Scars of The Past.

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  1. Your Family Died from a fire, That you started. No, No No, not just a candle lit fire, a fire started with your hands... out of nowhere. You got mad a your former 'mom' and you just set a flame, the house burned down but you were somehow immune to it. After the fire a woman found you and took you in. She raised you and helped you control your powers. But at the age of 17, things started to change... You suddenly had no control over your powers, Your New mom seemed distant and you were falling in love with your best friend Dick Grayson, and At the Same time you meet Nightwing.

    You had a crappy Day from school. Thanks to your powers. Another girl got on your nerves and just when you about to smack-a-bitch your hand set aflame and everyone started freaking out. You were sent home, Because the teachers and the principal hadnt believed that you set your hand on fire. When you come home You find out that your Mother is Harely Quinn, she tried to explain she wasnt how she was before but You didnt listen. You were too hurt that she hid it from you. You ran away, going to your best friend of course... and thats when weird stuff happens. Suddenly He becomes uncomfortable you being in his house and all, but he lets you in and lets you stay the night. That same night, You find out that Your Bestfriend Is a Superhero, and Bruce his "Dad" is actually Batman. Just what you Needed when you know your mother is harely Quin. For her sake you didnt say anythingor mention her.

    Two weeks pass by, and You admitted that your Mother was Harley Quinn. That same day, You get kidnapped by a man with a carved smile, While face and green hair. The Joker. OH and guess who he was with... Yep, Harely Quinn. They try to convince you That you dont only Control Fire, But you also Control Water, Earth, and Air. Out of anger you tried to throw a blazing chair at both of them, Knowing that Quinn only took you in because you had powers. You instantly Pass out after throwing it, only seeing the Joker and Quinn hovering over you, The joker Laughing ans saying "Learn to respect your family" while Quinn, having tears roll down her cheeks.

    This isnt a Jump in Rp.

    • You Have to Know Batman. At least a little bit, because I'm not an Expert either so...
    • GO WITH THE PLOT. I'm sorry but some people try to make a Plot Twist and I made the Plot, So No...
    • Anime Pics Please
    • Replies Have to Be at least 4 Sentences long.
    • Correct Grammar Please.
    • Don't make the replies too complicated for me to read, Cus sometime I have to google every other word.

    Other Info:

    • I'll Be playing the other Characters since I know how its gonna go down. My replies will definitely be longer than yours but your has to be at least 4 sentences long.
    • I'll Not Be on ALL the Time... So Please bear with me, I have school and other things to do.
    • If you get bored with the Rp, You either 1) dont like the Plot or 2) not into batman that much, So... I understand.
    • I want this To be a long Term RP, SO PLEASE follow the rules :C
    • Its a MxF
  2. I think I could do this, but it depends who plays the guy in the FxM part.
  3. Uhh, I have to play male and I'm gonna be aggressive rather than passive in this rp... So...
  4. That works fine then~
  5. Okay I'll Pm you then c:
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