in three separate car accidents, the last one a car hitting me while I was outside of it. That was a very scary incident, because the car almost ran over my mom too :/ She still has nightmares about it, sixteen years later.
  7. Mostly life changes

    Breaking up with my ex

    Applying to university

    Moving to a new city

    All of them I just had to steel myself and get started. Prepare as best I could and try to be flexible!

    It's worked well so far
  8. This. Fucking Snowbirds and their shirty driving was nightmare inducing. I can remember at least three times that I was nearly in an accident because of them.

    Scariest moment, and people will probably laugh, but it was when I had my son. My labor was hard, fast, and extremely painful, and the nurses weren't listening to me at all. I was telling them I needed to push, they were telling me no. I didn't listen, and I'm glad I didn't because my son came out blue. I'm not talking a shade of light blue, he was a blue I didn't think any living human could possibly be. It took him a full minute to start crying, and that was the longest damn minute of my life. I don't think I've ever felt that scared in my life, or that relieved when he finally let out the loudest wail I've ever heard.

    When my youngest daughter was a month old she stopped breathing on me. She was still small enough to sleep in a bassinet and I had it right next to my side of the bed. It was one of the nights my husband was working, and I couldn't sleep very well, so I was constantly waking up even when she wasn't fussing. It was about twenty minutes after her feeding and I had dozed off for maybe five minutes when I woke up and peeked in to check on her. I remember putting my hand on her chest and feeling nothing at all. No rising or falling, no heartbeat, nothing. So I snatched her out of the bassinet and was ready to give her CPR when she let out a huge gasp and started crying. The doctor said I probably caught her just as she stopped breathing, and was able to startle her back. After a Fourth of July weekend in the hospital, we learned she had severe reflux which was causing sleep apnea. I had to stop breastfeeding and switch to a special type of formula, and she had to sleep in her carrier with an apnea monitor for the next eleven months. The monitor went off twice in those months, and that wasn't any less scarier than finding her not breathing on my own. =/

    There's more, and they all involve my kids, but those are the two that were heart-stopping scary for me. The others were severe panic attack scary. >_>
  9. No, I'm not going to laugh. That is legitimately terrifying... :/

    But at the same time it does remind me of this.
  10. I don't remember many incidents atm.
    • Almost was run-over by a policemen at a red light while walking to the library from school
    • Apparently, when I was a baby, my first babysitter left me alone in a car during the summer with the windows up. She was fired immediately.
    • I found out I was afraid of heights in kindergarden. It wasn't a near death experience, but it felt like one.
    • Once during the winter, the car I was in slid down the ice of my driveway toward a busy street. It still give me goosebumps thinking about it.
  11. My high school went into a full-scale lockdown because of a shooting that happened down the street. No one knew what was happening for a few minutes, which was scary.

    A bird was hanging from a tree branch in a river I was vacationing on, so I and my aunt went over in our kayaks to cut it loose. It was half in the water, slapping its wing and making noise, and I was in very silty water that murked right up when I hopped out of my kayak to get a better look. The silt was up to my belly button and the water was up to my chest. I would've had no clue if a full-grown gator decided to swim closer to investigate (especially considering all the babies we heard croaking in the tall grass of the river). I was the only one in the water for a few minutes, too. u-u

    When I was a teeny tiny baby, maybe two or three, I vividly remember my mother scooping me up and rushing out of a yacht club dining room just as a tray of eggs on the buffet burst into flame.

    When I was six or seven, I vividly remember my ankle getting grabbed by a black talon while I was in my bed at night. Probably a fever dream or something though.

    When I was nine, I was really sick, and kept having highly detailed hallucinations of little goo monsters getting ground up in a bunch of gears. This triggered my first ever panic attack.
  12. My father was very abusive growing up, and my sister and I spent one month out of the summer with him, and I don't recall he let us have contact with my mother during that time (or it was very limited). My parents live very close and so one time my sister and I went for a bike ride (we were around 8 and 9 years old) and stopped at my mom's house to say hi and eat something (as my father limited the food we ate). I guess my dad saw our bikes in the driveway and basically dragged us out of the house. I was terrified and convinced he was going to hurt/kill the both of us (although I now realize he was more about intimidation and control). My mom also says that was the scariest moment of her life.

    More recently my boyfriend at the time and I went on a hike and got very lost. It was getting dark and there were so many forks in the pathway I didn't know where we were. We also had no cellphone service. I panicked but luckily he got us back safe and sound!
  13. There's this one scary incident I remember from when I was just seven years old. My parents had to go on a short trip, so they dropped me and my brothers off at a friend's place. Anyway, I was invited somewhere to visit, and yay I actually had a friend there! Being surrounded by my brothers and his friend was getting old, and this other family were close friends with my parents too, so they gave the okay that I could stay there for a one day sleepover.

    Anyway, me and my friend went behind the house in this small field with a grove, and spend a while looking at snails and other bugs before returning home. Well, I was excited to go visit again, so I snuck out of the house and headed back. When I got there, there was a man there. I don't know if it was my kiddy imagination, but he looked... scary? He wasn't buff or scary faced, just the whole person had a kinda dark aura? And then he took out a knife.

    I turned and ran as fast as I could. The guy chased me but stopped when I came to a main road. I returned to the house, still running, locked the door and then sat at the table, panting like mad. I never actually told anyone what had happened that day. o.o But yeah... that was scary, but even scarier now when I imagine what could have happened if I hadn't run, or if I'd fallen. Thank goodness I had always been a fast sprinter.
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