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    Hello :)

    So I really want to do a scary roleplay now when it's the Halloween month. My idea is this:

    Two friends moves into an old apartment or house and slowly they start to realize that the place is haunted. The ghost/demon becomes more and more violent until it eventually kills them.

    This will be like the found footage movies but without cameras (except if one of our characters decides to film everything). Our characters will get killed at the end. If you don't want your character to die, then don't join.

    -Be comfortable writing at least 2+ paragraphs.
    -Write in third person past tense
    -I want this to be slightly fast paced. It should be over before Christmas, hopefully in November. So at least 1 post a day would be good.
    -I only rp via the iwaku forum. No PM, e-mail or skype
    -This rp will not involve sex or romance
    -Gore and blood will most likely happen towards the end.
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