Scarlette's Mind Children



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Keep in mind that Scar has many, many mind children, and while they are all precious to me, it is easy to lose track of one or two if I haven't seen them in a while. As such, I shall be updating this thread time and again, as my characters come and go. A basic character's sheet will look something like this:Name:
Age In RPs:

Age In Real Years:
Currently Involved In A Role?:

I will try to make their histories as detailed as I can, but their stories tend to change once they go under Mama Scar's looking glass. Sorry about that.

I shall try to keep these listings as up-to-date as possible, including whether they are currently among the living or the deceased, and if they are or are not currently involved in any role plays. None of them, as of yet, are in serious relationships with other characters, however, if you want to change that, I suggest we get into serious plotting mode A.S.A.P.~

Anyway, here is an incomplete listing of Mama Scar's babies, and I will get around to alphabetizing them some time in the future. As of right now, they are listed in the order they have appeared here on Iwaku:

*Grace Kelly

*Otakame Hinata
*Kazegami Yuriye

Character sheets and the information that normally accompanies them will follow shortly, as soon as Scarlette gets enough sleep that her brain isn't running on fumes and caffiene.